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Al Franken Hammers Facebook Lawyer On Russian Interference


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Al Franken does not obtain how Facebook can't tell the difference in between genuine advertisements and phony Russian ones. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you believe in the remark area listed below. Sign up with TYT:

" WASHINGTON– Facebook and Google decreased under duplicated legislative doubting Tuesday to dedicate to quit taking Russian rubles as well as various other international currencies as repayment for American political promotions, despite government political election legislation restricting payments from international nationals.

Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota, a Democrat, hammered the firms on the question of accepting American political ads spent for with international money during an Us senate Judiciary Board subcommittee hearing on Russian disinformation projects and also the 2016 political election. It was the very first of three congressional hearings to be held over two days in which agents from Google, Twitter and facebook will stand for questioning.

" Just how did Facebook, which prides itself on having the ability to process billions of information points as well as instantly transform them into personal connections for its individuals, in some way not make the connection that electoral ads spent for in rubles were coming from Russia?" asked Franken. "Those are 2 data factors– American political ads and also Russian loan, rubles. How could you not connect those 2 dots?"

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by Dave Gallagher, at Reply

    These companies do not care where the money comes from, they don’t care who is in power, just take the money & buy the politicians to de-regulate! Let the american middle class pay the bill.

  2. Posted by Blah Blah, at Reply

    Regardless of who buys ads on their platforms, these companies need to be regulated and potentially broken up under ant-trust laws

  3. Posted by Manny S, at Reply

    People underestimate how stunning this is. Facebook is loyal to money, not the country. They are an american business that let a foreign country manipulate us, for money. This is capitalism destroying a country because they have no loyalty to the country. If America is destroyed, Facebook will just shrug and move to another country.

    • Posted by Ima Carrot, at Reply

      Do you support Facebook “manipulating” us by taking down “offensive” posts? Remember saying something bad about Islam is “offensive” but calling a white man (who’s ancestor’s were killed by nazis) a Nazi is not.

      that is not “manipulation”?

  4. Posted by Victor Modjeski, at Reply

    Al should be our next president, Minnesota has a pair of very fine senators.

  5. Posted by Dax Smith, at Reply

    Trump has huge money laundering deals with Russia. I can’t wait for evidence of that being uncovered. Patience is a virtue…

    • Posted by Sko Bird, at Reply

      Robert Mercer stepping down today, selling his company to his daughter, hes scared, the heat is on.

  6. Posted by Stou Sandalski, at Reply

    Disappointed to see Cenk making excuses for fb and Google’s sloppy and reckless election ad handling. It would be trivial to fix this issue on a technical level. It will just cost them ad revenue so they’ll fight it till the end.

  7. Posted by emscape2, at Reply

    an american national can also pay by foreign currency, so starting an investigation after foreign currency is used could be the practice but i get that they don’t want to miss out on the money

  8. Posted by Matthew Upchurch, at Reply

    I think what they’re doing is self protective and understandable PR during the questioning here, and understandably so. They’re a multinational company, and it may just be that they’re trying to suggest that they have international revenue and they may not be super prepared to prevent this… meaning its complicated.

  9. Posted by The Prisoner, at Reply

    Sell Outs. Looked embarrassed following the Party Line of their New Masters. SAD Won’t be back. Have been gradually losing their credibility lately. Money rules everything in the USA

  10. Posted by Stridonas, at Reply

    Young McCarthys at it again…

  11. Posted by The Long Road, at Reply

    There is a story from every person who interacted with Papadopoulos & others. Going back to 2015. It’s worth journalists finding these people and asking them hard questions.. Before Mueller gets to them! And the shoe drops.. Because then they would already have the scoop!

  12. Posted by R. Shackleford, at Reply

    That’s why I like u guys, at least u admit that your biases. Thank you. It’s a breath of fresh air in today’s political mess.

  13. Posted by Chason Wright, at Reply

    Because they make these apps to create a social engaging environment, but this…

  14. Posted by Leon Kootstra, at Reply

    google isn’t an americans-only company, if they have to obey to your laws, they have to do the same for all others in the world.
    besides the problem that google is playing judge then, it also costs a lot to maintain it for every country they’re active in

  15. Posted by Lawrence, at Reply

    It is easier to beg forgiveness than ask for permission

  16. Posted by 00mo, at Reply


    What? Like Obama left DNC? So much so they sold out to Hillary? Who Bernie endorsed? After having the democratic primaries stolen off him?

    You people are shmucks.

    Nonetheless, your gracious President loves you Cenk and Ana.

    Trump 2020 MAGA!!!!!

  17. Posted by wis dom, at Reply

    my wife had aborted my son because he was a boy. through I supported her at first but kept resenting her over the two years how much she hates men and supported her . I eventually quit my job sold all my stuff but money on gift cards so could by it all back after the divorce and I also gave money to orphanage’s and Crisis Pregnancy centres

  18. Posted by Pacino Heat, at Reply

    Silicon Valley is part of “the swamp”