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Activist Leyla Hussain On Female Genital Mutilation


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Leyla Hussain is resisting against the practice of women genital mutilation. Chavala Madlena (Investigative Reporter, Filmmaker) talks about FGM with protestor Leyla Hussain at Oslo Freedom Forum.

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  1. Posted by Mister Mood, at Reply

    here come the retards crying about MGM.. -.-

  2. Posted by sarah silverman, at Reply

    but tyt the muslims and blacks do this…. are you confused about your bias fake news?

    • Posted by james smith, at Reply

      Islam does promote FGM

    • Posted by كل خرى عن جد, at Reply

      pls be my gueest and show me where does it say in the sunnah or in quran that FGM is an islamic thing ? and if we say its islamic why does nations like egypt and sudan and somalia are the only ones that do it ?

    • Posted by depot, at Reply

      sarah silverman you forgot Orthodox Christian priest in Russia (definitely not Muslim or black), Colombia (not Muslim or black), New Zealand (not Muslim or black), at least 85% of females in Indonesia. Now you know, your welcome!

    • Posted by depot, at Reply

      sarah silverman oh ya Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand. Can’t forget the Asian countries too.

  3. Posted by mostafa note, at Reply

    It’s an African tradition, has nothing to do with religion, even Christians in Africa do it

    • Posted by Finny Mathew, at Reply

      mostafa note then why do Indonesians do it?

    • Posted by james smith, at Reply

      Then why is it in the Hadiths? Why do Kurds do it?

    • Posted by ingibingi2000, at Reply

      mostafa note look into the david pakman videos on this topic

    • Posted by Mishket Ayari, at Reply

      FGM is a really old cultural habit, The Greek geographer Strabo (c. 64 BCE – c. 23 CE) wrote about FGM after visiting Egypt around 25 BCE. Also, The philosopher Philo of Alexandria (c. 20 BCE – 50 CE) also mentioned it etc.

  4. Posted by EMEKA, at Reply

    *cough* Circumcision is just as bad *cough* *cough*

    • Posted by edwardmetalheart, at Reply

      Its not. Its just removal of skin and is has benifits. FGM is taking out of a womens organ

    • Posted by Antoine Vello, at Reply

      So the penis isn’t an organ? They’re taking skin off an organ. There are no benefits to circumcision that aren’t matched or surpassed by: Bathe regularly and use a condom. Both are wrong, FGM is more wrong but just because X is less wrong than Y doesn’t mean we get to ignore X. Both are unacceptable violations of bodily autonomy and FGM happens to be far more extreme.

    • Posted by l Nero l, at Reply

      They’re not the same at all, male circumcisions has many known health benefits while FGM has NONE and one is an elective surgery backed by many health world institutes that does not affect the baby in long term (including sexually) while the other has no backup, is rarely done by professionals, affects while sex life, menstruation and did I also mention there’s a high risk of the child bleeding to death in FGM, I suggest maybe doing something more productive like informing yourself instead of making issues that actually need attention political

    • Posted by james smith, at Reply

      +Antoine Vello who wants to wear a condom?

  5. Posted by TheKalimanMX, at Reply

    Over 1 BILLION males are missing parts of their penis,but i guess that isnt enough for anyone to care.

    • Posted by edwardmetalheart, at Reply

      As someone who is part of the billion. We men are just missing a piece of skin. FGM is basically taking out a womens organ.

  6. Posted by كل خرى عن جد, at Reply

    Female Genital Mutilation is an african paganism tradition this tradition have been mixed up in egypt with other islamic traditions in somalia too and sudan and other african nations let it be christian or muslim african society this tradition is still alive nowadays .
    I just wanted to state that there is people and espacially the western mainstream medi whi tries to link this disaster act with islam like it happened with reza aslan when he was hosted in CNN and they tried to shovel this thought down his throat as if it was islamic thing .

    • Posted by Rp parker, at Reply

      Reza made his self look like a fool for lying about his credentials

    • Posted by Durodes Duvo, at Reply

      You’re gonna sit there and honestly say that FGM isn’t a problem in Islam? So all those Iranians were lying to me about FGM according to you.

    • Posted by Rp parker, at Reply

      +Durodes Duvo exactly…. this guy is in serious denial

    • Posted by كل خرى عن جد, at Reply

      the topic is not how reza made himself fool or not but thanks for sharing your thoughts

    • Posted by كل خرى عن جد, at Reply

      I never lied to you in the first place so what you saying if we visit africa and found whole africa is still doing FGM we gonna stick it to christianity too or not ?

  7. Posted by Paulo Mendes, at Reply

    people that do this really doesn’t enjoy sex… 😮😔😝

    • Posted by horny grape, at Reply

      Paulo Mendes thanks to their religion 😓

  8. Posted by J D, at Reply

    Christianity and Judaism seriously need to reform in regards to genital mutilation. They are both a cancer on this world

    • Posted by Durodes Duvo, at Reply

      J D are you a troll? You forgot Islam.

    • Posted by Braden Wilson, at Reply

      Ever heard of circumcision?

    • Posted by Lutherus P-XCs, at Reply

      +J D Are you a trolling or just this stupid? FGM takes place in Islamic countries.

    • Posted by Joe show, at Reply

      majority of FGM are christian african nations.

  9. Posted by james smith, at Reply

    In New York Jews molest boys as part of their religion. No one cares about molesting boys

    • Posted by كل خرى عن جد, at Reply

      well you know the western media its only a propaganda media

    • Posted by Mikee Erman, at Reply

      I thought you would say the Jesuits also are molesting boys.

    • Posted by james smith, at Reply

      +Mikee Erman not as part of their religion like the Jews do. Look up “metzitzah brit milah”

  10. Posted by Urhoboman5, at Reply

    A lot of focus on FGM. But still not enough focus on MGM of young NEWBORNS! Oh and before anyone says “Well FGM is worse!”

    1. Boys have this forced on them a few days(sometimes hours) after being born.
    2. There is NOT more focus on FGM. That is a straight out lie. Look up the stats on how many boys still get this done in Industrialized countries like the U.S. The amount is staggering.

    3. Having it done by a medical professional does not make it any less inhumane or less brutal for the CHILD.
    4. There are many other crimes that are committed against MEN MORE OFTEN yet we give more attention to when it happens to women. So save it.

    BOTH practices occur. BOTH are disgusting and BOTH need to be stopped ASAP!!!

    • Posted by JoshDoesEverything, at Reply

      +D Mc You’re minimizing the issue of MGM by saying that he’s minimizing the issue of FGM by simply bringing MGM up.

    • Posted by Joe show, at Reply

      in the united states we had a lot of procircumcision advocates like Kellogs(same guy who made the flakes) who universalized it which is why many of us in the states are circumcised and think it is entirely normal unlike say germany

    • Posted by Joe show, at Reply

      How would you know what a unaltered penis feels like?men who are circumcisied later in life say it is akin to castration.there are more nerves destroyed according to anti-circumcision advocates then in females with full do not know what you are talking about

  11. Posted by Jacob Hansen, at Reply

    I’m from Somalia where I work as a doctor so I know a thing or two about genital mutilation. I must say that TYT are not honest in this video.

    • Posted by 5% dick ball ratio, at Reply

      Jacob Hansen are they ever honest? everything they report is twisted and spun to fit their liberal propaganda…

    • Posted by Eric D. Sewell, at Reply

      I’m an American without much knowledge in this field. What are they leaving out/outright lying about?

    • Posted by Tamin Mohammad, at Reply

      Really hard to believe that my friend.

    • Posted by WYLTK13420, at Reply

      Work AS a doctor is NOT the same as being one!

      Cutting girls pussies up is NOT ok at all for ANY REASON!

      End of story

    • Posted by lcyw20, at Reply

      What kind of a doctor are you?

  12. Posted by Darylifill Ifill, at Reply

    Thank Her for doing this

  13. Posted by evildevil364, at Reply

    I wonder if shes for or against circumcision…

  14. Posted by Gage Blackwood, at Reply

    Unbelievable. Another TYT genital mutilation video with COMPLETE SILENCE about male genital mutilation. The so-called “investigative journalist” doesn’t even raise the point once. Does TYT ever read these comments? We want equal time for MGM and we want it now !

    • Posted by Troy Stuart, at Reply

      Gage Blackwood, beat me to it. FGM isn’t even an issue in the western world. Buuut baby boys get their dicks sliced up regularly.

    • Posted by Carlos Bailey, at Reply

      Gage Blackwood Is that even a thing? And before you try and flame me I’m genuinely asking. I’ve literally never heard of this except wives with cheating husband’s.

    • Posted by Ponderingtaco, at Reply

      Troy Stuart you didn’t watch the video, the main point was that this is happening in the west and isn’t being talked about

    • Posted by abdi abdi, at Reply

      Fgm is not comparable to male circumcision.

  15. Posted by James Eslick, at Reply

    People still watch these idiots?

    • Posted by ryan soso, at Reply

      What are you doin here “IDIOT” ?

  16. Posted by Poncho Jefe', at Reply

    Clearly, any man that performs FGM on any girl or woman should immediately have his entire penis and testicles severed from
    his body and incinerated.

  17. Posted by Tru Davies, at Reply

    Chavala Madlena ‘s painfully annoying voice made it impossible for me to watch this important video.