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AFV’s 12 Days Of Christmas – Best Gift Reactions Compilation


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AFV celebrates the 12 Days of Christmas with some of our most favorite things! Say Merry Christmas with the best gift reactions!


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  1. Posted by Ze Voidah, at Reply


  2. Posted by Yor-el, at Reply

    First coment :v

  3. Posted by wylloe vlogs, at Reply


  4. Posted by xD Fec :), at Reply


  5. Posted by Allie Reed, at Reply

    So cute!

  6. Posted by Mila Tose, at Reply

    Awwww so cute ❤️

  7. Posted by fraziermay, at Reply

    Getting a puppy for Christmas….Priceless❣️🎁🎄☃️🐶

  8. Posted by TH3 SLEEPING, at Reply

    It’s so cool to see kids get all pumped up and happy when they open gifts.

  9. Posted by Anonymoose, at Reply

    The puppy at 1:00 probably had a heart attack. LOL

  10. Posted by captain paco, at Reply

    awwww,we don’t have any gift in hong kong….

  11. Posted by Laura Gadille, at Reply

    The most greediest holiday ever