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“13 Reasons Why” Glorifying Suicide?


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Does Netlflix's brand-new collection glorify suicide? Hannah Cranston, Brett Erlich, and Francis Maxwell, the hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Tell us exactly what you believe in the comment area below.

" A Florida institutions superintendent told parents in a letter that his district has seen a rapid rise in at-risk actions at elementary and intermediate schools– including self-harming and also suicide hazards– in the wake of a visuals Netflix series concerning a 17-year-old girl's suicide called "13 Reasons."

The series, which debuted March 31, is based on a 2007 young person unique and also includes detailed scenes of youngsters damaging themselves, consisting of that of a teen that reduces her wrists with a razor in a tub and also her blood is seen pouring out as she has a hard time to breathe. With the very first episode released concerning a month ago, the collection has actually sparked cautions from psychological health therapists and others revealing problem regarding copycat habits and also the glorification of suicide by at risk youngsters. The National Association of Institution Psycho therapists released assistance to moms and dads on how you can lead the discussions in addition to other sources."

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Hosts: Hannah Cranston, Brett Erlich, Francis Maxwell

Cast: Hannah Cranston, Brett Erlich, Francis Maxwell


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  1. Posted by mud cat, at Reply

    It’s literally meant to do nothing other than entertain while showing people to be nice and act when they see those signs

    • Posted by Skulls Ain't Dead, at Reply

      Yeah, people are already suicidal, regardless of them viewing the show. It’ll probably make them more likely to show signs or come forward if anything (also self-harm usually is a sign that someone’s trying to survive, not die). Plus, really, school mental health psychologists? You actually think people will be better off from getting slaughtered by the mental health system? My friend committed suicide because she was told she was a ‘drama queen’ and dismissed by doctors and nurses, they discharged her, she went home and killed herself without them even telling her dad (who was away on business). There were many inquiries, she and her dad have been on the front pages of the West Australian. Anyway, apparently it’s only ‘safe’ to talk about people who get the best care and who get better, which is never.

  2. Posted by quaxk, at Reply

    I get it, I would too want to kill myself if I was a TYT fan :'(

    • Posted by Kevin Pham, at Reply

      alex jones and microwave camera’s that is all 🤔👌☕️💯

    • Posted by Sopho Cles, at Reply

      quaxk says the number 1 TYT fan lol

    • Posted by monsieur connoisseur, at Reply

      quaxk Make it 14 reasons why.

  3. Posted by dcaseng, at Reply

    Hannah makes more people want to commit suicide than that series does.

    • Posted by Admiral Smelling, at Reply

      Extreme penis envy is driving her insane.

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      Not a fan either, watching it though just because.

    • Posted by Penny, at Reply

      Sloth I literally read the book, duh. I know what happens.

    • Posted by Mira, at Reply

      Thought these comments were harsh till I realized you were talking about Hannah baker not Hannah Cranston, the host lmao.

    • Posted by rwwbeast1, at Reply

      dcaseng nah she just really makes me want to fap fap fap..

  4. Posted by Tommy Vo, at Reply

    “Hey can I borrow a pencil.”
    “Sorry, I only got one.”
    “Welcome to your tape.”

    • Posted by Anna Paula, at Reply

      +Хлоя Марш 100% agree with you on this. She was clearly raised wrong and born with weak genetics. Unfortunately most people in this position cannot kill themselves. They just never do it. they can tell that they should not belong in society. I think people like this should just become poor and take he shitty jobs, someone has to. The will be too poor to have children, die young, and be able to live independently from their families so not be a burden. We need to weed out these people with shitty genetics in high school and ban them from advanced classes so that the kids who are better can take their spot.

    • Posted by something34100, at Reply

      Anna, I don’t know if you have a child of your own or someone you care about who “doesn’t belong in society” but I really hope you get one so that you change your mind. As a teacher I can tell you that people always change and turn their lives around ALL the time. There is no need to push people to commit suicide just because you don’t think they are “useful”.

  5. Posted by Alissa Johnson, at Reply

    Why are people upset about this? People commit suicide everyday. It’s in movies, books, and TV all the time.
    I’d rather see people talk to it than sweep it under the rug.

    • Posted by XCruzrR6, at Reply

      You have to see the show to understand. But I don’t recommend it. IT’S SO STUPID IT WILL MAKE YOUR HEAD SPIN!

    • Posted by Trevor Scott, at Reply

      Alissa Johnson here’s the thing: The producers of the show actually talked to psychologists asking how to make sure the show wasn’t going to be damaging or suicide glorifying. The experts told them to not show suicide on screen, as well as a bunch of other VERY REASONABLE things that wouldn’t destroy the fundamental story or thematic significance of the show while also making it so it wouldn’t glorify suicide. When it came to writing the show, though, the crew did literally everything they were told not to do.

  6. Posted by Alexis Chavez, at Reply

    No the show is not doing that. It is the circumstances and environment in the life of the person.

    • Posted by H Liwanag, at Reply

      I saw the whole series and it had a positive effect on me. But the fact that some people are “triggered” to harm themselves, then I would get some help right away because they might have issues that existed before they even watched the show.

    • Posted by Elexie Munyeneh, at Reply

      these “persons” being 14 year olds

    • Posted by Uhohhotdog Gaming, at Reply

      H Liwanag yes that’s the entire point

  7. Posted by Martin Luther King Jr., at Reply

    if all it takes is a show to convince you to kill yourself perhaps you aren’t strong enough to survive daily life in the first place.

    • Posted by DuskyPredator, at Reply

      What if if was not the only thing, but just one more that just pushes it past the line?

    • Posted by Sweet Victory, at Reply

      The real MLK wouldn’t say something like that

    • Posted by Martin Luther King Jr., at Reply

      I believe it’s far worse than merely being impressionable. we have made a generation of Faberge eggs. Completely ornate on the outside, perfectly Hollow on the inside, with shell that can break with a stiff Autumn Breeze. children are so sheltered now from any sort of emotional or physical conflict that they are physically incapable of functioning in society whenever they become an adult

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      Martin the Fake Luther King said “Faberge eggs. Completely ornate on the outside, perfectly Hollow on the inside, with shell that can break with a stiff Autumn Breeze”.. Wow you totally described the body and mind of the needy whiny bitchy crybully Egghead in Chief! The Brat-sident is SO Faberge egg he literally demanded The Queen of England to send him one on four wheels to fetch him to Buckingham Palace! 🙂

  8. Posted by charley15z, at Reply

    I watched the show, and the only thing the it teaches you is to be nicer to other people. If someone is gonna kill yourself over that, than they were probably gonna do it anyways. The show doesn’t have any responsibility to appease anyone. Just as much as a Batman movie doesn’t encourage people to dress up like a superhero and go around punching bad guys.

    • Posted by Nella J, at Reply

      charley15z I agree and I liked & appreciated the show just the way it is. I hear all of these folks saying that the show didn’t handle things the right way & told the narrative of a suicide wrong & all I’m trying to do is understand why they feel that way. It’s sad if suicide rates have gone up since the show came out. These people were most likely going to do it anyway in the near future. It takes one trauma event to push a suicidal & depressed person over the edge. Do folks wish that Hannah didn’t go through with the suicide for a better ending? Idk what they want if u ask me.

    • Posted by Nella J, at Reply

      OldytroN Mental health professionals are saying that the show didn’t handle things the “right way” and that they should have shown Hannah going to a hospital or going back to the school counselor, or speaking to a teacher so she could be helped. Now if the show was going to still end with Hannah’s suicide to honor the book, then handling things the right way would have still been assbackwards & defeat the purpose. I’m starting to think that professionals didn’t want Hannah to even go through with it in the first place which would be a completely different story.

    • Posted by BigCooter.com, at Reply

      its a disgusting premise, profiting from selling the idea of killing yourself to teach your persecutors a lesson … its a sick immoral script, that will lead more than one teen to kill themselves, directly or indirectly.

    • Posted by Eric Smith, at Reply

      BigCooter.com everything is perspective. I felt like this showed how suicide leaves the people you love broken.

    • Posted by Jarron Williams, at Reply

      Missed the whole point of the show, and the book for that matter. The only odd thing about this show is that her suicide letter was more in depth than most, other than that the show was extremely realistic, and anybody who has a problem with the show has a problem with reality… because yes, seeking vengeance does enter the mindset of someone considering suicide. I know we want to pretend all suicide victims are faultless victims with no flaws of their own like that movie CYBERBULLY, but thats simply not the truth.

  9. Posted by HiddenColors, at Reply

    I loved this show honestly one of the best this year but in regards to children influenced by this where are the parents? as a parent you should not have a problem with your child watching this show because its one girls perspective and the message in the end is to to prevent the 13 different reasons with proper guidance this show could be a talking point for how to avoid suicide

    • Posted by shroman1000, at Reply

      it has a TV-MA rating aswell :/

    • Posted by generationofswine, at Reply

      HiddenColors    The parents spend all their time working two low paying no benefit jobs, so they don’t have any time to spend with their families. They have no savings, and can’t afford health insurance, yet they have convinced themselves that they are “middle class,” even though it has been common knowledge that 30-40% of jobs will be obsolete due to automation in about 15 years or sooner. What then? Bringing children into the world of post 9/11 was foolish and selfish.  How are they going to explain to their kids and grandkids that they have no future, and it was deliberate, not an accident. We chose to have a billionaire class instead of a future, and some of the most vocal supporters of it were people who earn around 16 thousand a year.  I used to be an activist, but I don’t see the point any more. It will all be gone soon. Trump is definitely going to use nuclear missiles and start WWIII.  Go USA!

    • Posted by HiddenColors, at Reply

      generationofswine I agree with some of those points actually all of them in regards to parents I was hoping someone said that because fox news and the right uses the where are the parents every time something happens with black youth so I just wanted to mirror that irony even though I know all color children suffer with this it is majority white and as far as your view on the world id say it’s a lil cynical yes we are in a corrupt system and yes our generation is worse off but a revolution is afoot and I think people like you should give your effort towards helping that revolution

  10. Posted by Chris Wave, at Reply

    Can we not handle anything anymore? Do we have to make everything perfectly right for the weak?

    • Posted by Pepsi, at Reply

      Chris wave If you really gotta ask that question you’re definitely not as “strong” as you think you are.

      I know a lot of strong people who swallow their pride every day just to help the “weak” no questions asked, no payment needed, no complaints whatsoever, even though they don’t need too.

      If being selfless on a daily basis is too hard for you you’re not strong, you’re just an average every day selfish human being.

  11. Posted by pyrogenocide, at Reply

    am i the only one that really just doesnt like Hanna. She is really annoying and i tend to skip and dislike the video

    • Posted by Niamh-Learns, at Reply

      I thought this discussion was about Hannah Cranston (the commentator on the panel), not the character in the show. I’ve never seen the show, so I have no opinion on the character. Cranston is who I find to be insufferable.

    • Posted by filipamd, at Reply

      pyrogenocide yes, she annoys me as well and most of the times she doesn’t come prepared for a discussion, at least not enough, so she sounds like she’s just spewing the buzz feed list for the topic lol

    • Posted by Ollie, at Reply

      pyrogenocide As someone with suicidal ideation, I didn’t like her character and I was disgusted in how she treated everyone. But then, I get the feeling of wanting to make a point.

    • Posted by Anna Paula, at Reply

      I like the way she talks but not what she has to say.

  12. Posted by enlessdreams, at Reply

    Don’t know why this show is being hyped… It’s straight trash.

    • Posted by AHappyChappy, at Reply

      alex lara, that’s some really flawed logic right there

    • Posted by XxxemilyXxx, at Reply

      enlessdreams yeah I actually enjoyed the series. I’m in college now, but high school can be like that sometimes, so it was nice to see something relatable.

  13. Posted by Rob Meade, at Reply

    How is this marketed towards kids when its rated TV-MA?

    • Posted by nG Purge, at Reply

      Cause little kids be fingering to netflix and chill bru

    • Posted by XxxemilyXxx, at Reply

      zeekman305 I know right and as a teacher I see it all the time. Parents blame every body else except themselves for their children’s actions. Like take some responsibility because children actually have the capacity of listening to you, people just haven’t found the right parenting technique.

    • Posted by Andrew G, at Reply

      I’m with you Rob. It’s not Netflix’s responsibility that you don’t want to be a parent.

    • Posted by Andrew G, at Reply

      Also, I unfortunately watched that abortion of a TV show with my wife… I’m 32.

      Only thing for suicide awareness it did for me was make me aware that I wanted to kill myself for watching such a horrible TV show.

    • Posted by Zarion Wildclaw, at Reply

      No kidding… Someone needs to straight up beat these parents that aren’t taking the time to monitor what their kids are doing.

  14. Posted by Harrison Mayes, at Reply

    As a young person who binged watched the show I believe it shows a truth of humanities faults and we should strive to be better

    • Posted by gutsyization, at Reply

      exactly i don’t get how they can spin it off on how this show glorifies suicide!

    • Posted by jami s, at Reply

      exactly. if anything the show traumatised me. lol. I was so naive before, I’d never thought of suicide being so gory – all other movies where the main character commits suicide tend to glorify it. like 7 pounds the movie.

  15. Posted by Fanatical Trekkie, at Reply

    People have been saying this about the book for years, yet I have yet to see someone who committed suicide because of it. But I do know someone personally who said that reading the book helped them work through their suicidal thoughts after their mothers death. Suicide is still a taboo subject in today’s society, which doesn’t help people understand what it is and why people do it. And I am sorry people, but suicide doesn’t always have a happy ending as we would like.

    • Posted by Enourmousletters, at Reply

      funny thing about people that kill themselves cause of watching a show or reading a book, they don’t exactly leave a note behind telling you why they did that. The evidence your looking for will never be found, doesn’t mean its not true

    • Posted by Glenn Williams, at Reply

      Fanatical Trekkie is the book better than the idiotic show. the show took forever. He would never just listen to the tape. Hannah thought everyone was a dirtbag. She never took any responsibility. Where was her own tape? Oh and the stupid message is if you’re nice no more suicide, which is just false. most suicide has to do with mental health issues which they don’t touch.

    • Posted by Namelessandpure, at Reply

      o_O I agree but lets think about what you said. The book has been around for years but there hasn’t been an increase. Now think about what you said there…….. THE BOOK!!!!!!! How many young kids actually read something they’re not told to read anymore?

    • Posted by castor, at Reply

      Namelessandpure well, its the source material for their new fav show. They’ll probably read it. The book was better at least.

  16. Posted by The Nerdiacs Podcast, at Reply

    “Examining” has become too easy to conflate with “glorifying”.

    • Posted by Reis Bob, at Reply

      Ughhhhh why does that even happen

  17. Posted by occam, at Reply

    Watching TYT drastically increases my chances of suicide.

    • Posted by John Johnson, at Reply

      +occam That is not a bad thing

    • Posted by Ollie, at Reply

      occam Then why are you even here