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Amazing Snow vs. Surf Fails: FailArmy Presents


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We had a burning inquiry: Which falls short tougher? Snow stops working or surf falls short? Leave a comment listed below as well as let us know that you believe fallen short harder. Have a stop working of your own? Submit it to!!


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Video clips:
Ski Cliff Jump Fail
Man Gets Dragged Throughout the Beach Attempting to Parasail
Skier Jumps Right into a Tree
Daddy Can't Skimboard
Lady Stops working on a Snow Day
Triple Browsing Fail
Swan Dive Snow Wipeout
Duo Goes Tandem Searching
Competitve Skier Gets Ski Caught on Snow
Interior Browsing Fail
Athelete Attempts Double Frontflip on Snowy Day
Paddleboarder Falls On GoPro Electronic camera
Snow Canoe Fail
Internet users Accident right into Each Other
Snowboarding Fail on Pyramid Gap
Internet user Loses Balance as well as Come under Water
Snow Mound Backflip Fail
2 Kayaks Collide on Wave
GoPro Camera Flies Off Snowboarder
Paddleboarder Fails to Get on Top of Board
Snowboard Jumper Crashes in Snow
Waves Collision right into Internet user during High Trend
Snow Tube Cyclist Unintentionally Wanders into a Fencing during Competition
Child Sheds Trousers on FlowRider
Boat Drops Ski Slope Bangs with Fencing
Vehicle Clears out Onto Jetty Throughout High Surf Advisory
Snowboarder Loss and also Rolls
Web surfer Wetsuit Slip n Slide Fail
Skier Faceplants Off Jump
Blow-up mattress Browsing Failed
Sledder Crashes right into Snow Financial institution
Web surfer Virtually Decapitated by Rogue Surfboard
Skier Attempts Ramp Grind yet Stops working
Kitesurfer Gets Assailed by Coastline Dog
Double Snow Crossing Fail
Guy Tackles Pal while Searching
Ski Frontflip Fail Ends in Snow Angel Setting
Surfers Collision Into Each Various other
Ski Railing Fail Collection
Internet user Gets Frightened By Seal
Individual in Santa Hat Sheds Skis during Dive
Surfer Struck in Head by Other Surfer's Board
Sledder Falls off Tube and is Comforted by Pet
Surfer Wipes Out on Giant Wave
Snowboarder Encounters Tree
Internet user's Board Snapped in Half by Dolphin or Shark
Skier Rolls in Front of Friends

Remarkable Snow versus Browse Fails: FailArmy Presents

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  1. Posted by boj petersen, at Reply


    • Posted by Александр Винокуров, at Reply

      не выражайся не цензурно ты кусок дерьма!!имей уважение!!

    • Posted by boj petersen, at Reply

      Yay, likes… was kauf ich mir davon?

    • Posted by Der Harzer, at Reply


    • Posted by Александр Винокуров, at Reply

      что ты написал??я не понял?напиши яснее!!!)

  2. Posted by HorrorHuhn, at Reply

    *WAP* *BAP*

    • Posted by HorrorHuhn, at Reply


    • Posted by DTST Productions, at Reply

      HorrorHuhn <3

    • Posted by Simon, at Reply


    • Posted by Nators Terra, at Reply

      Dein neues Lieblingslied?

  3. Posted by KrasserJunge, at Reply

    An alle Deutschen, liket mein Kommentar damit die Amis denken der Kommentar wäre lustig xD

    • Posted by LavaLp 12, at Reply

      KrasserJunge Staubiii warum bist du hier 😂

    • Posted by Kimbo, at Reply

      lmao, really funny comment xD Vielleicht hilft das ja! xD

    • Posted by KrasserJunge, at Reply

      Haha weil ich Failarmy liebe xD

    • Posted by The Joker, at Reply


    • Posted by TUBiX, at Reply

      Haha ist er doch auch xD

  4. Posted by The Shade, at Reply

    In mother Russia, snow hits you.

    • Posted by SCHIJTERBAAS, at Reply

      hahaha nice one mate

    • Posted by A10, at Reply

      right in the kisser

  5. Posted by Xx Nickolaus, at Reply

    I am telling you a joke

    How it is (wap bap)

    • Posted by RMA, at Reply

      Xx Nickolaus WOW GOOD………

    • Posted by Timo Bensch, at Reply

      Xx Nickolaus wenn ich ehrlich bin ist der sing eigendlich wohl gut.
      ich weiß nicht, was alle haben. nur weil sie es ist ? das ist genau so, als würde man lego hassen und beleidigen, weil man lego star wars nicht mag.
      oder so als würde man alle menschen türkischer herkunft beim ersten blick als terrorist abstempeln nur weil man weiß das terroristen “irgendwo von da herkommen”

    • Posted by stechus kaktus, at Reply

      DuArsch wenn man mit 17 Bibi fan ist muss man echt die geistige Behinderung in Person sein… wie kann man nur so dämlich sein !

    • Posted by stechus kaktus, at Reply

      Germanys new suoerweapon for world war 3… going to win this one guys 😂😂😂

    • Posted by Ar3key, at Reply

      Oscaryyy Kritik Meinung?
      Bist du dumm?

  6. Posted by FreeCopyrightMusic, at Reply

    My dog used to chase people on a bike a lot. It got so bad, finally I had to take his bike away.

    • Posted by Tare Lol, at Reply

      FreeCopyrightMusic omg

    • Posted by Alessandro Amella, at Reply

      Nabbie puppy no

    • Posted by That Fella, at Reply

      FreeCopyrightMusic Nice copy and paste…

    • Posted by RMA, at Reply

      FreeCopyrightMusic WOW GOOD………

  7. Posted by Arozura, at Reply

    boobs are life

    • Posted by Dude Head, at Reply

      Wolf_Paws I know a terrible comeback to that…

    • Posted by firebent13, at Reply

      Just a real sad Dude, the irony of that last sentence. I’m totally stealing that for when I’m at work.

    • Posted by Ball is LIfe, at Reply

      *I am pretty sure that Ball Is Life*

    • Posted by RMA, at Reply

      Arozura WOW GOOD………

  8. Posted by Yiğit Adabaş, at Reply

    look, careful (girl-swimsuit) 1:03

    • Posted by Ki023ng G, at Reply

      Yiğit Adabaş lol

    • Posted by Donald Madill, at Reply

      Yiğit Adabaş lol

    • Posted by Pootis Spencer, at Reply

      Fapped to it 😉

    • Posted by RMA, at Reply

      Yiğit Adabaş WOW GOOD………

    • Posted by Jo Sky, at Reply

      ah i see you´re a man of culture as well

  9. Posted by Karl Der Käfer, at Reply

    3:08 Not really funny…

    • Posted by Nocturne, at Reply

      When that wave was about to hit I was like “C´mon and SLAM and welcome to da JAM”

    • Posted by Flaming Gaming, at Reply

      Karl Der Käfer awww,did the video hurt your wittle feewings?aww.go watch some Minecraft,cancer.

    • Posted by RMA, at Reply

      Karl Der Käfer WOW GOOD………

  10. Posted by Nacho Ruiz Rodriguez, at Reply

    1:53 That pervert face: “I just recorded a good content for masturbation”

    • Posted by Shalom Kaspinov, at Reply

      Nacho Ruiz Rodriguez 😁

  11. Posted by Nicolò Alvise Toso, at Reply

    1:48 when the booty hits your camera but you really don’t mind

    • Posted by Elsa Sjöstrand, at Reply

      Nicolò Alvise Toso oo

    • Posted by Subversive Doge, at Reply

      The Boy liekd it too!

    • Posted by Hugo von Malmborg, at Reply

      Nicolò Alvise Toso o

    • Posted by RMA, at Reply

      Nicolò Alvise Toso WOW GOOD………

  12. Posted by Weeping Fig, at Reply


    • Posted by Geometry Dash, at Reply

      Weeping Fig OMG XD

    • Posted by Weeping Fig, at Reply

      Geometry Dash thx

  13. Posted by Yannick Uhl, at Reply

    2:30 dat sound though

    • Posted by LEGION, at Reply

      +Trevor That sounded like a nuclear bomb detonated… seriously… and the bright sky in addition.. wait what

    • Posted by Pootis Spencer, at Reply

      Trevor That wasn’t sound fx..

    • Posted by Anime 210, at Reply

      Yannick Uhl agree

    • Posted by Stuart Redman, at Reply

      Sounds like the Wizzrobes from NES Zelda

    • Posted by RMA, at Reply

      Yannick Uhl WOW GOOD………

  14. Posted by Satyrox, at Reply

    6:26 Rip

    • Posted by MLGconfirmed, at Reply

      He’s not dead 😀

    • Posted by Porter Davis, at Reply

      MLGconfirmed that person probably broke some bones though

  15. Posted by Oletram Ekaf, at Reply

    5:52 What animal is this?! And did he eat the guy’s surfboard?!

    • Posted by filip peterson, at Reply

      think its was a sea lion

    • Posted by Leiloh xo, at Reply

      lmao its a seal and thats the shape of the board lol

    • Posted by Oletram Ekaf, at Reply

      His board do look like it’s broken, though! ;D

    • Posted by Leiloh xo, at Reply

      haha its meant to be like that

    • Posted by Deisinator, at Reply

      It’s a little angel from hell – he said it in the video!

  16. Posted by ImFlushy, at Reply

    I don’t like how Failarmy starts to use fails over and over again

    • Posted by TheLivingDead_X, at Reply

      ImFlushy well, you better get used to it. they have been doing it for a while now.

  17. Posted by A clown that DOES NOT want 1,200 subscribers, at Reply

    6:02 Don’t you mean, *_It’s a seal from the ocean?_*

    • Posted by Arthur _, at Reply

      Ghostiification Seal of approval!

    • Posted by A clown that DOES NOT want 1,200 subscribers, at Reply

      Ghostiification That is the Sealiest thing I’ve ever heard.

    • Posted by RMA, at Reply

      A clown that DOES NOT want 1,200 subscribers WOW GOOD………

  18. Posted by Taim, at Reply

    6:57 “They’re coming under ous”
    1 second later, let the earrape begin…

    • Posted by TheDragiix3, at Reply

      What happened there

    • Posted by AndrejJanchevski, at Reply

      jaws 5 happened 🙂

  19. Posted by Pugloverperson !, at Reply

    7:30 that’s not funny😶

    • Posted by TheZoroarkTrainer, at Reply

      veeeery funny o( ̄ヘ ̄o#)

    • Posted by Shalom Kaspinov, at Reply

      Pugloverperson ! you got me)