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Aaron Hernandez Acquitted, Then Kills Himself?


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Previous NFL celebrity and also founded guilty killer Aaron Hernandez was discovered dead in his cell. Cenk Uygur, Kim Horcher, and Brett Erlich, the hosts of The Young Turks, discuss if it was a self-destruction. Tell us what you think in the comment area below.

"( CNN) Convicted murderer as well as previous NFL star Aaron Hernandez was located hanged in his Massachusetts jail cell Wednesday early morning, officials said, simply days after his pardon in a double murder situation.

The 27-year-old former limited end for the New England Patriots hanged himself with a bedsheet attached to a home window in his cell at the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley, the Massachusetts Division of Improvement claimed. His body was uncovered at 3:05 a.m.
" Lifesaving techniques were attempted on Mr. Hernandez, and he was transported to UMass Leominster, where he was obvious dead at 4:07 a.m.," the adjustment division's declaration reviews."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Kim Horcher, Brett Erlich

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Kim Horcher, Brett Erlich


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  1. Posted by Iron Bowtie, at Reply

    INB4 racist bigotted trolls.

    • Posted by 04mzwach, at Reply

      Iron Bowtie they’re in the video, how could you miss them?

    • Posted by KernalPancakes, at Reply

      04mzwach They defend Islamic culture. I think they lost the privilege of calling other people bigots.

  2. Posted by vick3d, at Reply

    Let’s see if the liberals consider this La Raza dude to be a “White Latino” like George Zimmerman just to find a way to blame Whitey for the beatings and “he got what he deserved in the end.”

    • Posted by G. Lowenklee, at Reply

      As “race” is often rather arbitrarily defined, culture is a strong component of racial characterization. It amounts to the same place, in social terms, and the same problems.

    • Posted by Jose Cortina, at Reply

      You care about the liberal media too much

    • Posted by jacqueline716, at Reply

      Hernandez is *half Puerto Rican and half Italian*…therefore, White + Latino is NOT inaccurate at all!

  3. Posted by Orion RSX, at Reply

    Hang in there Aaron! Keep your head up.

    • Posted by Geoffrey Sorkin, at Reply

      sillykyle17 We’re all going to hell for laughing and liking, Orion RSX is driving the bus. I hear there will be a celebrity on the ride with us, Aaron Hernandez is saying he’ll hang on and wait.

    • Posted by xXero EnigmaⓋ, at Reply


  4. Posted by CRYPTO- LOVE, at Reply

    have you guys done a daddyofive video?

    • Posted by CRYPTO- LOVE, at Reply

      WillyM79 I one hundred percent agree with you.

    • Posted by RT, at Reply

      they’ll post one before a fresno vid 100%

  5. Posted by Spunky1991, at Reply

    Just a tragic waste of life and talent. This guy had it all and threw it away like it was nothing. I will never understand guys like this.

    • Posted by akaElleLatham, at Reply

      Tbh, I don’t care what skills he had in the ridiculous and dangerous game. It doesn’t take talent. These athletes get paid millions to play with a ball. It’s a racket. The money set aside for this sport could feed all the impoverished in the US.

    • Posted by Spunky1991, at Reply

      +akaElleLatham Do I agree with how much money athletes make? Absolutely not. But there is a reason they make that much money. Because they draw a ton of money. If they are not the one’s making the money then all of it goes to the billionaire nfl owner’s. To say that it doesn’t take talent to play in the NFL just shows how ignorant of a person you truly are. They guys are the best in the world at what they do. Only a handful of people dreaming of playing in the nfl make it. You have to be the most talented at the game to make it.

    • Posted by Cyruss NP, at Reply

      Spunky1991 it wasn’t a tragedy what happened to Aaron Hernandez. It was a tragedy that happened to Odin Lloyd. (I got that from someone else’s twitter but I agree).

    • Posted by Spunky1991, at Reply

      +Cyruss NP Yes it’s a tragedy what happened to the victim. I never said it wasn’t. But it’s also tragic how a guy with so much talent and the world in his hands just threw it away like it was nothing. So many people who have given their left nut to be in the position he was in.

    • Posted by Paige Loves Black Guys!, at Reply

      +JonnyUnderrated Odin Lloyd was a thug. He deserved to die.

  6. Posted by John Kaitlyn, at Reply

    Bet the rope came to a tight end

    • Posted by Rayzenbran, at Reply


    • Posted by thesly74, at Reply

      Ey Oh !

    • Posted by KernalPancakes, at Reply

      jay harris I bet if he was white male who voted for Donald Trump you would be pretty happy and as would I if he committed such heinous acts. You’re only appalled by this simply because Hernandez is Hispanic. The dude was a killer and he had what was coming. I’m more appalled over his actions.

    • Posted by jay harris, at Reply

      KernalPancakes I do not judge people on the color race game we all are God’s children

  7. Posted by Jeremy Cheng, at Reply

    I don’t care about this story at all, but I’ll stay for Kim Horcher. Damn she fine in a crazy way.

    • Posted by ʞuɐɹℲ xXx, at Reply

      Wow, shes like a 2/10 . You must not leave mommy’s basement.

    • Posted by Paige Loves Black Guys!, at Reply

      +Jeremy Cheng The virginity is strong with this one.

    • Posted by Infinitely Independent, at Reply

      Jeremy Cheng So you get turned on by mediocre looking woman that look like they need a bath and a flea dip.

    • Posted by ʞuɐɹℲ xXx, at Reply

      I had a co-worker that spoke JUST like Jeremy. I won’t ever forget his infamous line about women “I’m alright with 99 nos before I get 1 yes”.

    • Posted by WolverinesNation92, at Reply

      ʞuɐɹℲ xXx facts right here 😂😂😂

  8. Posted by 88 MIKE, at Reply

    The guy went from being a multimillionaire to being held in a cage with rapists and pedophiles yet Cenk pretends like its unlikely he would want to die.

    • Posted by The Pussy Diaries, at Reply

      I’m a simple guy, I hear Hernandez I think Mexico. Nobody needs to get offended, they all speak Spanish and came to the US from somewhere else.

    • Posted by Ryan Reed, at Reply

      most folks saying “he coult have hung himself” have not really done any time

      MFs kill themselves for less in prison everyday…..

    • Posted by H. Forslund, at Reply

      I would have guessed he felt right at home among them.

    • Posted by The Pussy Diaries, at Reply

      Cucks will get offended oh well lmao

  9. Posted by The Coffee Nut, at Reply

    nothing about the Freson shooting. You know, the one were the shooter killed for racist and religious motives. Oh that’s right it was a muslim killing white folks. No one cares, right tyt?

    • Posted by The Coffee Nut, at Reply

      nice to see tyt’s fan base reveal their true colors

    • Posted by Pablo Rivas, at Reply

      +The Coffee Nut they’ve been like this for a long time. Just hateful people trying to cover it up

    • Posted by Urak Hunt, at Reply

      I dont care about white folks

    • Posted by Ron Burgurdy, at Reply

      Urak Hunt And does that sound like rational thinking to you?

    • Posted by Tobi Oduntan, at Reply

      The Coffee Nut Do you guys realize that they are probably gathering all the information about the shooting?

  10. Posted by Jon Walker, at Reply

    He must of got confused when his lawyer said hang in there man

    • Posted by Thefallengamer93, at Reply

      Jon Walker 😂

    • Posted by Jukantos, at Reply

      Well you just got me 1 free admission to hell. Well played dude, well played

    • Posted by Jesse Barnes, at Reply

      he did kinda present that joke as his own though, as if he was that clever. it’s ok to be a little annoyed by it.

  11. Posted by tarun1982, at Reply

    STILL NO FRESNO????!!!!

    do you morons know how you are damaging your own reputation among even your own loonie fans (if you have any reputation left apart from asylum dwellers who play victim all day lol)

    come on losers!! at least just get it out there! say something about Fresno so at least your haters wont expose you!

    gosh … TYT is now stupid to the point of being suicidal.. cant help them at all

    • Posted by tarun1982, at Reply

      JRay it’s pathetic.. TYT is full of fans that are asylum dwellers. they are actually defending TYT running away from a story.. lol… they are still working on it trying to find a way to blame trump for this all.

    • Posted by Tobi Oduntan, at Reply

      tarun1982 Do you guys realize that they are probably gathering all the facts together?

  12. Posted by Jon Walker, at Reply

    “Its the blacks” Alex jones voice lol

    • Posted by Michelle Michelle, at Reply

      Jon Walker 😂😂😂😂

    • Posted by Ryan Reed, at Reply

      Alex L but the racists seem to really love Alex Jones…..does he quietly accpet their monies or is he crusading against them??

      Because I honestly dont know…..his actions dont show favor for one or the other

  13. Posted by Charles Baylor, at Reply

    Why won’t Alex Jones talk about the racist white guy from Maryland, who travelled all the to NYC to kill a black man?

    For some odd reason I haven’t seen this story on InfoWhores lol https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2017/03/22/white-man-traveled-to-new-york-to-kill-black-men-and-make-a-statement-police-say/?utm_term=.aa0f61aa6099

    • Posted by southrules, at Reply

      Alvalanker Highwind
      Alex addresses what?😂

    • Posted by tarun1982, at Reply

      the Fresno shooter DINDU NUFFIN!! 😀

    • Posted by ourworlds atwar, at Reply

      Who cares?! +Charles Baylor

    • Posted by H. Forslund, at Reply

      What’s the body count of black on white versus white on black? Where do we go to get some objective perspectives as to who is actually committing crime in a disproportionate fashion?

    • Posted by Charles Baylor, at Reply

      It’s very simple

      Blacks have killed Thousands of white people

      Whited have killed Millions of black people

      Black’s have raped zero Native Americans

      Whites have raped Millions of native Americans

      like I said Simple

  14. Posted by John O'Malley, at Reply

    Something about this situation smells fishy. I hate the guy, but this is definitely an odd time for him to commit suicide.

    • Posted by charlidog2, at Reply

      +JonnyUnderrated I think convict should decide. State can only impose “life w/o parole”.

    • Posted by charlidog2, at Reply

      +milo lugo “might as well”

    • Posted by m3talh3ad123, at Reply

      He was acquitted of a different double homicide, he was still serving life for the previous case he was found guilty of.

  15. Posted by Brian Young, at Reply

    Still nothing about the hate crime in Fresno yesterday? I wonder why TYT is ignoring that story?

    • Posted by hueykhalidX, at Reply

      @Jose wetback – I’m not a Muslim if that’s what you’re implying. And whites are the biggest terrorists on the planet. They blow up kids, hospitals, schools all the time though. They also shoot up schools, movie theaters, churches, etc. in the U.S. STFU!

    • Posted by stark1987, at Reply

      jesus christ, how did you get “- I’m not a Muslim if that’s what you’re implying.” from “white don’t blow themselves up tho”, thats like responding with “I DIDNT RAPE MY CHILD!” to the question of “how did you get your job at mcdonalds”

    • Posted by Rayn Wolfsbane, at Reply

      Did Alex Jones cover the white terrorist who drove up to New York to kill blacks?

    • Posted by Urak Hunt, at Reply

      Awwwwww boooo hoooo

  16. Posted by Randall Levy, at Reply

    he was still guilty of the original count. he wasn’t going to make a turn around

    • Posted by RobD8870, at Reply

      Randall Levy Well yeah for sure not now.

    • Posted by Brady Tom, at Reply

      Randall Levy how with no evidence. he beat murder in he was going to repealed his other murder case. loyd said he knew about aaron murders. thats was the reason aaron supposedly kill .but he beat those charges.he could. win this one if this didn’t happen to him

  17. Posted by edward hickey, at Reply

    Aaron Hernandez was so handsome, talented, f’n rich, sexy wife but should worked on anger issues 🙁

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      To say the least.

    • Posted by JELIFISH19, at Reply

      Anger has nothing to do with it. None of these murders were in the heat of the moment. He had time to think it over and still did it. This is something worse than anger issues.

    • Posted by Commenting From Jail, at Reply

      He was a narcissistic sociopath with delusions of grandeur and psychopathic tenancies
      The fact that you think he murdered people cause of “anger issues” is hilariously naive…

  18. Posted by PKNHET, at Reply

    At least he didn’t shoot three random people in Fresno just because of the colour of their skin

    • Posted by saucy Liam - NBA2k, Madden and many more!, at Reply

      yup 100%

    • Posted by pink pony, at Reply

      no……he shot three friends of his….and if he were white…….somebody would say the same thing as you.

    • Posted by The End Begins, at Reply

      That story is such BS.  Look deeper into it.

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      TYT’s are very racist bigoted hate group. The justice department should shut them down for inciting violence.

  19. Posted by Ben Schmitt, at Reply

    Prisons hate him! See how one man turned a life sentence into 2 years with a simple trick!

    • Posted by wiskysadie, at Reply

      LOL OMG

    • Posted by Michelle Michelle, at Reply

      Ben Schmitt 😂😂