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Al Gore Warned Us About Stronger Hurricanes YEARS AGO


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TYT is partnering with Individual Media to help resolve the climate crisis. Make sure you take a look at our collection: 10 Days of Activity to read more regarding what you could do to make a distinction as well as go see A Troublesome Follow up.

If Head of state Trump will not lead, the American people will. Most of Americans, public leaders, mayors, guvs, and also the businesses are currently moving on to stop environment change. No bachelor could stop us. I promise to join the motion as well as #BeInconvenient. Most likely to be part of the service.

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  1. Posted by Eric Ling, at Reply

    Hurricane Maria just grew to Category 4, though it’s still at least a week out before it might threaten the US. And Lee is a Tropical Depression coming up behind that.

    • Posted by Shiloh Savino, at Reply

      Eric Ling you tell them soul king.

    • Posted by MrsD7777, at Reply

      WOW! I don’t remember this many hurricanes back to back like this ever!

  2. Posted by Marincxr, at Reply

    I dont remember when it was the last time the caribbean had 4 Hurricanes that were Cat 4 or stronger in a shorter time span.

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      You wouldn’t. The earth is 4.5 billion years old. You are slightly younger than that.

    • Posted by Marincxr, at Reply

      I said “I” .

    • Posted by Isaac Azminov, at Reply

      Marincxr how old are you? Because even a hundred years is nothing when were talking earth history.

    • Posted by Marincxr, at Reply

      I repeat, I as in me have never seen this activity of hurricanes and i live in the caribbean. I never mentioned in the history of humankind OMG.

    • Posted by Banana Republic USA, at Reply

      Sorry, Marincxr – stupidity is all they’ve got.

  3. Posted by Cee Montana, at Reply

    Even if I didn’t believe in Global Warming, I believe with my two eyes. Michigan use to have some of the roughest winters (lots of snowy months) starting around in November, lasting to about late March, early April, during the 80-90s. Now, we don’t get any major snow until mid January and the snow is constantly melting on and off during a 4-6 week period. Back then it snowed daily, for months, it kept, but not anymore. Now we have are hotter and rainer summers. :/

    • Posted by Null, at Reply

      Christopher Herndon It was at the lake in 2000.

    • Posted by Christopher Herndon, at Reply

      Null Glaciers have been melting since the last ice age. Nothing new here sonny

    • Posted by Christopher Herndon, at Reply

      Cee Montana did you run to your safe space? Facts are so offensive when they go against your feelings, aren’t they? Lol

  4. Posted by facefister69, at Reply

    Is TYT being super serial right now?

    • Posted by Bryan Hoit, at Reply

      facefister69 we have to kill manbearpig

    • Posted by Black Panther, at Reply

      facefister69 Yes they are. I was thinking the same thing.

  5. Posted by Rookie Ranger, at Reply

    I fear that my Race will be endangered or even wont exist in the mid 22nd Century.

  6. Posted by Deep Thought, at Reply

    With all due respect Cenk,i do not need to watch the ten minutes ,i am not an idiot,i know climate change is real and it is way over due we put these climate deniers in a mental hospital,the future of our species is at risk.

    • Posted by Deep Thought, at Reply

      advocatus diaboli Look mate i will make this dead simple for you,i will be siding with the experts and petty much ignoring people like you,clear enough?

    • Posted by Deep Thought, at Reply

      D Americans stuggle with British dry wit,i am on your side,try pointing your frustration in the right direction.

    • Posted by D, at Reply

      Deep Thought,
      Sorry friend, the page did not scroll to show all of your comment.Please forgive my knee-jerk reaction and apply it to the Climate Change Deniers, who deserve to be set adrift in a skiff, in the Gulf Of Mexico.
      Ps. I too, am a member of a Commonwealth Nation,..cheers.

    • Posted by Deep Thought, at Reply

      D We all make mistakes,appology accepted sir,we fight for the same cause,i am also ex Green Peace.

  7. Posted by Teethgrinder 83, at Reply

    The trolls are out in force! If only they had the same impetus to not be social rejects then maybe they wouldn’t subscribe to Trumpist logic

    • Posted by Christopher Herndon, at Reply

      Teethgrinder 83 why do you think that everyone who does not agree with you does not have friends? You are an idiot

    • Posted by Extreme RWDS, at Reply

      Check out this miserable losing libtard and his projection tactic LMAO cuck

  8. Posted by Sunny Choudhary, at Reply

    you know this was taught in our schools when we were 10 that this would happen if global warming continues.
    “but petro-dollar”
    screw your petro-dollar.
    gravy train made its last stop at USA and now its mostly downhill for you and you want to take world down with you. your greedy finanacial system is to be blamed

  9. Posted by Xarriable, at Reply

    He also warned us for ManBearPig… it’s coming for you I’m totally serial.

  10. Posted by Rebuilt Gearbox, at Reply

    Al Gore must be a warlock, he created the storms to make himself look like a prophet.

  11. Posted by Ray Fire, at Reply

    Man bear pig

  12. Posted by farfiman, at Reply

    TYT doubling down on Gore insanity.

  13. Posted by ernest747, at Reply

    He would have locked them in a lockbox.

  14. Posted by Hamsteroids, at Reply

    Al Gore is about as relevant as what color Princess Diana’s panties were.

  15. Posted by lotto1, at Reply

    damn that sweat on Cenks face, he looks like he’s about to die on heart attack on live stream

  16. Posted by Dan Edds, at Reply

    A friend and I went to the cinema to watch ‘My Cousin Rachel’ a few months ago; prior to the movie airing, a trailer of Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Sequel’ was played. I could not stop but laugh wildly to everybody’s bemusement. What hyperbolic nonsense! Sound effects, flashing lights, dramatic end of the world voice. haha. Climate change is real but Al Gore is charlatan.

  17. Posted by Boo !, at Reply

    if you’re a republican you dont get to speak about science

  18. Posted by sicDaVid, at Reply

    Al Gore could have sealed the deal on climate change but he resorted to carbon taxation as his way to curb the problem. This manipulation makes him an opportunist not an organizer for reform. He is one of the foremost reasons we are still dealing with soooooo many deniers. Gore looks like all the other profiteers at this point. He needs to renounce carbon taxation to regain his reputation as a leader.

  19. Posted by Black Panther, at Reply

    I have a prediction: Donald Trump will arrogantly insult world leaders today at the UN…and then ask for their help with North Korea.

    • Posted by Banana Republic USA, at Reply

      Donnie Trump still doesn’t have a Science Advisor / head of the Office of Science and Technology. He hasn’t appointed on and apparently doesn’t consider it very important to discuss or have information on Science or Technology. He’s sure making America great again.

    • Posted by Black Panther, at Reply

      Banana Republic USA
      Donny has to get General Kelly’s permission on everything and the last thing Kelly’s Pentagon accomplices (The US’s biggest user of oil) want Americans talking about is reducing carbon footprints, or bootprints.

  20. Posted by Zeryk, at Reply

    OMG, a hurricane hit a hurricane prone area during hurricane season. Yep the “climate crisis” is real, TYT said so.