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A Message To Those Exploiting The Manchester Attack To Push Further Hatred


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A message to those exploiting the Manchester attack to push further hatred. YOU are providing these sleazebags what they desire. Held by Francis Maxwell. See more TYT Facebook Originals at

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  1. Posted by m m, at Reply

    Sooooooo Muslims are the REAL victims here? Ok got it…..

    • Posted by Dan B, at Reply

      RandomRobin The terrorist supported their ideology and hung an Isis flag on his house
      Just because u aren’t in the Middle East doesn’t mean u still can kill for Isis

    • Posted by Dan B, at Reply

      RandomRobin I never said all Muslims are terrorists
      And when I’m talking about terrorists why do u assume I’m talking about Muslims
      Very offensive to Muslims 😂
      Anyway it’s minority, but they are still Muslim
      Just like how the KKK are Christian, Isis and Islamic terrorists are Muslim

    • Posted by RandomRobin, at Reply

      +Dan B Forgive me, i’m so used to hearing people compare all muslims to ISIS members i’ve just assumed.

  2. Posted by DefeatGlobalism, at Reply

    4% British Muslims sympathize with suicide bombers, almost 50% of British Muslims want to make homosexuality illegal, 40% of British Muslims want Sharia in the UK….etc

    I’m not blaming all Muslims, I criticize Islam for being a hate filled ideology and blame the Left for enabling Islamic terror all over Europe.

    • Posted by DefeatGlobalism, at Reply

      False equivalence. Americans didn’t vote Bush while knowing the war would continue longer than anticipated. You’re a dumbass. Most Americans hate Bush, most Muslims love their pedo prophet.

    • Posted by madli007, at Reply

      Islam culture is outdated and needs to be reformed. Currently it has no place in developed countries in 21st century in my opinion.

  3. Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

    i have an idea! let’s just downplay and ignore Muslim terrorists like TYT does. I’m sure they will go away. It’s white people’s fault after all.

    • Posted by SALEH Lafi, at Reply

      I wonder how trying to stop terrorism by efficiently trying to reduce the hate from both sides might seem like downplay, and if you wanna play it like that. Yes, white people have a history of bombing brown and yellow people after all. Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Cambodia, Cuba, Libya, Vietnam. does that mean this attack was justified? absolutely not, did TYT say it is? no they did not.

    • Posted by Kamran Keyium, at Reply

      Achromaticdj not all white people there are also blacks who are in favor of bombing innocents as well

    • Posted by Hubert Harrison, at Reply

      J Briggs

      Strawman Fallacy, TYT is not downplaying “Muslim terrorists”.

    • Posted by The Titan, at Reply

      I know right, the Philippines is under attack by ISIS right now, but they had no foreign policy in the Middle East and they’re Asians

    • Posted by Harambit, at Reply

      Yeah sure, they just claim Islam has nothing to do with Islam and blame white man for Muslim terrorism. Whereas every time white man does something wrong, it’s a real issue and societal problem.

  4. Posted by Bad Gengar's Bad Gaming, at Reply

    Global terror has a religion. That religion is Islam.

    • Posted by Anders Liljeblad, at Reply

      @Heads Tails – FAKE NEWS!

    • Posted by Anders Liljeblad, at Reply

      @Heads Tails – Calm your horses — I was just taking the piss out of potential right-wingers. 🙁

  5. Posted by *TheVoxOfReason*, at Reply

    Another one that concerned me and is another political agenda being pushed is feminist websites saying the bombing was because of toxic masculinity. That is nuts. They are blaming 50% of the planet for the bombing.

    • Posted by Erik Dumas, at Reply

      I’m not familiar with the specific feminist websites you’re talking about, but I am familiar with the term toxic masculinity. I think you misunderstand what it means. Toxic masculinity doesn’t mean to imply that all masculinity is toxic. What it refers to are _specific_ traits that our society considers masculine, which are detrimental to individuals and society as a whole. Things like ego-fueled aggression, suppressing “feminine” emotions, and a tendency to glorify violence. Islamist fundamentalism is highly patriarchical in nature. It’s led by men, primarily comprised of men, and they heavily promote “male” traits (including the toxic ones), while demonizing “female” traits. And that isn’t unique to Islamist fundamentalism. There are _numerous_ groups and cultures which do that to one degree or another. And it’s typically the ones who are the most extreme in their promotion of toxic male traits that tend to be more violent. There’s a reason the vast majority of terrorists are male, and it has little to do with the male biology (although I’ll admit that that may play a role). It’s because of unhealthy societal ideas of what it means to be a man. I can’t speak for those specific websites, but I can tell you that mainstream feminists are not “blaming 50% of the planet for the bombing.” They’re blaming the patriarchal societies we live in, not the individuals living in them.

      Also, I think I should note that I don’t personally think that the only toxic traits are male. I believe that there are many stereotypically female traits which are also detrimental to individuals and society. It’s just that those traits tend to make the person (usually a woman) more _susceptible_ to violence, not the perpetrator of it.

    • Posted by *TheVoxOfReason*, at Reply

      Erik Dumas, Very interesting and informative response. This is the type of response I can appreciate. Anyway, my background being in law and my university days being (eh hem)…many years ago, the term “toxic masculinity” wasn’t on the radar. Now I see it thrown around quite a bit. I see it used as describing inherently male traits. So my “blaming 50%…” comment, is better understood if maybe instead I write; They are blaming the terrorist’s actions on traits he shares with 50% of the planet.

    • Posted by Erik Dumas, at Reply

      Of course it’s used to describe inherently male traits (although I would argue they are generally _socially_ inherent traits, not biologically inherent ones), it’s called toxic _masculinity._ If the idea were describing traits not typically associated with a particular gender, it wouldn’t involve gender in the name of it.

      And to your last point, I think you’re still not fully understanding what toxic masculinity is. First of all, those traits are not necessarily found in all men, nor are those traits necessarily exclusive to men. There is merely a correlation between men and those particular traits. I’m sure there are many theories about _why_ that correlation exists, but there is no specific causal link implied in the general idea of toxic masculinity (beyond the observation that there is clearly a significant social/environmental component to it). It’s more of an observation of reality, and less of an explanation for why. Furthermore, the intensity of those toxic traits lie on a spectrum and, if I had to guess, I’d say the distribution of those traits among men in a given population tends to be a bell curve, where most men tend to exhibit the toxic trait at a medium intensity, with very few men not having the trait or exhibiting an extreme version of it (like a violent terrorist).

      The man who carried out this attack does not exhibit traits that half of the planet shares (at least not any of the relevant traits). These kind of violently extreme traits are rare among men. However, the milder versions of it are quite common among men, and all versions of them are rare among women. That’s an important thing to take note of if we want to find ways to prevent terrorism in the future. Particularly if we want to prevent _all_ forms of terrorism, not just the Islamist kind. And this doesn’t mean that we should regard men as bad or dangerous. What it means is that we should consider _our ideas about what it means to be a man in our society_ to be problematic and potentially dangerous in many respects.

    • Posted by *TheVoxOfReason*, at Reply

      Erik Dumas, In your second paragraph you hit on our disconnect. I would say these traits are biological and vary , like any other trait, from man to man, human to human. I would add that social pressure plays it’s role in “nurturing” specific traits, but those traits don’t arrive out of nowhere. They must exist to differing degrees within the individual in order for society to have any effect. It’s the same theory that describes why cats act like cats, male lions like male lions, female lions like female lions, coyote like coyote and so on.
      Now, if I look at it through your eyes and say I except your explination (which I must if I am to make an honest attempt to understand your point) AND I also must assume that it’s used as you describe it every time I read it, then…
      Honestly, I do understand your point and it seems reasonable.
      It’s not the term I would use, especially in a news report, but I do see where you’re coming from.
      All that said, when “toxic masculinity” is blamed in an article about a terrorist attack with no mention of religion, or any ideology for that matter; just references to sexism and it calls the attack “an attack on women”, it conveys the wrong message to the general public. The article is on Slate I believe. Now try to see things through that lense.
      Again, I must thank you for the detailed response. You certainly gave me a better understanding of the term, at least when it’s being used honestly by someone who understands it the same way you do. Only context will help determine that.

  6. Posted by Anya, at Reply

    so it wasn’t IRA?
    hell, I wonder why that was the only terrorist organisation mentioned by TYT when they first reported on the attack

    • Posted by Short Names, at Reply

      Anya Because the vast majority of terrorist attacks in the western world are caused by straight white Christian men.

    • Posted by Anya, at Reply

      hardly… maybe if you take into the account the last century or so; not this decade
      the white majority causes the minority of terror attacks

    • Posted by Short Names, at Reply

      The Angry Sloth I said the western world. In the US 10,000+ people die each year from radical right wing white Christian groups, that far exceeds the total killed in Islamic terrorist attacks in the entire western world.

    • Posted by Anya, at Reply

      “10,000+ people die each year”… in terror attacks? Nope. So don’t spread BS.

      Yeah, it’s pretty shocking that when you have less than 1% of Muslims in the US, they haven’t yet made it to the top when it comes to terrorism. 🙂 The 4% in the EU already did.

  7. Posted by Ana's Nosejob, at Reply

    While TYT makes their six hundredth video on “Islamaphobia”, Muslims just perpetrated another attack and slaughtered 26 Coptic Christians in Egypt.

    • Posted by The Titan, at Reply

      R.A.S I’d say “Ana’s Nosejob” is alot better than the parasites who do these things, he is simple speaking realistically about Islam and dumbass leftists who defend them

  8. Posted by Emigdiosback, at Reply

    to all the islamophobic people here:

    there are 1.6 billion muslims on earth.

    ISIS has an estimate 30k fighters.

    If all muslims wanted you dead, you’d all be dead.

    most of them just want to lead their own lives without your bigotry.

    don’t forget that Christianity was just as blood thirsty. prime example: the crusades.

    • Posted by John Stanton, at Reply

      Has the Westboro church killed anyone? Nearly all Christian denominations have denounced them and they’re ignored. The last KKK lynching was 36 years ago and wasn’t done in the name of Allah or Jesus. Modern Christian terrorists aren’t even remotely comparable to the scale of atrocity and violence committed by radical Muslims today.

    • Posted by tony tookie, at Reply

      Haha I know a lot of Christians and who say’s “heathens” anyway? That’s an outdated word that no one uses. But muslims say kuffar’ sa’tan infidel and just generally hate western values

  9. Posted by omww savage, at Reply

    It’s not that we’ll blame all muslims. We just want all muslims to denounce their ideology

    • Posted by omww savage, at Reply

      Hubert Harrison – that doesn’t sound like a bad thing doesn’t it? Exactly my point. Even reversed to fit your narrative it’s still works with bipartisanship

    • Posted by Hubert Harrison, at Reply

      +omww savage​

      Well, you’re an idiot who lacks critical thinking skills to notice the inherent fallacy in mine and your comment; which is, that nobody is responsible for the actions of somebody else. If I am a black man and some other black man commits a robbery, then I have no responsibility for that individual actions. Your fallacy is stating that just because I’m a “black man” I must be responsible for the actions of other “black men”, which is illogical.

    • Posted by Rose Johnson-Tsosie, at Reply

      Are you still in Grade School?? What modern christians believe in is based on Constantine’s Alt-Fake- Bible. It was used to control his empire made of a bunch of immigrants. A document used by the Holely Roman empire to control, direct and persecute people to this day. I’m not saying I favor Muslims. I really don’t know that much about it as well as I’m guessing 98% of the haters. But it’s not that much different from the bible except that they think Jesus was a prophet.

    • Posted by Dani Balrog, at Reply

      Do you know that Constantine was Baptized on his death bed and had nothing to do with the Bible? he hated Christians, please stop, go comment on tutorials or lady gaga vids.

  10. Posted by manband20, at Reply

    I love how these idiots call anyone who has a different opinion of them “trolls”. Sorry I didn’t drink your Kool-Aid, Genk.
    Not everyone has to believe what you believe, you cop hating terrorist-sympithizer.

    • Posted by manband20, at Reply

      +JRLM Why is it funny?

    • Posted by JRLM, at Reply

      people on the right do the same exact thing.. call people trolls for having a different opinion.

    • Posted by JRLM, at Reply

      i see the same thing on the right. especially sites like breitbart.. infact i could never go on breitbart without my vpn and a fake email because i am banned so much.. just for invading extreme right’s safe space.

    • Posted by JRLM, at Reply

      a guy blocked me yesterday on breitbart claiming i was spreading misinformation when i told him the constitution gives rights to even illegal immigrants. ( thay hate that one with a passion btw) and he gave me a smooth block hahahah .. he didnt like hearing the truth about his constitution.

      another guy on breitbart blocked when when i said that the only reason why trumps travel ban keeps getting smacked down is because during the campaign he called it a muslim ban..and the constitution says you can’t stop people from immigrating based on religion. i was blocked again hahah .. its like people on the right hate their constitution..wich is alarming..and it means these people are fascists.. to hate your constitution means you are unamerican.

  11. Posted by S.W.A.T., at Reply

    So if we are supposed to hate Muslims, then the WHOLE WORLD should hate whites since they committed more atrocities then any other race in the world.

    • Posted by JOOGAL1111, at Reply

      Zizu Zai– Genghis Khan wasn’t a muslim,. he was probably the greatest mass murderer in history but he wasn’t a muslim. I don’t think people in these regions are stupid but islam retards societies and cultures just like europe had to discard christian dogma to blossom so these regions have to shake of islam like a bad dose of crabs.

    • Posted by Nibor Selrahc, at Reply

      Genghis Khan was not a Muslim

    • Posted by JOOGAL1111, at Reply

      Well it was a myth,, in some tests some of the frogs changed sex.. that isn’t being gay. Some species of frogs and other amphibians have also been known to change sex due to population pressures outside any outside chemical influence. The myth part comes in by claiming the frogs turned gay then extrapolating this to humans..

  12. Posted by Sophie White, at Reply

    So how do you propose we stop islamic terrorists from bombing children as young as 8 (or anyone for that matter) in the future? Blame it on “far right trolls” being too mean and not multiculturist enough? ok

    • Posted by Sophie White, at Reply

      Does that make these murders ok? Does that mean we should do nothing?

    • Posted by Sophie White, at Reply

      I like Milo and Ann Coulter and i don’t agree with everything they say but what they inherently are saying is they are angry because another terrorist attack that could’ve been prevented has occurred and whilst i can kinda see where people get the idea that they only want control on muslims, they don’t blame all muslims and from what i know about Milo in particular he isn’t a bigot but he does want to inflict fear only because his angry and he wants action. that’s how i see it at least

    • Posted by Ari Ufondu, at Reply

      +Sophie White My point is that there it’s so much emphasis on terror committed by Muslims in the US but not a peep about terror committed by white males (which is the overwhelming majority in the US). Why is that? As you said shouldn’t we always try to fight terrorism when we can? I have not seen nearly as much effort to curb this type of terrorism. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to deflect from the fact that “Islamic terrorism” is a problem because it is. However, it comes across as disingenuous when you just brush aside white male terrorism in the US as though it’s nothing

    • Posted by Sophie White, at Reply

      That’s why i’m asking for people’s solutions because i have my own solutions in mind but what i’ve seen from the comments on this video is all the people telling everyone to stop blaming all muslims but not giving actual solutions

    • Posted by Ari Ufondu, at Reply

      +Sophie White That’s an interesting perspective. I think you are giving them far too much credit. I think they are cynical, opportunistic, political vultures who will look for and pick on the most vulnerable communities amongst us. They don’t do it for public betterment, but to prey on the insecurities of their audience in an attempt to gain fortune and infamy. Again, you seem like a decent person so i challenge you too go back and look at some of their quotes from the perspective of the community they are speaking about. Let me know if that changes your opinion even just a little

  13. Posted by steve thekingofawesomness, at Reply

    Well when the Soviets invaded Poland prior to ww2 I don’t think there were any politicians which openly defended the Soviet Union and communism, I don’t think they were any Poles that held signs with “Not all commies” written on them and they certainly didn’t yell racism or bigotry whenever someone said “We must defend our people from them”.

    • Posted by steve thekingofawesomness, at Reply

      Well if you criticize islam but if you do such a thing in europe you can get killed by muslims or being called and islamophobe which is a very dangerous label to carry, you can fired from your, being publically shamed or even ge arrested, look at germany or the uk or canada they have turned into police states who sole purpose is to protect the feelings of muslims

    • Posted by Danti Hunt, at Reply

      whether in ww2 or prior to it my point still stands, generalization is not fair to no one. also, there is no muslim invasion of europe, migrations will lead to cultural assimilation, like when the europeans moved to america

    • Posted by Danti Hunt, at Reply

      No. criticizing with respect will not get you arested in any western country and they are not becoming police states to protect the muslims, thats a whole other problem. and if a muslim is willing to kill for a critique to his religion than HE will get arested instead, you are just being delusional now

  14. Posted by TheScreamingMoist, at Reply

    I’m so tired of this “you’re blaming all Muslims” nonsense. It’s perfectly reasonable to point out that Islam is a terrible, violent, regressive religion. My criticism of its adherents is directly proportional to the degree to which they believe it’s tenets.

    • Posted by Keith Demons, at Reply

      Who would have thought following a man who molested children, raped women, killed entire cities worth of men and took their women for sex slaves, who demanded that non muslims be taxed and or killed would result in adherents that can’t get along in western society.

  15. Posted by blahblahblah9267, at Reply

    Look at all of these racist trolls who can’t wrap their backwoods inbred minds around the fact that their hatred has done nothing but make the world a more violent place

    • Posted by Skank Hunt, at Reply

      blahblahblah9267 45% of married Muslims are related. It’s common, it’s not made up. It’s an accepted fact

    • Posted by blahblahblah9267, at Reply

      You shared with me that 45% of all muslim couples are related. I agree with you that the middle east has several nations that are more than a majority inbred, but to say that the majority of the followers of islam support inbreeding culturally is simply invalid . But i do see where you are coming from. Also , how far back the inbreeding occurred needs to be taken into consideration when deciding whether or not it is a current culture norm. Nice south park reference. I see where you draw your inspiration

    • Posted by Arfan Ayub, at Reply

      Skank Hunt This is the funniest statistic I’ve read recently. To be wed within the bloodline was done mainly by the Royals and has been going on everywhere. It’s not a Muslim thing.

    • Posted by Donald Drumpf, at Reply

      STOP LYING SANDNIGGER. Your garbage muslims brought nothing savagery and mental retardation.

  16. Posted by Trafalgar Law, at Reply

    *I’m Muslim*. Do I deserve to be *hated, attacked* verbally and physically on the streets or even *killed* because some *random psychopath/idiot* commited a *crime (sinful and evil) against my faith* while *claiming* to be muslim? Why is he called a *true* muslim despite the fact that there are *1.8 BILLION muslims including me* who *disagree* with his *sick, horrific and evil* act? *Why* would you hate *1 out of every 4 people* in the world because of a few killers who *clearly go against* what the rest believe? *Must it be repeated* continuously that the *majority of the victims of terror* are muslims? No one* is saying these 22 deaths are okay, but you should at least *acknowledge the fact* that *muslims are suffering from two sides*; from *twisters of our religion who kill us for disagreeing* with their sick ways, *and from those who think we are the same as our killers*. *Please do not promote hate*, *we do not support these despicable people* and are sick of having to apologize for something that we have not done, that we have no control over, and that we cannot stop. If we could stop it then it would be over but there is no way for *normal people* to just snap their fingers and end terrorism. Also, before someone says we’re somehow terrorists, do you not understand, there are 1.8 Billion of us. We are 1 out of every 4 people. if we all wanted to kill people and ourselves then the world would have ended a long time ago. *Muslims do not want death or terror*. We want to simply live a *normal life* like everyone else. Just *take a moment* to *read the Quran* in an *unbiased manner* (while talking into account *historical context*) and do extensive research to find accurate meanings to words as *single Arabic words could mean many different things*. Also, read the whole book, not just a line if you want to know what we believe (*not trying to convert you*, just trying to be honest and sincere in representing my beliefs).

    • Posted by YouthInEyesAsian, at Reply

      Trafalgar Law No one hates you asshat.

      We think that Islam, as practiced by the majority of Muslims in the Muslim world, is barbaric, backwards, violent and hate filled to the point that Islam *OWNS* terrorism.

    • Posted by Trafalgar Law, at Reply

      +YouthInEyesAsian Yeah, you saying noone hates me doesn’t make it true. People do hate MUSLIMS as well as ISLAM. Some may differentiate between the two but many do not, and if you even read my original post before beginning to say”No people don’t hate you they hate Islam it’s disgusting because *I haven’t read it* so I know what I’m talking about, it’s the Muslims doing it badly” then you would know I said to read the Quran so you could see it is not being practiced by those barbaric people you think are Muslims. To continue, you seem to be under the false impression that muslims equals middle east (“muslim world” as if there was one single place/group/identity for all 1.8 billion of us) and all the tragic things going on there. Guess what, the majority of Muslims don’t live in the middle east and aren’t barbaric, backwards, violent or hate filled. There is no “muslim world” there is simply Earth and different people living around it. The only reason Islam seems to “own” terrorism is because “terrorist” is never used in the media to describe terrorists who aren’t claiming to be Muslim. And my final point is this: do not hate Islam for the actions of people claiming to be muslims, hate specifically the people who do despicable acts, not because they say they are muslims but because of the acts the do. Otherwise you also blame people who are not with the criminals and inspire more hate for innocent people and for their beliefs which in turn makes them targets…. asshat (just kidding).

    • Posted by Trafalgar Law, at Reply

      Ponas Lukas let’s see. Homophobia, racism and xenophobia…… as well as results from surveys for the daily telegraph (because they have no agenda – sarcasm) as well as 6% showing “sympathy” which could mean anything. Legit. I mean these sandniggers should be chained and gassed to death or at least treated as if we live in American during slavery, Africa during apartheid or India during colonialism (hint : I’m bring sarcastic). You are disgusting. Simply scum. I feel sorry for you. I’m no longer going to reply as I have do not desire to have my intelligence lowered from conversing with an semi-human failed abortion of a person like you. To continue would be to play at your low and idiotic level. I am no idiot so you would beat me with experience.

  17. Posted by Olivia Grant, at Reply

    28 Christians killed 25 wounded including kids and women on a bus in Egyptl by Muslims. but you won’t hear that from this CUCK. this makes me sick

    • Posted by The King of You Fools Are Amateurs, at Reply

      Fishels Oh, so it’s ok since it’s a “third world country,” huh? What a pathetic excuse to deny what’s really going on and for what reason.

    • Posted by DeadFishFactory, at Reply

      When you’re so bad that even Buddhists have to kill you, you know you fucked up.

    • Posted by Fishels, at Reply

      +The King of You Fools Are Amateurs it’s not ok, it’s just that it doesn’t affect the country i live in. It’s not my obligation to fix another country, it’s theirs.

  18. Posted by Rachel Atwood, at Reply

    what the hell is wrong with the more than 1,000 people (or at least accounts) who disliked this video?

    • Posted by Patrick Ma, at Reply

      Well let me explain to you the reason why I disliked this video. It’s simply my disapproval towards Liberal ignorance. Ideologically, I actually agree with containment of hatred towards Muslims population. Who doesn’t want more peace in this world? However! Your liberals never offer any actual solutions. Sorry to break your bubbles but showing compassion and love towards Islamic radicals will not change their mind. Those terrorist will kill innocent people and it’s a fact. Stop with your flower kissing crap and show the world some real solution towards modern terrorism.

    • Posted by Done Lostme, at Reply

      I will, after you have you’re tubes tied, no need to add another layer of stupidity to the world!

    • Posted by mackay10, at Reply

      Done Lostme Sigh…yet another leftie looney. Time to get an education.

    • Posted by Daniel Jones, at Reply

      Rachel Atwood They’re mentally ill. That’s all.

    • Posted by Rachel Atwood, at Reply

      pray tell, what “real solution[s] towards modern terrorism” do you have in mind, and how are they markedly different from the hawkish military tactics we already routinely employ?