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Actions Will Speak Louder Than Words On Medicare For All


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Do not take political leaders at their word. Hold their feet to the fire. See the full Aggressive Progressives episode here:

" Go into Legislator Bernie Sanders. Building from a presidential project that shook the Democratic Event establishment by placing unabashedly progressive propositions front and facility, Sanders has used his newly found stature to put together an unlikely union of Democrats to back a "Medicare for All" costs.

The Medicare for All Act of 2017 is distinct regarding its objective: It would get rid of all personal insurance policy and replace it with a vastly broadened federal government program. Doctors, medical facilities, and also drug business would certainly make less, but every person would certainly have access to detailed health solutions– including oral, vision, substance-abuse treament, and also reproductive care– with no out-of-pocket prices. That is its concept, as well as it is unwavering concerning it." *.

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  1. Posted by Anas Mohsin, at Reply

    Progressives don’t mind a bi partisan solution, almost all bills r bipartisan ut we want our representatives to fight for our views just like the republicans/Tparty fight for theirs. Instead we have spineless idiots who start in the middle and end up dragged to the other side to please their donors

  2. Posted by L vamp, at Reply

    I wonder how long until America get Medicare for all? Also, how long will America get better? Right now it’s bad

  3. Posted by Marijuana Saves Lives, at Reply

    They better give me my damn Medicare For All Mother F#@*%^$

  4. Posted by Potted Rodent, at Reply

    It’s enough already, both parties suck. We need a real government that helps the people, not their donors.

  5. Posted by cne08, at Reply

    Americans should be demanding Medicare for all.

    • Posted by Yolanda Romero, at Reply

      You’d think right? People should be out in the streets at their capital buildings or otherwise protesting! Or calling their congressman, etc, and insisting!!!

    • Posted by postmodern loser, at Reply

      Hey man real life takes effort and I just wanna eat pop tarts and jerk off all day.

  6. Posted by Alex Rolli, at Reply

    I’m conservative, why can’t I get enough of Jimmy Dore? I find myself wanting Medicare for all suddenly.

    • Posted by Optimus Fine, at Reply

      Alex Rolli Its because Jimmy hates corporatism with a passion. And I think conservatives are tired of it as well.

  7. Posted by Dusgud, at Reply

    Stef is so sharp! <3

  8. Posted by Ashley Login, at Reply

    Jimmy and Steph are married. They’re both awesome! Check out the Jimmy DORE Show. It’s equally great and it’s part of the TYT network

    • Posted by Psyfonify, at Reply

      Jimmy Dore show is my fav or one of my fav, even better than TYT in my view, he doesnt sugar-coat, ever, ever. TYT was great during the Bernie “Vs” $hillary “election”, in 2015

    • Posted by Ashley Login, at Reply

      Psyfonify totally agree.

  9. Posted by Dave Gallagher, at Reply

    Harris & Booker ARE snakes, they will turn against Bernie at the first chance they can get. They have taken far too much money from corporations in donations & that’s who the serve!

  10. Posted by Servo, at Reply

    This should be the main TYT show.

  11. Posted by Tess W, at Reply

    I love this show! Thank you for talking about issues that matter.

  12. Posted by Aroon 5, at Reply

    Jimmy is the best

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      … at spitting on people like a cuck.

    • Posted by R.P, at Reply

      Listenbuddy1 he’s being smart leave him alone. He’s calling out the libtards

    • Posted by Clint Holmes, at Reply

      Listenbuddy I’ve never spit on anybody in my life but I’ve also never met Alex Jones.

  13. Posted by Alexander Vasquez, at Reply

    Both republicans and democrats are all together with the government that all you stupid fucktards are either poor or just close enough to being poor don’t you see that both parties are tied to billionaires that buy what they want while you both fight against each other thats what they want dumbasses

  14. Posted by Ryan Hammoud, at Reply

    I love you as always jimmi

  15. Posted by A Bomb, at Reply

    F**k Corey Booker! Flip flopping as bad as HRC!

    • Posted by A Bomb, at Reply

      Don’t forget he said Democrats are taking a “Pause” on accepting big pharma donations! What a joke of a politician, if that’s what you want to call him.

  16. Posted by Ray Richards, at Reply


  17. Posted by Atmost11, at Reply

    Republican conservatives.  Desperately.  Hoping we liberals can give them single payer – but just can’t admit it.

  18. Posted by Hsquared, at Reply

    This goober is everything that’s wrong with the progressive politics of purity; there are people (Democrats) who aren’t worthy of being on your side of an issue.