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ANOTHER Celebrity Nude Photo Leak


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Hackers have once again leaked pictures of naked celebs from their exclusive accounts. Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich, as well as Kim Horcher, the hosts of The Young Turks, inform you who was impacted. Tell us what you think in the remark area below.

" Miley Cyrus is the most recent celebrity to have individual naked photos leakage online.

Miley is apparently the most recent celebrity to have her nude photos leak online, as numerous reports are asserting nude pictures of the pop celebrity located their method online on April 11.

Miley's nude snaps apparently struck the internet after the celebrity's account was purportedly hacked, just days after her fellow previous Disney star Demi Lovato's supposed nude photos leaked while a multitude of various other stars, consisting of Amanda Seyfried, likewise had their naked photos surface area previously this year.

Miley's naked images were uploaded online by the site Superstar Jihad, inning accordance with Chatter Police, who declared that a variety of naked images of Cyrus turned up on the internet revealing the previous Hannah Montana star "posing provocatively" as well as purportedly in numerous states of undress.

Inning accordance with the website, the photos supposedly showed Cyrus "totally nude in a sauna" while the website also asserted that one more photo that leaked supposedly revealed Miley "putting on overalls while topless."

It's not clear the amount of naked images of Miley were leaked amid the latest hack, though the website declared that there were "a handful" of naked pictures of Cyrus published to the site presumably show Miley "posing provocatively in scantily clad outfits." Seyfried required last month that the site remove her naked photos by intimidating lawsuit."

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Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich, Kim Horcher

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich, Kim Horcher


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  1. Posted by Syrup Forever, at Reply

    Still no Sweden coverage.

    • Posted by Kaname Tōsen, at Reply

      wehweh3 celebrityjihad

    • Posted by bla bla, at Reply

      doesnt fit their agenda…

    • Posted by F Fuentes, at Reply

      They already covered it you low IQ neatherthals.

    • Posted by Apple Jack, at Reply

      F Fuentes this isn’t new. these inbred apes always cry when tyt doesn’t cover something and when they finally cover it not a peep

  2. Posted by bigbangzGaming, at Reply

    i thought celebjahad was fake lol

    • Posted by Elijah wood, at Reply

      they have alot of real leaks thought

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      Twitter – naked celebs/celebrity skin.

  3. Posted by Cookie Monster, at Reply

    Having nudes on your phone and having money in your house are two totally different things dumbasses

    • Posted by deddjay, at Reply

      Storing them in any type of online cache is basically the same as posting them to instagram these days. Look, it was shown before storing stuff like that in the cloud ISN’T SAFE. This is the equivalent of storing your money in someone’s HOUSE, a house that’s been broken into multiple times.

    • Posted by deddjay, at Reply

      People “shrug their shoulders” because we can’t seem to STOP THEM AT ALL. What exactly would you like to happen? There will always be people who will look at the leaks just as there are people who will buy stolen goods. There will always be hackers looking to break into their accounts, just as there’s always someone looking to steal money from passers-by. People have to take care to guard themselves. Whining about “shifting blame” or telling us all about how bad the hackers are does absolutely -nothing- to keep people’s stuff safe. Period.

    • Posted by BushidoBrownSama, at Reply

      not really any difference money in your house is far easier to steal then photos on your phone

    • Posted by Cookie Monster, at Reply

      I’m not even going to start a convo with you, just know that u should kys

  4. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    This is why most ladies don’t like neckbeards.

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      That’s probably true. I realise you are rich etc still you seem to have a lot of integrity so don’t do it to yourself.

    • Posted by Super Saitama, at Reply

      Hal Jordan Never understand females….bc neckbeards have almost 90 percent chance of stealing a girl away from almost anyone

    • Posted by nikada vise, at Reply

      its the only way neckbeards get to see naked women…they should all be ended….fat ugly losers

  5. Posted by Master Of Fates, at Reply

    Why not only take those photos but KEEP them? Like if someone hacked my phone all they would get is pics of my puppy. Not saying it’s right to hack for nudes but I mean come on…

    • Posted by Dan Doodle, at Reply

      Hal Jordan He’s not justifying the crime. He’s criticizing their stupidity. If a robber robs an empty house with a door wide open. Then that’s a crime. But the owner is also stupid for not considering his home security.

  6. Posted by Gary Turbo, at Reply

    Who in the hell wants to see Miley Cyrus?

    • Posted by ThatDutchguy, at Reply

      Gary Turbo Not me Yikes 😲 ❗

    • Posted by Lucrezia, at Reply

      The real question is, what else is left to see?

    • Posted by ANDREW MAGLOIRE RAM DEM, at Reply

      Gary Turbo your so right dude, i would rather look at lisa ann.

    • Posted by Jesus is a faggot, at Reply

      lol miley is fugly

    • Posted by United States of Embarrassment, at Reply

      I don’t know why but Miley Cyrus could might as well be a dude for me, you couldn’t pay me to even look at her twice.

  7. Posted by King Darious, at Reply

    Time to fap.

    • Posted by Raf Amador, at Reply

      King Darious Wheres the link?

    • Posted by King Darious, at Reply

      Raf Amador Just go to Celebrity Jihad.

    • Posted by Balsac Teabaghar, at Reply


    • Posted by Chavez Knows Movies, at Reply

      King Darious literally after i saw the title i hoped right to chrome

    • Posted by Money guy, at Reply


  8. Posted by Dook, at Reply

    Sweden terrorist attack? Oh right. Doesn’t fit the narrative

    • Posted by blistified, at Reply

      fake comment

    • Posted by The Video Crook, at Reply

      Hal Jordan have a link to vid where they talK about it??

    • Posted by Sayuas, at Reply

      Hey, Islam is the religion of peace. How dare you imply otherwise?

  9. Posted by ben kennedy, at Reply

    why would so many celebrities take nude photos of themselves when so many have gotten hit? it makes no sense.

    • Posted by Daakist, at Reply

      Its a publicity stunt from washed up celebs. No one cares.

    • Posted by Chaoitcme, at Reply

      Daakist So you are saying that Jennifer Lawrence and Scarlett Johansson are washed up celebs?

    • Posted by Andrewlina Jolie, at Reply

      YOU GUYS REALIZE CELEBRITIES MAKE MONEY OFF THESE LEAKS RIGHT? There’s no such thing as bad publicity!

    • Posted by guildgsx, at Reply

      +ben kennedy
      What exactly would you expect from brainless Liberals? LOL

  10. Posted by cali correa, at Reply

    You know Ana is scared her nudes leak

    • Posted by Julio Brian, at Reply

      My thoughts exactly!

    • Posted by Kyoto_ Stryder, at Reply

      starsgirl0414 She’s most definitely not a Christian, because she supports gay marriage

    • Posted by CHRISTIANNWO, at Reply

      Ana doesn’t take nudes.

    • Posted by Scott Gibson, at Reply

      CHRISTIANNWO Bet shhe does.I hope she keeps better track of themAna is hotI wouldn’t mind seeing nakedpics of her.I would rather,she give them to me herself than get them through some scumbags treachery.I don’t agreebwith her politically,but still enjoy watching her

    • Posted by yemo34, at Reply

      cali correa took the words right outta my mouth.

  11. Posted by I thought this was america !, at Reply

    why do celebrities always take nudes ?

    • Posted by fae chan, at Reply

      Regular people also take nudes. The difference is nobody is actively trying to hack into their devices and leak them.

    • Posted by Silene Costa, at Reply

      normal peoples in many places also take nudes it’s not just something about famous. I never take this photos it’s not my personal choice but i don’t suport hackers. They do many ilegal things not just with celebrities and not just about nudes. The only diference is that when they do something with someone famous this became news on TV and maybe they could be stop. In this case no one stop this guys or maybe womans cause we don’t know who they are.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Silene Costa
      They’ll eventually find him and destroy him. They did the same with the J-Law hacker. It’ll be great.

    • Posted by Megz B, at Reply

      It’s sad that you can’t see that nobody has even once been a victim blamer they just stated a fact of life. You probably can see it through but you get your jollies from lying non-stop and pretending people are making arguments that don’t exist, which goes far beyond “sad”

      I don’t see you denying that famous people are more likely to be victims of these kinds of crimes, because it is literally true. Not once did you deny that, instead you just whine incessantly about the way the statement was phrased.

      Nobody needs to store nudes on their phone, nobody. It’s a dumb thing to do that almost guarantees that they don’t stay secret for long, especially if a lot of people know who you are. You pretend like it’s impossible to live that way when it couldn’t be simpler – ‘Don’t store nudes unless you’re willing to have them leak.’

      It’s a fact, you never once denied it. Your entire point is based on lies and character assassinations. You think a photo leak is the same as being violently raped in the street. You are a child. We’re done here. Unlike you I don’t have days to waste on YouTube I actually have a life to live.

  12. Posted by America's Imperialist, at Reply

    Came to show my support by down voting this garbage. Anyways, my thoughts: celebrity women should probably stop taking naked pictures, knowing the inevitable consequences.

    • Posted by Four-Eyed Koi, at Reply

      America’s Imperialist Yeah and women should also stop going out in public because they could get raped.

      Women should also not own a home and have nice things because someone could break in and steal what they have.

    • Posted by America's Imperialist, at Reply

      +Four-Eyed Koi Agree. They belong in the kitchen or in bed with their legs open.

  13. Posted by Janopooh, at Reply

    Doesn’t the NSA have access to it anyways?

    • Posted by The Truth, at Reply

      Janopooh they can

  14. Posted by Mariano Dessardo, at Reply

    Does Miley Cyrus care though.

    • Posted by The Truth, at Reply

      Mariano Dessardo ikr

  15. Posted by Shadownian, at Reply

    You know I dont want people having naked images of me, so you know what….
    I dont take em.

    • Posted by TheScreamingMoist, at Reply

      Pretty straightforward plan there. Makes sense to me.

  16. Posted by KAELANIME, at Reply

    Wait, Miley Cyrus wears clothes?

    • Posted by BestSpartansForever, at Reply

      KAELANIME the first female in american society to be accepted to walk naked on the streets

    • Posted by KAELANIME, at Reply

      BestSpartansForever Yeah.

  17. Posted by ajt222, at Reply

    How can it be called a celebrity leak when I have never heard of any of the people involved . Has the meaning of the word changed ?

    • Posted by ajt222, at Reply

      profd65 not all of us have the time or inclination to study in minutiae the D list celebrity pool . Busy you know or perhaps you don’t .

    • Posted by leipero, at Reply

      Good question, i was like who da f**k are those people, plus theya re ugly af.

  18. Posted by Adnan Walker, at Reply

    lol thanks for telling me the names and that their was a leak!

    • Posted by LHCBlackHole, at Reply

      They don’t realize how hypocritical they are…

    • Posted by bawniey, at Reply

      they’re morons