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24% of American Children Live in Father Absent Homes


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Inning accordance with multiple sources, 24% of American youngsters reside in father absent houses. The panel soon discovers that they were all raised by single mothers.

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  1. Posted by Vegan Gains Actual Father, at Reply

    Feminism is the reason for this.

    • Posted by Hitchhiking Vagabond, at Reply

      Johny you are a sissy mangina, real men eat meat and especially pork.

      I am laughing at you

    • Posted by Sword of the Morning, at Reply

      Poor men, the feminist attacked them now they have to run away from responsibility and their own children. Because obviously that’s whats wrong.

    • Posted by Jaxson Fanta, at Reply

      Lol! Funniest thing I read today! I pray it was a joke…

  2. Posted by Mahogany Mahogany, at Reply

    I would like to know why an African American boy is the image I see with the title.

    • Posted by Michael B, at Reply

      I’m guessing you know why and are just trying to be provocative.

    • Posted by Chad Currentyear, at Reply

      TYT is racist that’s why

    • Posted by Ibrahim Hassan, at Reply

      so does it matter ? If it was white man you guys would have outraged either ways

    • Posted by CoffeeAt Midnight, at Reply

      Mahogany Mahogany. Image shaping by the 2%

  3. Posted by facefister69, at Reply

    How much of those 24% are black families?

    • Posted by facefister69, at Reply

      48.5% of that 24.4% are black children without fathers, 26.3% hispanic and 18.3% white.

      TYT conventionally left this information out, even though they apparently support BLM. I guess at the end of the day it’s just down to racism and corrupt cops…SAD.

    • Posted by Dan B, at Reply

      Arie Fraiser 70% of black Americans are brought up in single homes
      America as a whole is 25% u can clearly see which race boosts the percentage

    • Posted by left leaning libertarian, at Reply

      black people need to stop committing crimes.

    • Posted by AgentDearestZ, at Reply

      +left leaning libertarian so do whites hispanics and , natives. Why single blacks out

    • Posted by Ragnarok Sora, at Reply

      +left leaning libertarian you mean crimes that are not suppose to be Crimes.

  4. Posted by Rolf Li, at Reply

    24% = 1/3?

    • Posted by Ryan Kirk, at Reply

      Yeah, should have said 6/25. What a mathematical cuck!

    • Posted by Rolf Li, at Reply

      1/4 would have sufficed? 24% is more than 5% off from 33%, which makes the difference statistically significant.

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      Egads, what a monster!!

    • Posted by Sprax, at Reply

      Mistakes happen.

  5. Posted by shortiisweet99, at Reply

    Most know the root cause of why a lot of Black men aren’t in the home with their children but what about other races?

    • Posted by shortiisweet99, at Reply

      Rome D of course! Absolutely. I hate when people use the system or “the man” for all their problems my mother had a father in the home. It literally didn’t make a difference whether he was there or not. But I was pointing out a particular specific cause of why you the black community seems to be “the poster child” for fatherless homes.

    • Posted by shortiisweet99, at Reply

      Stefan S1984 colonialism never stopped. It just changed form. It went from out right slavery to Jim Crow to mass incarceration. Jews were not turned into slaves they were exterminated. There is a difference. The men who perpetrated crimes against them were identified and persecuted. Some even received reparations, they were given a chance to get back what they lost. They didn’t have the the boot of the justice system on their necks

  6. Posted by saprissa9, at Reply

    It’s mostly black kids and brown kids who live without their fathers. I blame rap and hip hop. Why? What other type of music tells girls to chase after thugs? What type of music tells boys to chase after “bad girls”? Nope! I’m not racist. Its the truth.

    • Posted by Carlos Lee, at Reply

      Leah Williams blacks are the least likely to have a father figure. look into the welfare queen theory. The welfare system helped remove the black man as head of household.

    • Posted by saprissa9, at Reply

      james d shitty country music or rock does not tell young kids to chase after thugs or “bad girls”.

  7. Posted by AlphaFoxAdam, at Reply

    link the sources…I want to examine the demographic breakdown.

    • Posted by Sean Varney, at Reply

      AlphaFoxAdam that’s racist 😉

    • Posted by AlphaFoxAdam, at Reply


    • Posted by Dan B, at Reply

      2/3 of black people are brought up in single homes
      Vicious cycle

  8. Posted by StillHuntre55, at Reply

    It’s so sad he got grief for taking his daughter to the washroom! Sorry, but that’s a totally normal thing. My dad was in construction, so he was often home for extended periods between jobs and was my primary caregiver during those times. He took me to the washroom, bathed me, etc…he was my *parent*!

    • Posted by Gasman, at Reply

      StillHuntre55 I love you

  9. Posted by Chris Henson, at Reply

    democrats plan to end the family.

    • Posted by David Cedillo, at Reply

      Chris Henson no that’s capitalism.

    • Posted by Chris Henson, at Reply

      David Cedillo study your history on democrats.plus capitalism lifts people out of poverty, democrats socialist/ communist policys have made them poverty pimps.lbjs plan is working people keep voting for a things that do not work.plus dead beat dads that needs their balls cut off.

    • Posted by OFFICIAL unpaid intern sasquatch assistant, at Reply

      +David Cedillo Yes, because it is a perfectly capitalistic idea to allow for a morally relativistic cultural that doesn’t incline people to take responsibility for their own actions.

  10. Posted by Johnny Adames, at Reply

    did this dude just say 24% is 1/3. bruh. the math wtf.

    • Posted by The Wyld Wood, at Reply

      It’s maths, not math

    • Posted by james smith, at Reply

      +The Wyld Wood not in USA

  11. Posted by Fate Kyougo, at Reply

    24%… 1/3… really?

    • Posted by deadmeat1471, at Reply

      24% is closer to 1/4 not 1/3. 1/3 would be around 33%.

    • Posted by Glen Akers, at Reply

      I think the 1/3 implies that 24% of children live without a father in the home while 1/3 either live without a father or have a stepfather there since he said “biological father” but I do agree it could’ve been worded much better.

  12. Posted by Justin Norton, at Reply

    Some mother’s choose to not let the father in the kid’s lives because the mother’s want to receive as much benefits from the state. Even if the father has to take the mother to court for visitation and custody. And if the father can’t afford a lawyer, the courts rule in favor of the mother 99% of the time. So what is the percentage of those dead beat mother’s that use the kids as an income and pawns in their games?

    • Posted by callowaymotorcompany, at Reply

      Gotta push that agenda, huh?

    • Posted by Gabriel Lucero, at Reply

      Justin Norton yup exactly bro or the mother wants the new bf to pretend like hes the kids father and completely push the father out and try and replace him…and the court always chooses the mother even after repeat court hearings….

    • Posted by Justin Norton, at Reply

      callowaymotorcompany I am not pushing an agenda, I just don’t think it’s fair to the father’s that are doing the best they can to be in the kid’s lives and proved as much as they can should be held the only one’s responsible.

  13. Posted by Bryan Hampton, at Reply

    I’m not in my sons life because his mother makes it hard for me to do so. She moved to a different country and limits the amount of time I get to video chat with him. I’m scared to fly over and see him out of fear that she’ll not allow me to see him. This is the result of me wanting nothing to do with her personally. Putting her personal feelings over that of our child.

    • Posted by james d, at Reply

      That’s funny because I have a similar history with my father and he had the same fears as you have now. Calling the mother and setting up a date helps. If anything you can get a court order if you feel she won’t ever let you see your son.

    • Posted by Totaltwist, at Reply

      Bryan Hampton Take her to court. Dont let her be the reason you arent there.
      That’s too easy.

  14. Posted by Tuxedo Mask, at Reply

    This perception of African American men needs some enlightening. Ronald Reagan implemented the war on drugs and mass incarceration. Being labeled a criminal upon release you have no rights and no one is willing to hire you, which subjects you to being more likely to commit another crime like theft to survive. You get just 3 petty crimes you can be sentenced to life under the 3 strike rule. Coupled with the fact the the DOJ found that police intentionally target african americans. Im not saying that the case for every instance but it plays a HUGE factor.

    • Posted by Tuxedo Mask, at Reply

      Joel Medina youre talking about your anomaly experience that cant be proven. Im talking about documented stats, study, and dissertations. You have no argument.

    • Posted by Tuxedo Mask, at Reply

      Joel Medina nobody just believes they cant make it because of racisim. If thst was the case blacks wouldnt be 4 points behind whites in advanced education while only being 13% of the population. Thats fighting adversity with oppression.

    • Posted by Joel Medina, at Reply

      Tuxedo Mask Did you really just state that no one believes they can’t succeed because of racism? Lol did you forget where we are? This is TYT, where whites, cops, and Christianity are root of all your problems. Are you new to this channel ??

  15. Posted by Totaltwist, at Reply

    Does this study include kids of dead fathers? My mother was a single mother cause my father died when I was 6. Technically I was in that sort of household.

    • Posted by Toney Tone, at Reply

      Totaltwist Yes thats how 24% ends up equaling 1/3 of the country

    • Posted by Totaltwist, at Reply

      Toney Tone What are you on about? Its a legitimate question.

  16. Posted by Daniel the Spaniel, at Reply

    It’s 75% in the black community. Fatherless kids disproportionately grow up to be criminals.

    • Posted by Toney Tone, at Reply

      Its 57%… Most intraracial meaning white on white and black on black. Blacks account for 52% of murders and whites accounted for 45%. So you’re entire statement was false and i just proved it.

    • Posted by hernandayolearyallda, at Reply

      Untrue, whites account for most of the unlawful taking of life and killings.

    • Posted by 18rilla l, at Reply

      hernandayolearyallda That is just not true, blacks make up 9% of the population and make up 50% of murderers, you can look this up.

    • Posted by hernandayolearyallda, at Reply

      Lies, white opoid murders outnumber all other homicides except white murders with vehicles and white suicides. There are around 120k unlawful taking of lives a year, african americans account for less than 8k of those. African Americans are 30% of the population and account for just 6% of murders,whites are 50% of the population and account for over 85% of all killings.

    • Posted by 18rilla l, at Reply

      hernandayolearyallda These numbers aren’t even close 😂 you are in fantasy land.

  17. Posted by Mike Lofky, at Reply

    blame today’s feminism.

    • Posted by Gustav The Mad, at Reply

      no doubt

    • Posted by Mike Lofky, at Reply

      it is todays feminism

  18. Posted by Gustav The Mad, at Reply

    How do you end a BLM roit?
    Have a little black kid scream “daddy”.

    • Posted by facefister69, at Reply


    • Posted by greenjelly01, at Reply

      How do you make a policeman fire a gun and kill somebody?
      Have a little kid scream “daddy”.

    • Posted by Gustav The Mad, at Reply

      +greenjelly01 What’s the difference between a black man and an elevator?
      One can actually raise children.

    • Posted by Joel Medina, at Reply

      Gustav The Mad Lol you win !

  19. Posted by RegressMeNot, at Reply

    72% of black homes are fatherless.
    If you dont discus the issue, you can never hope to fix the problem.

    • Posted by Cuzinits, at Reply

      Brian Kenney why don’t you do a single google search you lazy prick this is common knowledge to people who actually care and don’t just want to blame muh oppression

    • Posted by Brian Kenney, at Reply

      You made the claim, you have to back it up

    • Posted by Brian Kenney, at Reply

      You ever write a paper? Did you leave off the bibliography and tell the teacher to stop being lazy and look up your made up facts?

  20. Posted by Jak Sanchez, at Reply

    A right-winged topic on TYT? What is this blasphemy?

    • Posted by Camille Lake, at Reply

      So….the fact that there are more White People on Welfare? In RED States? Statically. Since you know — there are more White people in the country. right? (Whatever makes you sleep better at night. I guess.)

    • Posted by Jak Sanchez, at Reply

      Camille: That’s because there are more pale skinned people in the United States, racist twat.

    • Posted by TheBlackRanger, at Reply

      +Camille Lake you can’t just make that statement in a vacuum

    • Posted by Camille Lake, at Reply

      Huh? “Sanchez” …….Spanish last name. Interesting.

    • Posted by Jak Sanchez, at Reply

      Also, most of those “red states” are blue states.