29 Best Work Fail Nominees: FailArmy Hall of Fame (August 2017) | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

29 Best Work Fail Nominees: FailArmy Hall of Fame (August 2017)


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Vote for your favored job stops working of all-time to be consisted of in the long run of year Hall Of Fame induction event and also video. What motif would you like to see next? Leave a comment to let us recognize!


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Video clips:
Smokestack Demolition Falls in addition to Tractor
Employees Drop Situations of Beer from Truck
Roadway Employee Shovel Helmet Hat Method Fail
Tree Cutting Removes Ladder
Woodchopper Runs Away as Tree Splits throughout Cut
Timber Strikes Construction Worker in Head
Professional Falls through Ceiling
Worker Falls through Office Ceiling
Woman Hits Manager's Head with VR Controller
White Delivery van Cannot Clear Bridge
Employee Struggles to Raise Fencing right into Dumpster
Automobile Service technician Runs Into Tire
Package of Trusses Falls off Truck
Building Workers Can't Tons Gigantic Pipeline
Blacksmith Swings Hammer into Nuts
Drunk Worker Falls Lugging Cement Bag
Forklift into Stack of Sodas
Auto Falls Off Back of Tow Truck
Expert Tree Cutter Allows Tree Fall on House
Swimming pool Cleaner Falls in Water
Soda Spills Everywhere
Man Falls off Stockroom Flooring Sweeper
Man Captures Two Beer Bottles however Drops Third
Soldier Falls while Trying to Tons Vehicle
Auto mechanic Does not Know How you can Dump Car
Warehouse Framework Drop
Watchman Lets Gymnast Faceplant on Balance Beam of light
Rubbish Truck Consumes Waste Container
Tractor loading fall short
Fork Lift Causes Stockroom Shelves to Autumn

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  1. Posted by PANOS XD, at Reply

    5:21 Thank me later!

    • Posted by BurntCrumbs, at Reply

      PANOS XD I hate you

    • Posted by Cesar Melendez, at Reply

      +PANOS XD Didn’t fall for it.

    • Posted by Cesar Melendez, at Reply

      Plus I already finished watching the video.

    • Posted by Dating For Real, at Reply

      Thank you. 😀

  2. Posted by Chivas Aurora, at Reply

    Life is too short to remove a USB safely.

    • Posted by Abdirisak Awes, at Reply

      Chivas Aurora 😂

    • Posted by darnunt, at Reply

      How can you be so irresponsible?! smh

    • Posted by Eileen the Crow, at Reply

      I think they mess up more often when you click that option.. You only need to do that on a Mac.. On windows just make sure all the files aren’t open.

  3. Posted by 10Mbowman, at Reply

    +Alec Steele 2:41 is that you Alec????

    • Posted by William Degener, at Reply

      Alec Steele nice… hey my friend really enjoy you videos

    • Posted by SouthernGuy8503, at Reply

      I was thinking the same thing. It looks like him when he was maybe a teen. If it’s not him then it’s someone that looks close enough to think it’s a brother lol.

    • Posted by Dustin Penner, at Reply

      I was coming here to ask the same thing! Fantastic!

    • Posted by 10Mbowman, at Reply

      +Alec Steele i knew it XD

    • Posted by 10Mbowman, at Reply

      Alec Steele thanks for confirming

  4. Posted by Jakein, at Reply

    4:51 I think that clip shouldnt be in this video! 😀

    • Posted by DBM OFFICIAL, at Reply

      Jakein Ye that’s like a mass damage.

    • Posted by Jakein, at Reply

      DBM OFFICIAL Lol, I ment that clip with the kids doing gymnastics! 😀

    • Posted by DBM OFFICIAL, at Reply

      oh 4:50 is like right beetwen both videos xD

    • Posted by Jakein, at Reply


  5. Posted by Chivas Aurora, at Reply

    FailArmy, you failed in editing. That gymnast at the start of number 29 so does not belong in this compilation! 🙂

    • Posted by windycitycrew21, at Reply

      Chivas Aurora but she failed her job at being a gymnastics

    • Posted by Андрей Дрейк, at Reply

      It’s a greed. They need to make 5 min video.

    • Posted by yolo gamer, at Reply

      the teacher is meant to help her and teach her to avoid falling

    • Posted by Albert Draper, at Reply

      Chivas Aurora it’s about her trainer fool

  6. Posted by LxNL _Zerg, at Reply

    Ich habe einfach noch keine Arbeit wer noch

    • Posted by unknown, at Reply

      LxNL _Zerg deine eltern

    • Posted by DerMetzFetz, at Reply

      LxNL _Zerg dein Schwanz

    • Posted by Dramatilakismus, at Reply

      Dann wird es mal langsam Zeit, ich will mir später keine Sorgen um meine Rente machen müssen!

    • Posted by Schnell Straße, at Reply

      Genau dein Schwanz und mein Arsch

  7. Posted by Kush Shah, at Reply

    Do a “Most expensive fails” video! Again with new ones as a reply informed me of my mistake assuming there wasn’t one.

    • Posted by reggearekka, at Reply

      done already

    • Posted by A stranger passing by, at Reply

      Expensive fails are the funniest ones to me. That does not hurt the body, but their time.

  8. Posted by Saale dost ko thanks bolta hai, at Reply

    When i close my mouth

    i cant eat

    • Posted by ubernoob77, at Reply

      too bad your mother’s mouth never closes

    • Posted by TheGoldenCaulk, at Reply

      Yep, that’s how that works.

    • Posted by Start Us, at Reply

      ubernoob77 oouuu burn

  9. Posted by Márton Szigeti, at Reply

    ‘we ran out of videos, but want to make some more money’ sunday

    • Posted by Daffy, at Reply

      And you are?, get famous and we care later.

    • Posted by Jonathan Ruiz, at Reply

      Márton Szigeti you stole that from another video but added Sunday instead of Friday

    • Posted by Raithi Govender, at Reply

      Márton Szigeti “I ran out of likes so I decided to copy and paste someone else’s comment to rape likes out of people”

    • Posted by Whatever, Fuck Usernames, at Reply

      The trueness

  10. Posted by Jakob, at Reply

    28 is the best

    • Posted by Gordon Heeman, at Reply

      Jakob It caused around 6 million in damage

    • Posted by Johanna P, at Reply

      I agree

  11. Posted by Adolf Strikes Back, at Reply

    whats up with people coming from ceilings ?

    • Posted by digbloopers, at Reply

      It’s your workers LOL

    • Posted by QuarKzTV, at Reply

      Guy #15 may lay ethernet cable. Noob, he should asks 2 people to hold him with mops from the floor.

    • Posted by Fuff Mcduffin, at Reply

      QuarKzTV or he could have just done it the right way. Or, most likely, he should have told who ever hired him that he never ran cable before.

  12. Posted by My Channel Has Only 1Video Just To Make You Happy, at Reply

    I’ll show my Mom this when she’ll tell me to get a job

    • Posted by Charlie the Awesome dog, at Reply


    • Posted by Schnell Straße, at Reply

      do you have photo of your mom

    • Posted by braxton lombardi, at Reply

      Schnell Straße thats not creepy at all

    • Posted by evbb, at Reply

      +Braxton Lombardi Oh sorry, how rude of me. Can I have a photo of your mom, too?

  13. Posted by Ahmad Farhan, at Reply

    facts all around youu :
    1. impossible to open your mouth and put your tongue if front of your mouth and breath
    2. 70% of the world is water

    4. dont u relized that you are a dog from doing number 1
    5.and u not relized that is no 3
    6.and now u are checking no 3
    7. and now u are laughing cuz u get fooled by me happy april fools dayyy

    8. now u are checking the month
    9. and now is august
    10. happy august fools

    • Posted by THECOLIN754, at Reply

      Ahmad Farhan I liked this comment

    • Posted by Frog Acts, at Reply

      1. I know this and I won’t try this
      2. ok
      4. what?
      5. I don’t care?
      6. No I’m not
      7. No I’m not laughing
      8. No I know that it’s August….
      9. You’re right
      10. Thank you

    • Posted by Roman Neill, at Reply

      Unoriginal, unfunny, AND bad grammar! We’ve got a jackpot, folks!

  14. Posted by Khurram Zubair, at Reply

    5:22 naked girl in background

    • Posted by JannisLDP, at Reply

      Damn u saved my day

  15. Posted by Colas CHENOT, at Reply


  16. Posted by Bastian Sanz, at Reply

    17 is the best

  17. Posted by Deon Lawrence, at Reply

    Are they even checking these guys before hiring them to drive forklift?

  18. Posted by Luke Bourne, at Reply

    Why were there two 29s?

  19. Posted by jonathan santiago, at Reply


  20. Posted by Umut Alptekin, at Reply

    i still cant understand how people manage to fall through their floor and downstairs’ ceiling