//35 Adorable Reasons To Adopt Your Next Pet

35 Adorable Reasons To Adopt Your Next Pet

Rescues are the best breed! The followers of BuzzFeed Animals on Twitter sent in their #rescuepetpic yesterday, and there were some MAJOR cuties.

1. Look at this smile on Ivy!

dss358 @dss358

.@BuzzFeedAnimals I adopted 12-year-old Spencer, a sweet rescue kitty, from @mainecoonadopts. #rescuepetpic


Glenn S. @glenns_music


5. They also look fabulous in a bandana.

Danielle Quagliaro @Danielle__Q

@BuzzFeedAnimals Harvey 🙂 #rescuepetpic

7. Rescue dogs can be little and cuddly…

Glenn S. @glenns_music


9. They’re all filled with tons of love.

Denise Weber ♜ ♫ @Denise230468

@BuzzFeedAnimals We got Charly from a shelter in January 2011 he was 9 month old then #rescuepetpic

11. The only thing better than one rescue dog is…TWO RESCUE DOGS.

clarissa natali ☺ @claireangel2

@BuzzFeedAnimals We have 2! #rescuepetpic

13. This rescue kitteh is a true gentleman.

Shannon @shannonrh

.@BuzzFeedAnimals We adopted Elliot from a shelter in Lille, France almost a year ago. #rescuepetpic

15. They’re sweet and lovable.

aryeh. @TankGirlllah

He rescued me #rescuepetpic

17. They’ll try their best to put a smile on your face.

Stephaniemar @stephaniemar

@BuzzFeedAnimals We got two! Henry the cat and Millie the dog. BFFs #rescuepetpic

19. They take adorable selfies.

Maryann Dabski @mdabski

#rescuepetpic @BuzzFeedAnimals Rescued from a puppy mill 7 yrs ago. She only looks solemn. It's the beard.

21. They’re always down to cuddle on the couch.

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