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9 Ways To Make Your Home Greener


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Utilize your the home of act on environment. Download our overview of learn easy changes that will reduce your carbon footprint and conserve money.

TYT is partnering with Individual Media in order to help solve the climate situation. See to it you have a look at our collection: 10 Days of Action for more information regarding exactly what you could do to make a difference as well as go see An Inconvenient Sequel, in NY and also LA July 28th and across the country August Fourth.

If President Trump will not lead, the American people will. Most of Americans, civic leaders, mayors, governors, and also the businesses are already moving on to stop environment change. No bachelor can quit us. I promise to sign up with the movement and #BeInconvenient. Go to be part of the service.

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  1. Posted by Adriankool4skool, at Reply

    1. Paint your house green

    • Posted by Sarah Rebecca Parker CHAVEZ, at Reply

      Adriankool4skool Correction your 2nd

    • Posted by Bill Anderson, at Reply

      Adriankool4skool 😂

  2. Posted by Al Capwned, at Reply

    My teacher a few years back had solar panels installed on his house. He made more electric than he consumed and was apparently able to sell excess to the power company. Idk if that’s a thing but that’s pretty neat if true.

    • Posted by Tom McCann, at Reply

      Depends where you live I guess

    • Posted by Bill Anderson, at Reply

      That’d be pretty cool

    • Posted by Urhoboman5, at Reply

      To Al Capwned : It’s true to extent. There’s quite afew people who do that and have done it successfully. But it seems to work better in some regions than others.

    • Posted by fux yews, at Reply

      I used to sell solar panels and their installation.
      I’m not sure how it works in America, but here in England this is how it goes..

      Lets say you generate 10kw of power on a particular day..
      The government pays you 30p (about $0.39) just for generating it and not taking it from the grid.
      The energy company then assumes 50% (5kw) of that is being sent back into the grid and pays you 2p for each of those KW (so 10p or about $0.13 in total) (although this can increase if there’s competition)
      and ofcourse you use the electricity aswell during the day (lets say 7KW)

      With the average cost per KW here being about 15p (around $0.19) the breakdown is as follows..

      Earn $0.52 and save $1.33 over that 24 hour period = $1.85 per day.
      You can’t really give a true long-term estimate though because sometimes electricity prices increase considerably (giving you more savings as a result) and sometimes you can find another deal which can reduce, lower or maintain the previous price…
      Generally speaking though, the average customers electricity bills go up 5% per year over 20 years if they’re not shopping around for the best prices..

      It can be pretty profitable overall if you are in during the day (as you see above, alot of your income is through savings by utilizing the panels putting power into your house)– if you’re not then its probably not worth it just yet,
      even with the incentives ..

  3. Posted by juan gomez, at Reply

    Who cares? Nuclear extinction await us.

    • Posted by Bill Anderson, at Reply

      juan gomez hopefully. The earth needs a reset.

  4. Posted by abscondam, at Reply

    *Liberals are so arrogant and dumb they actually think they can control the climate LOL*

    • Posted by ShamockParticle, at Reply


      Anyone who read the accord knows it does nothing to resolve.

      What’s funny is that “global cooling ” was predicted in the 70s. And this year has not been the hottest on record, not everywhere. A long drawn argument would show pros and cons of all sides.

    • Posted by brentkn smith, at Reply

      If you are right then why change scientific data? People that fudge with numbers do so because they want to hide something. So what do you think Donald Trump and his Regime is trying to hide from YOU?

  5. Posted by Browser unknown, at Reply

    TYT are shills for the establishment.

    • Posted by Yoda Man, at Reply

      try speaking like a human.

    • Posted by wearypirates, at Reply

      Browser unknown because the establishment wants a constitutional amendment to get money out of politics, free college and Medicare for all.

  6. Posted by Lezlie Boyd, at Reply

    WHoever this dude is, he butchered the vid. It takes him more than half the vid to get to the actual tips, who he then he butchers the tips with making corny jokes and by merely stating the titles of the tips with no stats or further insight into them.

    What a Waste! (pun intended)

    • Posted by Gay Bottom Pride, at Reply

      This video was soooooooo cringe worthy. Is this guy a wannabe comedian or something. He keeps trying to be funny but instead of making me laugh he just makes me cringe. Dude don’t quite your day job.

  7. Posted by Mister Mood, at Reply

    reduce you consumption of meat

    • Posted by JMR DEFENDER, at Reply

      increase you consumption of cyanide

  8. Posted by Daniel Lorca, at Reply

    Shut up. You talk too much and you say nothing. We already know that stuff. Please try to be be less funny and instead, more informative. You suck

    • Posted by Gay Bottom Pride, at Reply

      This video was soooooooo cringe worthy. Is this guy a wannabe comedian or something. He keeps trying to be funny but instead of making me laugh he just makes me cringe. Dude don’t quite your day job.

  9. Posted by Rolf Li, at Reply

    Honestly, most of these are hefty purchases that a lot of Americans cannot afford.

    • Posted by Jason Bequette, at Reply

      Rolf Li

      Well no especially when your idea of employment is voting for welfare

    • Posted by Rolf Li, at Reply

      I have never and will never vote for the Liberal party. I am a registered Conservative Party member in Ontario and Canada, and I can assure you that my parents nor I have ever been on welfare. In fact, if we lived in most parts of the United States, my parents would save over $25,000 in taxes alone, not including deductions, per year. You have no clue what welfare even is until you look at the tax rate here. I am simply stating that most of these purchases are expensive for the majority of Americans and Canadians, and while my family could afford these at ease, and we have already upgraded much of our home to be energy efficient, a lot of families do not have the disposable income we do. Please don’t make assumptions about people if you don’t know.

    • Posted by Star_Bag 27, at Reply

      Rolf Li there’s no such thing as a liberal party, it’s democrats and republicans, I am a liberal and yet I’m also an independent

    • Posted by Jack Boike, at Reply

      Star_Bag 27 He just said he lives in Canada

    • Posted by Star_Bag 27, at Reply

      Jack Boike ok I see now

  10. Posted by James Akers, at Reply

    A lot of these are about as financially sensible as drilling a bore hole. It will take you 20 years just to break even.

    • Posted by Bill Anderson, at Reply

      Don’t be poor and try to install solar panels. Don’t but what you can’t afford and you won’t have to worry about deficits.

    • Posted by Yeti, at Reply

      And a lot have a payback time well under ten years. Get quotes and do the maths. There is money to be saved as well as our future.

  11. Posted by Wing Zero, at Reply

    nuclear is more clean than solar, solar requires a lot of mining

    • Posted by Paul Swanee, at Reply

      +AboxoroxRoxursox “Silicone atleast can be recycled unlike used plutonium rods” Two things are wrong here. 1. The silicon itself is not concerning, but rather the waste product made as a result of synthesizing polysilicon (99.99% silicon) for poly, and mono-crystalline Silicon PV. This waste product is called silicon tetrachloride, and yes you can recycle it. However, the problem is that the equipment required to recycle this material is not economical for most solar companies, so we don’t recycle this waste. This is a concerning issue, because when silicon tetrachloride comes into contact with moisture it forms hydrochloric acid.

      2. You suggest that nuclear reactors have plutonium rods. This is quite strange, because the rods are generally made of zirconium, and the majority of waste products in these rods are unspent uranium fuel. Plutonium, with the rest of the transuranic material, makes up a very small percentage of high level waste.

    • Posted by TheAtheistPaladin, at Reply

      The Rocky Mountain Institute is actually anti-nuclear. That is one flaw that they have.

    • Posted by Paul Swanee, at Reply

      +AboxoroxRoxursox I am very much aware of that scenario, which is commonly used by anti-nuclear activists. Unfortunately it is a scenario that does not occur in the real world, and it misleads the general public about risks for nuclear radiation. Also despite your concern of how deadly plutonium 239 “really is” plutonium has killed in its entirety less than 100 people in history (more than 70 years). If you want to discuss deadly radioactive isotopes the #1 most deadliest isotope is polonium 210 (found in cigarettes) and #2 is Radon 222 (a gas emitted from the ground).

      If you spent a little more time learning about radioactive isotopes rather than just passing on anti-nuclear propaganda, you may actually become more intelligent.

  12. Posted by Gary Turbo, at Reply

    Heres one, nuclear is not clean energy

    • Posted by Killviner 1876, at Reply

      nitrologly Yeah, but nuclear waste man!

    • Posted by JMR DEFENDER, at Reply

      Killviner 1876 Cold Fusion? and you do realize that it is a lot greener than other methods.

    • Posted by Paul Swanee, at Reply

      +Gary Turbo There is no such thing as clean energy. That phrase you commonly hear associated with “renewables” is an oxymoron. To be clean suggests that you do not release unwanted products. There is no scenario in the real world, where you can create a process to transfer energy and not produce waste. If you do not produce waste, you’re violating the laws of thermodynamics. There is also no energy source without pollution, both directly and indirectly. Pollution is another relative term based on what a group of people determine to be undesirable. Wind turbines produce noise, geothermal produces silicon dioxide, coal emits carbon dioxide, solar produces silicon tetrachloride, and nuclear produces cesium. These are all direct pollutants made by these energy sources. There are also indirect pollutants caused in the process of constructing all facilities for these energy sources. All facilities are going to require concrete, cement, steel etc. All of these materials were made in facilities that released pollutants into the air.

    • Posted by Killviner 1876, at Reply

      JMR DEFENDER But it`s nuclear waste! I`d rather have solar panels over that

  13. Posted by Linda Bealer, at Reply

    How about rain barrels and zero scaping (landscaping for zero maintenance,) 2 minute showers with solar water heat, passive solar construction (home design based upon local climate and the sun’s seasonal position, such as eaves/ window placement,) growing or buying foods locally (thereby eliminating transport,) solar shingles, home windmills (although a nearby town recently passed a law that home owners cannot have ANY type of windmill- my guess is that SOMEONE paid someone else to thwart this, so pockets could be lined.) Also, buying used instead of new, and only when replacement is necessary- including furniture, clothes, cars, and appliances. Also composting kitchen scraps to be recycled into home gardens. Etc., etc., etc! Most of these are things that the average person can actually do, with minimal effort and cost. Sadly, since no major company can profit, they will not be presented.

    • Posted by penguins forall, at Reply

      In a lot of ways we already are doing a lot of reusing but just as much if not more consuming. I’d say probably one of the more ineffective “green” things you can do is for example reusing old electronics. It is actually true that at this point it takes more energy to make a laptop than it will run in its “lifetime” of about 4 years. But electronics use a very tiny amount of electricity to begin with and thats the point.. thats why that stat is so misleading. Computers use electricity very efficiently and so do phone chargers. Probably the worst offenders are very old wall adaptors, most TV settop boxes and some of the older CFL bulbs. Even still all of those things are small compared to say your water heater. As it turns out manufacturing is extremely efficient with electricity use certainly compared to agriculture and household power use. Most of the CO2 budget there is from transport. So from an individuals perspective theres only a few very effective things you can do to reduce carbon footprint and just be more efficient with resources.

      Your water heater is about 1/5th your power usage on average so solar water heaters would be a huge deal. If only the units were easier to place on your house.
      Heating your house with “natural” gas is a lot more efficient than electricity due to point of use consumption and no transmission line losses. Incidentally other measures of making your heating and cooling more efficient also go but if they are at all practical on a budget is specific to the situation.
      Microwaves and combination ovens are far far more efficient than the electric “stove” oven and unless you’re cooking a turkey you probably can use your combination oven.
      If you haven’t already swich all lights to LED or CFL. At this point LEDs are far to cheap to pass up. But the difference between CFLs and LEDs isn’t enough to justify the co2 cost of replacing them. Although in a lot of cases the monetary cost of electricity might pay off to replace CFLs with LEDs.
      Thats about it things like reinsulating your house, replacing your roof or buying solar panels still cost to much for enough people to do it to actually make a difference.
      On the other hand there are far more resources used in agriculture especially your co2 budget than on your house. So changing your diet is still far eaiser than changing out your appliances or upgrading your house.

      There’s a lot of little things like rain barrels and composting that help but would only make a big difference on more massive integrated scales. For example there are buildings that recycle reject water several times. Sink and shower is used for toilet etc and is then treated on site so the water mostly evaporates and the rest can be rejected in a smaller service drain then the solids have to be shipped out.

      I have a very very large solar array right next to my house spanning miles thanks to lax regulation. I wouldn’t assume someone was paid off although its entirely possible. But its just as possible regulators just want to be careful and are slow to move on it.

    • Posted by Marijuana Saves Lives, at Reply

      They make freon water heaters that can use almost 0 electricity. It takes something like 10 hours to heat a 50 gallon drum on freon. Although if they combined a freon and solar water heater that could reduce the time. Be costly though.

    • Posted by penguins forall, at Reply

      You mean heat exchangers? Its not actually a heat pump is it? because that would use a lot of electricity. Instead of pumping water onto your roof using a refrigerant through the collector and pumping it through a heat exchanger with your water is I assume what you mean? I have thought this would be a very interesting way thing to combine with HVAC as a form of heat assist. For electric resist heated homes its likely that during the winter the power usage could easily double average. That gets a little better with heat pump + electric resist and a little better still with heat pump + gas.
      On the other hand not the HVAC units because ducting, air distribution and roofing would be much bigger problems that would be nice to fix as many homes are just completely wrong. Unfortunately they require major renovations.

  14. Posted by Gouky, at Reply


    • Posted by Katarina D, at Reply

      Gouky moron

    • Posted by TheAtheistPaladin, at Reply

      What is elitists about it when everyone should be doing it?

  15. Posted by acceptjesusorburn, at Reply

    In my hometown it’s not cheaper to have solar panels.

    • Posted by acceptjesusorburn, at Reply

      Where I come from, it’s not cheaper to have solar panels. Stop telling me it is.

    • Posted by nexus1g, at Reply

      It requires more energy to produce solar panels than you will get out of them. You may gain money, but if you’re interested in being green, they’re not a solution.

    • Posted by fl00fydragon, at Reply

      acceptjesusorburn the keyword is yet

    • Posted by fl00fydragon, at Reply

      nexus1g true it’s temporary
      But i doubt we’ll have fully replaced oil with safe nuclear power by 10-20 years

  16. Posted by Nathan Hass, at Reply

    I’m 1/3 of the way through this video & not 1 of the 9 ways to make your house greener..

  17. Posted by A Brorges, at Reply

    tyt = infomercial

    • Posted by Alain Byam, at Reply

      A Brorges you mispelled education

  18. Posted by Praylak, at Reply

    Brett suggests you replace all your appliances and renovate your home green. Your efforts will be rewarded with an enormous debt that will require a second mortgage, and it will do absolutely nothing for abrupt climate change.

    How about a choice of alternative fuels at the gas station I go to, or a choice of alternate sources from my utility company? Because right now I have only one choice and that is fossil fuel. Not a single EV charging station in my city, and only one utility company that is powered by natural gas.

  19. Posted by Sage, at Reply

    Green is a great color

  20. Posted by Pyrolight, at Reply

    Solar panels do not make your home greener. You have to factor in their constructions which is far more polluting their the extra coal/natural gas you would otherwise use.

    Seriously people solar panel manufacturing needs to stop.

    • Posted by Danger Ranger, at Reply

      Pyrolight wrong.

    • Posted by Leeloo Minai, at Reply

      You do not stop if you are on the right path, even if there are temporary obstacles.

    • Posted by Bradley, at Reply

      Leeloo Minai I agree with you, and on a personal level, I needed to hear that. Thank you