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A Boatload of Fails: Throwback Fails (November 2017) | FailArmy


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Pleased Thursday! We have one more fantastic throwback compilation including some traditional fails to aid obtain you to the weekend break! This compilation includes acrobatics stops working, unicycle falls short, and also far more.


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Mechanical Bull Hits Guy's Face
Guy Stops Working Mobility Scooter Stunt
Guy Attempts Wheelie as well as Wipes Out
Girl on Roller Skates Attempts To Grind on Rail
Guy Attempts To Do Skateboard Technique With Prop as well as Falls
Pole Dancer Inadvertently Kicks Self in Head With High Heel
Guys Damage Pole While Dancing
Titan Stuffed Animals Loss as well as Knock Over Woman
Goat Faints When Ball Comes Near
Female Raises Weight Above Head and also Blows Up
Lady Falls Trying to Balance on Friend's Foot
Man Spins into Wall Surface
Men Hold Hands and also Try to Backflip All At Once
Man Does Scorpion Faceplant in Sand
Person Passes out on Gigantic Swing in New Zealand
Man Falls Down Slippery Stairs
Skateboarder Crashes Into Another as well as Produces Accumulate
Person Unintentionally Gets Hit in Face by Punching Floor Covering
Child Accidentally Throws Frisbee at Daddy's Nuts
Skateboarder Faceplants at the Skatepark
Individual Lands on Tailbone Throughout Front Flip Attempt
Son Mistakenly Kicks Soccer Ball at Moms Head
Goat Does Not Like Soccer
Guy on Unicycle Runs over Electronic Camera
Woman Falls Attempting To Balance on Pal's Foot
Guy Mistakenly Rolls Bowling Round Into Foot
Man Spins into Wall
Individuals Hold Hands and also Attempt To Backflip Simultaneously
Guy Does Scorpion Faceplant in Sand
Guy Passes out on Gigantic Swing in New Zealand
Individual Falls Down Slippery Stairs
Skateboarder Crashes Into Another and Creates Accumulate
Man Unintentionally Gets Struck in Face by Punching Mat
Kid Accidentally Tosses Frisbee at Daddy's Nuts
Person Does Double Frontflip as well as Faceplants
Man Sheds Ground and also Diminish Watercraft
Skateboarder Faceplants at the Skatepark
Person Lands on Tailbone During Front Flip Effort
Boy Unintentionally Kicks Soccer Sphere at Moms Head
Goat Doesn't Like Soccer
Man on Unicycle Runs over Cam

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  1. Posted by Elite Killer, at Reply


    to like my comment

    • Posted by Gay Crocks. gay socks, at Reply

      Elite Killer and you will probaly be the last

    • Posted by Zethrysk, at Reply


    • Posted by Justin Jimenez, at Reply

      And your the second to make that joke

  2. Posted by Pyro Special, at Reply

    Hehehe 😀

    • Posted by Jason, at Reply

      Pyro Special the baby lol

    • Posted by Abbysigou 01, at Reply

      Pyro Special i like the no.2 how two?😛👍

  3. Posted by Daniel Juskowiak, at Reply

    “did you video it?” Mom terminology.

    • Posted by raafmaat, at Reply

      she corrected herself within 2 seconds, so i’d say we let it slide

  4. Posted by Daniel Juskowiak, at Reply

    I lovvveeee tittiesssss

  5. Posted by KloTube, at Reply

    Böller in der Zigarette – Dummheit im Kopf.

    • Posted by KevinJF, at Reply

      Ich könnte es nicht besser sagen.

    • Posted by Olaf Monogo, at Reply

      war der überhaup 18 ? ^^ juckt mich eh ned gehört zur jugend dazu

    • Posted by Igor das Tunfisch, at Reply

      Dummheit in der Zigarette, Böller im Kopf

    • Posted by Ninkotaku, at Reply

      Lieber Böller in der Zigarrete als Teer in der Lunge xD

    • Posted by nV NoxOn, at Reply

      Ninkotaku Macht sogar dein Mundwerk noch lockerer ;^)

  6. Posted by Sameer Kale, at Reply

    0:36 Me too brother. Me too!

    • Posted by Schnell Straße, at Reply

      I am not gay but the boy is cute

  7. Posted by Houdini, at Reply

    The laugh at 2:07 killed me AHHAHAHAHA

    • Posted by Chobol, at Reply

      He’s a teapot

  8. Posted by MIKI, at Reply

    im maybe sick but this is satisfying xDD

    • Posted by Seri Arnold, at Reply

      MIKI aww I hope you get better!

  9. Posted by Laserstormelpies, at Reply

    0:23 you cant tell me that this baby already has earrings…

    • Posted by Schnell Straße, at Reply

      why not if it’s a girl it’s absolutely fine if she wears earrings

    • Posted by Equuary, at Reply

      She would’ve wanted them later bruh. Better younger so you don’t have to think about it anymore

    • Posted by RetroKnight, at Reply

      Its normal for kids to get their ears pierced at a young age. Thats when my parents did mine, it ain’t wrong. 😛

    • Posted by Laserstormelpies, at Reply

      Maybe its a different perspective for different countries. I have never seen a pierced baby here in germany.

    • Posted by raafmaat, at Reply

      yeah never seen pierced babies here neither but i guess its actually a smart move, because when they are arround 10, they very often have a HUGE needle fear 😛

  10. Posted by CrudusViscus, at Reply

    …and would you look at that? They’re returning to the Nitro Circus clips.

  11. Posted by Артем Голов, at Reply

    1:58 original video pls?

    • Posted by Beyond Good, at Reply

      Welcome to YouTube’s biggest click bait videos

    • Posted by mxbrinaxm mxbrinaxm, at Reply

      Alfred Fisker es

    • Posted by Tallowyck62, at Reply

      Beyond Good Yet, you clicked it.

    • Posted by Shredding Science, at Reply

      Артем Голов I make shredding videos

  12. Posted by AzeeR YouTube, at Reply


    • Posted by Teenage mutant Ninja sosij xD, at Reply

      What ?

    • Posted by Rat Doxem, at Reply

      At least you admit it.

    • Posted by Caitlin, at Reply

      AzeeR YouTube same

  13. Posted by Lily, at Reply

    8:29 those parents are bastards! Their daughter is terrorized and they are laughting!

    • Posted by POLARTTYRTM, at Reply

      Bunch of pussies, as if a little scare would traumatize kids forever, they are fine and will have a good laugh at it later. So many super expert parents in these comment sections.

    • Posted by SkintSNIPER262, at Reply

      You fragile cupcakes need to stop eating all that soy.

  14. Posted by Zoldrax, at Reply

    sick dab at 4:18

    • Posted by Lacy Land, at Reply

      Zoldrax IKR hahaha

  15. Posted by Matthew Millar, at Reply

    8:14 I know parents can be more wretched than this, but I don’t think without breaking the law. for that matter this could be emotional abuse. try loving your kids instead of getting internet famous off of them.

    • Posted by Loren Burrell, at Reply

      Agreed. I can’t fathom how this is ok to those parents. That child is in real terror. Why would you do that? And then why would you think it’s funny?

    • Posted by Schnell Straße, at Reply

      I think it’s some kind of black peoples humour

  16. Posted by Saudaranya Benson, at Reply

    Wkwkwk 😀

  17. Posted by Jayden Hussey, at Reply

    2:45 sick parkour man

  18. Posted by money is de motto, at Reply

    1:45 damn she has nice abs

    • Posted by saggi waggi, at Reply

      money is de motto ur weird

  19. Posted by Marcel der Motovlogger, at Reply

    Haha 😀

    • Posted by Lacy Land, at Reply

      Marcel der Motovlogger isn’t this funny 😄 hahahha