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Alt-Right Terrorism Dwarfing Islamic Terrorism


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Establishment media does not care due to the fact that they're Pentagon/CIA/Big Money lapdogs, and these facts do not serve the schedule of killing Muslims, dominating/overthrowing their governments, as well as robbery their sources. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Inform us exactly what you think in the remark section listed below.

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" Back in February, the Republican congressman from Wisconsin informed CNN's Alysyn Camerota that white terrorists of the far-right selection did not position the very same degree of risk to Americans as supposed "Islamist" or "jihadist" terrorists. Why? "I aren't sure, however I would certainly simply inform you there's a distinction," proclaimed Duffy, that went on to reject as a "one-off" the strike on a mosque in Quebec by a Trump-supportingwhite nationalist, in which six Muslim worshippers were eliminated.

One-off? Seriously? Has Duffy read the information in recent days? On May 20, Richard Collins III, a black, 23-year-old UNITED STATE Military 2nd lieutenant, was murderedwhile going to the College of Maryland by a participant of a Facebook group called "Alt-Reich: Nation." Inning accordance with College of Maryland cops principal David Mitchell, the group advertises "despicable" bias versus minorities "as well as particularly African-Americans."" *.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur.

Cast: Cenk Uygur.


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  1. Posted by Lord Draken, at Reply

    Waiting for the trolls.

    Start the clock.

    • Posted by M, at Reply

      Lord Draken I didn’t know trolls used statistics and facts.

    • Posted by tek2095, at Reply

      M Trumpians like to claim they do, even though the rest of the world sees right though them.

    • Posted by Shar L, at Reply

      the alt right are WJW (white justice warriors). they blame their life failures on minorities when in fact they should look to themselves for answers regarding their current life problems. the alt right aka WJW say that minorities have weak minds and minorities blame whites for their struggles because minorities have a victim mentality mindset. the WJW are the same as the people they hate as the alt right WJW blame all their problems on minorities because the WJW are feeble minded and have a victim mentality mindset. WJW are actually troll loser’s that can’t make it in a country where the system is set for them to succeed but can’t because they are actually loser’s. however, they blame their problems on minorities. the WJW are upset because they are have to fend for themselves on an even playing field against minorities and they are being out competed by minorities so the WJW alt right scapegoat against minorities for their life failures. white justice warriors (WJW) aka the alt right.

  2. Posted by Alchemy Shakti, at Reply

    People who identify with left or right are all idiots.

    • Posted by TheUltimateBeing01, at Reply

      The KKK, historically, have been conservative, even after the shift between the Democrats and Republicans. They are NOT liberal.

    • Posted by TheUltimateBeing01, at Reply

      Simon Winn

      I could go on, but I’ll stop there. The Nazis would be right on the political spectrum. So also any pro white nationalist party.

      Awaiting your response…..

    • Posted by Natural Ice, at Reply

      TheUltimateBeing01The word Nazi comes from the official name of Hitler’s political party. The name in English was National Socialist German Workers Party. The word Nazi comes from the pronunciation of the initial sound of the word “national” as it is pronounced in the German language

    • Posted by Nijastan K., at Reply

      Totally agree

    • Posted by TheUltimateBeing01, at Reply

      Natural Ice

      They may have considered themselves socialists, which I doubt, but it’s their ACTIONS that show it. You think a bunch of humanitarians and socialists are going to put people in _gas chambers?_

      What people don’t seem to understand is political groups and identifiers are meaningless. You can claim to be a super left liberal all day. IF you are not for things like universal healthcare or government funded college, then you are NOT a true liberal.

      The Nazis may have touted themselves as the people’s party, but were they really? No. Absolutely not. They were terrorists and nothing more.

      It’s no different than the American Republicans or Democrats touting themselves as for the people. Yet, they don’t even bother to try to implement things that would actually benefit people, like universal healthcare. Because they are too busy raising taxes to pay for the deficits that would be created by them giving more taxes to the rich in the forms of cuts or deductions or rebates.

  3. Posted by The End Begins, at Reply

    Aww, look at you figuring out how this nation has ALWAYS operated. Only took 250 years. Now What?!

    • Posted by Mega Geek6807, at Reply

      The End Begins lol. It only got worse with Trump. Moron

    • Posted by jar, at Reply

      Tell me more about the America’s racist plan to allow millions of non-whites to immigrate to America only to “oppress them.”

    • Posted by XPuppetManX, at Reply

      Better than getting splattered by Islamic trucks which is happening all over Europe. Muslims are less than 1% of the U.S. and for their small numbers, they caused a lot of terrorism related deaths. Countries like France, Germany has worse stats because they have more Muslims. All I see is some stupid gullible liberal being tricked to believe lies. Typical libtard…

  4. Posted by Josh Saunders, at Reply

    I once had a hilarious conversation with a workmate who was spouting things like ‘terrorists didnt exist till they staryed letting in muslims’.
    Watching her try to back pedal and not appear like a xenophobe to all the people listening, when they started to agree as i started going back through history was priceless.
    Amazing how quickly people forget groups like the IRA when it suits their agenda

    • Posted by Josh Saunders, at Reply

      HellbinZ Go and actually look at data and put aside your confirmation bias, but i wont hold my breathe even expecting you to know what that is

    • Posted by Torben, at Reply

      HellbinZ – I grew up in Europe and still remember ETA, IRA or the RAF. All those terrorist groups spread a lot of fear and killed dozens of people. We were simply very lucky in Europe that for a decade or two, there was no major terrorist group.

    • Posted by The Worm, at Reply

      Josh Saunders exactly what ‘data’ is Hellbin supposed to ‘go and look at’ to refute the idea that there is anybody in the same universe in Europe in the present day with Islamic terrorism. I never trust anybody that says to go ‘look up data’ instead of telling them WHAT to look up.

    • Posted by XPuppetManX, at Reply

      To be fair, Muslims are less than 1% of the U.S. population and whites are like 70% or something. Of course there is going to be more right-wing terrorism than Islamic ones in the U.S. If you look at it per capita, Islamic terrorism is much worse

      If you look at terrorism in majority Muslim countries, they have it waaay worse than all the terrorism combined here. But libtards are too stupid to do fair comparisons and just want to push their stupid fake agenda even if its false. If you look at European countries, they have more Islamic terrorism because they have more Muslims. Now look at terrorism in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, etc. Hundreds of dead every week. You people are so stupid and gullible to not see the obvious…

  5. Posted by 2uflame, at Reply


    • Posted by Anne, at Reply

      2uflame I think they would be proud, not butthurt

    • Posted by Clash Of The Horns, at Reply

      Why would they be crying i thought they won the election, theyre not the ones crying on the street yelling russia russia lmao

    • Posted by R Kemper, at Reply

      2uflame If Cenk is admitting that the alt right is terrorizing you, that makes you a victim, and you should be crying.

  6. Posted by Jordan .Lacroix, at Reply

    Aww jeeze I love it when TYT videos offend the Trump cuck snowflakes. You’re covering too many offensive bases for them Cenk! Stats, facts, and anti-gun rhetoric? This is going to keep them shaking for a while, the Right wing SJW keyboard warriors won’t let up on this one lol

  7. Posted by Alex Avery, at Reply

    Those punks screaming about being replaced are doing it to themselves.

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      Alex Avery
      Doing what to themselves, moron?

    • Posted by Alex Avery, at Reply

      Trollop 7 what do white folks love more than heritage? Heroin, opioids, alcohol, guns, doing it to themselves. And no matter how quickly other races kill each other they are fertile and aren’t dying as quickly from overdose and suicide. Statistical fact. They are begging Europeans to have more children. They are struggle in America just to get white people to stop doing drugs and start procreating. Doing it to themselves….they spend so much time talking about minority crime that they are ignoring their own crimes against one another, their own genocide. I’ve.seen it with my own eyes, regardless of class DRUGS are a huge part of the culture, but hey what do I know. I’m a “moron” lol

  8. Posted by GraceTruthTeacher, at Reply

    They can’t handle the truth!

    • Posted by tek2095, at Reply

      As proven by the laughably cliche attacks on the ADL, “They’re the real hate group!” Me: Gee, haven’t heard that one several times before….🙄

  9. Posted by mods65 mods65, at Reply

    America . Clean up your own backyard before bombing so called ” enemy of the US ” countries .

    • Posted by eraser101YT, at Reply

      mods65 mods65 That has nothing to do with the US population. ZOG controls foreign policy.

  10. Posted by Randy H, at Reply

    Thank you for combatting uninformed-ideology with facts. 👍

    • Posted by Lasaret, at Reply

      TYT totally misrepresented the study. The study was not about terrorism, it was about murders caused by extremists, and there is an obvious and relevant difference. One reason why the right wing extremist figure is inflated is that a lot of white supremacists come from prison gangs, where it’s typical to get tattoos that reveal your ideology, so when a white supremacist gang member murders someone in circumstances that weren’t ideologically motivated, it’s easy to see that the murderer was still a white supremacist. The methodology of the 2017 report even mentions that because of this very reason “It is fair to say that non-ideological murders committed by extremists other than white supremacists are probably underrepresented here.”. Also, there are way more white supremacists than jihadists in the US, so there obviously are going to be more non-ideologically motivated white supremacist murders than non-ideologically motivated Jihadist murders out there.

      Out of the right-wing incidents in the 2017 report, 5 out of 14 (and 6 out of 18 deaths) were committed by white supremacist gang members, and out of those you could reasonably only call one incident with one death a terrorist incident (an inmate stabbed a black inmate). If you remove all of the incidents that you can’t really call terrorist incidents (AKA that weren’t directly ideologically motivated), you end up with the following numbers:
      Right wingers caused 5 terrorist incidents (instead of 14), that caused 6 deaths (instead of 18).
      “Left wingers” caused 1 terrorist incident (instead of 2), that caused 4 deaths (instead of 5).
      Jihadists caused 2 terrorist incidents that caused 9 deaths.

      And it’s not like those numbers are abnormal, if you look at START or New America, both of whom actually track terrorist incidents, you get proportionally similar figures like the following (from NA, numbers are from after 9/11 in the US):
      Jihadist terrorism has caused 103 deaths, far right wing terrorism has caused 69 deaths, and black nationalists have caused 8 deaths.

    • Posted by jar, at Reply

      Randy H, if you include 9/11 muslim terror greatly outweighs right wing terror. This whole video is spin because liberals always conveniently leave it out of their numbers.

    • Posted by Johan Mahoney-Berg, at Reply

      +Jar if you look at just the figures from 9/11 up to 2016 then yes Muslim terror outweighs however if you look at figures going back to the 70s then its right wing terror that outweighs

    • Posted by jar, at Reply

      Johan well duh! The muslim population was virtually non-existent in America back then.

    • Posted by Johan Mahoney-Berg, at Reply

      +Jar not as non existent as people think

  11. Posted by dart arkana, at Reply

    We have far more to fear from within than from without.

  12. Posted by Siuz, at Reply

    The biggest terrorist in the world is the American government

    • Posted by Ulfric Stormcloak, at Reply

      Siuz ohhhhhhhhhh shut the hell up, you edgelord cuck

    • Posted by The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, at Reply

      No u

    • Posted by Armann Straughter, at Reply

      Siuz Far from it.

  13. Posted by sickofamericanidol, at Reply

    Oops. Plenty of alt-right reaction to facts on this thread: “You’re weird. What about Antifa? Cenk is fat.”

  14. Posted by Matah 33, at Reply

    There’s alot of butt hurt dislikes! I wonder who🤔

  15. Posted by Sandra Nelson, at Reply

    The Nazi party is alive and well in North America. Some of them are masquerading as ICE workers. Be warned.

    • Posted by mkjboise, at Reply

      For your sake, I hope they keep as many out as they can.

    • Posted by Armann Straughter, at Reply

      +Sandra Nelson You’re just saying that because they’re deporting illegal immigrants.

    • Posted by TheTheddi, at Reply

      +Sandra Nelson Not just in North America. In Europe as well. Everywhere in the west is the alt-right or their counterparts more dangerous than islamists. The media is just so shitty and rarely reports these cases and often it’s not even classified as terrorism.
      In Germany we had a case (2016) where a guy went on a killing spree in Munich and killed 9 people, he was clearly a neo-nazi but it was classified as a killing spree and not terrorism.

  16. Posted by Garry Miller, at Reply

    The insecurities of the far right are on full display in the comments

    • Posted by Brittany Moretti, at Reply

      Piromyśl as a white woman myself I can say screw the alt right. Doesn’t matter what their race is..

    • Posted by José Hunter, at Reply

      Oh, STFU already, you childish barking anus. What is on full display is my superiority; intellectually, and in terms of humor and vulgarity, and in the envy I induce in others. I can totally believe that pirobitch is pounding his pub and wishing he was as dynamic, brilliant and nimble as yours truly, not to mention totally ready to sodomize his mother.

    • Posted by José Hunter, at Reply

      Ms. Brittany – I must say I am partial to that last name of yours, which appears Italian (hint hint). Listen, pay no mind to all those disgusting things I said to the righties, I’m just out to shock and anger them as the drivel which they dribble appears to shock sensitive liberals. Please realize that I think white women are wonderful, and very attractive. Heck, my mom was a white woman!

    • Posted by Andrew Stevenson, at Reply

      Garry Miller

      They all have small dicks. Who can blame them?

    • Posted by tek2095, at Reply

      +Piromyśl Really? Where?

  17. Posted by Zack Durant, at Reply

    What’s with all the dislikes? butt hurt right wingers of course.

  18. Posted by The Guy, at Reply

    Warning! Triggered right wingers within this comment section proceed with caution.

    • Posted by Mark Broadhurst, at Reply

      “doesn’t like on U.S soil” your English failed horribly.

    • Posted by Christopher Windsor, at Reply

      The Guy Why is this a left or right wing issue? The radical center is the problem. The crazy bastards don’t believe in violence against anyone. What a bunch of dumb cunts they are.

    • Posted by Shar L, at Reply

      just refer the alt right as WJW (white justice warriors) from now on. the WJW are looking for justice as they blame their life failures on minorities. now they themselves have a victim mentality mindset and as mentioned above seeking justice for white people as they believe whites are being oppressed by minorities which makes them white justice warriors (WJW). the WJW should look to themselves for the answers to their failures in life but it’s more convenient to blame minorities instead. lmao at the WJW aka alt right.

    • Posted by Christopher Windsor, at Reply

      Shar L Well said. It’s nearly impossible to respect someone that blames their own shortcomings on others.

    • Posted by extrams0, at Reply

      +Mark Broadhurst *slow clap* . Congratulation on finding a typo ‘like’ instead of ‘live’ …

  19. Posted by David Bond, at Reply

    Islamic extremism IS right wing lol

    • Posted by adio, at Reply

      David bond IS a cuck

    • Posted by adio, at Reply

      Really though, on a very serious note David.. I know shits been getting to you lately. Why haven’t you considered just killing your self? In the end, it’d be better for you.

    • Posted by James Redmond, at Reply

      adio Seems like it’s all getting to you too. So please take your own advice. Bye bye

    • Posted by Carewolf, at Reply

      True, but they are usually not killing people from a right wing political perspective, but from a deluded religous perspective.

  20. Posted by Torontopia, at Reply

    America is a very hard country to understand! Much of what goes on there, makes no sense at all!

    • Posted by Jstoney127, at Reply

      Yep. Its a nuthouse here.

    • Posted by Thorman Reddick, at Reply

      that’s because you’re watching the young turks for your news lol. it’s probly your only source too.