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24 MILLION To Lose Health Insurance Under TrumpCare


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Trump assured every person would certainly be covered under his plan. He existed. A whole lot. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Inform us what you assume in the comment section below.

" The Congressional Budget Workplace (CBO) on Monday released its rating of the GOP's plan to change the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare, forecasting that 14 million people would certainly shed insurance coverage by 2018 if the Republican costs is executed.

And that number would climb to 24 million by 2026.
Furthermore, the plan would certainly lead to higher deductibles as well as other cost-sharing settlements.

Simply put, as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) composed on Twitter, "The Republican medical care strategy: much less healthcare for you, bigger incomes for health care Chief executive officers. Republican top priorities!"

And the more comprehensive prominent motion proactively resisting the repeal as well as replace initiative acquired details of the CBO searchings for to highlight the fundamental cruelty of the GOP's approach.

LeeAnn Hall, co-director of Individuals's Activity who likewise serves on the exec committee of advocacy group Healthcare for America Currently (HCAN), called on your house leadership to immediately stop more activity on just what she labelled the "untrustworthy" AHCA.

The CBO numbers, said Hall in statement, "clearly show the major damage the abolition regulations will do to millions of lives by next year– as well as millions extra in the next couple of years. Anybody who thought GOP assures that individuals would certainly still have medical insurance under the Republican abolition strategy now understand that they were existed to; they are mosting likely to be left out in the cold."" *.

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  1. Posted by Zintenka Brimem, at Reply

    I still fail to see why Trump supporters still support him.

    • Posted by i4nix13, at Reply

      TheDeadlyBlueWolf liberals live by that motto, probably even have it tattooed to their bodies.

    • Posted by Oceansideca1987, at Reply

      Zintenka Brimem cause we aren’t a bunch of pussies like you

    • Posted by MillerCrosses, at Reply


    • Posted by San Diego, at Reply


      the Trumpetts are JUST AS STUPID NOW, as they were last November, when they elected the Orangutan.
      they are not going to suddenly grow a brain, just because a total moron & buffoon was elected POTUS.

  2. Posted by Sonoma Calling!, at Reply

    It’s cool. Alex Jones says Daddy Trump will reveal the secret cure for cancer that the Globalists have been withholding from us. So, we won’t need healthcare.

    • Posted by WitchidWitchid, at Reply

      “Jones is an idiot but this sounds like bullshit to me.”

      Jones claimed that Hurricane Sandy was deliberately steered into the East coast of the United States by helicopters. So any guy who thinks that helicopters can actually be used to steer a massive storm can certainly believe that “globalists” are secretly hiding the “cure for cancer”.

    • Posted by Groot, at Reply

      That’s weed man, we all know that. There are rumors that eternal life will also be revealed. But i think you need to become a psychic vampire for that…

    • Posted by Mace Cee, at Reply

      Under Trump, Americans will become so poor they won’t be able to feed themselves and die of pneumonia.

    • Posted by Bruce Swearingen, at Reply

      You can purchase the cure oline at Alex batshitcrazy

    • Posted by 15anerachoreographer, at Reply

      Sonoma Calling! LOL.

  3. Posted by Jeremy Cheng, at Reply

    Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth therefore he literally unable to see the plight of low income people losing healthcare.

    • Posted by Milton Perez, at Reply

      John Sanchez how are poor people gaining? Explain with data

    • Posted by Milton Perez, at Reply

      Keith Howards did u attend private elementary and secondary school as well as private university?

    • Posted by Dangerous Dingo, at Reply

      Mace Cee
      That spoon tastes like vaginamite & mothballs.

  4. Posted by Jesse Torres, at Reply

    9 of the 10 states who have the most people on the Affordable Care Act/ObamaCare were states that voted for Donald Trump. They will be the 1s who will regret that decision the most if they get sick and loose/can’t afford health insurance anymore.

    • Posted by Rusty Shackleford, at Reply

      And you know what will happen when they finally get angry about it? Some demagogue like Trump will come along and tell them it’s the fault of liberals and immigrants, and they’ll believe it, no matter what the facts show.

    • Posted by Milton Perez, at Reply

      Rusty Shackleford so you have heard of my platform? Milton “Truthful” Perez 2020

    • Posted by Cuzntime, at Reply

      Jesse Torres you have no idea what your talking about.. Typical liberal response.. Self employed people, even if they don’t make allot, are the ones paying for Obamacare.. My premiums went from $695 a month (pre Obamacare) to over $1900 a month now (over $19k a year). How can you expect a middle class family to pay for health insurance that cost 3 times your house payment? All this Obamacare that everyone is benefiting from is off the backs of all self employed Americans.. Unless your self employed you have no idea what negative effect Obamacare has had.

    • Posted by Zaccheus4, at Reply

      Cuzntime Obamacare is shitty. It being shitty doesn’t make trump care any better. Obamacare was the heritage foundations healthcare plan. Trumps is the same but worse. It helps the rich more and the does even more damage to the poor. The solution was a robust public option. Medicare for all, single payer whatever. Those are the only healthcare providing systems that prevent run away costs just due to the government’s ability to negotiate same prices. Without that insurance companies, drug companies and hospitals just run up the costs to maximize profit

  5. Posted by moya rose, at Reply

    If they cut Medicaid, my taxes better get cut as well because i’m not funding any wars.

    • Posted by iceberg265, at Reply

      moya rose the con man in chief already wants to add over 50 billion to the military budget.

    • Posted by E He, at Reply

      “i’m not funding any wars” !!! You are too coward for even deciding to do that.

    • Posted by Godsbackhand7, at Reply

      How is that cowardly?  He is choosing not to financially support the actions of others who likely wish to go to war for their own benefit and not for the benefit of our country.

    • Posted by Dangerous Dingo, at Reply

      moya rose
      Well you are not ‘funding’ any wars, because taxes do not pay for services or defense.
      But you, and me, and all of us, are *allowing* it too happen.
      Until the majority recognizes that they must *TAKE ACTION* in order to stop injustices, things will continue degrading at a steadily increasing pace.

    • Posted by E He, at Reply

      Dude, I’m with you and agree with you, I was saying that she will pay those taxes regardless of where they end up being spent on, she can come here and say these on youtube but she and a lot of people like her will never take the right action(s).

  6. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    Trump: *Everyone will be covered*
    ———> 24 million will people lose heathcare.
    Hey atleast rich people get their tax cuts. Right trumptards?

    • Posted by CeeHam, at Reply

      Liza Tanzawa Don’t forget police, firefighters, parks & rec., public transportation… all evil socialism

    • Posted by TorianTammas, at Reply

      CeeHam Have you lately seen the trucks of firefighters? All Red like the socialists and communists. 😉

    • Posted by Izzy So, at Reply

      Anything to make you cry democraps…..

  7. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    Obama will be haunted by the lie of ” if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor”. trump will not only haunted by his many lies, but also by his racist, misogynist and bigoted statements throughout his campaign and his presidency!

    3 lies :
    1). didn’t drain the damn swamp!
    2). in bed with Goldman Sachs and many more of his political constituencies! makes Hillary look like a political virgin by comparison!
    3). Mexico said they aren’t paying for that F**king wall (literally)!

    • Posted by wilsonc5P, at Reply

      Poor baby, need a hug?

    • Posted by NickTheGreatAndPowerful, at Reply

      I would love one, since you’re offering, thanks.

    • Posted by Godsbackhand7, at Reply

      Nobody who had a doctor was PREVENTED from seeing their doctor.  That was the lie republicans told to people that democrats never fought back on.  Just because that doctor isn’t covered in your insurance any longer, doesn’t mean a person cannot still see them.

  8. Posted by Templar of Judgement, at Reply

    He said he wouldn’t cut Medicaid, and people actually believed him! People are going to die because the Republican party and Trump do not care about you or your families. All they care about is lining their donor’s pockets with cold hard cash.

    • Posted by Jaye Jaye, at Reply

      The expansion of Medicaid by the aca is paid for by the federal government.

    • Posted by Rachel Blackerby, at Reply

      Conservative governor in my state chose not to expand Medicaid so things actually got worse for the poor.

  9. Posted by acceptjesusorburn, at Reply

    So Trump isn’t a socialist? Cool news.

    • Posted by kongorikishi, at Reply

      Government healthcare is not “socialism.” The government doing something doesn’t make it socialism. Read a book and not “the internet” and find out what socialism is. Gosh, it’s amazing that we have uneducated retards like you driving discussion in this country.

    • Posted by Daniel Wilson, at Reply

      +kongorikishi actually by definition that is socialism. People just need to quit being so afraid of the word.

    • Posted by Daniel Wilson, at Reply

      Sorry dumbass. It’s the EXACT definition of socialism. “Democratic socialism is a name given to trends of socialism that emphasizes democratic principles as inalienable from their political project. There is considerable overlap between the notions of ‘democratic socialism’ and ‘social democracy’.”

    • Posted by Daniel Wilson, at Reply

      Even when you prove to these idiots exactly what the orange buffoon says, they STILL deny it. Must suck being so ignorant.

  10. Posted by Bexx36, at Reply

    who knew healthcare was so complicated….

    • Posted by AK47 LCOB, at Reply

      Bexx36 “That’s like saying who knew King Tut was dead!” -John Oliver

  11. Posted by sergio, at Reply

    but why project 10 years when he wont last 4?

    • Posted by MAAS Gaming, at Reply

      Repealing the 23rd amendment will allow him to remain president for as long as he lives.

    • Posted by Ed-Jean Dorvil, at Reply

      MAAS Gaming That could never happen in America, idiot.

    • Posted by Godsbackhand7, at Reply

      Making sure people know that long after he is gone, people will still be screwed.

    • Posted by Fuck Trump, at Reply

      sergio Pence would also pass Trumpcare.

  12. Posted by Shawn Stephens, at Reply

    This is from a Canadian. You guy are fucked.

    • Posted by Trudeau True No, at Reply

      You might be legitimately mentally challenged.

    • Posted by Trudeau True No, at Reply

      How is that ‘fucked’?

    • Posted by Rick Deckard, at Reply

      Paul MacLean You make very little sense but no point carrying on this conversation.

    • Posted by Dangerous Dingo, at Reply

      Shawn Stephens
      Mate, we’re all fucked.
      Do you honestly not comprehend what is sweeping the globe right now?

  13. Posted by daniel henderson, at Reply

    I wish I could kill all you Trumptards myself before the sickness gets you.Shame!

    • Posted by Trudeau True No, at Reply

      No. Don’t. Keep it. People WILL DIE because of this bill. Others will only suffer. Only suffer. No big deal, right? People need to wake up. Stop playing nice. PEOPLE WILL DIE. How long must someone wait before they do something? And he didn’t say he was going to. He just wished. Is that a crime now, wishing? If someone hits you, hitting them back does not make you the same. Because you didn’t start it.

    • Posted by Trudeau True No, at Reply

      The left should tolerate suffering and death. To show how tolerate they are. Right, moron? You should NEVER tolerate the intolerable. You started this. Don’t go pointing your fingers.

    • Posted by MandaloreMaul77, at Reply

      +Trudeau True No then why do you tolerate Muslims and there regressive ideology?

    • Posted by MandaloreMaul77, at Reply

      Why are you a lefty in the first place when you know damn well that both sides are both bad?

  14. Posted by Craig Holman, at Reply

    I don’t recall any president in my lifetime (I am 68) who makes promises and lies like this person. How can anyone believe him. Corruption at a pinnacle.

    • Posted by Gideon Blackman, at Reply

      Craig Holman forgotten Obama already??

    • Posted by Mikael Holmgren, at Reply

      Craig Holman
      I certainly agree!!!

    • Posted by Gideon Blackman, at Reply

      Cody Green all i asked was for the 24 million source. P.s not for trump but am for truth.

    • Posted by Gideon Blackman, at Reply

      Cody Green ps after googling information i found most reports stated it to stay the same as before. so again, link to source please??

  15. Posted by GS, at Reply

    Why do the poor continue to vote republican – they look after the rich exclusively. Crazy.

    • Posted by Warren Feagins, at Reply

      GS Look up The Doctrine of Exclusion and you will have your answer. It has insulated the weathy in America for nearly four centuries.

    • Posted by Mandy Schmidt, at Reply

      GS because that’s how racist they are. They are willing to lose everything else if it means white supremacy

    • Posted by bouchie bouch, at Reply

      Because republicans always implement policies to harm minorities. Their supporters will happily suffer a recession and everything else to come as long as non whites are hurt more. I’m spent my whole life in Alabama and this is all they care about, everything else is secondary.

  16. Posted by The Hellfire Club!, at Reply

    Some Americans are truly pathetic! They voted for a racist, xenophobic, sexist man who has promised so much and delivered absolutely nothing lol. Seriously, he is a liar and some Americans are just to stupid and still believe in him.

    • Posted by The Hellfire Club!, at Reply

      +ブロンディブラック A president that America deserves?! Lol, that is a joke but not surprising coming from some Americans who are still butthurt over a black president. They see Trump as the “true” president who will make as make America white again – which is ironic as the Natives are the true Americans.

    • Posted by Tony C, at Reply

      The Hellfire Club! trump is a nationalist america first not globalist.

    • Posted by The Hellfire Club!, at Reply

      +Tony C Reaffirming – Trump is for white America first! Followed by the Wanna be white Hispanics and uncle tom’s.

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      You are using the same hollow, failed and played out rhetoric used during the actual election. You learned nothing.

  17. Posted by pHiLmEtAlLiFrEaK, at Reply

    Let’s just hope that many of the ppl losing coverage are Trump’s voters

    • Posted by pHiLmEtAlLiFrEaK, at Reply

      So this vid is fake news?

    • Posted by John Sanchez, at Reply

      Yes it is.

    • Posted by Ronald Nelson, at Reply

      you really can’t be that stupid your just trolling right , tell me your just trolling

    • Posted by Jo Pao, at Reply

      “No one’s losing healthcare.”: that’s a jewel of stupidity.

  18. Posted by aldi404, at Reply

    Greetings from Germany.
    You are so fucked ^^

    • Posted by jan luch, at Reply

      Greetings from Belgium
      You are so fucked

    • Posted by Billy Skidmore, at Reply

      Reply from America. “HELP US”

    • Posted by jan luch, at Reply

      Billy Skidmore We are helping on social media, which is like a drop in the ocean, but we also have to help ourselves, since the fascist propaganda apparatus is also very active in European countries. There is obviously a lot of money behind it. Only today I noticed big posters of Merkel in the subway, put there by a tabloid magazine, showing Merkel with a very sad face and the negative text: “Germany is getting tired of Merkel”. And that was not in Germany, but in my country Belgium.