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Alt-Right Actually Believed Trump Was Anti-War. SAD.


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You'll never guess who the Alt-Right is criticizing for Trump's bombing of Syria … Ana Kasparian as well as John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Tell us just what you assume in the remark area listed below.

" President Donald Trump, on the project path, was securely versus interfering in Syria. Even before he ran for president, he demanded that Head of state Barack Obama not send soldiers into Syria and suggested for not making use of armed forces pressure against Bashar al-Assad. The U.S.A., he said, had wasted valuable blood and prize abroad and also should invest more time nation building in the house: …

So after Trump purchased armed forces strikes versus a Syrian landing strip on Thursday night, at least some of his most singing advocates claim they feel betrayed. Nearly immediately adhering to reports of the Syrian airstrikes, noticeable conservative information outlets as well as media individualities most carefully connected with the self-described alt-right and also Trumpism much more normally attacked the head of state's foreign intervention– which shows up to fly against a lot of the unsupported claims from his campaign.

Among them were Paul Joseph Watson, that contributes to the reactionary conspiracy website Infowars; Mike Cernovich, the professed self-improvement guru who's drawn a massive social media sites following partly by praising Trump; radio host Laura Ingraham, formerly of Fox Information; and also Ann Coulter, the author as well as provocateur. All four swiftly knocked the attacks as a turnaround of Trump's project assures …" *.

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  1. Posted by Pallas AnitaSarkeesian, at Reply

    They also think that his IQ is 160 and has written several books lol.

    • Posted by Aerial Johnson, at Reply

      MotorYardtraphik Theoretically, someone can score a 0IQ, but that person wouldn’t even be able to take an IQ test. But there is absolutely no negative IQ score…

    • Posted by John Sanchez, at Reply

      Hillary’s IQ is standing around 110, with Trump’s around 160.

    • Posted by introduire, at Reply

      Then, why not release them, nothing to hide right?

    • Posted by The Free Hobo evanska, at Reply

      DirtFlyer B O O K,K

  2. Posted by psp785, at Reply

    hiliary would have done the same thing

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      OMG Hillary would be harsher on Syria! The first 3 months the crazy warmonger former Secretary of State dropped 666 tomahawks on Aleppo and killed poor little Syrian helicopters and accordingly to Psycho Jones she also killed 1234 civilians and 789 puppies with her bare hands OMG!

    • Posted by TheAK47striker, at Reply

      +Joel McGee like i said, people knew these things and they gladly voted for trump because nobody wants a hot war with russia

    • Posted by Eduardo García Rodríguez, at Reply

      TheAK please dont say the people, the people didnt voted for trump, the electoral college did.

  3. Posted by Aroon 5, at Reply

    It doesn’t matter who the corporate puppet is, capitalism is inherently imperialistic.

    • Posted by Troll Hammer, at Reply

      Ch3k420 He meant “corporations.”

    • Posted by itsdastuff, at Reply

      white people you mean..
      started way before corporations.

    • Posted by Durodes Duvo, at Reply

      capitalism is also the reason you get to make a comment in this comment section with the device you are using.
      Want to escape capitalism? Go to North Korea, the only country in the World to be stupid enough to still be pure Communist.

    • Posted by Ryan -.-, at Reply

      SkepticalChar Every “Communist” country has turned into an absolute shithole. You can’t debate That. Everytime Communism has been tried it has turned into a blood bath. Its so obvious that you need capitalism with government regulation but ofcourse we only have those that think capitalism should be unregulated and historically ignorant communists that want to turn the US into an absolute shithole

  4. Posted by The Progressive Atheist, at Reply

    They’re not alt right, they’re anti-SJWs. And they’re not racist either, they’re just not politically correct.

    • Posted by walker paulson, at Reply

      The Progressive Atheist richard spencer believe in a ethno state that would be created through violence if necessary.

    • Posted by serfincolorado, at Reply

      The Progressive Atheist hey guys we found the spokesman for the alt-right. He met and surveyed every single official member. ….. then, he encrypted the data with his decoder ring and blasted off with his Fruit Loops cereal rocket boots.

    • Posted by Releasethezazen, at Reply

      Different name, same coin. They get just as offended about a pretend “War on Christmas” and Starbucks cups not being a certain color, because free market? Only when they decide…

    • Posted by The Long Road, at Reply


      The moronic phrase “Anti racist is anti white!”.. Conditioning for an army of race soldiers.

    • Posted by bobnuthead, at Reply

      Are all blacks SJWs? No.

  5. Posted by Daniel Bazalar, at Reply

    The racist Alt-Right is CANCER to American society.

    • Posted by mina mouse, at Reply

      +LadyAmaltheaUnicorn yeah genocide and disease and Slavery. Sounds about right.

    • Posted by Free Thinker, at Reply

      git user53 😂😂 you do realize this ain’t your country either right cuck? lol

    • Posted by CLureCo, at Reply
    • Posted by Ryan -.-, at Reply

      jerkfacebg hahah Enjoy as american products and entertainment infiltrates you’re society and you slowly become us. You can’t stop it, it is already happening and has been for a while

  6. Posted by Fabrizio, at Reply

    I hate Trump, but he’s doing pretty much what Obama did. Why the double standard?

    • Posted by David Myers, at Reply

      TYT has bashed the hell out of Obama for his drone strikes.

    • Posted by Lester Brunt, at Reply

      They didn’t, they praised him for his nobel peace price. n

    • Posted by Joe Crook, at Reply

      +Lester Brunt
      Are you from another universe or something? No. No they did not. They thought it was ridiculous that he won a Nobel Peace Prize. They made jokes about it. Stop making stuff up, it makes you look dumb.

  7. Posted by Dru Zod, at Reply

    Wait… Hillary Clinton was anti-war? General Zod must have missed that when she was Secretary of State.

    • Posted by chocolateking1, at Reply

      Not exactly no? But she wouldn’t ban Muslims or build a pointless wall… lol just saying.

    • Posted by MEXICAN AMERICAN POWER, at Reply

      Dru Zod yes but hillary is not president .

  8. Posted by Crazy Phantom, at Reply

    I bet y’all regret voting for Trump

    • Posted by i dont care, at Reply

      Erik B so when he remives every bill t protect the enviornment and backs out of the paris treaty thats fine?
      people that are fine with killing the planet are pure evil

    • Posted by Kirstie Pham, at Reply

      One of my “friends” was talking about how she’s disappointed she voted for him because he said he was anti-war. (No he didn’t but okay…) Then played it off with “But look! See! Trump and Putin aren’t friends!”

      Even though we know it was all a distraction…

  9. Posted by Andrew Wells, at Reply

    Jimmy Dore thinks the chemical attack on Syria was a hoax based on twitter comments (he argued this on his show). Dore’s bread and butter has been conspiracy theories. You can’t be taken seriously on criticizing someone like Alex Jones with that nut regularly appearing on the panel.

    • Posted by Awkward Young Nietzsche, at Reply

      Agreed, Jimmy lowers the credibility of TYT’s . He’s a progressive version of Alex Jones. I do appreciate different points of view but within an reasonable framework. His ALL CAPSLOG video titles on Syria made him look insane. Also, he made (too) many sexist jokes the last time he was on the panel. It was cringy + Ana seemed uncomfortable.

    • Posted by James Brown, at Reply

      Andrew Wells

    • Posted by Groot, at Reply

      just google “syria opposition” or “syria rebel held territories”… a spokesman of them was in geneva not to long ago

    • Posted by oskar Nietz, at Reply

      Groot lol what an idiot, they don’t control any important place in Syria now. And can’t you read I refered to those specific places?

    • Posted by Groot, at Reply

      “…you can´t show where your moderate rebels are or if they exist….” well, it shows they exist

  10. Posted by Persian Amazon, at Reply

    Hahahahaha. Stupid racist trumpturds.

    • Posted by John Sanchez, at Reply

      I posted no sarcasm, but yes, leftists are all cowards and hypocrites.

    • Posted by John Sanchez, at Reply

      I like how pheonix thinks Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are named “Trump”.
      The alt-right is turning leftist fast thanks to bigots like you.

  11. Posted by Ariel Rodriguez, at Reply

    The alt-right has been cucked again.

    • Posted by KILLERGAMERGIRL, at Reply

      LOL “Gingivitis having internet tough guys” Damn I need to write that one down.

    • Posted by Spookrockcity, at Reply

      I voted for Trump hoping he would star WW3 so I would be able to kill your folks in the streets.

      Don’t buy into all the propaganda you hear from the Young Cucks lmfao.

    • Posted by SgtSixkilla, at Reply

      +Spookrockcity Spoken like the average Trump supporter, I guess. I just hope for your sake that you’re wealthy or you have a physical disability that lets you dodge the draft he’s guaranteed to reinstate if he manages to start WW3.

  12. Posted by Kekistan Council, at Reply

    Even Milo has said, “I’m upset with daddy”

    • Posted by Micheál Ó Braonáin, at Reply

      I haven’t heard of Milo since he was outed as a paedophile sympathiser

    • Posted by CLureCo, at Reply

      +Micheál Ó Braonáin ,
      That seem to be a common thread with these mentally challenged pepe lovers……

    • Posted by James Brown, at Reply

      Kekistan Council

  13. Posted by Tooo Sexy, at Reply

    Only a matter of time until the right starts calling Donald Trump a Democrat. . .

    • Posted by chocolateking1, at Reply

      Lol no. He is very much a republican. Will always be one.

    • Posted by MotorYardtraphik, at Reply

      chocolateking1 but democrats are technically republicans not altar right but now a day democrats have republican values

    • Posted by orochimarujes, at Reply

      I was calling him a Democrat since he started running.

    • Posted by Durodes Duvo, at Reply

      The funny thing is, *Trump is a career Democrat from New York City*. The only thing that makes him right wing is his views on immigration- EVERYTHING ELSE is Democrat.

  14. Posted by Jaget santos, at Reply

    Most Trump supporters are alt-right.
    Basically the dumbest people on Earth by a mile.

  15. Posted by V Ling, at Reply

    The alt-right being “anti war” is pretty interesting and funny, tbh.

    • Posted by Adam Kallin, at Reply

      Want to explain why? Seems to me you have no idea what the alt-right is.

    • Posted by Adam Kallin, at Reply


      Indeed, you seem to be the epitome of maturity.

    • Posted by HammerheadGuitar, at Reply

      If you took a moment to find out what your political opponents actually believe you would find out that they have always been isolationists who are against virtually all foreign interventions.

  16. Posted by Rocky Jockey, at Reply


    • Posted by Rhett O Rick, at Reply

      Leftists are brain damaged retards who can’t even come up with their own memes or insults. Sad!

    • Posted by Mateo Noctis, at Reply

      Oh, Trumpanzee was a rightist insult too, Trumpanzee?

    • Posted by Downstream01, at Reply

      +Rhett O Moron – Your favorite insult is a broadcast of your own insecurity. You’re by definition cucks.

    • Posted by James Brown, at Reply

      Rocky Jockey

  17. Posted by Adam Greenan, at Reply

    If you believe anything that Trump has said, Ever, you should lose your right to vote.

    • Posted by manhunt48, at Reply

      Says the one who supposedly opposes fascism.