25 Best Trompoline Fail Nominees: FailArmy Hall of Fame (July 2017) | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

25 Best Trompoline Fail Nominees: FailArmy Hall of Fame (July 2017)


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Vote for your favorite trampoline falls short of all-time to be included in the end of year Hall Of Fame induction event as well as video clip. Leave a comment to let us know! What style should we do next?


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  1. Posted by Saad Ibrahim, at Reply

    trampoline is just like life , when you think that you are having fun it fucks you up

    • Posted by inknet32, at Reply

      Saad Ibrahim Lmao so relatable.

  2. Posted by Chivas Aurora, at Reply

    Do you know they used to be called ‘jumpolines’ until your Mom jumped on one?

    • Posted by TheOneBruh, at Reply

      Charlie H no it shouldnt

    • Posted by Thai Kien Huynh, at Reply

      …And Yours Was The Biggest.

    • Posted by LuckyNumber 19, at Reply

      Pulse9 Two then go back to siege.

    • Posted by Hailee Dueno, at Reply

      Chivas Aurora very original. 🙃

    • Posted by Cat Man, at Reply

      Chivas Aurora what?

  3. Posted by Jayden, at Reply

    They were bouncing to their deaths

    • Posted by Hshshs Sbbsbbs, at Reply

      Jayden innit

  4. Posted by King Of Apples, at Reply

    trompolines are *always* painful

    • Posted by JINPegi, at Reply

      King Of Apples they spelt it wrong on the title

  5. Posted by Matt Higginsss, at Reply

    Who’s here when it still says trompoline 😂😂

    Like if you are 👍🏽

    • Posted by MondaesSkik, at Reply

      Me xD

    • Posted by Jaehee Kang, at Reply

      Matt Higginsss lol me

    • Posted by Daddy Scarce, at Reply

      Matt Higginsss SaMe

    • Posted by HOWYOUBEEN, at Reply

      Matt Higginsss MEMEME

    • Posted by Adjoint, at Reply

      2 hours. 2 fucking hours.

  6. Posted by Allie Mess, at Reply

    Next on Failarmy: Trumpoline fails

    • Posted by Daniel Balk, at Reply

      Allie Mess is memes are stale

  7. Posted by Jayden, at Reply

    What season is it when your on a trampoline?

    Spring time👍

    • Posted by Isabelle Downs, at Reply

      Kpop Lover it’s a joke…. do you get it because trampolines have springs?

    • Posted by markanthony1004, at Reply

      Jayden You’re a delight🤗

    • Posted by fang, at Reply

      Jayden welp, most of them must have recorded this in fall then :’D

    • Posted by RetroStage, at Reply

      Jayden Thought you were german because spring means jump in german 😂

    • Posted by Zach Yenovkian, at Reply

      The season is more like fall

  8. Posted by Jayden, at Reply

    What do you call a sheep on a trampoline?

    A wooly jumper

    • Posted by CraftyJ4y, at Reply

      Jayden I get it😂

    • Posted by KIRITO, at Reply


    • Posted by Leggo My Ego, at Reply

      British slang?

    • Posted by Odi Lasagne, at Reply


    • Posted by FN-2187, at Reply

      Odi Lasagne that was samy at 2:56 right?

  9. Posted by Hammad Azeem, at Reply

    3:42 dancing washing machine

    • Posted by Dexus, at Reply

      play it in 2x speed

    • Posted by Abbey Lalor, at Reply

      Dexus Why did I listen to you? I nearly died!

    • Posted by Linkrudo, at Reply

      Someone pls make a gif of this one.

  10. Posted by Philipp'sWorld, at Reply

    0:47 imagine if she fell on that spike

    • Posted by Primitive Spongebob, at Reply

      Philipp’sWorld *Fatality*

    • Posted by GEES44DC, at Reply

      I know. VERY dangerous.

    • Posted by AntoineIbanezgio, at Reply

      Fatality? more like Infertility

    • Posted by Coconut Dog, at Reply


    • Posted by Nick Crispino, at Reply

      I scrolled down to see who else thought that. A few inches over and that would have been one hideous injury.

  11. Posted by 0culu5 4n0nymal, at Reply


    • Posted by Maciej Mućka, at Reply

      0culu5 4n0nymal But seriously now, FailArmy, fix that title.

  12. Posted by Panic! AtTheCrybabyPotterAuroraDisco, at Reply

    My friend didn’t die
    My dog didn’t get run over by a car
    I’m not dying
    Can u give me a like for being honest?😂😅😊😄

    • Posted by Jesus Christ, at Reply

      What do you gain by getting likes on your comment? Seems to me – nothing.

    • Posted by torontomapleleafs204, at Reply


  13. Posted by Don't read my profile pic, at Reply

    Do you know they used to be called ‘jumpolines’ until your Mom jumped on one?
    Btw Don’t read my name

    • Posted by B Er, at Reply

      Don’t read my profile pic You stole everything in your comment.

    • Posted by andy E, at Reply

      Literally nothing is original or funny in this comment

    • Posted by Bfbffbd Hfc Hdfh, at Reply

      dude you just stole the top comment

    • Posted by estraglacial 37, at Reply

      so original that the comment above you, which was written an hour before yours is the same… Pathetic from yours and quit it with the dont read “” joke

  14. Posted by Agabagugba, at Reply

    Heyyy I know a hilarious fail:
    My channel

    • Posted by torontomapleleafs204, at Reply

      not surprised

    • Posted by DarkStylez, at Reply

      A more hilarious fail is this attempt to get me to check out your channel

    • Posted by Agabagugba, at Reply

      DarkStylez it surprisingly sometimes works tho ^^

    • Posted by Justin Hull, at Reply

      Agabagugba mine too

    • Posted by torontomapleleafs204, at Reply

      good call

  15. Posted by STEP name, at Reply

    Go 25 Russian Fails. PLSSSS xD

    • Posted by Gage Carter, at Reply

      That whole country is a fail.

  16. Posted by Spongebob Chicken, at Reply

    0:50 that sounds like the 21 century fox intro

    • Posted by MrSham3less, at Reply

      lol didn’t realize

  17. Posted by Sirius .B, at Reply

    isn’t that Tom skas friend on number 18

    • Posted by Stab Avon, at Reply

      Sirius .B Yes, it’s sammy 💕

    • Posted by FN-2187, at Reply

      Sirius .B it was sammy at 2:56

    • Posted by Sirius .B, at Reply

      FN-2187 Y. yes that’s #18

  18. Posted by André Gonçalves, at Reply

    Like = good luck for life. 🍀
    SUB ME AND BECOME a millionaire.

    • Posted by Miss sesZ, at Reply


    • Posted by laura lima, at Reply


    • Posted by Loria Kylen, at Reply


    • Posted by andy E, at Reply

      Lol how do people fall for this, nothing happens and it is this guys pathetic attempt to get likes and subs

    • Posted by Hailee Dueno, at Reply

      andy E obviously, nobody “falls for it” people just have nothing better to do.