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26 Dead After Mass Shooting In Texas Church


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A shooter open fire in a Texas church killing 25. The shooter was additionally eliminated. John Iadarola and Mark Thompson, the hosts of The Young Turks, give you the information. Inform us just what you believe in the comment area listed below. Join TYT:

" At least 26 people were killed at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, on Sunday, law enforcement confirmed. The shooter is likewise dead adhering to a quick chase.

" As a state, we are taking care of the largest mass capturing in our state's history," Texas Gov. Greg Abbott stated.

Here's exactly what we understand– as well as don't.

What we know

The shooting reportedly took place at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, around 11:20 am local time, law enforcement stated.

A minimum of 26 individuals were killed, although it's not clear if that number will certainly increase, Abbott stated at a press conference. About 20 others were harmed.

The shooter is dead adhering to a cars and truck quest by a regional homeowner. Wilson County Constable Joe Tackitt told CNN that the gunman shot himself after the resident hit him.

The dead victims' ages vary from 18 months to 77 years old, a Texas Department of Security official stated.

First Baptist Church Pastor Frank Pomeroy's 14-year-old child as well as all of his family members's close friends were killed in the attack, Pomeroy informed Houston-based ABC13.

The shooter has actually been determined as 26-year-old Devin Patrick Kelley, law enforcement authorities informed CBS as well as NBC Information.

Kelley was previously airborne Force, but he was court martialed and obtained a bad-conduct discharge for supposedly assaulting his partner and also their kid, according to NBC Information.

Neighborhood, state, and also federal law enforcement are on the ground.

There is nothing else hazard in the area at the time, according to law enforcement.

Sutherland Springs has to do with 30 miles southeast of San Antonio. It's an unincorporated area with a populace of concerning 600, inning accordance with CNN.

The church regularly articles video clips of its services. They show a vivid area, with parishioners vocal singing, playing electric guitar, and also discussing topics ranging from their confidence to riding a bike."

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  1. Posted by brian mcintyre, at Reply

    America has lost more people to gun deaths since1968 then all the wars inits history.

  2. Posted by Person Pierson, at Reply

    They aren’t making a gun argument. They’re making a freedom argument.
    If every black person started walking around open carrying AR-15s in the streets, then we’d have gun control by next Tuesday.

    • Posted by No One, at Reply

      Some do, but you live in the bubble so you don’t know any.

    • Posted by Person Pierson, at Reply

      I know bubbles. I love Trailer park boys! Great show.

  3. Posted by Broken Metronome, at Reply

    John’s outrage is completely justified, i think most reasonable people feel the same way. But another bad thing like this happens and nothing changes, im personally feeling apathetic towards these situations. Pretty sad actually!

  4. Posted by poppaDehorn, at Reply

    the right wont support gun control until theyre personally affected.

    • Posted by Paden Woods, at Reply

      I wonder if the members of that small Texas town will now be saying “Oh golly, maybe the liberals were right on this”

    • Posted by Bob C, at Reply

      Paden Woods no they won’t.

    • Posted by Henrique Oliveira, at Reply

      Paden Woods no they wont, it was only because a gun owning law abiding citizen was in the site of the attack that this murderer was stopped

    • Posted by flewjewcoop, at Reply

      Yea, well guess what, you “progressives” don’t get to kill a conservative Christian church, blame it on them, then demand they don’t have a right to defend themselves…That’s NOT how this works, ya stupid communist.

  5. Posted by 666Fanat1c, at Reply

    You americans are your own greatest enemy.

    • Posted by VotelessOrc497, at Reply

      Not Islam, Atheism, or communism?

    • Posted by Progressive MGTOW, at Reply

      VotelessOrc497 fool

  6. Posted by El John, at Reply

    I think the only way tighter gun controls will start is if Muslims and black people start buying more guns

    • Posted by William Jagiello, at Reply

      El John Most gun homicides are committed by blacks!! LMAO…..Libitard idiot.

    • Posted by flewjewcoop, at Reply

      It was a Christian with a legal AK that stopped the atheist “progressive”. Ya don’t get to kill innocent conservative Christians, then blame them for their own deaths, then tell them they don’t have a right to defend themselves. That is not how it works.

    • Posted by RationalMinded, at Reply

      The Black Panthers and history suggest your theory is correct.

    • Posted by William Jagiello, at Reply

      RationalMinded Do you have a theory as to why black males commit more crime then All races combined, Then play the victim role? You fatherless,emotional,idiot.

  7. Posted by Rodney Johnson, at Reply

    What is the over under on the body count of the next mass shooting?

  8. Posted by Charlie Football, at Reply

    More Guns More Problems

    • Posted by Internet Tuff Guy, at Reply

      More Leftists More Social Breakdown

    • Posted by flewjewcoop, at Reply

      So, are you saying the AK legally owned by the Christian that took the progressive killer out was a problem?

  9. Posted by akahomie100, at Reply


    So glad I live in Canada and not the shitty country with a congress that doesn’t take action against gun violence.

    • Posted by Kat Sam, at Reply

      Canada is going the way of Europe. All the progressive advancements over the last 100 years will wither away as socially conservative religious immigrant bigots take over. Anti-west folks there are already accepting the sexual violence and political violence that immigrants bring as long as the white “patriarchy” ends. A sea of gun violence or a sea of sexual/religious violence. Take your pick.

  10. Posted by Rolf Laugaland, at Reply

    Moron voters elect moron leaders. Result: Trump and GOP

    • Posted by Ralph Bernhard, at Reply

      Rolf Laugaland Hahaha…you really got him 🙂
      Yup, so am I.
      I can go shopping or to the beach without having to worry that one of my OWN fellow citizens is going to show up and start shooting.
      As if the world isn’t dangerous enough already.

    • Posted by Mats Jönsson, at Reply

      Rolf, so as long as there´s only a random terrorist attack, now and then, everything is just fine?

  11. Posted by Cathy H, at Reply

    Why do people say the shooter is liberal? Wasn’t he mad at his ex wife or something and had a history of violence? And liberals are mostly anti guns anti violence.

    • Posted by Little Johnny, at Reply

      We do know that he was a fervent atheist, raging against religious people online. Don’t know if he has any left/right political leanings.

    • Posted by TheLumberjack1987, at Reply

      Johnny we also know that he taught children in a bible group, points more towards a christian

  12. Posted by Ralph Bernhard, at Reply

    Surround every church with a wall of bulletproof thoughts and prayers…that should do it…
    ONLY 5.99

  13. Posted by Aviri Char, at Reply

    America has DID/MPD and needs to be committed for serious rehabilitative therapy.

  14. Posted by t3chfr3ak, at Reply

    Watching America is like watching a tv show! What’s next! Can’t wait for the series finale.

  15. Posted by Orson Krennic, at Reply

    I think that if you partake in a mass shooting you revoke your rights as a human being and will be subjected to agonazing torture for months. Also all legal gun owners should be supplied with non-lethal ammo such as tranquilizer bullets just so they can capture these coward alive – before they kill themselves.

  16. Posted by Gojian, at Reply

    Why can’t Mormons or the west borough baptist church nuts ever get a bullet to the brain?

  17. Posted by Combat Medic Mercy, at Reply

    Guess those pro life politicians aren’t so pro life after all, like they claim to be. A literal baby died in this shooting. Why aren’t they screaming for gun control? Oh, right. It’s because it’s not about the lives. They just want religious control, and control of women.

    • Posted by TheLumberjack1987, at Reply

      as soon as those children are out of the womb they couldn´t care less, they just want to tell women what to do with their body and everything else is really not important to them no matter what they say

  18. Posted by Infinite Sheldon, at Reply

    Just another day in West Korea.

  19. Posted by PhoenixCat, at Reply

    This country needs serious help! Next time America wants to be high and mighty and preach to other countries, look at your own.