27 Hilarious Cooking Fail Nominees: FailArmy Hall of Fame (July 2017) | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

27 Hilarious Cooking Fail Nominees: FailArmy Hall of Fame (July 2017)


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Delighted Sunday! Delight in FailArmy's craziest cooking stops working of all-time, as well as choose your favorite to be included in the long run of year Hall Of Fame induction event and also video clip by leaving a comment listed below. Always remember to send us your own stop working video clip at FailArmy.com if you've obtained one!


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Video clips:
Grandmother Catches on Fire While Cooking
Soft drink Stream bursts red wine
Pan Breaks Throughout Crepe Flip
Women with Mixer in Kitchen area Fail
Sibling and also Sis Make Big Mess in Kitchen
Glass Recipe During Food preparation Tutorial
Shirtless Camper Tries Flipping an Omelet
Male Cannot Turn Pancake
An Egg within an Egg
Female Frying Potatoes Starts Fire
Cooking How-To Blooper Reel
Person Cannot Handle Egg
Person Decline Pizza
Bag of Spice Knocks Kid's Glasses Off
Omelette Flip Fail
BARBEQUE Grease Surprises Visitors
Male Decline Hot Dogs Throughout Campfire Morning meal
Young boy Scares Mommy in Kitchen area
Kids Scared of Hibachi Grill
Active ingredients Spill from Blender or food processor
Person Opens Grill as well as is Surprised
Cooktop Falls On Little Lady
Kids Celebrate Mommy's Day by Food preparation Breakfast
Person Opens Grill and is Amazed by Surge of Fire
Range Falls On Little Lady
Amateur Cook Lights Oven on Fire
Serpent on Grill
Woman Obtains Hair Stuck in Cake Mixer
Easy Cheese

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  1. Posted by Jan Luca, at Reply

    Wer ist alles deutsch?:D

    • Posted by 90ItsYaBoii90, at Reply

      Jan Luca
      ich bin nein deutsch. ich spreche deutsch a little bit

    • Posted by MilMike, at Reply

      etwa 10% aller Menschen in Deutschland… 😉

    • Posted by Banana Ben, at Reply

      MilMike nein momentan nur 3 % in Deutschland 😂

    • Posted by Toni Schmidt, at Reply

      I bim a a deitscher!

    • Posted by Michelle Kauer, at Reply

      Hallo Ich spreche ein bischen deutsch, Ich bin Michelle und Ich komme aus Chile, Lateinamerika Bis bald.

  2. Posted by Prrox, at Reply

    Deutsche bitte hier melden👍😂

    • Posted by TIGERCLAW Gaming, at Reply

      Prrox Zählt das als Meldung?

    • Posted by Andrea Gutierrez, at Reply

      someone knowing how to speak german doesnt make them a nazi idiot

  3. Posted by Ishaan Kharb, at Reply

    no one cares if you are first or second

    • Posted by Brant Yang, at Reply

      What if you’re third?

    • Posted by Satya Prasad, at Reply

      am 283,707th

    • Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

      If you’re not first, you’re last!

    • Posted by Ishaan Kharb, at Reply

      FailArmy thanks for replying its nice to see that you care about your subs 🙂

  4. Posted by Blobber90 Blobb, at Reply


    • Posted by SonicLamb, at Reply

      Well I don’t need any parsley.

    • Posted by Eskii NZL, at Reply

      it’s fkn raw

    • Posted by Daryl Lee, at Reply

      Blobber90 Blobb wrong channel mate

    • Posted by Mighty Morphin Flower Arranger, at Reply

      Daryl Lee No such thing as a wrong channel for NINOOOOOOOO 😛

  5. Posted by Lone Wolf, at Reply

    Wyłącz kurwa XDDD

    • Posted by Manuel Auer, at Reply

      Lone Wolf where?

    • Posted by piter, at Reply

      Manuel Auer on the start

    • Posted by Paciorex, at Reply

      Kurwa. Ja pierdole.

    • Posted by Mateusz M, at Reply

      Lone Wolf POLSKA przejmuje internety!! -kurwa xD

  6. Posted by Eazy, at Reply

    wyłącz KURWA

    • Posted by Ƭђ૯ l૯gα૮y, at Reply

      what does that mean

  7. Posted by Ramya, at Reply

    @ 2:40 .. Seriously why would you bring that so close to your hair when you know what that thing is supposed to do!! 😑

    • Posted by Лана Суханова, at Reply

      💟 *SАLUТ* !
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    • Posted by Keeper Nod, at Reply

      Smooth brain is more likely.

    • Posted by Robert Tarmann, at Reply

      @Geospasmic Hence why I added “similarly”.

    • Posted by Григорий Куимов, at Reply

      🔞🔞 *Jag sökėr en snäll оch glаd ung mаn undėr 30 år* .
      🔞🔞 *Allt om mig hittаr du рå sidan*
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      🔞🔞 *Аllt оm mig hittȧr du ᵽå sidan*
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    • Posted by Tolyngee, at Reply

      her friend: “if you run this close to your ear… it sounds like a woman screaming”
      her: “really? let me try!!!”

  8. Posted by Drew Jackson, at Reply

    who else thought it was Kanye on the thumbnail?

    • Posted by martinisrael7, at Reply

      Drew Jackson It’s Kanye East.

    • Posted by Amy 95, at Reply


    • Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

      Lol didn’t even think about it until now. Good catch!!

  9. Posted by spielMassiv, at Reply

    2:00 Deutschland!

    • Posted by BimDynamit, at Reply

      Wow wie toll

    • Posted by Nix2056, at Reply

      Für mich ließt sich so etwas immer wie Sarkasmus. Was es in diesem Fall vermutlich auch ist.

    • Posted by Ƭђ૯ l૯gα૮y, at Reply

      more like china

  10. Posted by YousefEntertainment, at Reply


    • Posted by Arctic Media, at Reply

      haha onya mate

    • Posted by Northflower OwO, at Reply

      bootiful snek

    • Posted by Rick and Morty For life, at Reply

      YousefEntertainment *I would said the same thing.* *I love snakes.*

    • Posted by Libtards R Cancer, at Reply

      Rick and Morty For life Snakes don’t love you though.

    • Posted by Rick and Morty For life, at Reply

      Libtards R Cancer *lol I don’t mind.*

  11. Posted by psygn0sis, at Reply

    0:01 She’s so HOT and dumb… just my type.

    • Posted by Ella L., at Reply


    • Posted by Schnell Straße, at Reply

      I don’t like women at all (but I’m not always gay)

  12. Posted by MacDagobert, at Reply

    3:37 Why don’t they turn the grill on? Problem solved ^^

    • Posted by BestVines, at Reply

      I like how the little female said its beautiful but she does not know that it will kill her in less than an hour.

    • Posted by MacDagobert, at Reply

      Jup, that’s why they had to grill it instantly

    • Posted by Penguinssss, at Reply

      Cause they have a heart.

    • Posted by BestVines, at Reply

      Yeah, and the snake will gladly eat that little females heart.

    • Posted by Antonio Delgado, at Reply

      MacDagobert that’s what I would’ve done.

  13. Posted by NoJusticeNoPeace, at Reply

    Funny? The pizza falling face-down is one of the saddest, most tragic things I’ve ever seen. 🙁

    • Posted by Schnell Straße, at Reply

      Why? If you keep your oven clean you can it it from the door

    • Posted by NoJusticeNoPeace, at Reply

      You have clearly never tried to scrape a slurry of molten cheese and tomato sauce from an irregularly-shaped surface and then tried to respread it on a crust or you’d be weeping bitterly like the rest of us.

  14. Posted by Click My ProfilePic To Be Happy, at Reply

    Kitchen is my city

    • Posted by fr fr, at Reply


    • Posted by jake suLLy, at Reply

      I like cooking too👍😂

  15. Posted by Drown Julia, at Reply

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    • Posted by Duckragon, at Reply

      click bait virus

    • Posted by Sweet Whiskey, at Reply

      Drown Julia let me get uhhhh….. 2 number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 extra dip, two number 45s and a large virus.

    • Posted by Not Applicable, at Reply

      Sweet Whiskey 😂😂😂

    • Posted by Not Applicable, at Reply

      Sweet Whiskey GTA SA reference

  16. Posted by Williams Phillip, at Reply

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    • Posted by Red-Fang, at Reply

      Hmm, yes, I will trust a random person’s link that obviously isn’t a Facebook link. Yes, I will definitely click on that!

    • Posted by Roman Neill, at Reply

      Can I get uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh virus?

    • Posted by Zachary McQuaid, at Reply

      lol FAIL

  17. Posted by Allen Eneida, at Reply

    Guys look what I just stumbled upon on twitter! Spent mine on Xbox without any problems! I am so excited right now! More information here t.co/b9t2W0eO1x

    • Posted by Angelika Kolk, at Reply

      id like my virus boneless, please.

    • Posted by Lenny, at Reply

      virus machine broke

  18. Posted by Christian John, at Reply

    OMG this is so cool yall should see it! Make sure to say thank you later. t.co/b9t2W0eO1x

    • Posted by Balázs Tóth, at Reply

      Just die

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    • Posted by Libtards R Cancer, at Reply

      Palacios Margaret Kill yourself

  20. Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

    Which is your favorite? Let us know below and we’ll put it in the Hall of Fame video at the end of the year!!

    • Posted by PaTree, at Reply

      FailArmy 26 ist my favorite

    • Posted by Davoess Blitz, at Reply

      1 🙂

    • Posted by Bratwürstler !!, at Reply


    • Posted by DerHuschi, at Reply

      FailArmy 5 😂😂😂 ,7,8,14,19