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Adam Carolla Warns Congress About College ‘Safe Spaces’


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Adam Carolla is actually worried concerning college universities. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Inform us just what you think in the remark section below.

" When a Hollywood star indicates prior to congress on their pet environmental or social justice problem it's usually met with fawning press insurance coverage as well as sanctimonious intonations from self-righteous political leaders anxious to share the spotlight with a star or singer or reality reveal normal.

So when star, writer, manufacturer, director, author, radio host, podcaster and also, yes, reality program normal, Adam Carolla indicated last week at a House Oversight hearing, you 'd assume it would obtain a bit more focus than it did.

Carolla, together with conservative expert and author Ben Shapiro, at a hearing entitled "Obstacles to Free speech on University Campuses" as well as his statement was supporting, wise and undeniably amusing." *.

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  1. Posted by PK Lifeup a, at Reply

    Trump supporters need to drink bleach…

    • Posted by MrJJWilliam, at Reply

      Really feelin the love from tolerant liberals 😂😂😂

    • Posted by eueu219134, at Reply

      liberal tolerance lol… IS that your final solution?

  2. Posted by patrick seguin, at Reply

    When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross – sinclair lewis 1935

    • Posted by d r, at Reply

      patrick seguin no it’ll be wrapped in a black mask and carrying a hammer and sickle.

    • Posted by Saltyforeal, at Reply

      Danee everyone is allowed their opinion, sometimes an outside eye is necessary. This whole ‘you can’t comment unless you’re xyz’ is limiting a human’s speech. You just ignore the obvious ignorant ones, and consider thoughtful ones, whether you agree or disagree with them.

  3. Posted by Veruc, at Reply

    NFL isn’t a public institution Cenk. This is why you can’t even begin to try and win a debate.

    • Posted by smartdave599, at Reply

      So your point doesn’t apply to private universities?

    • Posted by Cavecat, at Reply

      “I didn’t see any of these TYT folks complaining about free speech and expression when Donald Sterling’s NBA team was taken away from him for his racist remarks… ”

      He has the right to say whatever he wants. But certain opinions disqualify you for certain jobs. If I’m a Nambla member I shouldn’t be put in charge of a day care. If I’m a neonazi I shouldn’t be put in charge of jewish employees. Likewise if you are racist against black people, you probably shouldn’t be their boss. Have you guys on the right lost all common sense or what?

    • Posted by Lu Fo, at Reply

      Veruc, No, you need to google it. I even gave you the relevant names to look up. Clearly you didn’t bother because you’re too lazy and willfully ignorant. You’re conflating structured, punitive measures, with subjective, illegal discrimination in said league.

      There is a long list of things you can be fined for in the NFL, but there isn’t any list of things you can be unfairly discriminated against for with regards to freedom of speech. Again, private organizations aren’t allowed to discriminate against their employees for whatever reason they want. Look up Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which prohibits said discrimination. Professional sports teams have the complete right to choose the person they think is going to be best, and they can make that decision based on any reason except an illegal reason. Illegal reasons can include racial and/or political discrimination. By the way, how does kneeling peacefully before the game, distract from the actual game?

      The bottom line is this, arrogant, authoritarian, ignorant neocons like you don’t actually care about freedom of speech, or the constitution. You call everyone else triggered SJW snowflakes, but then feign outrage over the color of Starbucks cups and a guy kneeling during the national anthem. Bunch of whiny, hypocritical cry babies. Grow up! Don’t like that not every one agrees with your social values? Don’t like extending equal protections under the law to all US citizens regardless of their political beliefs? Find another country to live in!

    • Posted by Lu Fo, at Reply

      Veruc, ACTUALLY the NFL is a trade association, not a nonprofit. The NFL gave up their 501(c)(6) association status in 2015 following public criticism for raking in huge profits yet remaining tax exempt. If you’re going to try to look smart on the internet by correcting people, check your facts first. GET DUNKED ON!!!!! GET POSTERIZED!!!!

  4. Posted by Mous C, at Reply

    Adam Carolla has never been to college. He’s an admitted illiterate.

    • Posted by Randy Miller, at Reply

      Ad hominem much?

    • Posted by Baghuul, at Reply

      Yet he is more successful then you will ever be Mous C, loser! lol

    • Posted by Kimica Howard, at Reply

      Randy Miller yeah he really did present an ad hominem attack to congress. Not all millenials are like that, only an idiot would believe what he was spewing.

    • Posted by Randy Miller, at Reply

      What did he say that was ad hominem?

    • Posted by jacksonjDell, at Reply

      only a fool would equate a college “education” with intelligence and literacy.

  5. Posted by kuman30, at Reply

    What is your beef even? I honestly don’t understand what your gripe is with Carolla except you have decided that you didn’t like him a long time ago.

    • Posted by TrailersFromHell, at Reply

      SO WHAT?! The large majority of college students are liberal. The large, large, large majority of college staff and faculty is liberal. Don’t come here and tell me there’s a problem with free speech for progressives on colleges. Right after the Coulter incident at Berkeley, they invited Sunsara Taylor, a communist who denies the atrocities committed by the communist ideology, to hold a speech. Now please explain to me where Carolla said he supported Ana Kasparian being disinvited/de-platformed at one of those few remaining conservative colleges in the country? Please provide a link. Don’t attribute false motivations without evidence.

    • Posted by dub544, at Reply

      Carolla gets attention for being a contrarian, and people like that he goes against the grain. But simply because you have a different opinion doesn’t just make you right all the time. Carolla is making a mountain out of a molehill just so he can make a movie with Prager. Do we really need to abolish safe spaces for rape victims? Do you actually care that much about this issue? It’s so dumb, and guys like Carolla want to make this about censorship when really all he’s doing using his power to punch down.

    • Posted by Zapp Brannigan, at Reply

      I don’t know why you are getting so worked up. I was only pointing out it happens to both sides, but the left doesn’t cry like the right does. As a matter of fact, many people on the left are so fed up with it, they won’t even go to colleges to speak anymore.

    • Posted by TrailersFromHell, at Reply

      Almost 100% of colleges in this country has restrictions on free speech. We have safe spaces, free speech zones, trigger warnings, micro aggressions, race segregated dorms and spaces. Add it all up, and it paints a concerning picture for the future. Today’s students are tomorrows leaders. But it’s easy to say it’s not a problem when it doesn’t affect you. And your safe space example for rape victims is insane if you compare it with the safe spaces we see today. A new poll was recently released saying conservative students fear consequences of speaking out at colleges.

      But if you’re progressive, why care right? And by the way, being a minority does not give you an excuse to restrict other people’s free speech, and it does not justify stupid and bad behavior. Claiming victimhood does not mean you’re actually a victim. And on colleges, republicans/conservatives ARE the minority.

    • Posted by TrailersFromHell, at Reply

      You’re living on another planet. I’m not even conservative, but f-ing sick of the way political discourse is treated in these institutions.

  6. Posted by Marco Neves, at Reply

    Cenk, Adam Carolla has a bit of a point. He exaggerates in his satire. But he IS a comedian. But yes, the problem is effectively differentiating between free speech and hate speech.

    • Posted by Chad Austin, at Reply

      +Adeon55 That’s not exactly true. At least, according to the law. Hate speech is free speech as long as it doesn’t impose an “imminent threat” to public safety. And that’s where the problem with deciding what hate speech should be allowed.

    • Posted by Ribb Rotgut, at Reply

      Marco Neves. “hate speech” is free speech

    • Posted by mostliberal, at Reply


    • Posted by Jeff T, at Reply

      Marco Neves- It doesn’t matter hate or free speech unless inciting violence is the same thing. I strongly defend free speech even when I find the message and messenger abhorrent. It doesn’t matter you don’t get to pick and choose we either have free speech or we dont.

  7. Posted by Ricky Spanish, at Reply

    He’s right. Safe spaces are cancer. Congress needs to crack down on these safe spaces and destroy them.

    • Posted by David Beale, at Reply

      Ricky Spanish
      For Collusion with America’s Greatest Enemy; Evil Putin.
      You know, Failing Trump’s Puppet Master.

    • Posted by David Beale, at Reply


    • Posted by David Beale, at Reply

      It’s Un American!
      But very Republican.

  8. Posted by Thomas MacKelly, at Reply

    The triggered right ladies and gentlemen.

    • Posted by Jasminewynja, at Reply

      All I see here is regressives triggered by the right….

    • Posted by MJtheSkeptical, at Reply

      So speaking on behalf of getting rid of pussified regressive safe spaces is being triggered? You see no irony there? lol

    • Posted by burt sanchez, at Reply

      Melissa Schröder sos

    • Posted by burt sanchez, at Reply

      Melissa Schröder biiiiiiiiiiitchh just sttooop😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Posted by Justin M, at Reply

    Cenk, what does this story have to do with religion?

    • Posted by Virgil Parks, at Reply


    • Posted by BandittR6, at Reply

      You have a hard time drawing parallels don’t you?

    • Posted by Darin Loveland, at Reply

      Lol. White people made up Jesus. lol. But yet everyone was brown in the Levant.

  10. Posted by David Metis, at Reply

    Evergreen students agree with Cenk.

    • Posted by Bobby Fett, at Reply

      The KKK agrees with Carolla? Um, actually the KKK is in favor of racial segregation. Adam Corolla is not. You know who else is in favor of racial segregation? BLM, TYT, Everygreen students, and “Progressives.” Leftists are the modern day racists and you guys don’t even realize it. You are on the wrong side of history, once again.

    • Posted by Gary Olson, at Reply

      Really the left founded the KKK and “progressives” are mostly racist!
      Look at the history of the liberal party they loved slavery!

    • Posted by Anthony Cheney, at Reply

      Bobby Fett wow OK, so typical Conservative tactic, just lie right Bobby? or are you just going to ignore the last 60 years of history?

    • Posted by Anthony Cheney, at Reply

      Gary Olson conservatives founded the KKK, before 1965 the Democratic platform was the platform of the conservatives and the Republican platform was the platform of the Liberals

  11. Posted by atombond, at Reply

    The fact that Cenk is so out of touch with reality is why the regressive left is failing. You’re on the wrong side of history Cenky.

    • Posted by Dx4c8, at Reply

      If somebody is on the right side of history then it’s Cenk.

  12. Posted by venera13studios, at Reply

    I don’t think American conservatives are allowed to call others special snowflakes considering they get triggered by the color of paper cups every year.

    • Posted by Arabs unite!, at Reply

      tek2095 Terrorizing and harassing people online IS free speech, censoring it isn’t.

    • Posted by Caleb Johnson, at Reply

      See guys I don’t really understand the division. You guys and honestly cenk are making stuff up. I DO believe that Kaepernick should be able to protest.I think anyone I disagree with should be able to speak without violence. I feel like we should be agreeing on this.. I don’t get offended over hearing Cenk, I like cenk even though I disagree with everything he says.

  13. Posted by Gian Calpo, at Reply

    Does Cenk go to bed at night listening to recordings of Anti Republican stereotypes. All tyt has turned into is the regurgitation of anti conservative stereotypes.

    • Posted by Scott, at Reply

      as opposed to you retards that think most colleges are like evergreen.

    • Posted by Virgil Parks, at Reply


  14. Posted by Scott Wilson, at Reply

    Berkley was fire bombed cause liberals thought a gay jew was a nazi XD

    • Posted by Adam Davidson, at Reply

      Scott, a “peaceful protester” shot a guy at those riots, if anything leftist ideologies have a body count. but now that i have mentioned it you guys go “revolution is not without blood” or whatever

    • Posted by dffykvn, at Reply

      @Scott Wilson

      There were originally gay jewish nazis before they were purged.

      Milo isn’t doing anything new.

  15. Posted by Chris Fullerton, at Reply

    Adam Carolla is an AETHEIST!!! He has been a champion AGAINST racism. Loveline was extremely progressive, he spent years calling Christians retards, and attacking their views, especially on abortion and separation of church and state. He spent years helping the powerless and the oppressed. He supported victims of sexual abuse and rape, as well as kids dealing with complex issues like pregnancy and sex. He supports abortion, he worked manual labor and was a carpenter and an amateur boxing trainer… he’s not some elite, furthermore he is extremely open to homosexuality and the spectrum of human beings. He’s just a utilitarian, but your whole opening tried to paint him as a Christian fundamentalist. He has railed on air against the “war on Christmas” people. What’s with the constant religion jabs!!! Stop denying the Armenian genocide you hypocrite. Ugh.

    • Posted by Edward Bernayse666, at Reply

      @jacqueline fashbaugh adam carolla used to fart into the microphone on air to entertain the audience and keep them listening. he used to chase dr. drew out of the room on a regular basis with his farts. lol

    • Posted by Correa Studio, at Reply

      Now he’s a right wing shill, just like Trump. He was progressive in the 90 because it was popular, and now he’s a Ann Coulter because he see $$$$$$$$$$$ in being a bigot.

  16. Posted by C, at Reply

    2 months and not a single video from tyt on evergreen college.

    • Posted by Adeon55, at Reply

      Still waiting for them to display a shred of credibility.

    • Posted by Ribb Rotgut, at Reply

      C. I would’ve loved to be a fly on the wall when someone brought up Evergreen during production meetings.

      Cenk: um…yeah…this is not a big story…we’re gonna prioritize other things…like how conservatives are snowflakes!

  17. Posted by I SLAVNIC, at Reply

    Great job Cenk. Straw man after straw man and false equivalence wow. Classic Fat Brown buffalo

    • Posted by I SLAVNIC, at Reply

      NaturallyNathalie2 you are a weak link. And keep rejecting reason and logic and reality. Stay in your safe space you SJW regressive moron

    • Posted by NaturallyNathalie2, at Reply

      your a moron. pathetic!

    • Posted by I SLAVNIC, at Reply

      NaturallyNathalie2 since you can’t win battle of ideas. Then name calling is your go to huh ??? Just like all the SJWs and regressive do. You are not worth my time

    • Posted by NaturallyNathalie2, at Reply

      your a faget.