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38 Parkour Fail Nominees: FailArmy Hall Of Fame (May 2017)


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Check out FailArmy's ideal parkour falls short of all-time, as well as vote for your favorite to be included in the end of year Hall Of Popularity induction event and also video. Do not forget to send us your own fail video clip at FailArmy.com if you've got one!


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Video clips:

Person Jumps on Play area Rope and Backflips
Freerunner Crashes right into Rail
Man Attempts Parkour Leap off Substantial Hillside
Man Cannot Swing on Branch
Play area Parkour Jump to Hand Tree
Dual Sideflip Fail
Tree Parkour Effort Fail
Traceur Goes Swimming
Teenager Falls after Bailing Parkour Stunt
Red Shirt Parkour Bar Leaping Fail
Play area Parkour Flip Fail
Parkour Trainee Misses Landing
Extreme Parkour Fail|Face Plant|Headway Parkour
Parkour Jumper Slips as well as Falls right into Box
Parkour Woman Strikes Face on Ledge
Parkour Dive Kong Fail
Parkour Bench Hopping Fail
Parkour Beginner Swings To Flip Fail
Parkour Back Flip Tire Jump Fail – Back Bang!
Parkour Athlete Attempts to Jump to Rock
Parkour Athletes Flip right into Each Other
kour Professional athlete Falls during Spin Decrease
Noob Parkour Fail To Chest Slam
Youngster Head after Frontflip
Child Attempts Parkour Backflip off Halfpipe
Human Parkour Dual Kong Fail
Man Slides off Tire after Falling short Parkour Feat
Guy Slips During Parkour Training
Person Leaps Over Bed rails and also Falls
Person Flies Via Jungle Gym as well as Autumns
Man Faceplants Doing Parkour in Backyard
Individual Attempts to Run up a Wall surface into a Flip
Person Attempting Wall to Wall surface Parkour Feat Knocks His Face
Farm Backflip Faceplant
Easter Rabbit Outfit Parkour Fail
Parkour Health club Park Fail Collection
Double Side Flip off Step Ends Terribly
Parkour Jump Simply Misses out on Nutshot

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Parkour Fail Candidates: FailArmy Hall Of Popularity (May 2017).

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  1. Posted by Sam Murdocca, at Reply

    Who else felt their pain?

    • Posted by Mory, at Reply


    • Posted by Ricardo Aguado, at Reply


    • Posted by Tuna Sandwiches, at Reply

      Sam Murdocca
      I winced every time.

    • Posted by Jack Wynne, at Reply

      Sam Murdocca ME I dID

    • Posted by Legendary Super Majin Savage Final Form, at Reply


  2. Posted by Kuk Dávid, at Reply

    xDD magyarok az elsők xDD

    • Posted by Jessica Robertson, at Reply

      samu8882 uuu, akkor nézek párat, megnézem, milyen hülyeségeket csináltak 😃

    • Posted by Eszter Novák, at Reply


    • Posted by Dcsanad 2002, at Reply

      Kuk Dávid ja

    • Posted by Gergő Stanzel, at Reply

      Kuk Dávid ja ja

  3. Posted by Happy Bob, at Reply


    • Posted by Boruto Dog, at Reply

      Omg what language is this?

    • Posted by Ivan Dorozhkin, at Reply

      +Boruto Dog это русский, иноземец. А каким пользуешься ты для выражения эмоций ? 😕

    • Posted by Boruto Dog, at Reply

      Я не хотела тебя обидеть.+Ivan Dorozhkin

    • Posted by Ivan Dorozhkin, at Reply

      +Boruto Dog так и ответ безобидный )

    • Posted by Boruto Dog, at Reply

      О, хорошо, я неправильно понял, извините.

  4. Posted by Kansız Vampir, at Reply

    02:10 TÜRK BE 🇹🇷

    • Posted by Sinan Gürbüz, at Reply

      Kansız Vampir as as bayraklari

    • Posted by Jona, at Reply

      Kansız Vampir You can look up failarmy on Wikipedia… Oh wait, your glorious leader banned it…

    • Posted by Pelin Ç., at Reply

      Jona This is none of your business.

    • Posted by Cefivip5, at Reply

      Jona fucking idiot ?

    • Posted by Ferhat ŞARA, at Reply

      Jona i hate our leader he’s f*kin sh*t

  5. Posted by Marvin Hendges, at Reply

    deutsche hier ? 😀

    • Posted by 200 SUBS WITHOUT VIDEOS? #LaPpeNaRmY, at Reply

      Marvin Hendges jo

    • Posted by Ajay Doerga, at Reply

      Niet van nederland……maar ik praat well nederlands………..o.O………

    • Posted by Nils Büttner, at Reply

      Marvin Hendges jaaa

    • Posted by Jannis Liebig, at Reply

      Marvin Hendges ne wieso sollten es?

    • Posted by InfernalBallista, at Reply

      Marvin Hendges penis

  6. Posted by ouja te es, at Reply

    when you put these videos together it just seems like the world is inhabited by the most stupid, helpless and impotent beings ever

    • Posted by Leexly05, at Reply

      please subscribe in my channel

    • Posted by Diego C, at Reply

      ouja te es but if you really think that than you’re ignorant and part of the idiots as well

    • Posted by Yin Yang, at Reply

      @ouja te es Yes kids are stupid, always have been. Then one day, they realize they’re childish behavior isn’t welcome in the adult world. PS, helpless and impotent are the same meaning! You should probably correct that so you don’t sound ignorant. Especially for trying to insult people trying to do something most people can’t do!

    • Posted by Len Page, at Reply

      and they are mostly americunts.

    • Posted by Jordy Hidalgo, at Reply

      +Len Page most of them are Brits and Russians actually

  7. Posted by TheLegend27, at Reply

    10 cyka blyat

    • Posted by Lord Black, at Reply

      TheLegend27 rush B

  8. Posted by Insignificant Sloth, at Reply

    You should make a fail compilation but all the fails are a sync with classicel music

    • Posted by callum -__-, at Reply

      sinks with classical music…so you can listen to some beethoven whilst washing your hands

    • Posted by Mr.Sand-Oval, at Reply


  9. Posted by impetriks, at Reply

    die hälfte der fails sind kein parkour sondern freerunning.

    • Posted by impetriks, at Reply

      Captain Catnip super

    • Posted by Simx, at Reply

      einfach unglaublich :O

    • Posted by areyoueatingthough, at Reply

      Lügenpresse !!!

    • Posted by impetriks, at Reply

      areyoueatingthough du bist aber lustig geh zum zirkus

    • Posted by Can, at Reply

      impetriks Skandal!

  10. Posted by DJ VIETTO, at Reply

    devuelvanle los videos a kora, malparidos chupasangre, perros hijueputas, arrastrados malparidos, sean serios, bastardos.

    • Posted by DJ VIETTO, at Reply

      +Santi Velez usted sabe porque dije lo que dije? Se vio el video explicando todo lo que pasaba?

    • Posted by Dubstone Records, at Reply

      DJ VIETTO fucking stop.

    • Posted by Mr.Sand-Oval, at Reply


    • Posted by FinalViewer, at Reply

      Quien es este kora y lo mas importante, desde cuando este kora es dueño de estos videos. Vaya cosa las idioteces que uno encuentra en internet.

    • Posted by Pancho-KX, at Reply

      FinalViewer Nadie dice que es dueño, si no quien doblo los videos para el Humor de sus suscriptores y no, no es una idiotes. Korah solamente esta reclamando sobre los videos que doblo y que ahora tienen Copyright, Ni si quiera esta la Opcion de que la Monetizacion sea para la persona dueña del video, Youtube simplemente le quito la monetizacion, debido al Reclamo de un Partner el cual esta asociado a Fail Army.

  11. Posted by Weeaboo, at Reply

    Let’s give it up for the man that didn’t hit his balls.

    • Posted by Ajay Doerga, at Reply

      His luck was over 9000!!!!

    • Posted by Beau Gatt, at Reply

      IKKKKK lmao

    • Posted by Frosty, at Reply


  12. Posted by 49ers 4 Life, at Reply

    The third one was impossible, plain and simple, theres no way you can make it to the water from there, thats just natural selection at its finest

    • Posted by FutureDelica, at Reply

      you too

    • Posted by Dominik Balogh, at Reply

      49ers 4 Life I think he just tried to jump a huge frontflip in the sand (or yellow soil) and overrotated it.

    • Posted by Pym Group, at Reply

      You actually think he was trying to make it to the water? Are you fucking dumb? lmao looks to me as though he was trying multiple flips off the edge into the sand, not a fucking 100ft jump to a shallow stream ahahahahaha use your brain

    • Posted by Scrolling through the comment section, at Reply

      Pym Group calm down geez

    • Posted by funkycowie, at Reply

      That’s not natural selection at it’s finest… it would be if the water was concrete, or spikes, or if the water was full of crocodiles. But its just water and so long as you can stand up in it or at least swim then your pretty safe if you fail.

  13. Posted by Chris™, at Reply

    *How to loose IQ:* 1:28

    • Posted by Chris Ellis, at Reply

      Chris™ *Whole. I’m sorry man, but I’m losing my I.Q looking at your grammar.

    • Posted by Chris Ellis, at Reply

      Dannen P Did you really mix up loose and hole also?

    • Posted by RiakkteR4, at Reply

      How to lose 32 teeth.

    • Posted by Ben, at Reply

      How to lose IQ points: read YouTube comments and imitate people’s spelling.

    • Posted by Shameless TURK, at Reply

      Aaand he has down syndrome

  14. Posted by Pencil Gaming, at Reply

    I’m so happy watching them get hurt because thy are frikin teenage trespassers

    • Posted by claymanryan, at Reply

      Yeah I hate when those darn kids trespass on all the public parks, sidewalks, gyms, and skate parks that I own. It really grinds my gears.

    • Posted by Beau Gatt, at Reply

      Surely your IQ can’t be that low

    • Posted by Beau Gatt, at Reply

      Nuff Said XD

  15. Posted by Eszt i, at Reply

    A legelső videó magyaar!! 🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺 Hol vagytok MAGYAROK? 😘❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Posted by petyA- GamePlaY, at Reply

      Eszt i Jelen 😃

    • Posted by Eszt i, at Reply

      Jeee! 😹

  16. Posted by Christopher George, at Reply

    The reason women live longer then men!

    • Posted by Cookie Fly, at Reply

      Christopher George Womens have no balls!

    • Posted by Marvin Müller, at Reply

      Christopher George Women do parkour, too.

  17. Posted by Joe Shit the Rag Man, at Reply

    I vote for the frisbee guy on the slip and slide

  18. Posted by chowdapowa9, at Reply

    1:29 Number 13, by far. That was a loud bounce….

  19. Posted by Redmanxx, at Reply

    Of course the best one is 13

  20. Posted by Sebastian, at Reply

    What did we learn from this video?

    Russians suck at parkour.