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American Fails (July 2017) || FailArmy


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Pleased Fourth of July! To celebrate America's birthday celebration, we have actually put together an unique fail compilation. Have a favored? Let us know listed below in the comments! If you have a video of your personal, submit it to


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Captain America versus Roman Candles Weapons
Friends Light Mortar Covering in Garage
Multitasking Snowboarder Wipes Out
Hillbilly Falls into River
Parade Cowboy Lasso Performance Falls Off Steed
Girl Faceplants during Challenging Mudder
Firework Incident Discharges at Spectators
Lady Obtains Hit On the Head While Flaunting American Pride
Multitasking Snowboarder Erase
Weapon Fireworks Fail
Female Asks For Cigarette
Prosthetic Arm Carried out During Swimming pool Event
Center Cap Falls off Auto during Parade
Person Falls off Three-Wheeler
Guy Falls Over While Playing Dizzy Bat
Individual Falls With Pyro Fire Stilts
Male Attempts Weights Snatch
Homemade Cannon Breaks
Lady Tries to Drop Hill on Colder
Man Falls on Slackline
Man Faceplants After Playing Lightheaded Bat
Kid Shotguns Juice Box
Man Nearly Gets Struck by Blowing up Refrigerator
Kid Accidently Tosses Bat Over Fence
Guy Slips and Loss in Backflip Attempt Off Pal
Person Attempts to Do Technique on Quad
Woman Tries to Damage Wood in Half and also Falls
Female Falls Off Vehicle Attempting Handstand
Person Falls While Riding With Make shif Rollerskates
Male Tosses Bat at Friend Playing Lightheaded Bat
Giant Ceremony Balloon Pops
Roman Candle light Ricochets and Strikes Boy
Chewing Cigarette Shoots right into Individual's Mouth
Male Tips Tractor Off a Truck
Canine Knocks Down Person Playing Football
Male Attempts to Shotgun a Could of Beer
Firework Falls Over and also Explodes on Pier
Male Falls Off Homemade Kayak
Tractor Explodes at State Fair
Person Uses Ladders as Stilts
Person Breaks Plate on Tummy With Bowling Sphere
Man Does Wheelie on Four Wheeler as well as Crashes
Weights Break off Strap Throughout Individual's Regimen
Exploding BARBEQUE
Captain The U.S.A. old school bmx stop working
Rocking the American flag guy thong

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  1. Posted by Diamonds, at Reply

    Didn’t you post this yesterday?

    • Posted by Break Ass, at Reply

      That was post yestarday. You have got right

  2. Posted by Basil Bäckman, at Reply

    Wait wtf? I saw this already yesturday!

    • Posted by Break Ass, at Reply

      i saw it too

    • Posted by Kalvin Princepyre, at Reply

      tfw they have to upload one video per day but they dont have enough video to compile

    • Posted by byEliteHacks, at Reply

      me 2

  3. Posted by Nico, at Reply

    Who watched the video yesterday too? 😉

    • Posted by Kemsee, at Reply

      +Nico I am 🙂

    • Posted by SIMULATION GAMER, at Reply

      Nico me

  4. Posted by Flipping MoTion3run, at Reply

    it was already uploaded yesterday!

    • Posted by Rick, at Reply

      Flipping MoTion3run they deleted the video then uploaded it for the 4th of July

    • Posted by Puppy Dog Tilly, at Reply

      and here we have a comment that is also 90% of all comments

    • Posted by Flipping MoTion3run, at Reply

      ohh yeah this is my number 1 commend! 😀

    • Posted by Noah gilbert, at Reply

      Flipping MoTion3run iii

  5. Posted by Ultimate Fails, at Reply

    Happy 4th of July Guys!

    • Posted by Southern wolf Productions, at Reply

      Ultimate Fails thanks

    • Posted by Hannah Dyck, at Reply

      Ultimate Fails not for me

    • Posted by The Law, at Reply

      For all I know it’s only Tuesday, but Thanks 🙂

    • Posted by Bottled Windex, at Reply

      Hannah Dyck we didn’t ask

    • Posted by Beckynolife, at Reply

      The Law Hey, “it’s Tuesday” sounds like a perfect reason to set off some fireworks 😁🎆

  6. Posted by Jackson B, at Reply

    I feel like I’ve seen this video before although it was uploaded 3mins ago

    • Posted by Wyatt Brunner, at Reply

      I’m pretty sure junkin videos did a redneck fails and I think fail army stole it

  7. Posted by Caroline, at Reply

    Hey Americans friends! Hello from Europe

    • Posted by MikeVonaT 3, at Reply

      mine’s red

    • Posted by Jannis Wittmann, at Reply

      Caroline Greetings from Germany 🙂

    • Posted by Caroline, at Reply

      Charizard Y nice

    • Posted by Caroline, at Reply

      Brick Top lmaoo 🙁

    • Posted by Caroline, at Reply

      Jannis Wittmann heyy greetings from france

  8. Posted by NoDude, at Reply

    How to know whether a fail is Amercian:
    Is there a gun? – Yes
    Is there at least one overweight person? – Yes
    There you go haha

    • Posted by Taniwha B, at Reply

      R Picifica when you factor in the development of the USA, compared to places like Samoa, and the increased technological advances, the USA is easily one of the fattest countries on the planet, if not the fattest. Just looking at BMI (a flawed measure anyway) is too simplistic.

    • Posted by Driver McSlice, at Reply

      TS Odinson there is no such thing as regular in the USA.

    • Posted by Frostyy, at Reply

      TS Odinson I love it when foreigners talk about my fucking country

  9. Posted by SossarHatarSverige, at Reply

    First clip is in Sweden..

    • Posted by Noah gilbert, at Reply

      SossarHatarSverige OMG IT WAS!!! 😂😂😂 FailArmy…

    • Posted by Jimmy Ferm, at Reply

      Een persoon well, that was a mature comment. But if it makes you feel any better.

    • Posted by donald trump, at Reply

      SossarHatarSverige it was intro it doesn’t count

  10. Posted by Bryan, at Reply

    you should have put Trump on this video.

    • Posted by Sam Harman, at Reply

      Best president America has ever had

    • Posted by Owen Sloth, at Reply

      Not liberal republican but hate dump and cliton equally

    • Posted by EtErNaL LeGaCy, at Reply

      Trump over Clinton any day.

    • Posted by plainbob V.2 boo, at Reply

      @Sam TRUTH BROTHER!!!!!

  11. Posted by NightOwl, at Reply

    Wtf failarmy, you just get shittier and shittier

    • Posted by NightOwl, at Reply

      Happy 4th of July tho people

    • Posted by Tukkinum Num, at Reply

      NightOwl How?

  12. Posted by Une fille Sans idee, at Reply

    French fails pleeeeeaaaaaase 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️

    • Posted by Caroline, at Reply

      Oh ouiiii

    • Posted by BenjoBanjoo, at Reply

      Une fille Sans Idee
      Le Pen wanted to send all foreigners back? What? LOLOLOL. That’s a huge lie.

    • Posted by Mr.Death, at Reply

      Une fille Sans idee Baguette Fails

    • Posted by A P-M, at Reply

      Netflix Ane Chill you know what was France’s biggest fail? Helping the Americans during their revolution

  13. Posted by Everything Nice, at Reply

    American Fail: DONALD TRUMP

    • Posted by Nathan Clepper, at Reply

      anotheranonymoususer ] All of that was debunked buddy. Stop deflecting.

    • Posted by DJ Vinylove RESISTANCE, at Reply


    • Posted by Kygni, at Reply

      Tronald dump*

    • Posted by Hazza, at Reply


    • Posted by Masterpotato, at Reply

      Everything Nice Theres been worse and honestly I’d rather have him over Hillary Clinton

  14. Posted by Tomáš Kalinka, at Reply

    Wait aren´t 95% fails on this channel american fails ? 🙂

    • Posted by game Thief, at Reply

      Omg savage

    • Posted by Nelson Matos, at Reply

      I’d say a good 50 50 between Russians and Americans 😂😂😂😂

    • Posted by Snowball sword, at Reply

      Tomáš Kalinka 40 percent American 50 percent Russian 10 percent other

    • Posted by Thellbro, at Reply

      Tomáš Kalinka *isn’t

    • Posted by Juan Lopez, at Reply

      Nelson Matos the most powerful countrys in the world🇺🇸🇷🇺

  15. Posted by The worst Handwriting lmao, at Reply

    Not all Americans are stupid…….

    • Posted by David C., at Reply

      Kristal Molina you do know there are tons of Americans who have never seen a farm right

    • Posted by Miranda W, at Reply

      David C. Most of those people have never left the city (which is unfortunate).

    • Posted by Húsleves Schey, at Reply

      Not every american, but atleast 90%

    • Posted by DJ Vinylove RESISTANCE, at Reply


    • Posted by Marshall Lonigan, at Reply

      anotheranonymoususer If you call Americans stupid you are calling a ton of cultures stupid, since America is the largest melting pot of diversity in the world.

  16. Posted by Mr. Awesome Frog, at Reply

    i was expecting to see Donald Trump on the list !! too bad…

    • Posted by m bob, at Reply

      Zurr J WRONG

    • Posted by Kioko Fulgarion, at Reply

      Zurr J Nice claim, no proof.

    • Posted by DJ Vinylove RESISTANCE, at Reply


    • Posted by KavikSS, at Reply

      Mr. Awesome Frog isn’t ur profile picture from Bernard bear?

  17. Posted by SlimePack, at Reply

    5:25. I jumped when I saw the bat flying at me

    • Posted by MrDOTLama, at Reply

      omfg me too, so scared

    • Posted by Emely Lucerne, at Reply

      me too…

    • Posted by ty4readingcoment, at Reply

      We all did.

    • Posted by FNAFian Creator/Multifan, at Reply

      Not me

  18. Posted by Balzsack mcdouchwad, at Reply

    Anyone else glad they don’t live in USA or Russia?

    • Posted by *United States Police*, at Reply

      No, I want to live in the USA, (and I’m not a mexican or some muslim or Asian looking for a job) I’m Dutch.

    • Posted by Juan Lopez, at Reply

      Balzsack mcdouchwad hate us bc y’all an’t us

    • Posted by Húsleves Schey, at Reply


      The life standards in russia arent that bad, thats true, but since the sanctions its way worse for most of the people there.

  19. Posted by Adam Sayer, at Reply

    Americans are weird

    • Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

      +Adam Sayer we aren’t normal, that’s for sure

    • Posted by Adam Sayer, at Reply

      Calm down mate

  20. Posted by a. banks., at Reply

    Happy 4th FailArmy… I love you!
    Thanks for airing again. Missed the first. Captain Awesome, just too funny! U/always fun! GBU… and God bless the crazy, but fun U.S.A.

    • Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

      +a. banks. Happy 4th!!