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89 Funny Work and Construction Fails | AFV Funniest Videos 2018


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Falls short occur, that's life! However there is absolutely nothing funnier than a stop working that happens when it matters the most … ON THE CLOCK. Building falls short, if you learn anything after watching this hilarious compilation, let it be this … it is important to enjoy as well as roughhouse at work … however be alerted … it can result in a humorous stop working.

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    Nothing like a roadside donkey attack…

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    Just be glad it wasn’t you

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    Omg I can’t wait until I get to see your videos and I love it so much wen I get to laugh at your videos!😂😹🤣(so funny)

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    i love this lol love u guys always make me smile

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    8:03. Best one so far.

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      LOL I agree! I think that clip is so funny!

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    America is full of unqualified people. it’s unbelievable that they can produce something with high quality and endurance. oh yes that’s why they produce in china

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