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A Day In The Life Of A Female Senator


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The treatment of males in the us senate vs ladies in the us senate. Sexism is alive as well as well. Organized by Francis Maxwell. See a lot more TYT Facebook Originals at

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  1. Posted by Scott S, at Reply

    This is ridiculous and beneath TYT network. Provide actual data to support your argument rather than referencing shitty isolated incidences and it’ll be worth a lot more.

    • Posted by Trickius, at Reply

      You can make a conclusion based on trends. There has been a clear trend of women being shushed in the government, which we have not seen in the opposite direction. It also doesn’t exist in a vacuum – it’s not like there hasn’t been a precedent for sexist behaviour.

    • Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

      how are the video clips that clearly show the hypocrisy of a male senator pressing for answers and nothing happens but when a female senator does it she gets silenced not enough proof for you?

    • Posted by littlemissdimples88, at Reply

      Scott S pikachuu

    • Posted by Scott S, at Reply

      @Trickius, the thing about your trends is that they can be different from my trends. This is why we need objective evidence.

  2. Posted by Joel Medina, at Reply

    How dare he assume her gender!!! You don’t know if it identifies as a female??? You intolerant bigot!

    • Posted by AiguilleVoodoo, at Reply

      Wow nice joke, that was very funny. It’s the first time I hear that joke. Very original.

    • Posted by Joel Medina, at Reply

      AiguilleVoodoo lol buddy TYT has been the longest running joke for years yet you’re still supporting them.

    • Posted by AiguilleVoodoo, at Reply

      I fail to see how that’s related.

  3. Posted by - OnlyButton21 -, at Reply

    Giving 2 examples and saying there’s a problem. Some straight bs as I see it. Standard tyt.

    • Posted by Ethan H. Wilson, at Reply

      – OnlyButton21 – then what is it actually

    • Posted by - OnlyButton21 -, at Reply

      Ethan H. Wilson I’m sure I could do some 5 minute research and find 2 examples of men being treated poorly and 2 examples of women being let off and portray as if there is problem with men being treated poorly. Their arguments are stupid.

    • Posted by Ethan H. Wilson, at Reply

      – OnlyButton21 – check out ring of fire news channel. I don’t think it’ll have what you don’t like

  4. Posted by Julio Barbosa, at Reply

    Let’s be honest; some women (cough* Ana) -could- should bark less.

    • Posted by Latrodectus Variolus, at Reply

      Julio Barbosa Still no.

    • Posted by Julio Barbosa, at Reply

      You are in contempt.

    • Posted by Latrodectus Variolus, at Reply

      Julio Barbosa Still literally no. Now you’re just wasting my time. You’re blocked little manchild.

    • Posted by Chairman Jenkem Yogurt, at Reply

      Ana does bark a bit, but to me she sounds more like all the combined gobbling noises of thousands of turkeys at a turkey ranch.

    • Posted by Julio Barbosa, at Reply

      Latrodectus Variolus One word for you “meow”

  5. Posted by atombond, at Reply

    TYT this buzz feed bullshit has been done to death. There is no pay gap. If you’re so outraged by women’s rights how about discussing how in Islam a woman’s testimony is worth 1/3 of a mans in court and will be stoned to death if they commit adultery.

    • Posted by reedcampbell9, at Reply

      Otaku Senpai except Islam is pretty much the only religion that still actively uses these barbaric punishments

    • Posted by James Akers, at Reply

      reedcampbell9 Yeah but, SHUT UP!!!

    • Posted by joaohumbg, at Reply

      atombond actually, on average, women only earn 91℅ of what a man earns for the same job. It’s not that much of a difference but it’s still significant. But I agree with you, talking about the pay gap across the whole workforce is stupid.
      Islam is a bigoted religion, sure, but do you think some fundamentalists in America wouldn’t try to do the same with Christianity? If you want to bash religion, either you criticise all of them or you have to explain the reasons why fundamentalist sects became mainstream in that religion

    • Posted by Jim Lynch, at Reply

      athomemom.. Since you’re loaded with criticism about a show you don’t have to watch, I know when you’re not trolling you’re rolling up your sleeves and getting your work in. Those women facing rabid inequality must sleep better knowing you are an advocate in their fight. Now Shaddup & get your Shine Box.

  6. Posted by Banjo Pink, at Reply

    I came, I saw, I disliked.

  7. Posted by J Beezy, at Reply

    My gosh every video is TYT crying about something

    • Posted by Jesus Our Savior, at Reply

      you cry about them crying… PC OUTRAGE!?!?!

  8. Posted by Should've picked Hillary, at Reply

    Hoping Kamala Harris runs in 2020. I think she’s exactly what Democrats need. Someone who can unite the Bernie wing and Hillary wing. We can’t afford to be fighting eachother…. Not when Trump is here.

    • Posted by Should've picked Hillary, at Reply

      And you know this how? Lol it cracks me up when people say stuff like this. You don’t know anything about Hillary only right wing and far left left propaganda. She’s been fighting for the little guy her entire life. Do a little research before you parrot other people.

    • Posted by alex lara, at Reply

      Should’ve picked Hillary lol she even said it before she as a personal and public view on politics. in her book she said she used black prisoners to do her cwork around her house just to not have to spend lot of money. she used to be against gay marrige. she called black kid super predators. this all came from ther mouth and writing boo

    • Posted by alex lara, at Reply

      Should’ve picked Hillary hilary pnly say things to plese. and just bc many have two views doesn’t mean is right to do. just loom at some of her deals she made and loom hie bernie used logic to go against those deals. hilary shpild not be trusted. and if want real chamge you should look into more legit cadiante that care for people and not just power

  9. Posted by Davy Crockett, at Reply

    Waiting for that video TYT does on how men are treated in family/divorce courtrooms vs women in those predicaments…Even Hannah knew better than to address this topic!

    • Posted by Tom McCann, at Reply

      That’s bullshit

    • Posted by Davy Crockett, at Reply

      thats a lie

    • Posted by Davy Crockett, at Reply


    • Posted by Davy Crockett, at Reply

      Nothing here about MGTOW I’ stating facts. No one is blaming women. But if you are so hell bent are saying women get the short end of the stick bring the fact that men get the short end just as much. Dont be stupid. You dont think government leaders deal with the things I mentioned. Jeeeez another crazy feminazi.

  10. Posted by Mike Uzumaki, at Reply

    the female senators were all Democrats…typical tyt

    • Posted by ikeknights, at Reply

      What’s your point?

    • Posted by Mike Uzumaki, at Reply

      ikeknights the point is, there is a propaganda aspect to everything they do when they do stories like this….cause it implies that women belong to the Democratic party and that the Republicans silence the women cause they are sexists, they hate woman, they can’t possibly fight for women, they disrespect women, etc….

    • Posted by Marcos Moreno, at Reply

      Mike Uzumaki So, you’re afraid to answer highly educated questions by those female senators because you’re a Trumpflake? Hmmm

    • Posted by ikeknights, at Reply

      Yes, but how do they cover a story like this when it is not currently happening to Republican Senators. They did point out that Democratic Male Senators did get a pass.

    • Posted by Mike Uzumaki, at Reply

      ikeknights I guess you’re right…I might just be projecting something…it’s cause I’m just wondering that if it were Republican women that were being silenced, I wonder if they’d cover the story

  11. Posted by Master of Mashup, at Reply

    Why so many thumbs down, he is 100% correct.

    • Posted by CitizenofDystopia, at Reply

      because you and him are both idiots that cherry pick data to fit your narrative.

    • Posted by SJkid39, at Reply

      Because this is a 5 minute cherrypicked video victim complex bullshit

    • Posted by Master of Mashup, at Reply

      SJkid39 Again, no idea of what you OR he is talking about. If you had a few brain cells I would ask to give me an explanation, but I can see already you have nothing but Fox talking points.

  12. Posted by Durodes Duvo, at Reply

    TYT will complain when women are treated equally AND when they are treated unequally. And they’ll be mysogistic against conservative females like its ok without even realizing it.

    • Posted by Mending Wall, at Reply

      Lowkeychilln gynocentric? All over the world men have more political and military power , leadership roles, education, and wealth. How is that gynocentric? Or are you just repeating the same things off every anti female website.

    • Posted by Lowkeychilln, at Reply

      Mending Wall Yeah im just regurgitating nonsense. As a man im so powerful and i have so much privilage. Thats why all i had to do to in order to have a right to vote, in america (the society i was actually referring to), is turn 18. Oh wait, i had to agree to die for this country 1st. Oh well, at least my male power and privilage can earn me a “get out of parenthood free of consequence” card, allowing me to have no fear of some precious bundle of burden getting in the way of my dreams all because i have no real incentive to, you know, use the various forms of contraceptive available to me. Oh wait, wrong gender again. Oh well, at least if i get raped it will be taken seriously by law enfircement and the general public wont find it hilarious. Oh wait….

    • Posted by Mending Wall, at Reply

      Lowkeychilln I didnt say there are no legitimate mens issues. However saying that society is gynocentric is a stretch. A few cases of what you say is female privilege doesn’t reverse that There’s are still places in the world where a woman cant get an education , are forced into marriage, cant go outside without a mans permission and so on. Men still hold the majority of power even if you in particular are not wealthy. In regards to mens issues such as enlisting in war, keep in mind women were told they were too weak to carry a man across the line. When women wanted roles in war many men were against that. People cant tell women to stay out of war , refuse to train us , then complain when men have to do it by themselves. People are starting to take male rape serious but it does take time. And lets not pretend that people are jumping to believe women when they say they are raped and take violence against them serious. Take a look at places in africa and the middle east. Even in America people have gotten off with probation for sexual assault because the judge didn’t want to ruin the mans life. When that porn star was beaten and assaulted by her boyfriend many people said she got what she deserved. Pregnancy starts in the woman’s body so of course there is more contraception on that end. And lets not forget women were called sluts for using it while no one cared about condoms and viagra. There are legitimate mens issues that don’t get attention because people spend more time complaining about women than actually doing something to change any of the issues you mentioned or to help these guys

    • Posted by Lowkeychilln, at Reply

      Mending Wall Gynocentrism in AMERICA is a stretch?? ok i give lol. have a nice day.

    • Posted by Mending Wall, at Reply

      Lowkeychilln i gave examples of america too. If it makes you feel any better men are still the majority of leadership in politics, religion and business. I don’t see how a society controlled mostly by men is still gynocentric but feel free to implement change because just stating society is gynocentric changes nothing. I dont see how a gynocentric society has a president like trump. In some states they are passing bills for women to ask permission from their husband for an abortion. But yep women are in charge.

  13. Posted by Blue Eyed, at Reply

    Yep, you Americans are fucked.

    • Posted by Lowkeychilln, at Reply

      Blue Eyed “Been” fucked.

  14. Posted by Alton Benny, at Reply

    I hate to say it but it’s true America is all about white male being king

    • Posted by mark haas, at Reply

      You’re  a pathetic, self-hating  CUCK.

    • Posted by Alton Benny, at Reply

      I don’t feel as if women and minorities are oppressing me in any way ..you’re the cuck if you feel that way

    • Posted by Antropovich, at Reply

      and how does that white maleness of senators trickle down to me?

  15. Posted by Gustav The Mad, at Reply

    Not only a self hating white cuck but a self hating misandrist, It’s more pathetic than funny.

    • Posted by thescopedogable, at Reply

      Gustav The Mad you know you can stand up for the rights of others without hating yourself.

  16. Posted by delveling, at Reply


  17. Posted by Tobias, at Reply

    How did I know this comment section would be filled with people who read the word “female” and got, dare I say it, triggered?

    • Posted by Vynjira, at Reply

      Either you’re psychic, or there is an overly sensitive group of white Man-Children that only know how to project onto the people they disagree with.