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Alex Jones Got Arpaio Pardoned?


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Did Alex Jones contribute in Sheriff Joe Arpaio's excuse by Trump? Cenk Uygur and also Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Tell us just what you believe in the comment section listed below.

" As President Donald Trump reportedly was preparing to release his initial excuse– to convicted Maricopa Area Constable Joe Arpaio– the notoriously anti-immigrant Arizona constable was attributing a container line of appropriate wing blog owners and broadcasters for obtaining his tale to Trump's focus.

Arpaio, that unapologetically purchased racial profiling of Latinos in the Phoenix az location for several years, was convicted of criminal ridicule of court last year and also encounters six months in jail. In November, he shed his quote to be re-elected a 7th time.

His job was marked by repeated allegations of prejudiced policing. Throughout his Twenty Years as constable, Arpaio organized huge stings on Latino vehicle drivers and hunts for illegal immigrants; and he ran a tent-city area jail that he himself likened to a prisoner-of-war camp, in which founded guilty inmates endured middle ages conditions, consisting of 120-degree desert warmth that melted shoes. He weathered an abuse of power investigation when the United States Division of Justice in 2012 closed a probe into whether he had targeted his political adversaries with public corruption cases."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by lolfeg, at Reply

    Will TYT report on the recent ANTIFA violence at Berkeley. Or will they condemn white supremacy in their 30th video ?

    • Posted by Matt L, at Reply

      John W his not a terrorist yet CNN declared it a terrorist attack in less than 24 hrs before a formal investigation even started. New reports are coming in his been diagnosed with schizophrenia. If we had a Islamic terrorist attack and trump waited for a few days to confirm it is. Is that wrong?

    • Posted by diesel patches, at Reply

      “BLM and Antifa have not killed anyone.”

      except for those 5 officers in Dallas

    • Posted by Seth N, at Reply

      John W antifa at G20 killed many people + BLM has killed many people. You are a fuckwit

    • Posted by noturavglibrarian, at Reply

      diesel patches I live in Texas. That was no BLM or Antifa attack. That was a rogue group of angry men. They were not directly associated with any BLM group. They choose to do it during a BLM protest because they had more access to more officers that way and the BLM would provide easy coverage to get away for chase with the massive amounts of people there. They used Dallas PD’s well known racism against them. Knew they’d be out in droves

    • Posted by Wheat and Tares, at Reply

      John W BLM guy killed 5 cops in dallas……

  2. Posted by Hypocrite America supports ISIS!, at Reply

    Lol Alex Jones the fraud, 2017 is a great year, it’s the year he’s been finally exposed as the shill he always was.

    If this guy was supposedly dangerous to the establishment, he’d be dead by now. But what we see is completely the opposite he’s actually thriving! how is this guy fighting for you when he’s buying Rolex for himself.

    I’m glad I figured out this clown back in 2010, the signs were there now it’s even more blatant as the sun

    • Posted by Pizzagate News, at Reply

      You call alex jones a shill but yet TYT supported Hilary for president LOOOL

    • Posted by Hypocrite America supports ISIS!, at Reply

      Pizzagate News nope they supported Bernie Sanders, all the way and they still do. Nice try though

    • Posted by Pizzagate News, at Reply

      Nope, they supported Hilary against trump. Check out their reaction to trump winning over Hilary.

    • Posted by Pizzagate News, at Reply

      And they never called out Hilary for murdering seth rich and stealing the primary from Bernie sanders

    • Posted by Wheat and Tares, at Reply

      Cenk voted for hillary

  3. Posted by Y2K, at Reply

    To anyone defending Trump at this point (so not a lot of people), I ask you this.
    What would you think if Obama had done ANYTHING Trump had done? What if Obama bragged about his inauguration crowd? What if Obama pardoned a sheriff who disobeyed a federal judge *and* the rule of law? What if Obama cancelled his trips to other nations because of the possibility of there being protesters who didn’t share his opinions?

    Food for thought. (that is, *if* you can think at all)

    • Posted by Slick Smoke, at Reply

      61-65 mil votes for him. Military and police stand with trump get used to it sad liberal cry baby. Sorry crooked Hillary and Socialist Sanders lost. Go cry now liberal beta snowflake.

    • Posted by Y2K, at Reply

      Aww, look, he’s mad because his Dear Leader is thin-skinned! It’s honestly kinda cute.

    • Posted by torchandhammer, at Reply

      Thanks for reminding us that trump lost in the voting.

  4. Posted by Nuclear Fire, at Reply

    Oh great now we got a president that thinks the frogs are turning gay!!

    • Posted by Terry Turner, at Reply


    • Posted by Tyrion L, at Reply

      Nuclear Fire so? No one has the power but the government

  5. Posted by Slick Smoke, at Reply

    The Democratic kkk party invented the kkk. 70% of Nazis in America today are democrats. You’re saviors Hillary and Obama went to a known ku Klux clan grand masters funeral Robert Byrd Google it pictures online. Had nothen but nice things to say about the guy to disgusting.

    • Posted by Mark Green, at Reply

      Right on, Lloyde. When Democrats come out to protest against the Nazis and the KKK they’re actually protesting themselves. Then the fake media interviews these Nazi and KKK members who pretend that they support Donald Trump and the Republicans when they actually supported Hillary. It’s actually the Democrats who want the Confederate statues to remain where they are and Republicans who want them removed. But the fake media always report the opposite.

  6. Posted by omo vally, at Reply

    Tyt You Are Dishonest = Fake News.

    • Posted by Michael Cerda, at Reply

      omo vally can you give me some Source material supporting your claim?

    • Posted by Matt L, at Reply

      Michael Cerda cenk has just given a opinion and assumptions. Does he have any sources to support his claims? If not it’s fake.

    • Posted by Michael Cerda, at Reply

      Matt L are you unwilling or unable

    • Posted by Matt L, at Reply

      Michael Cerda tyt uses mostly Al Jazeera journalists to for their main source of information. A network well known for propaganda funded by Qatar government. They openly admitted to that in one of their videos that they receive support from Al Jazeera.

  7. Posted by Saeed Bodair, at Reply

    To all the Alex Jones fans I have some lovely ocean front property in Arizona I think you may be interested in taking a look at.

    • Posted by Mike Samra, at Reply

      Alex Jones has been more right than he has been wrong. He was only one that said in July of 2001 that our govt was going to bomb the world trade center and they were behind it. You can see a youtube from 2001 of him saying this. That was remarkable AFAIC so keep listening to TYT deep state media.

    • Posted by Tom from Oz, at Reply

      Mike Samra, stick your head back in the bucket.

  8. Posted by Sister Mortis, at Reply

    *Man Bear Pig!*

    • Posted by Sir MuttonChops, at Reply

      Man Gorilla Pig!

    • Posted by Jay Zenitram, at Reply

      I want to know more about these 160% gorilla-pig people and what I need to do to protect myself against them.

    • Posted by Alex Hunter, at Reply

      Manbearpig is reeeal. I’m super serial

  9. Posted by Thomas MacKelly, at Reply

    alex “I lost my kids” jones hates America.

    • Posted by Dave Miller, at Reply

      Tommy baby, Jones just hates perennial LOSERS like YOU and the rest of the libtard filth..

    • Posted by Paul Peart-Smith, at Reply

      Nah, he just hates intelligence. Oh, and you. He likes your money though. Buy more Manbearpig supplements LMAO

  10. Posted by Vetri PV, at Reply

    I am a super cereal, ManBearPig is real … why no one listening to me …

    • Posted by Majik53, at Reply

      Are you fortified with 8 essential vitamins, too?

    • Posted by Majik53, at Reply

      Yes, you are a super cereal. FROOT LOOPS.

    • Posted by Vetri PV, at Reply

      it’s quote from SouthPark

    • Posted by Majik53, at Reply


  11. Posted by robert ball, at Reply

    All I can think of is ManBearPig from South Park lol

    • Posted by june Bug, at Reply

      robert ball watching that πŸ’© now

    • Posted by Jose Garza, at Reply

      robert ball are you cereal?

    • Posted by robert ball, at Reply

      I’m super cereal!

  12. Posted by John Malcolm, at Reply

    South Park was right πŸ™‚ Man Bear Pig

    • Posted by Rakly3, at Reply

      Half man
      Half bear
      Half pig

    • Posted by John Malcolm, at Reply


  13. Posted by Nate Brown, at Reply

    “160% bear pigs” LOL!

    • Posted by Alex DeLarge, at Reply

      And they talk!

  14. Posted by Per Keyser, at Reply

    I am actually watching south park, and all I can say is: Manbearpig !!!

    • Posted by Jake Moreton, at Reply

      Per Keyser same πŸ˜‚

  15. Posted by RyoHazuki224, at Reply

    Can we get Alex Jones thrown into a loony bin yet? Seriously, he needs some real mental help.

    • Posted by Don Sanders, at Reply

      Jones is a COCAINE freeeeeeeek!

    • Posted by Lemont Washington, at Reply

      Unfortunately, it won’t happen. Because according to court documents, Jones doesn’t really believe the things he rants about, he’s just playing a “character” when he does his BS show LOL

  16. Posted by ben ben, at Reply

    Hey all you dumb f***s that just comment to put down TYT get out! Go to Alex Jones channel !

    • Posted by Aj Brandt, at Reply

      Alex DeLarge manbearpig get it right

    • Posted by Alex DeLarge, at Reply

      Wasn’t it a gorilla? Sometimes it’s almost like Alex Jones isn’t making any sense. Almost.

    • Posted by Aj Brandt, at Reply

      Alex DeLarge south park bruh south park

    • Posted by Toa Lime, at Reply

      sounds like you’re not tolerant of free speech or ideas that are different than yours

    • Posted by Pondok Indah_12310, at Reply

      Toa Lime Tolerant? Really?? So let’s play that game of circle jerk.. how about let TYT exercise its free speech on its OWN legal platform, eh?! Free speech is a bastard deal with it.