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Americans Afraid To Travel Under Trump


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An increasing number of Americans are afraid to take a trip abroad fearing they would not have the ability to get back into the nation given the existing, Trump influenced, political environment. Ana Kasparian, Kim Horcher and Brett Erlich, the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Inform us exactly what you think in the comment section below.

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" Will certainly Gupta pains to see his moms and dads in north India near the border with Pakistan.

However he can not bring himself to do it. Not yet.

It has absolutely nothing to do with his legal status. He's a lawful permanent UNITED STATE resident. But the East L.a resident worries that his appearance, combined with that he's not yet an American citizen, can create him to be flagged.

Gupta relocated to California greater than a decade ago to working from a pal's garment organisation, and also later obtained a permit.

He can take a trip back to his homeland. However he said the Trump administration is so uncertain that he thinks it "can enact any kind of legislation easily. There's no breakthrough warning. He simply authorizes a paper and also your life could alter." *.

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Kim Horcher, Brett Erlich.

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Kim Horcher, Brett Erlich.


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Young Turk (n), 1. Youthful progressive or anarchical participant of an establishment, movement, or political party. 2. A young person that rebels versus authority or societal expectations.( American Heritage Thesaurus).

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  1. Posted by Christella, at Reply

    Hello i know that nobody cares but it’s my birthday today:)

    • Posted by bloody Scarlet-Uchiha, at Reply

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    • Posted by John Taylor, at Reply

      Hey Chissy Have a wonderful B-day and you look”Marvelous’

    • Posted by Zain Asif, at Reply

      Christella Happy birthday dear. Have an awesome day.

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      Christella A very happy b-day to you then. 🙂

    • Posted by dancinkindofguy, at Reply

      you’re right, nobody cares.

  2. Posted by Paul Henri, at Reply

    let me just say it’s not just the people with green cards that should be nervous I think Americans in general should be very nervous going to another country because Donald Trump has pissed off a lot of people around the world so if you’re an American traveling around the world I’d hide your American flags and not most too much that you are an American are your lives could be threatened and I’m not saying this to be mean I’m just saying that for your own safety because like I said the rest of the world is pissed off it was okay when your actions and the United States only harmed you but now he is doing stuff that is affecting the rest of the world

    • Posted by Nobody From Nowhere, at Reply

      Paul Henri it sounds like Threat.

    • Posted by Lisa Cheney, at Reply

      I agree. The American people must wake up to this reality. They really do have a very dangerous President in the white house. I did not support Obama either. Only because I know that each one only furthers the agenda. But Trump is the most dangerous President in recent history. Ah, hell in history. To ever occupy the oval office.He is isolating America. And that is extremely dangerous.

    • Posted by Nobody From Nowhere, at Reply

      Paul Henri by that logic ALL MUSLIMS ARE TERRORIST.

  3. Posted by will be my end, at Reply

    Americans are afraid of traveling due to Trump, and Trump is afraid of traveling to the UK fearing the protestors there… Seems like we’re living in a badly written comedy film.

    • Posted by elyce hockey, at Reply

      brought to you by kevin feige

    • Posted by Jon Ericson, at Reply

      The Marvel guy? How does that metaphor work?

  4. Posted by Asura Gaming, at Reply

    I had plans to come to the USA in a few years. Now I’d rather wait a few more years. I don’t want to visit the USA under Trump’s presidency.

    • Posted by Harry Bawls, at Reply

      America might not be the best country but no offense it’s still better than lots of African countries where people get executed for being gay or witchcraft and has female circumcision. But I also know America creates lots of problems in Africa too. South Africa, Kenya, and Morocco are probably the best parts of Africa.

    • Posted by tawonga munyanduri, at Reply

      Harry Bawls Yo I’m in Zimbabwe and we don’t have female circumcision but you will go to jail for being gay tho

    • Posted by Rock Johnson, at Reply

      Asura Gaming Europe is declining rapidly. In a couple of decades you’ll be a muslim majority. Enjoy your culture and countries while they last. They’ll be gone soon.

  5. Posted by vandit6354, at Reply

    Ive said it before, as a Brit I dread visiting any U.S. airport for exactly what Anna just described. I’ve never experienced such rude, vile treatment in any other country I’ve ever visited in the world.

    • Posted by Harry Bawls, at Reply

      Here’s a secret, you want BUR not LAX because LAX is hell to navigate and BUR is way less busy. One positive about LAX is it’s closer to PCH. 😎⛪🐓

    • Posted by gmwdim, at Reply

      Pretty sure there aren’t any flights from Britain to BUR.

  6. Posted by Michael Salomonsson, at Reply

    Americans are a lot less welcome in Europe then before as well.

    • Posted by Harry Bawls, at Reply

      Even if we wear anti Trump or pro Bernie shirts? It isn’t fair that I’m badly judged for a dickhead I didn’t even vote for. 😡

    • Posted by Brandon Reed, at Reply

      Michael Salomonsson Trump might even cancel his UK trip coming up.

  7. Posted by Ras Scott, at Reply

    Not only are people afraid to leave the US many are not going to the US for their vacations. Trump is killing the American tourism industry, Even though he claimed to be a job creator he is killing jobs in the Tourism industry.

    • Posted by Luis Rodriguez, at Reply

      Rob Robberson yeah lots, check any tourist site

    • Posted by TheMackoftheyear, at Reply

      +Ras Scott stop with lying bs!

    • Posted by Johan Mahoney-Berg, at Reply

      +TheMackoftheyear stop with the denial

  8. Posted by WikeddTung, at Reply

    Long before Donald Trump I returned from a trip to Paris and going through customs I was looking at my phone which I hadn’t used in 4 days, the agent who took my passport said “Turn your phone off.” I looked around for signs saying you couldn’t use your phones and saw none so I looked at him and said, in as authoritative a tone as I have “No”. We stared each other down for aa few seconds, he stamped my passport and I got the hell out of there. Little men who have a little power think their dicks are much bigger than they are.

  9. Posted by Soshi METAL, at Reply

    I use to have an interest in travelling to America, right now you couldn’t pay me to go there. I’m guessing tourism in America has pretty much flatlined. I’m thinking Trump doen’t need an official travel ban all he has to do is make America the worst country on the planet and no one will want to go there.

    • Posted by Harry Bawls, at Reply

      K but what about cuts that actually help people? Unemployment and poverty were bad things last time I checked.

    • Posted by Young MGTOW, at Reply

      +Johan Mahoney-Berg Welfare and food stumps will make up more than enough for the wall. Personally I don’t care about the wall. I just want Donald to cut cut cut . Mexicans won’t come if there is no aid/welfare and/or if the come they will die off. I hope lot of “independent” women are going to die off as well. They’ll say theyre not feminist anymore and try to find a husband. Hopefully men won’t fall for the trap and marry these whores

    • Posted by Smaakjeks K, at Reply

      +Young MGTOW
      Keep posting. You’re doing more to make yourself look stupid than we could ever possibly hope to accomplish. Hey, talk about military spending next. Should the US end its armed conflicts that are costing trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of civilian lives, and thousands of US soldiers’ lives?

    • Posted by Young MGTOW, at Reply

      +Smaakjeks K​ I predict that the military will be in shortage of men. Men are waking up everyday to the bullshit. Less and less men are going to risk their lives so that ungrateful men-hating whores and self-hating simps can enjoy a free country they never deserved in the first place.

  10. Posted by R M, at Reply

    its only a matter of time before it affects white people.

    • Posted by elessal, at Reply

      did’t you just hear anna’s story?

  11. Posted by BIGWORLD0074, at Reply

    You must be a pale blond blue eye woman or man to get through with no hassle it’s in the TSA manual 😁

    • Posted by Rabolisk, at Reply

      Unless that pale blond blue eyed woman has large breasts, in that case the TSA mush search inside them to find traces of explosives…

    • Posted by Luna, at Reply

      i hope alex jones gets hammed up by tsa then hes not blonde

    • Posted by Biggerstoriessmallerminds, at Reply

      BIGWORLD0074 😂😂😂😂

  12. Posted by Dan B, at Reply

    U know what sucks !
    Last year I was gonna come to America for the first time from the UK, but we went to Spain because my parents are afraid of gun shooters
    Then this year we were gonna come again but my parents don’t like the tension and divide so we are going to Italy instead
    So Trump is affecting this
    It sucks as I wanna go to the USA

    • Posted by Just Bee, at Reply

      michael piro that was a bias comment….next time keep ypur bigoted thoughts to yourself.

    • Posted by michael piro, at Reply

      Just Bee, you go tell that to the daughter whose father was shot in front of her very own eyes 2 days ago. Don’t insinuate that Chicago does not have a problem.

  13. Posted by Ghislaine Desjardins, at Reply

    I’m canadian and I refuse to travel to the U.S.

    • Posted by Griffin Lamp, at Reply

      Ghislaine Desjardins you’re a wise perr

  14. Posted by Germane Russel, at Reply

    I bet someone will find a way to blame the reduction in business on millennials.

    • Posted by Thomas Buchovecky, at Reply

      Germane Russel Or Obama

    • Posted by qwerty qwerty, at Reply

      Germane Russel Its that damn pokeman go!!!

    • Posted by Delightful Gentleman, at Reply

      I bet someone will find a way to say that jews are white

    • Posted by PhedelCastro, at Reply

      Delightful Gentleman Jews are white

  15. Posted by Kawea Luv, at Reply

    I’m afraid to leave. I’m a 3rd generation puerto rican, born and raised in NY. I’m afraid I won’t be able to get back in even though I am a US born citizen just because I am Latina.

    • Posted by PhedelCastro, at Reply

      Kawea Luv if you are a citizen you will have no issue getting back into the country. Stop being dramatic.

    • Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

      WAAAAA WAAAA liberal media said Trump kicks out brown people WAAAAA

    • Posted by Rey Padilla, at Reply

      spooder man the cuck slayer there’s a lot to support that claim and liers follow liers and liers go to hell!!!

  16. Posted by serenity4ever2010, at Reply

    I went to France 3 weeks ago and I didn’t want anyone to know I was grom America because of trump

    • Posted by Tak Giant, at Reply

      yeah, they think we are all idiots, even tho he lost the popular vote.

  17. Posted by G Robinson, at Reply

    lol the people here are online trolls largely…..pathetic, racist, sexist, homophobic (closeted) losers……they get off on this idea.

    • Posted by Olivia Grant, at Reply

      G Robinson you are literally triggering me now. stop oppressing me with your hate full comments. you are probably a white male.

  18. Posted by madelefant05, at Reply

    I’m born in the U.S. and I’m afraid to travel outside the U.S. because of Donald Trump.

    • Posted by Jayzbird16, at Reply

      Wouldn’t be surprised if US citizens didn’t want to travel abroad since Drumpf is making us all look like ugly bigots in the eyes of free democratic travel destination…

    • Posted by Ryan adams, at Reply

      Jayzbird16 I think if I was to travel to another country I would have to make a T-shirt in there language saying, “I didn’t vote for trump dont hate me and or hurt me” lol

    • Posted by Lisa Ddd, at Reply

      bigot is a term invented in the 90’s to demonize who oppose white genocide agenda

  19. Posted by Jodi Van Zaig, at Reply

    The people of other countries don’t want to travel to America now, because trump is president.

    • Posted by Olivia Grant, at Reply

      Jodi Van Zaig I don’t see the problem with that.

    • Posted by zorroboricua brujo, at Reply

      Olivia Grant ,that’s because you got the brain of a trumpanzee, do you have an idea how many jobs in the travel industry will be lost?educate yourself moron!

    • Posted by Abnormal Wrench, at Reply

      Exactly. The less brown people coming here, the better?