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Another Racist Statement from Trump Administration


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  1. Posted by l_AM_ONLlNE, at Reply

    Racism is our strength.

    • Posted by Mr407Mike, at Reply

      Probably all you have isn’t it? Loser.

    • Posted by ComicSans, at Reply

      Trump is a moronic idiot

    • Posted by Achiron Øs, at Reply

      ewwwwwwww Chunk Ogre and his brainwashed minions

  2. Posted by Dr No, at Reply

    His forehead is mesmerising…

    • Posted by Dr No, at Reply

      Manc26 Eh?… Explain?

    • Posted by Beep Beep Imma Dragon, at Reply

      He needs an avocado or honey and tumeric facemask.

    • Posted by jack johnson, at Reply

      HOLY MOLEY….what is that hairy black thing on his face….eewwww

    • Posted by Sam Burns, at Reply

      I bet it’s very oily too.

  3. Posted by Aroon 5, at Reply

    Wealthy white neighborhoods exist off the labor exploitation of workers in minority communities

    • Posted by Heisenberg, at Reply

      Aroon 5 WE WUZ KANGZ

  4. Posted by JOOGAL1111, at Reply

    Lol Cenk dislocates his shoulder stretching on this one.. also he’s a mind reader apparently.

    • Posted by Mohammed Islam, at Reply

      JOOGAL1111 the many talents of cenk the psychic escapologist

    • Posted by Daniel Stone, at Reply

      youre a communist.

  5. Posted by sloth7sloth, at Reply

    “Another greasy close-up video from Cenk!”

    • Posted by Jimmy Talbot, at Reply

      Says the moron with an obsession with clowns and clown make-up.

    • Posted by KatchouroBlade, at Reply

      Greasy fat Turkish dude needs to exfoliate more.

    • Posted by sloth7sloth, at Reply

      @Jimmy- Wait, what? What does that even mean?

  6. Posted by Lauren Brown, at Reply

    Crime is not a morality problem. It’s a poverty problem.

    • Posted by Margaret Garbincus, at Reply

      Stephanie: So, how about all of those poor people who lack money and opportunity who do not commit violent crimes? I think that blaming violent crime on poverty is a huge slap in the face to those poor people who are kind, empathetic and peaceful. I agree that the environment in which some poor people live is more challenging – BUT it does not cause the crime. A person needs to make a decision to be violent or not. By saying that poverty is the cause of crime gives people an excuse to be violent – and how does that solve anything?

    • Posted by best gamer g, at Reply

      Lmao….her pic says it all!!

    • Posted by Margaret Garbincus, at Reply

      CAM I agree that the government has played a role in the plight of the poor in our country, but in knowing that, wouldn’t it behoove those in poverty to end the cycle? The government today does not force 14 year old girls to get pregnant – and then to continue to do so with multiple fathers who are in no position to support their children. This in why I am so against de-funding Planned Parenthood – a place where anyone can obtain free birth control. I was a young single mother on welfare. The only thing that got me out was that I decided to postpone having more children ( I went to Planned Parenthood and they provided the birth control I needed to do this) so I could get an education so I could support my son and provide health insurance, etc. No one seems to want to speak of the obvious – the more children a woman has, especially out of wedlock – the more difficult her life becomes.

  7. Posted by soccerguy325, at Reply

    Hey trolls, how about watching the video before disliking, hmm?

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      DubsteinWithSmoke – Snowflake?  Says the ‘person’ who got triggered enough to lash out at someone else for pointing out the obvious.
      If you want people to think of you as an intelligent and well considered individual then you just failed with that comment you made.

    • Posted by I'm Jack's Nipples, at Reply

      it continues to ammuse me how un tech savvy marxists like you are, you don’t even know what a troll is.

  8. Posted by John Flannigan, at Reply

    another race baiting video from Cenk! it is a cultural problem, that’s not racist. young black men are like 4% of population yet commit over 50% of crime, including murder. 4% of population commits 50% of the murders. no, it’s not an economic problem, well, that’s certainly part of it, but there are more poor whites in the country than blacks and they don’t commit anywhere near the amount of crime the black community does. the lack of father’s is certainly a factor in the high crime rate of black men. this is a know fact, boys without father’s are aways at a higher risk of being criminals , doesn’t matter what color they are. black men commit an insane amount of crime, it is a cultural problem, it’s not because they’re black. black people arent born with higher criminal tendencies. it’s the culture, the poverty, and yes, lack of father’s. facts aren’t racist.

    • Posted by Desiree Fowlks, at Reply

      Margaret Garbincus whites have the exact problem so stop dumping on blacks. comprehensive sexual education across the country will reduce teen pregnancies, sexually transmitter infections, and provide educational opportunities further along.

    • Posted by Kalu Abay, at Reply

      John Flannigan white men make up 31% of the population but make up 70% of all rapists. must be a white culture problem

    • Posted by Margaret Garbincus, at Reply

      You are off point – this discussion is not about pedophilia. It is about violent crimes like assault and murder.

    • Posted by Margaret Garbincus, at Reply

      I did not say that violence is the only solution to violence – what I said is that, when a person is at their breaking point, and, as a young person having little guidance when dealing with high stress and when they see violence being used to cope with stress in their environment, this is the how young people tend to deal with their own stress. I don;t need a “study” I see it everyday and I talk with young people everyday dealing with these stressors. That is why we have employed conflict management programs where I work – because our kids do not have the tools to deal with stressors, and this is why they resort to violence – fighting has skyrocketed in our school when our demographic changed. It is not about blame – it is about trying to get to the root of the problem so we can offer solutions for our kids. We do cannot help our kids if we pretend that there isn’t a problem….

  9. Posted by Gregory W Trump SS Colonial Militia, at Reply

    This guy needs to take a shower.

    • Posted by Edward Moran, at Reply

      Actually Kenny its more of an observation than an insult, the Fat Old Brown Turk is greasier than deep fried Chicken.

    • Posted by Daniel Stone, at Reply

      why are you in front of a sign that says “RUMP” is that where you like to be fucked?

  10. Posted by WanderingTaoist101, at Reply

    Trump is racist. Water is wet. So what else is new?

    • Posted by Alpha Designs, at Reply


    • Posted by Peter Labrada, at Reply

      MovieManiac33 I guess you forgot when he said all Mexicans are rapists ,but what would you expect from a trump sycophant

    • Posted by Kizzo, at Reply

      WanderingTaoist101 Don’t know about that Jeff Sessions claim. But Mexican rapists are pouring over into the borders is fact. What policies has Trump or Jeff Sessions implemented during his Presidency that was racist?

  11. Posted by Savage-American Imperialist, at Reply

    Fake Newwwss!

    • Posted by Daniel Stone, at Reply

      real comunisssttt!!!!

    • Posted by acceptjesusorburn, at Reply

      Tasteless fake news.

    • Posted by Mr407Mike, at Reply

      Sure thing moron.

    • Posted by Dodahbay, at Reply

      “Fake Newwwss!” But real stories

  12. Posted by Sponser Pee, at Reply

    whats this big fat brown aborted buffalo doing on my screen?

    • Posted by Sawyer Neilson, at Reply

      You clicked on the video you dolt.

  13. Posted by ziah Reid, at Reply

    I know a lot of viewers aren’t going to like hearing this but I’m going to say it anyway. At this point, it is obvious that Chicago is not able to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals. So why not give the citizens of Chicago back their right to defend themselves? Shouldn’t we be asking ourselves why the crime rate is so much lower in the areas surrounding Chicago, where it is so easy to obtain firearms?
    If the US was isolated like Australia, then a nation wide ban could potentially work to reduce gun violence. Since we’re not, the only thing that a ban would do is give the cartels a new source of revenue and give criminals a monopoly on firearms.

    • Posted by Outlaw7502, at Reply

      You don’t just give up, you have to start somewhere. Europe has had a messy history, has a population of over 500 million and has largely managed to stop people from getting firearms.

      Saying we should just stop trying to control them because it’s not working right now is like saying “Hey, let’s legalise rape because what we’re doing clearly isn’t stopping all cases of rape.”

    • Posted by Michael Claro, at Reply

      The crime rate is lower in surrounding areas because those areas are rural and somewhat wealthy. Wherever you have high poverty, you will have high crime. It’s as simple as that.

    • Posted by WikeddTung, at Reply

      ziah Reid
      I disagree with your idea but applaud your thoughtful, grown-up argument. It’s exhausting having to read through so many troll comments. It starts to seem like the right has no intelligent things to say ever. Good for you.

    • Posted by ziah Reid, at Reply

      Addressing a few things that have been brought up. I don’t think that we should stop all types of gun control. It should remain illegal for felons to possess firearms. I do support background checks being required in the sales of all firearms.
      I am aware that areas with high population density are more likely to have a high crime rate but based on the information I’ve seen, the crime rate in Chicago has been increasing since the ban. My main point is that gun bans in cities like Chicago seem to make the problem worse. The fact that violent crimes are so strongly linked to poverty, should tell you that gun bans are an attempt to treat the symptoms and not the disease anyway.

    • Posted by Outlaw7502, at Reply

      ziah Reid if we’re gonna have a gun ban, it needs to be nationwide. If not, you can just buy guns from nearby states.

      I’m from the UK, so guns are banned outright. Now, clearly the US is different. I’m aware that it would be almost impossible to ban guns because there would be too much opposition from those who support the second amendment. But the US needs heavy regulation. That means not allowing criminals to own guns and banning semi-automatics (because why the hell would anyone need those).

  14. Posted by Devious Critter, at Reply


    TYT = CNN = FNN =


    • Posted by pistolpete667, at Reply

      Devious Critter he’s gonna debate (((shapiro)))?

    • Posted by Devious Critter, at Reply


    • Posted by yawnos, at Reply

      Devious Critter really? all you got is all CAPS insults? congrats being the worst troll I’ve seen all day.

  15. Posted by pantsontheground, at Reply

    More race baiting from TYT. Your network is just the MSM now, you should feel horrible.

    • Posted by X0Lt0X, at Reply

      Looks like you built yourself a Strawman there Petter, got a crow problem?

    • Posted by Aussie with world view, at Reply

      pantsontheground – Race baiting? “Some mexicans are rapists and some are nice people” Who said that??

    • Posted by X-man, at Reply

      Aussie with world view. you did while trying to purposely take words out of context.

  16. Posted by Nationalist Realist, at Reply

    Only racism in America today is against whites and TYT perpetuates this with with Fake News coverage demonizing whites.

    • Posted by Alton Benny, at Reply

      niggas got their foot on your neck

    • Posted by Michelle R, at Reply

      Nationalist Realist Civilized white people agree turd

  17. Posted by Great Owl, at Reply

    That’s a lot of mental gymnastics there Cenk. At least the Trump administration is concerned, because Obama didn’t give a damn about his hometown.

    You afraid Trumps administration might actually help the blacks in Chicago?

    And like the typical Loser liberal punk, instead of trying to actually help all they’re going to do is call everyone racist.

    • Posted by Fuctmentality, at Reply

      Great Owl I’m taking about the fact that most people aren’t criminals, keeping non criminals from selling criminals guns makes it harder for criminals to get guns. How does your statement change that?

    • Posted by Great Owl, at Reply


      Those laws already exist.

      And if a non-criminal sells criminals a gun, that would make the non-criminal a criminal.

    • Posted by Lasting Sincerity, at Reply

      criminals obtain guns from legal gun owners. less guns in society means criminals are less likely to have guns as seen in the EU and Canada

  18. Posted by Ken Adams, at Reply

    Racist trolls have been triggered…all you have to do is put the words “racist” and either “Trump” or “cop” in the title and they get their tiny little panties in a knot, bahahahaha

    • Posted by Jenny McIntosh, at Reply

      Get a life.

    • Posted by Luis D., at Reply

      Same with you leftist morons when Donald Trump deports an illegal.

  19. Posted by Blue -eyed, at Reply

    TYT is the biggest racist propagandashow on youtube.

    All they do all day long is to hate white people.

    Fu you nazi-Cenk.

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      Blue-eyed – Sorry to have to point it out to you, but you are a racist, you’re a bigot and a liar. You come to this channel only to spout hatred and your disdain for TYT, despite the fact that all they do is talk about things that have happened and then give their opinion those things (just like we all do, every damn day.  Ordinarily I would have gotten angry at your bullshit and proceeded to hurl insults at you while tearing your arguments apart, so I hope you appreciate the effort I am making here to simply debate the truth behind your lies and projections.

    • Posted by Grey Mouser, at Reply

      You really should loosen that uniform dear.

  20. Posted by The Coletrain, at Reply

    wow. the comments are quite an example of response bias. look at all the triggered conservatives…