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Antarctica Just Got A Lot Smaller…


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A Delaware-sized iceberg has fallen off Antarctica. This is great. Cenk Uygur as well as John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Inform us what you think in the remark section below.

" One of the biggest icebergs ever tape-recorded broke short Antarctica's Larsen C ice shelf previously today, according to satellite images and researchers that monitor such things, permanently changing the shoreline of our planet's icy continent.

Two times the size of Long Island and also packing a trillion tons of ice– completely melted, that's enough water to fill Lake Michigan– the recently birthed iceberg appears like an ideal symbol for our overheating globe. However there's a much more complex story at play.

You may be believing: Should I have relocated to the hills of Coloradoyesterday? Well, this one iceberg itself (most likely to be called A68) doesn't mean much on its own. Its "calving" (as researchers call it) was likely mostly all-natural, and it was currently drifting, so it won't contribute significantly to sea-level surge. As well as there are various other regions of Antarctica which contain significantly much more ice.

Now the clock might be ticking on the collapse of Larsen C itself, beginning one of one of the most potentially essential natural science experiments in human history. By very closely watching exactly what happens at Larsen C, we'll be able to learn more about what could occur to the rest of Antarctica in our life times, and also fine-tune sea-level surge forecasts for the coming years." *.

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Hosts Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.


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  1. Posted by Kaito, at Reply

    rip the earth is fucked

    • Posted by Landon Letterman, at Reply


      We have conkered destroying species, AND UNDESTROYING THEM!

      We *WILL* figure out how to destroy this heenous destruction of our planet! It is what we do best!

      And when we can’t find the off switch too *THAT*, we WILL master a thing to destroy the thing that is destroying our heenous destruction of the planets environment!

  2. Posted by FUCKtrump FUCKtrump, at Reply

    Republicans are trying to kill our grandchildren

    • Posted by aide garfio, at Reply

      Oh yes literally, pick a subject -+- any subject about this statement. They are throwing everything to the wall and see what sticks on this agenda.

    • Posted by Andreu Martínez Villarroya, at Reply

      Okay so go everyone go vegetarian so we can use coal and fossil fuels instead of cleaner more efficient energies so big companies can have their way. Stop talking if you have no science education, you shouldn’t be able to be represented on those issue. A normal community doesn’t let dogs vote and neither should human race with those unable to understand basic science.

    • Posted by Screenplaya, at Reply

      Which is weird because they generally ONLY care about unborn children.

  3. Posted by Alani Lagoa, at Reply

    I’m sure this is just a Chinese hoax….

    • Posted by Alani Lagoa, at Reply

      aaron Salentine I was being sarcastic 😕

    • Posted by Real Life, at Reply

      Alani Lagoa of course it is.. lol and the earth is flat

  4. Posted by MrKenichi22, at Reply

    Were done. America cannot help itself, we will die.

    • Posted by MrKenichi22, at Reply

      MrBrybry303 I am dumb? First this berg the size of Delaware, What next? How is it dumb to be a realist about the biggest polluter in the world?

    • Posted by bobby, at Reply

      We all die eventually.

    • Posted by MrKenichi22, at Reply

      bobby So you are OK with everyone dying immediately? Even the Children? Wow you don’t care if we go extinct today do you.

    • Posted by Real Life, at Reply

      bobby then kill yourself. why prolong the inevitable

  5. Posted by UCFTyler, at Reply

    Hope republitards are happy!

    • Posted by acceptjesusorburn, at Reply

      Do libs not use fossil fuels?

  6. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply


  7. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    This proves climate change is not real and our current president is a “geniass” for pulling out of the Paris climate agreement! LOL

    • Posted by JayWZeroNine, at Reply

      Jamie Cox scientist have said this is not the effect of climate change.. do you watch anything?

    • Posted by sailormanariel, at Reply

      JayWZeroNine, Of course it is associated with climate change. It is one more nail in the coffin of climate change deniers. It is too big to be a coincidence.

  8. Posted by Rontay Gibbs, at Reply

    Yo crazy white libs think ice is killing the ocean ‘n she!t! You dumb af homies!

    • Posted by Anna Roeloffs, at Reply

      Just from reading this comment I think my IQ dropped 10 points.

    • Posted by motchka, at Reply

      So it would appear.

    • Posted by Marilyn Cleopatra, at Reply

      It’s a serious issue but hardly a serious streaming site, babes in Troll land.

  9. Posted by Seth N, at Reply

    Nuke California please

    • Posted by Andrew Higuera, at Reply

      Seth N we need to nuke the south to much inbreeding

    • Posted by Memes Be Like, at Reply

      +Stone Gasman but I live in Florida :'( what did I do

    • Posted by Memes Be Like, at Reply

      +Andrew Higuera I haven’t been to Alabama are there rednecks in Florida please don’t nuke it m8 my family is too broke to fly a plane :'(

  10. Posted by Eay Dagawd, at Reply

    Stfu. The earth freezes and heats up. Low iq

    • Posted by MatterShim, at Reply

      Yes the earth freezes and heats up, but the AVERAGE global temperature continues to rise. The problem isn’t that theres snow storms or heat storms. The problem is that when you combine the weather around the world and average it out, every year it gets hotter and hotter.

  11. Posted by soccerguy325, at Reply

    Republicans champion human extinction.

    • Posted by minombre esnada, at Reply

      Yep, because they think only Dems are human so it’ll only affect them.

    • Posted by minombre esnada, at Reply

      DCavalacade, lame comment. If you’re going to troll, do better.

    • Posted by panzerabwerkanone, at Reply

      Democrats supported slavery, secession, opposed civil rights and founded the Klan. So yeah only Republicans are evil.

    • Posted by Real Life, at Reply

      panzerabwerkanone in like the 1800’s Lmao. your slower than a three legged turtle if you believe that nonsense.

  12. Posted by Alex da Vinci, at Reply

    Don’t worry, folks. The repubes’ leader says climate change is a myth.

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      And Demtards say natural climate cycle science is a myth

  13. Posted by Zachary Xavier, at Reply

    And yet Republicans deny climate change, something that is right in front of them?

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      Democrats are natural climate cycle science deniers.

    • Posted by Real Life, at Reply

      Dragon1717 Why do you side with groups that don’t have your best interest in mind. that goes for dems and reps. learn to think for yourselves

  14. Posted by Sarbjit16, at Reply

    We’re doomed.

    • Posted by acceptjesusorburn, at Reply

      Do you live in Antarctica?

    • Posted by yumri4, at Reply

      we are not doomed our grand children and descents of them are if the trend keeps on the predicted route by the UN but if that route is wrong we might be doomed sooner or later depending on how it is wrong also the climate scientists are getting more information about what effects the models to put in so they can make a more accurate model of how this will work out
      the general thing is somewhere between 2030 and 2100 we will have not enough of the ozone left to protect us from the UV rays of the sun big range but that is as predicting decades into the future is tricky and their are more variables to it to this if we change a few the ozone will not go away enough that we will have to stay inside with special windows to keep out UV radiation from the sun
      the wild animals are already changing to meet the new conditions to what is happening to the Earth though humans are really not doing much and trying to preserve the environment we need to survive instead of adapting to another to change to survive

  15. Posted by Ali Sarsour, at Reply

    You are correct that the iceberg won’t raise water levels because it’s already in the water. But as it melts and becomes liquid is should /could decrease water levels. When ice melts it takes up less space. When you freeze water it take up more space and would make the water level increase.

    Yes if the ice is not in the water falls into the water then that could raise the water level.

    • Posted by Liedetector101, at Reply

      Ali Sarsour Your sister is a terrible person

    • Posted by Ali Sarsour, at Reply

      Liedetector101 well then we are in agreement that my sister is a horrible individual. I refuse to speak to her.

    • Posted by Ali Sarsour, at Reply

      peter maybe you should work on this station since you know more then the two arrogant numbskulls who are hosting this show.
      الله أكبر

  16. Posted by The Phelddagrif, at Reply

    But her emails!

  17. Posted by atombond, at Reply

    This was caused by actions over the last 100 years, but somehow this is trump, republicans fault? I’m not even a trump fan. TYT are not being honest here.

    • Posted by Uzi Cooper, at Reply

      what race are you

    • Posted by Herve B, at Reply

      Noone said this particular iceberg was caused by Trump. But he says Climate Change is a hoax and Republicans have been denying Climate Change for over 10 years….so yes, its kinda on the GOP.

    • Posted by minombre esnada, at Reply

      You miss their point and I’m sure you’re a trump fan. Most people who oppose trump can exercise some critical thinking. The point is, while this is not directly trump’s fault, trump/republican policies of bringing back coal and nixing environmental protections/policies will only lead to more problems. The republicans refuse to admit there is a problem and instead want to go back to dirty factory stacks lining city skies and rivers that catch on fire. And they only want to do it to spite the “liberals” and every other country on the planet. It’s petty, stupid, and immature.

  18. Posted by Abel Ortiz, at Reply

    I don’t see what people see in these dirty fossil fuels, those industries are dying. We are in need for a green revolution

    • Posted by Marla, at Reply

      its also the cattle industry releasing methane gas in the air which contributes to the problem

    • Posted by NickTheGreatAndPowerful, at Reply

      Abel Ortiz
      Or a French Revolution… Or a Bolshevik Revolution…

  19. Posted by shadowdance4666, at Reply

    Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water