31 Back To School Fail Nominees: FailArmy Hall of Fame (September 2017) | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

31 Back To School Fail Nominees: FailArmy Hall of Fame (September 2017)


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It's back to college time and also we assumed we 'd share 31 of our favorites with you to vote on. Which is your fave? Vote for the most effective back to college stop working of all-time to be included in the end of year Hall Of Fame induction ceremony and also video. You could elect by leaving a comment below! Have a video of your own? Send it at failarmy.com.


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  1. Posted by Danny, at Reply

    #8 and the last one

  2. Posted by Valeriu Andritchi, at Reply

    Thx for the last video assholes

  3. Posted by PROfesorsAZ, at Reply

    last one was surprising

  4. Posted by Jomblo Ngenes, at Reply

    Oh man…

  5. Posted by MultiKiller, at Reply

    the 31 is a poisonus spell

  6. Posted by Alistair Coleman, at Reply

    Come on Fail Army, let’s have nut shots. Two hours of them.

  7. Posted by Whirl Wind, at Reply

    Don’t screw around! You all screw around too much!

  8. Posted by KONSTANTINOS S., at Reply

    The last one was from greece

  9. Posted by Remus Ultor, at Reply

    Dude I was eating on the last one T^T

  10. Posted by river leavitt, at Reply

    Go Joey go… I TOLD HIM NOT TO DO IT, I told him not to do it.

  11. Posted by LeviLung, at Reply

    2:26 It doesn´t sound right without the mortal combat remix

  12. Posted by Samuel L. Jackson, at Reply

    That witch at the the end summoned a fucking demon 😂

  13. Posted by Shane Kneeshaw, at Reply

    Poor girl on the last one that’s not nice

  14. Posted by lil sis nikki, at Reply


  15. Posted by Oscar Soto Mena, at Reply

    To me, the number 19 😆

  16. Posted by ShadowWolf, at Reply

    This made me sick. 4:10

  17. Posted by Chris Thomson, at Reply

    Im noticing a big theme here with all these idiots in the clips everyonr is american

  18. Posted by Evilwhiteclownpunk, at Reply

    She told him not to do it (1:01)… but he did it, and now he’s on FailArmy…