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5 Countries That Kick America’s Ass At Higher Education


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  1. Posted by Freddy Looger, at Reply

    want higher education? read a book. Most people won’t even do that, though.

    • Posted by Freddy Looger, at Reply

      +anko Mitarashi laboratories only hire the top 1% of students, anyway.

    • Posted by anko Mitarashi, at Reply

      +Freddy Looger first off No they don’t, but that wasn’t my point. My point was, if you want a decent job today in America you need a college degree. if you want to go to any stem field, you need a degree. A teacher, needs a degree. I guess I had to spell it out for you. I’m going into the environmental consulting industry with my geology degree, and you can’t get in without at least a bachelor’s. Get into the real world and stop living in the 1950’s, a high school diploma, gives you a guaranteed job at McDonald’s.

    • Posted by reem dollaz, at Reply

      +anko Mitarashi you’re right but it is also a matter of networking as well. There are millions of people in America who attained a college level education, but they can’t find a Job in the field they attended school for. Which brings me to my final point, never give up!

  2. Posted by TS13, at Reply

    We have the best universities though.


    Which by the way, are universally recognized unlike most universities you mentioned in Europe.

    • Posted by Mad Hatman, at Reply

      TS13 Your remarks are disingenuous, Your intelligence does not hinder your college aspects look a Bush Jr and Trump both are mind numbingly dumb even before Trumps Alzheimer’s kicked in he was dumb. Yet they managed to go to college.
      All college does is give you knowledge how and if it can be used is up to the individuals abilities, but should not be restricted to only those who have the most money. The way the scholastic financial system works now will only make class division worse with the american aristocracy soon being the only demographic that will be able to go to college.

    • Posted by Farhan Ihram, at Reply

      +TS13​​ I’m referring to average american student who have slightly above average grades who wants to live their dreams. I mean everyone should have a way to get higher education. At least a chance.

    • Posted by TS13, at Reply

      Mad Hatman *Your intelligence

    • Posted by TS13, at Reply

      Farhan Ihram I actually don’t believe that everyone should pursue higher education. I think we put too much pressure on kids when it comes to college. The university environment isn’t for everyone. If you’re not willing to learn and sit through lectures, then college isn’t for you. Like I said before, if everyone went to college the value of a degree would go down significantly.

  3. Posted by spoder man hates TYT, at Reply

    Airplanes are white… white privilege did 9/11!!!

    • Posted by Andy Fruth, at Reply

      spoder man hates TYT That’s actually almost funny. Don’t make me destroy you again.
      Watch it

    • Posted by Shining Star, at Reply

      spoder man hates TYT <--- the product of America's education system. ;-D

  4. Posted by beastalchemist, at Reply

    America isn’t as great as people say it is.

    • Posted by gitarrillo 20, at Reply

      it totally is – in terms of size

    • Posted by OngoingSky93, at Reply

      beastalchemist honestly it never was and Trumpanzee is proving that to be more and more true each day

  5. Posted by pitster110, at Reply

    I dont know why so few blacks supported the progressive party. Policies such as tuition free Higher education and a raise in mimimum wage so no one working full time lives in poverty would raise blacks out of poverty with in one generation.

    • Posted by Adrian Myers, at Reply

      pitster110 Because of people being lazy, and welfare

  6. Posted by Football-Pundit, at Reply

    As an outsider it just baffles me that the richest country the world has ever seen is failing to provide free education for its own ppl….You Americans r getting cheated out of the benefits you should get coz ur ancestors toiled like hell to make America the economic giant they r today

    • Posted by Jessman9000, at Reply

      “Richest country in the world”
      1% of this country owns over 50% of that wealth.
      Take them away and the us isn’t that rich at all.

      A rich nation has a well-of population, not a feudalistic population.

    • Posted by Football-Pundit, at Reply

      Jessman9000 Even with 50% of that wealth Providing free education to US citizens shudnt be too much of a problem if they didnt waste money on Foreign Wars, Aid to terrorist nations like Pakistan and other wastage of money

    • Posted by Jessman9000, at Reply

      I know, i’m just saying that said 1% of people will revert to using assassination, political silencing, and bribery to ensure that they get EVERYTHING they want, and free tuition collage isn’t one of them.

      Its only going to get worse, thanks to Reganeconmics, most of this nation’s wealth will so be in the hands of the few,

  7. Posted by Jill's Sandwiches, at Reply

    do you know what else is free? my sandwiches! feel free to stop by my place for some.

    • Posted by quaxk, at Reply

      can I get a blowjob while I eat your sandwich?

    • Posted by Jill's Sandwiches, at Reply

      +quaxk sub to my channel and I’ll think about it

  8. Posted by AveragePolishGuy, at Reply

    I complained to my friend in Poland that I have to pay a lot for college. She didn’t want to believe me that it wasn’t free and thought I was pranking her!

    • Posted by Christopher Balsom, at Reply

      You do realize Helen that the increase in price isn’t only due to this administration, correct?

      As the government has become more and more involved in education, prices have skyrocketed. Get the government out of it, encourage competition among schools, and you’ll see an increase in quality and a decrease in price.

      U.S. education used to be desired by many outside of the U.S., same for our healthcare, but as the government takes more and more control, the quality has decreased while the prices have increased.

      And yes, population does make a difference, as the more people you have living off the rest of the taxpayers, the less there is to go around. Not to mention the differences in cultures, which I already pointed out. Those two elements together make it hard to compare someplace like the U.S. with someplace like Poland.

    • Posted by Helen Short, at Reply

      +Christopher Balsom your previous comment implied that funding education for 38m people was different to funding it for 320m. My point is if tax is being paid relative to population size in each country there is no difference. Even if you still insist that there is a difference, the country could divert some of the ridiculous sums spent on defense into education! The sharp increase in education costs is down to greed on the part of colleges and universities. Capitalism in America means that everything is up for grabs and no effort is being made to constrain costs. Everything is an episode of “The Wire”. In the UK the government gives grants to help fund education and the grants restrict what universities can charge if they want their fees paid. Under the current administration Betsy DeVoss is implementing policies to restrict/end access to free education. This will have a profound impact on those who are too poor to pay for education. Schools are being resegregated in increasing numbers, funding is being removed from black schools and extra funding is being allocated to white schools. All of this is being orchestrated to keep the elites in top jobs. You can play out the trickle down effect. Maybe people used to come to America for education but from what I am seeing in the comments on YouTube and elsewhere, the quality of education there is questionable.

    • Posted by Megalus Doomslayer, at Reply

      You’re arguing with a partisan hack.

  9. Posted by Luko Hevia, at Reply

    In Argentina we don’t pay a cent when we study for our professional degree, and we have some pretty great universities. Another thing, in this country the public universities have more prestige than the private ones. Those are usually considered to be for spoiled rich kids who don’t want to bust their asses in the public universities.
    It’s a shame the most powerful country on Earth cannot even beat the small Argentina on higher education

    • Posted by Yzabel Braun, at Reply

      the scientists you refer to were often foreigners educated outside the USA

    • Posted by Atty's Thoughts, at Reply

      yeah… educated in nazi germany. way to shoot your argument in the foot.

    • Posted by Luko Hevia, at Reply

      Atty’s Thoughts Because America is WAAAAAY more militaristic than Zimbawe or Pakistan. You forgot about imperialism, which means projecting your political and economic interests over foreign territories, by means of force, political or economical influence. That is the textbook definition of what the US has been about since pretty much it’s birth

    • Posted by Atty's Thoughts, at Reply

      you can’t project power out of thin air. dumbass

    • Posted by gatesbrown26, at Reply

      Luko Hevia – by far the best universities in the world are in the US. It’s not even close. Cheaper doesn’t mean ‘better’. Your skate board isn’t ‘better’ than my Aston Martin MA-RB 00

  10. Posted by aldi404, at Reply

    Education is the biggest threat to conservatives

    • Posted by Y2K, at Reply

      that’s probably why they’re trying to privatize and defund it so much

    • Posted by Woke Minion, at Reply

      So is media freedom. We must guard our internet against Trumpzillas!

    • Posted by Tyrone Biggums, at Reply

      aldi404 U mean liberal brainwashing right

  11. Posted by Tom from Oz, at Reply

    We kick your American arses on health, welfare and freedom as well. Don’t you lot want to catch up or are you content to live like mushrooms for the rest of your lives?

    • Posted by Tom from Oz, at Reply

      We have a minimum wage of $17.70 per hour so it makes some things a little more affordable, not knowing the cost of even a small bag of cocaine i couldn’t comment on its affordability.

  12. Posted by Chisolm Bartholomew, at Reply

    Education can be free in this nation very easy but people are to stupid to see that.

    • Posted by Isaac Rivera, at Reply

      I started working at 14. Summers picking grapes here in California. Then winter break picking oranges and lemons. When I turned 16 I went looking for a job after school. I was given one at a HVAC/Electrical Contracting Company washing trucks and cleaning up. The guys took me under their wing and began to show me the ropes.

    • Posted by Isaac Rivera, at Reply

      I noticed that some of the guys were making big money. 80k to 100k a year and some had not even graduated High School. They are some of the most intelligent people I have ever met. Their natural intelligence had never been exploited in school. But when they got into the trade, they devoured everything. They built power plants and knew more about Electricity than the Engineers. Truly talented people.

    • Posted by Snarky Edmonton Cyclist, at Reply

      I actually like the idea of minimal taxes. Although I do have a few ideas on how to minimize taxes. Have each parent and employer pay a certain amount of their income over the first 22 years of their child’s life, and it goes into a reserve account that is used to pay for education. Combine it with price controls and similar systems that Singapore does for their healthcare system, and democratic education like the Sudbury School model suggests, and the cost of education goes down enough for that savings account to work. It combines the best of both libertarian and social democratic ideas.

  13. Posted by Kid, at Reply

    There must be a reason why my country is always on these types of lists.. Oh that’s right. Sweden rocks. I love living here 😊✌️

    • Posted by Bronze Cop, at Reply

      Kid+ Thats what happens when your nation earns it’s place on the top 15 on the HDI when adjusted to inequality.

    • Posted by Bronze Cop, at Reply

      Rich+ I guess Rich thinks I was raped by a brown muslim woman after a night out at the bar XD LMAO ROTF!!!!!

    • Posted by Michael, at Reply

      Guys, just leave him alone. You don’t really want him there anyway. I love how they think “raping muslims” is an actual defense against education or health care … It sounds redudant and furthermore I believe those “rape victims” would get the help they need in several other countries outside of America. America sucks in everything expect guns and weapons of mass destruction. Rich should think about it if the working people really benefit from weapons and not from better education or universal healthcare.

  14. Posted by daniel Guzman, at Reply

    In the US, the bankers are turning students into indenture servants. This is extremely detrimental. (1) The bankers are parasites living of the student’s labor. (2) As a society we need to invest in education. Education pays for itself (7 times over), and the entire country becomes smarter.

    When people work out of passion, rather than because they have debt to pay, they become more productive, more creative, and free to unleash their true potential. Under indenture servitude, people become lazy, hate their jobs, and only work to make ends meet.

    Everybody has to be free from their oppressors, so that people can achieve their full humanity. Our nature is not to be servants, but to be rational, social, and productive. When people achieve this freedom, they become even more productive, more passionate, happier, and everybody benefits as a consequence. When people only work to survive, they become angry, abusive, depressed, and more.

    Systems that help people achieve freedom are: social democracies, and democratic socialism. There are other systems too, but they might be too radical for most people.

    • Posted by Steve Fortuna, at Reply

      Well said, sir.

  15. Posted by not darealmambo, at Reply

    American higher education obviously doesn’t work, most students spend weekends dressed as ninjas calling the elderly fascists.

    • Posted by Robert Ohlen, at Reply

      first real laugh of the day (y)

  16. Posted by Michael Robertson, at Reply

    my question to americans. what is this obsession with living in your colleges? isn’t there any local ones you can save money on and live at home?

    • Posted by Harmony Alexandria, at Reply

      Universities are not interchangable, using the US as the example – An advanced degree in just about anything from Harvard is worth orders of magnitude more than an advanced degree from the University of Wyoming, which is not worth much outside of Wyoming.

      It’s about the caliber of the students and faculty, the types of projects/reacher you will be working on, etc. Most people in the US live hundreds, if not thousands of miles from where Harvard is located.

    • Posted by Bronze Cop, at Reply

      No, if you and your family live in a closed region; you are forced to live at university or around the university. But if you happen to be one of the lucky ones where you live somewhere open and the university has all of the programs you want; then yes

  17. Posted by F Boug, at Reply

    I’m German, and i pay 273 € per semester, but that includes a public transportation card for the whole semester, which is worth more than the semester fee. So I’m quite happy :).

    • Posted by gitarrillo 20, at Reply

      and that, my friend, is the reason why i emigrated to your country after high school. and eventually i even decided to become a citizen. danke deutschland! 🙂

    • Posted by △SeZZy △, at Reply

      I live in Spain they give me 2.4Kyear to study.

    • Posted by F Boug, at Reply

      Immer wieder gerne 🙂

    • Posted by PotterheadGeeK7, at Reply

      My public transportation ticket costs over €300 each semester. D:

  18. Posted by weltschmerz stories, at Reply

    well, yes our education here in Germany is way better, but to be fair, therefore we can’t afford to have 10 aircraft carriers. so sad.

    • Posted by char charles, at Reply

      This report is on cost, not quality! Maybe it’s cheaper in Germany, but is the quality better? I don’t have personal experience with German education, other than that the engineers I have met from Germany are smart! However, the French higher education system is not top-notch overall, and has much less quality than the US higher education system. The best universities by ranking are NOT in France. Just talking about cost says NOTHING about the quality of education in France. Would you like to know more? email me because I have attended both US and French higher education systems, and the French higher education system SUCKS big time. Fact of the matter is–sometimes you get what you pay for. (or, don’t get what you don’t pay for!) Go to the US or the UK for overall better higher education–NOT France!
      According to a reputable world ranking of universities, the US+UK combined have 16 of the top 20 universities.

      Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) LogoMassachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) United States
      Stanford University LogoStanford University United States
      Harvard University LogoHarvard University United States
      University of Cambridge LogoUniversity of Cambridge United Kingdom
      California Institute of Technology (Caltech) LogoCalifornia Institute of Technology (Caltech) United States
      University of Oxford LogoUniversity of Oxford United Kingdom
      UCL (University College London) LogoUCL (University College London) United Kingdom
      ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology LogoETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Switzerland
      Imperial College London LogoImperial College London United Kingdom
      University of Chicago LogoUniversity of Chicago United States
      Princeton University LogoPrinceton University United States
      National University of Singapore (NUS) LogoNational University of Singapore (NUS) Singapore
      Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU) LogoNanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU) Singapore
      Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) LogoEcole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) Switzerland
      Yale University LogoYale University United States
      Cornell University LogoCornell University United States
      Johns Hopkins University LogoJohns Hopkins University United States
      University of Pennsylvania LogoUniversity of Pennsylvania United States
      The University of Edinburgh LogoThe University of Edinburgh United Kingdom
      Columbia University LogoColumbia University United States

    • Posted by tiestu, at Reply

      You don’t need a US education to work in France.