//AFV’s April Fools Day Remix! | Funny April Fools Day Music Video

AFV’s April Fools Day Remix! | Funny April Fools Day Music Video

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Satisfied April Fool's Day from everyone here at AFV! We enjoy April Fools due to the fact that we seem like it flawlessly exhibits what we're about: drawing pranks and videotaping them on video clip! Did you set a buddy up for an incredible practical joke or did somebody play an amusing prank on you and was anybody recording it at the time? WELL AFTER THAT SEND IT TO US NOW! How, do you ask? Simple! Just go to AFV.com/ upload as well as follow the directions or download the AFV App!

The amusing thing you intend to send us does not need to be April Fools related whatsoever! Did you kids do something silly? Did you fall off your all new hoverboard? Did your feline make an insane noise? Was anyone filming? If so, then that stuff is perfect! Thanks for watching and always remember to LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE TO AFV ON YOUTUBE!

AFV's April Fools Day Remix!|Delighted April Fools Day From AFV


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