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Americans No Longer Trust The Federal Government To Do Its Job


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According to a new survey of the Edelman Trust Barometer, rely on the United States federal government amongst "educated as well as educated" American people has actually dropped by 14 factors in the in 2014, with only 33% of Americans claiming that they actually trust the federal government. The blame for this decline lies with Donald Trump and also the Republican Politician Celebration, yet don't expect them to shed any kind of sleep over this poll. If anything, they'll be commemorating these results, and also Ring of Fire's Farron Relatives clarifies why.

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  1. Posted by Veronica I, at Reply

    I followed TYT thinking they were “for the people” but they are purely leftist. What a shame to not find a neutral channel.

    • Posted by shle20, at Reply

      Well, intelligent people tend to be on the left side of the political spectrum.

    • Posted by Veronica I, at Reply

      shle20 no, intelligent people tend to not be on any side and make objective decisions and votes based on the what running officials beliefs are with hopes they have our main interest at hand and are not as corrupt as Clinton, not because someone is on particular political party.

    • Posted by Annetifa Frank, at Reply

      Center left, not left of mao

  2. Posted by MusicByJC, at Reply

    There is a difference between having distrust in government and knowing that government hasn’t always been honest vs. believing that government is completely untrustworthy and nothing can be believed. I think history provides us with plenty of evidence of different elements of government that have hide, mislead or lied about one thing or another on things that were important and matter. It happens far more often than it should. But that doesn’t mean that government can’t be trusted and they they never tell the truth.

  3. Posted by Ball Ripper, at Reply

    as a straight white man I think its shocking that only 33% Americans trust the government.

    • Posted by stoeger 2, at Reply

      Ball Ripper tell ya the truth i thought it would be less

  4. Posted by Hunter Reid, at Reply

    Has this guy ever shopped on Amazon?
    Cheaper than hail.

    • Posted by Don Post, at Reply

      Not always! Sometimes MUCH more expensive. Get a clue.

    • Posted by Hunter Reid, at Reply

      Don Post provide me an example.

  5. Posted by Norshar, at Reply

    33,000 people don’t represent millions.

    • Posted by poofendorf, at Reply

      You’re an idiot

  6. Posted by Canaan, at Reply

    9 months of trump woke people up to the fact the government can’t be trusted! Now if only we could get people to realize that private corporations are not the answer they are the reason the government cannot be trusted the politicians receive donations from these private corporations and because of that the politicians care more about creating a favorable outcome for the big Corporation than they care about creating a favorable outcome for the American population so the government ensures that the wealthy continue to get wealthier at the expense of everyone else

  7. Posted by Don Post, at Reply

    I love my country, but I hate my govt. Ever since corporations and billionaires were allowed to donate unlimited funds to candidates (aka “buy them”), we’ve been going downhill fast.

    • Posted by xr xr, at Reply

      the USA and Russia have switch sides. I remember when Russia was an oligarchy and the USA a democracy now the USA is an oligarchy and Russia a democracy.

    • Posted by TheRedRaccoonDog, at Reply

      + xr xr No, they’re both oligarchies.

    • Posted by Chet Jonstun, at Reply

      What is “your country”? The geographical zone? The culture? The citizens? Your friends? The military? Something else? If you had to give up on all but one aspect, which would you keep?
      For the elite, “My Country” is the network of super-elites who get to rob the middle class and poor, of America and everywhere else.

  8. Posted by Jason R, at Reply

    TYT, aka fake news, is so entertaining. I especially love their click bait titles.

    • Posted by Big T. Larrity, at Reply

      Ranting about fake news is essentially the new derp, you can be sure that person has reached an advanced state of retardation.

  9. Posted by Andrew Hoye, at Reply

    They don’t hate it, it makes them easy money it’s just that they prey on peoples fears.

  10. Posted by Vile Crocodile, at Reply

    I’m sure calling Trump a Russian spy has nothing to do with it.

  11. Posted by It’s K33M0, at Reply

    Stop the federal reserve

  12. Posted by Cass Axiom, at Reply

    I dont think its just because of trump. Police violence and corruption runs rampant to the point that if a politician ISNT corrupt then its weird.

    • Posted by Big T. Larrity, at Reply

      Which is such a slap in the face to those politicians who do work their asses off to represent the will and wellbeing of the people, and they’re not as few in number as many like to think.

  13. Posted by The Snow Nigro, at Reply

    They most likely haven’t trusted the feds since the 80’s

  14. Posted by Jack Independent, at Reply

    Ty fox watchers for viewing the network and commenting. Your views and subscriptions are useful. Hannity tin foil loving idiots 🙂 we appreciate it

  15. Posted by Thomas Smith, at Reply

    Yeah this is totally Trumps fault. Not Obamas legacy at all. Not the guy that used the IRS to target the ideology that he dislikes (conservatives), used the FBI and DOJ to get FISA warrants to investigate his political opponent, or used his DOJ for FAST AND FURIOUS to try to prove guns were the problem and not the persons using them. Yeah that didnt damage the peoples trust in government at all.

    • Posted by Scott Haselbery, at Reply

      Thomas Smith nope… it’s the psychopath that is the cause.

    • Posted by TheRedRaccoonDog, at Reply

      Nope. The IRS gave conservative groups extra scrutiny because under no sensible definition did they qualify for that status. They were all accepted anyways, only liberal groups were denied. Whoops.

    • Posted by Thomas Smith, at Reply

      TheRedRaccoonDog is that why the IRS admitted they denied the exemption to 36 tea party organizations in 20 states?

    • Posted by TheRedRaccoonDog, at Reply

      +Thomas Smith Literally no basis in fact. Truthfully none of those groups were eligible for that particular tax exempt status. It was a way for rich mother fuckers like the Koch brothers to funnel unlimited dark money into elections.

    • Posted by Antman4656, at Reply

      Yes hopefully people may understand that no matter who is the president the Millitary and foreign policy never changes. The budgets get increased without a blink of an eye. One day Americans might notice their president isn’t really in charge. But it would take a miracle and it’s so easy just to blame one guy. Every cabal needs a fall guy.

  16. Posted by Peter Tremblay, at Reply

    People shouldn’t trust your channel either since you never point out the international bankers and you keep bashing the powerless puppets!

    • Posted by kent ma, at Reply

      you seem to not listen to all their shows, they do that all the time.

    • Posted by Peter Tremblay, at Reply

      Can you please send link of those videos?

  17. Posted by Antman4656, at Reply

    Public companies aren’t there to make money that’s what Donald and corporatists don’t understand they are not meant to make profit. They are there to offer a need to the masses. The military should be the same but it uses private companies now to make bombs. Chiii chiing $$$$ .

  18. Posted by poofendorf, at Reply

    this host should just report the news instead of adding his dull, inane commentary.

  19. Posted by C Robinson, at Reply

    I’m surprised 1/3 trust the American government. I thought it was 1/10.

  20. Posted by alieninthecaribbean, at Reply

    The Government is the HR department of the real rulers of the USA- Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Banks, Big Guns, Big War, Big Agri, Big Prisons etc. It does not matter if it is Democrat or Republican in charge, they ALL answer to the true bosses, the corporations. The GOP just uses racism and religious fundamentalism to pander to its base. The Democrats just use the illusion of social justice to pander to their base. But when it all comes down to it, both parties will always put the profit margins of their overlords ahead of your human rights, freedoms, clean air, water, food, health and education.

    Those who continue marching in the same spot while looking right or left and stuck in right vs. left bullshit instead of looking ABOVE both sides at the Universal issues of Human Rights, Protecting the Environment, True Social Justice and Sustainable Development will keep society stuck and stagnant.