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American Mosque Attacked


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An Islamic Center in Minneapolis was the sufferer of a terrorist assault. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, inform you what occurred. Inform us exactly what you assume in the remark section listed below.

" MINNEAPOLIS (AP)– The Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center in suburban Minneapolis, like other U.S. mosques, periodically receives threatening telephone calls and e-mails. Its leaders claim they're more anxious now after an eruptive shattered home windows and damaged a room as worshippers gotten ready for early morning petitions.

" We seem like it's much deeper and scarier than like something random," Mohamed Omar, the facility's executive supervisor, said Sunday. "It's so terrifying."

No person was harmed in the blast, which occurred around 5 a.m. Saturday. Windows of the imam's office were smashed, either by exactly what the FBI called an "improvised explosive device" or by an item thrown with them. The FBI is seeking suspects as well as trying to identify whether the case was a hate crime.

Gov. Mark Dayton joined other public authorities and also neighborhood leaders for a meeting inside the structure Sunday, defining the bombing as "so wretched" as well as "not Minnesota."

" This is an act of terrorism. This is against the law in America," Dayton claimed at a press conference later, the Celebrity Tribune reported."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by Maw {SVG3}, at Reply

    Some american cracker did it

    • Posted by Maw {SVG3}, at Reply

      Angel Symmetrika a white pale cracker

    • Posted by Maw {SVG3}, at Reply

      Jacob Magnuts ur dumb cause americans have killed many in the middle east

    • Posted by Angel Symmetrika, at Reply

      Maw {SVG3} Wheat Thins then. They are pretty pale. But they’re great with bits of cheese.

  2. Posted by Eduardo García Rodríguez, at Reply

    oh boy get ready for the trolls

    • Posted by JDBlessin, at Reply

      When did the term “troll” morph into, ‘anyone that disagrees with you.’ It used to mean someone that was just trying to get a rise out of people.

    • Posted by RogueBishop89, at Reply

      …So tell me, how new are you to TYT comments?

    • Posted by JDBlessin, at Reply

      RogueBishop89 Too new I guess.

    • Posted by Gøran Greggor, at Reply

      tek2095 Did I? But I don’t see them anywhere. Maybe their comments are buried somewhere way down below where I don’t intend to scroll to.

  3. Posted by dont try, at Reply

    why doesnt the news show this?

    • Posted by BlackKnight101, at Reply

      The largest delusion that people think it isn’t on the news is the fact they learnt about it on TYT. Do you think they have reporters that got this story? No, they get it all of the news networks or other sources like papers.

  4. Posted by Lonnie Frank, at Reply

    Just because you disagree with someones religious views doesn’t mean you can do this. This is outrageous.

    • Posted by kippenkopjes ramos, at Reply

      bigger threat ? is America

    • Posted by Ragnarok Sora, at Reply

      +Lonnie Frank lol Roman was never suppose to be Christian. this right wingers think the first Reich was Western society and Christianity.
      bullshit the mosaic book is also read in islam and Judaism.

  5. Posted by Muh Indi, at Reply

    As an ex-muslim, im glad nobody was hurt. Yet so many are killed by Islamism in where I live. U need to focus on it more often.

    • Posted by Aes Sedai, at Reply

      Mohammad Abdul Taha, don’t listen to them. If you feed these trolls, they’ll get bigger.

  6. Posted by Michael Nelson, at Reply

    We should arrest👮 Trump and put him away for starting all this hatred, bigotry, womanizing, and racism!!!🙈🙉🙊

    • Posted by frededison, at Reply

      No surprise, either you’re a Trump supporter and/or your hatred of the world blinds you. I’m more afraid of Trump in control of nukes than a Muslim I see in public, to be honest.

      Were those violent crimes you mentioned committed by a religion or by a small group of people who used a religion to justify their murders and terrorist activities? I could list Christian terrorists and murderers, will you be fair in your assessment and judge all Christians as hateful and violent (look in the Bible for examples of prejudice and endorsed murder)? Stereotyping every single person of an ethnicity, a race, or in this case a religion, is what a coward, a thug, and a buffoon would do because it’s the simpleton way to indiscriminately fear and hate. You’re a fear monger like Trump, and *you are the reason events like genocide are justified and will continue to occur.*

      Tell me, Johnny the Boy, what is your own religion, ethnicity, or race? I’d like to stereotype you and warn everyone how you are an imminent danger to the safety of this world, based on someone or some group that committed an act of violence in the world, and as any Muslim hating Trump supporter knows is true, is exactly like you.

    • Posted by Steve Mullis, at Reply

      FREDEDISON : Islam is a poisonous mix of death cult, hatred, oppression, regression and wholesale murder all justified by deranged people holding insane beliefs. Those who defend/promote/apologise for Islam celebrate ideological supremacism, religious bigotry, institutionalised misogyny, wife beating, muslim child rape gangs, female genital mutilation, terrorism, honour killings, apostate killing, blasphemer killing, female rape victim killing, slavery etc. All of which form part of Sharia Law.

    • Posted by Water Toaster, at Reply

      Michael Nelson Yes, arrest someone for having an opinion…

  7. Posted by Malaria Trump, at Reply

    I tried to get to get rape by a pack of Muslims once, but they ran away at the sight of my cooch like Bill Cosby did!

    • Posted by aditorium1, at Reply


    • Posted by David Archer, at Reply

      Blacks and muslims will rape anything.The founder of Islam molested a six year old girl.

  8. Posted by Freddy Looger, at Reply

    Comments section has been infiltrated by the alt-right.

    • Posted by Diatonic5th, at Reply

      There is no new *”Alt-Right”* movement. White Supremacy has been around forever.

    • Posted by Get Meme'd, at Reply

      Freddy Looger *sane people

    • Posted by VotelessOrc497, at Reply

      So by the same logic you are claiming you have no life since you are also commenting in the comments.

  9. Posted by Optimus Fine, at Reply

    No comment from Trump on this terrorist attack. I guess Trump isn’t so anti terrorism afterall, eh Trump supporters?

    • Posted by dancinkindofguy, at Reply

      Diana Lopez – wow, Diana, I’m half Cherokee, according to YOU, I’m dead! Damn those Christians for killing me! Can you actually come up with any Christian motivated killing later than the 1800s? Can you actually tell us WHO other than Muslims are conducting 200 fatal terror attacks a month that kill over a thousand people?

    • Posted by cosmo patootie, at Reply

      You are a racist this bombing was done by Muslims trying to frame WHITE people . You fell for it because you are a racist

  10. Posted by Emilio Aguirre, at Reply

    Why didn’t Fox News cover this story?

    • Posted by James Cirrone, at Reply

      Because Muslims are killing thousands overseas right now.

  11. Posted by Amazo Joe, at Reply

    there is a large segment of society that simply wants to destroy anyone who isn’t a white ringwing christian.

    • Posted by Johnny the Boy, at Reply

      reggie – You’re just an Islamophobe! How dare you say such mean things about TYT’s favorite victim group!

    • Posted by ToC, at Reply

      Just as there is a large segment of society that simply wants to destroy anyone who is a white ringwing christian.

  12. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    These trumpanzees will only create more terrorists. America is hated enough as it is.

    • Posted by VotelessOrc497, at Reply

      Cause of libtards king cuck.

    • Posted by guildgsx, at Reply

      +Loony Goons
      The British, Swedes and Germans were as equally dumb and naive as you are. You might want to visit their no-go zones, moron.

  13. Posted by chewyy9991, at Reply

    call it what it is a terrorist attack

    • Posted by Jerry B, at Reply

      Juwoki: 7.7% was the Muslim population in 2010, before the refugee crisis hit Europe. More recent estimates place that number at 11-15%

    • Posted by Number one Duno, at Reply

      It’s an act of patriotism!

  14. Posted by Raiku Anime II, at Reply

    Inside job by Muslim maybe?

    • Posted by Deus Vult, at Reply

      SeKToR Lmfao hypocritical libtard. Aren’t you the ones who claim that most Muslims die by terrorist attacks anyway ? Hypocrites. Nothing but hypocrites.

    • Posted by Ragnarok Sora, at Reply

      maybe. just like inside job for cops killing each other. or cops telling black gangsta to kill left wing black leaders.

    • Posted by Otaku Senpai, at Reply

      U mean like 9/11 was an inside job like Alex Jones said?

    • Posted by Nafees Unnisa, at Reply

      Raiku Anime II noo coz he isn’t Zionist

  15. Posted by Hopelessly Hopeful, at Reply

    Trump supporters: “Fake news, only Muslims can commit terror attacks.”

    • Posted by Diana Lopez, at Reply

      Zachary Angel that’s terrible, hope they were sent to jail or prison for that. Dave Miller, you sound like a terrorist

  16. Posted by Joseph Roman, at Reply

    I thought Republicant’s said that the left are the violent one’s.

    • Posted by Andrew Devine, at Reply

      Joseph Roman Why are there apostrophes in that sentence?

    • Posted by Tom *, at Reply

      They are.

    • Posted by AndroidDoctorr, at Reply

      They also claim Democrats spend more when historically that’s not true. It’s called projection.

    • Posted by The People Wills It, at Reply

      Joseph Roman No it is Republicunts

  17. Posted by Guy McGenius, at Reply

    How much you want to bet it was a hateful racist bigot Trump supporter that did it?

    • Posted by Isaac Azminov, at Reply

      Jeli me fish Then there were 4 different incidents where a Muslim girl was allegedly attacked by racist Trump supporters and in each case the girl lied because she was afraid of her father beating her for being out too late and being too Westernized. There was also the accusation that ‘Trump supporters’ vanalized that Jewish cemetery in St. Louis, turned out to be a black Muslim convert. You’d think the left would quit jumping to conclusions on all these stories because they would be afraid of losing their credibility from constantly being WRONG. But no, they just keep doing it.

    • Posted by Jeli ma fish, at Reply

      Isaac Azminov – You would think so but one of the biggest problems is they very rarely go back and correct the stories or update people. When someone says that their Hijab was stolen by a Redneck in a pick up who spat in her face and kicked her while yelling, “Get Out Of Trump’s America!” it is all over the news. When that story turns out to be false there may be a quick 30 second story but more often then not, nothing is really corrected.

    • Posted by Thor Thorgeson, at Reply

      How much you wanna bet it was a Muslim at that mosque that did this to blame it on non-muslims. Don’t be so ridiculously gullible. These things are ALWAYS done by the people proclaiming to be the victim.. No ifs ands or buts about it.

  18. Posted by Danmandingo, at Reply

    *Wait a second… Minneapolis? THAT’S where those Somali guys were terrorizing local WOMEN.*

    *Did TYT ever cover that incident?* 👺

    • Posted by a7xfabian, at Reply

      Danmandingo source or you’re fake news. GTFO

    • Posted by MrHispanicpride, at Reply

      that was fake news

  19. Posted by Ancient Legends, at Reply

    Muslims worship a pedophile as a prophet. Please tell me again how we need them in our countries?

    • Posted by dancinkindofguy, at Reply

      AMECP – I have to give WHAT to him? How does the irrelevant thing you just said prove him right?

    • Posted by Jus Zajac, at Reply

      It would make scene that white males are the majority of pedophiles in the us but that statistic is very very general. It would make more sense to say what the percentage of the prison population if white, or black, or Muslim. I guarantee it would mirror the percentage of whites, blacks etc. living in the US.

    • Posted by Rayn Wolfsbane, at Reply

      Moses was a pedo too. Read Numbers 31.

    • Posted by Ancient Legends, at Reply

      Pedophilia is still legal in many Muslim countries.
      1,000,000>>>>>>>>1,700 fam. All groups do it, but some do it WAY WAY WAY MORE than others.

  20. Posted by CultureShock Anon, at Reply

    When I was a teenager I had the very fortunate experience to be invited and spend 2 weeks with an Islamic family. I have to say that they really are no different than other families. Just like majority of families that celebrate their belief like the Jews with passover, Afericans with Kwanzaa, Mexicans with a quinceanera, etc. It’s really all the same. Just celebrated differently. I went to temple with them, learned their story behind their religion, danced and listened to their music, etc. It really was a great experience. I often encounter them even now actually and am regularly invited to their home, mosque and celebrations. I actually attend them. Not as often as you’d think but I say I go to these occasions 4 times every few months. I don’t even go for the celebrations but to their house regularly. When I first went into the mosque with this family I was of course nervious but when I walked in everyone was overjoyed to welcome me in with literal open arms, embraces, and smiles. They didn’t even get mad at me for not wearing a hijab and I promise you they weren’t even bad about. I was actually gifted one about 7 years ago on christmas and it is something that I really cherishish so much I have it framed hanging in my living room. When my friend comes to my house and sees it on the wall I know she is super touched that I cherish my hijab that much. I reccomend that if someone of a different culture invites you to experience their lifestyle, give it a chance. It really is an enlightening experience to have with such a loving community experience.

    • Posted by Mohammad Abdul Taha, at Reply

      Ameen sister. Muslim families tend to be much kinder and more generous than nonmuslim families, due to the teachings of The Noble Qur’an.

    • Posted by occam, at Reply

      “My singular experience overrides all of the cumulative data”…..OK

    • Posted by Chris Ruiz, at Reply

      occam yea that is kinda how your brain works your experiences have a greater effect on you