26 Bad Friend Nominees: FailArmy Hall Of Fame (May 2017) HD | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

26 Bad Friend Nominees: FailArmy Hall Of Fame (May 2017) HD


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With buddies like these, that needs enemies? FailArmy has actually opened it's Hall of Popularity to those that could or may not have their pal's best interest in heart. Send YOUR cannot failarmy.com


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Lady Unintentionally Knees Good friend in Face
Trust fund Autumn Face Smack
Men Press Good friend in Hammock
Woman Spinning on Bar Stool Falls on Face
Pineapple High Kick Fail
Best Friend Screams at Resting Good friend
Guy Throws Ball Behind Back as well as Hits Colleague's Head
Lady's Close friend is No Aid in all
Male Knocks senseless after Being Slapped
Individual Attempts to Vacuum Vehicle
Woman Feeds Dandelion to Good friend
Wake Up Bunk Bed Twist Fail
Woman Slides down Stairs in Plastic Bin
2 Golden-haired Girls Fail at Teeter Totter
Cliff Jumper Pushed Off High cliff
Bunk Bed Slab Elimination Trick
Woman Slams to Ground After Falling Off Swing
Drunk Shoulder Flip Fail
Trampoline Basketball Dunk Nutshot Strikes Close friend
Woman Unintentionally Strikes Pal With Bat
Kid Wrecks Buddy's Nuts with Pogo Stick in Botched Stunt
Girl Slaps Guy while Playing Beer Pong
Piggy Back on Dock Fail
Innocent Pal Hit in Head by Football
Person Failing Causes Pal to Fail
Woman Slaps Cellular phone right into Water

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  1. Posted by A D, at Reply


    • Posted by SIGHT Music, at Reply

      Panda Guy Ikr

    • Posted by Tryinglittleleg, at Reply

      A Youtube Account IOS mate I’m sorry it was a mistake but I corrected it.

    • Posted by Mornepin, at Reply

      Now you’re so successful in life that you have your first own haters.
      Your comment is still cancer though.

    • Posted by Tryinglittleleg, at Reply

      A Youtube Account IOS yea same.

  2. Posted by Jacklyn MORRIS, at Reply

    helloo early squad

    • Posted by Tomin Kurisunkal, at Reply

      Jacklyn MORRIS hi

    • Posted by WarFour834, at Reply

      Jacklyn MORRIS hey

    • Posted by SIGHT Music, at Reply

      Jacklyn MORRIS hi

  3. Posted by Pyret, at Reply

    Seriously, this video where she smacks his phone makes me angry.

    • Posted by Ayleen Ebert, at Reply

      ViiVikk _ maybe but all the pictures on the Camera are gone now

    • Posted by El Pollo Loco, at Reply

      ViiVikk _ nope she meant to snake his face but she is an uncoordinated biych and smacked the phone now he lost everything that was on his phone

    • Posted by Deadly Chad, at Reply

      El Pollo Loco. Wrong.

    • Posted by SexyAnimeGirl, at Reply

      Frank N. Stein This seems to make sense. Thanks.

  4. Posted by Music is Win, at Reply

    I’m tired of people assuming I’ve got a good personality because I’m ugly.

    • Posted by FaZe Rain's Cat, at Reply


    • Posted by Paul Bayer, at Reply

      Music is Win you here?

    • Posted by FernTheYoutuber, at Reply

      If you want to fail like this, go see my guitar super course.

    • Posted by Stijn Hendriks, at Reply

      Music is Win well help these 😀

  5. Posted by Jirka Š., at Reply

    0:23 I would throw that b*tch there, where she threw the phone.

    • Posted by ZeRo _3motion78, at Reply

      +Lg yeah

    • Posted by Orange, at Reply

      Joshua Scholl normie

    • Posted by Melissa S, at Reply

      ZeRo _3motion78 Q

    • Posted by JordanTheGiant, at Reply

      Lg I didn’t know Joshua is a female name

  6. Posted by Seb Mack, at Reply

    Who’s watching now?

    • Posted by Ethan Nick, at Reply


    • Posted by sTyler, at Reply


    • Posted by Loazper xx, at Reply


  7. Posted by Sławomir Kostrzewa, at Reply

    Kto to kopnął?

    • Posted by shahccj5jndh# fhajjavckAndbg, at Reply

      Sławomir Kostrzewa CEBULANDIA!

  8. Posted by Baekhyun please nagajuseo, at Reply

    0:23 why would you do something like this?!

    • Posted by Rwededyet, at Reply

      Mornepin That’s not a river, that’s Deception Pass. 180 feet to the water.

    • Posted by Imma edit that out, at Reply

      Baekhyun please nagajuseo why is my husband in your profile picture

    • Posted by Baekhyun please nagajuseo, at Reply

      Imma edit that out lmao do you even know who he is?

    • Posted by Imma edit that out, at Reply

      Baekhyun please nagajuseo follow yes I know him lolol

    • Posted by Baekhyun please nagajuseo, at Reply

      Imma edit that out okay then, what’s his name ?

  9. Posted by Logan, at Reply

    The phone smack was the worst

    • Posted by The WeirdedWeird, at Reply

      Chris Huber id call chuck norris

    • Posted by ChedderBob236, at Reply

      I would smack her off the bridge if she done that to me.

    • Posted by Jonas, at Reply

      was probably set up.
      why was the guy filming his buddy, who was filming the river?

  10. Posted by LelJk789XD, at Reply

    Friends are my future enemies -Ice Bear

    • Posted by Team SMSD, at Reply


  11. Posted by Pan Sodaku, at Reply

    4:25 o kurwa

    • Posted by shahccj5jndh# fhajjavckAndbg, at Reply

      Pan Sodaku dokładnie 😂😂👌

  12. Posted by efer edfeee, at Reply


    • Posted by Roman Bellic, at Reply

      to ja ale można. Ps. Jestem dumny że powiedział kto to kopnął a nie kurwa kto to kopnął

    • Posted by Cool man, at Reply

      to ja Dokładnie XD

    • Posted by Sans the Skeleton, at Reply

      oł jeah

    • Posted by Tensaa 96, at Reply

      Yeaaah! XD “Who kicked this?!”

    • Posted by Smuglerx, at Reply

      Chłopaki z Biskupca z BC3RUN !

  13. Posted by wrectcher, at Reply


    • Posted by Roman Bellic, at Reply

      wrectcher Ładnie chopok powiedzioł bez bluzgania. Pan Bocyk bydzie uradowany.

    • Posted by Milosz Sikora, at Reply

      OOO witam Polacy!!! Jak tam? Co tam?

    • Posted by Paul VanGogh, at Reply

      Elo mordy, szukałem was

  14. Posted by A10, at Reply

    They’re lucky to even have friends! I don’t have any.

    • Posted by Blue, at Reply

      Why don’t we all just be friends?

    • Posted by William Shakespeare, at Reply

      Not only do I not have any friends, I’m fricking dead as well.

    • Posted by Aaron Garza, at Reply

      We are now all your friends

    • Posted by MediCali951, at Reply

      A10 ill be your friend. with benefits 😜

    • Posted by Gino Dobrin, at Reply

      don’t worry bud you can be my friend come bun a zoot with me and the crew

  15. Posted by NORWAGIAN GAMER 27, at Reply

    Things i hate:
    1. Guys that dont Can grammar wright
    3. Guys that cant count
    2. Guys that spll words wrong
    4.Guys that call them self NORWAGIAN GAMER 27
    5. Guys that Ask for likes

    Like if you agree

    • Posted by Underswap Papyrus, at Reply

      NORWAGIAN GAMER 27 also, nr. 1 and 2 are basically the same things

    • Posted by Some Random Guy 666 whatareudoing, at Reply

      NORWAGIAN GAMER 27 well played

    • Posted by Vruinz, at Reply

      NORWAGIAN GAMER 27 I read the number of steps first…..

  16. Posted by Korvus Ashend, at Reply

    Everyone is complaining about 0:23 but I think it’s staged. It was probably a busted phone and they decided to try for viral instead of throwing it in the trash. I keep trying to see if he was actually filming anything but the phone looks turned off.

    • Posted by harry balls murphey, at Reply

      Perhaps. However phones always lok dark and off while in the sun.

    • Posted by Korvus Ashend, at Reply

      True, but you see absolutely nothing moving while he’s moving the phone up and around. Normally you see at least some moving shadows on the screen.

  17. Posted by Kylo Ren, at Reply

    0:24 Knocking the😒 phone out of his hand come on🤣

    • Posted by Kylo Ren, at Reply

      MediCali951 yep

  18. Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

    Vote for your favorite by leaving a comment below!! At the end of the year, we’ll reveal which clips have made the FailArmy Hall of Fame!

    • Posted by Tobias Lundblad, at Reply

      FailArmy o

    • Posted by Jedn0, at Reply


    • Posted by Hi, It's Hevar, at Reply

      FailArmy number 4

    • Posted by Link .Lafayen, at Reply

      number 6 😀

    • Posted by Al-Girvan Tobias, at Reply

      Definitely number 4