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Anti-Trump FBI Agent Has Hillary History


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Peter Strzok evidently had no love for Hillary either. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola, the hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Tell us just what you assume in the remark section below.

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" Former FBI agent Peter Strzok aided create the controversial letter to Congress sent out by then-FBI Director James Comey announcing the reopening of the probe right into Democratic governmental candidate Hillary Clinton, according to e-mails gotten by CNN.

Strzok, that in 2016 sent lots of anti-Trump sms message in what conservatives have called clear proof of bias, co-wrote the first draft of the letter but was uncertain about reopening the examination so near to the election, sources informed CNN in a report released Wednesday.

The day after Strzok sent his draft to coworkers, Comey launched the last version of the letter, bringing Clinton's e-mails back right into the spotlight simply weeks prior to Political election Day."

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola


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  1. Posted by Tony León, at Reply

    Clocks winding down Dems, memo release coming.
    Your party is over LOL

    • Posted by Patrice Regis, at Reply

      Tony León release it then we waiting

    • Posted by A Nonymous, at Reply

      I also find it funny how so many people are worried about Trump employing martial law, when that’s exactly what Alex Jones was saying Obama would do. On the one hand, Dems are behaving like Alex Jones… On the other hand, maybe AJ is projecting himself onto Dems from the future xD

    • Posted by goodfella21f, at Reply

      Tony León its now in trumps hands. Why wouldnt he release a memo that would absolve him of his treason? Oh thats right, cuz its partisan feces.

  2. Posted by Zamasu Pepe, at Reply

    keep supporting Hillary and get ready for Trump 2020.

    • Posted by BattleMage, at Reply

      Trump 2020 for what?
      prison rent boy?

  3. Posted by kingjonny, at Reply

    The fbi needs to be abolished

    • Posted by Angela Siegfried, at Reply

      Ya, because living in under a dictatorship would be awesome!

  4. Posted by Dos12ce, at Reply

    Why are you guys bringing up Hilary? You know trump supporters get triggered. Poor snowflakes. “ENEMY! YOU ARE MY ENEMY” (Alex jones voice) 😂

    • Posted by Tom the Swede, at Reply

      Dos12ce it’s like he was in the room!

  5. Posted by dan t, at Reply

    The Trump trolls have arrived in the comments.

    • Posted by Lost Biscuit, at Reply

      +TheUltimateBeing 01 I love the trolls. Otherwise this would be an echo chamber.

    • Posted by Danneald Trank, at Reply


  6. Posted by A Nonymous, at Reply

    It’s funny how he just did a video on how right wing talk radio is dying and that we should just stop covering it to let it die out.

    Y’know.. that’s kinda what we’re trying to do with Hillary.

    • Posted by LordAaronus, at Reply

      ur doin it wrong

    • Posted by Subzero Tolerance Judge, at Reply

      Hillary disbelieve Olivia Munn in 2011. Hillary failed to fire Jordan Charitan and enabled office rape orgy involving 4 employees, Hillary failed to fire all these bad impure species. Cenk and Ana are the purest MeToo warriors like Alex Jones and Jeanine, they have every right to witch hunt a private citizen Hillary. Hillary has been singled out by holiest puritans as the Enemy of the Alternative Church. Resume stoning the witch. Crucify her now.

    • Posted by HerkimerSnerd, at Reply

      Subzero Tolerance Judge. Hey Comrade. You need to take some more English lessons before you pretend to be American.

  7. Posted by Hugh Jaynuss, at Reply

    What about the FBI covering up for Hillary…..waiting on that story still

    • Posted by Angela Siegfried, at Reply


    • Posted by some body, at Reply

      Hugh Jaynuss Fake NEWS

  8. Posted by Hugh Jaynuss, at Reply

    What about the FBI covering up for Hillary…..waiting on that story still

    • Posted by LordAaronus, at Reply

      just make your own video

    • Posted by Angela Siegfried, at Reply

      I hope you’re patient. 🙂 Maybe it’s time to come up with a new conspiracy theory?

    • Posted by some body, at Reply

      Hugh Jaynuss That never happened you deranged lunatic.

    • Posted by ghost dawg, at Reply

      Holding your breath will get the results you need. Hugh buttholeo

  9. Posted by Nick Balis, at Reply

    I hadn’t watched a TYT video in several months before tonight. I remember why now.

    • Posted by HerkimerSnerd, at Reply

      Because you are too stupid to understand, and should go back to My Little Pony videos? Is that why?

    • Posted by Nick Balis, at Reply

      Because I’m awesome, Angie.

    • Posted by Nick Balis, at Reply

      SB, I got lucky.

    • Posted by Nick Balis, at Reply

      Herk, I prefer Rainbow Brite.

    • Posted by Airborne Gibbon, at Reply

      Wow it’s awful…

  10. Posted by Dana Chapin, at Reply

    The right has become a random conspiracy generator.

    • Posted by The Canadian Crusader, at Reply

      Dana Chapin When you guys won’t shut up about Russia collusion? Please.

    • Posted by Soul Sage, at Reply

      So you think the pee gate conspiracy theory is real too? Lol, such an embarassing comment to make. At least the right wing name their sources instead of use anonymous sources like the left always uses.

  11. Posted by Jay Mac, at Reply

    The only difference is, in 2016 they never not once made it public that the FBI was investigating the Trump campaign, but they had no problem revealing that they were investigating Hillary…

    • Posted by Kim Jong-un, at Reply

      Jay Mac
      Hillary clinton committed a crime with her e mail server , are u that dumb?

    • Posted by Jay Mac, at Reply

      Kim Jong-un

      You must be a dumb Trumpeter.

    • Posted by Jay Mac, at Reply

      Kim Jong-un


  12. Posted by Drd20, at Reply

    I hate Trump but let’s stop ignoring the elephant in the room. Clinton was guilty of dozens of crimes anyone else would have been prosecuted on and locked up for. Clearly, this is even more evident with evidence the FBI was biased and covered up Clinton’s crimes. So yeah, is Trump guilty? Yes. Of financial crimes obviously. Clinton is too. Why are we tolerating a government that violates equal justice rampantly for “Friends” and “rich people”?

    • Posted by Jon Smith, at Reply

      because Clinton had multiple investigation, had to take the stand and speak for hours. If we truly talking about treating everyone equally, Trump should do the same. If they were bias, for clinton they would of talk about the trump investigation like they did Hillary

    • Posted by Edward Kwasi, at Reply

      Drd20 Hillary is not in office or under investigation. U have to put out the house on fire before talking investigating whos started the fire. Common sense

    • Posted by HerkimerSnerd, at Reply

      How many more times do you want her investigated? How many more millions do you want to spend on top of the millions Republicans spent beating this dead horse? The only people that care about Clinton these days are MAGAtrash degenerates desperately trying to deflect from the Moron in Chief.

    • Posted by Reflex, at Reply

      You know what? You’re right. When do the Hillary Clinton impeachment proceedings start?

    • Posted by zOgOs, at Reply

      Drd20 You need to stop watching FOX dude.

  13. Posted by El Guapo, at Reply

    Y’all sound like Fox News

    • Posted by Despicably Irascible Rapscallion, at Reply

      I don’t know how Faux even speaks, with those orange balls on their chins.

    • Posted by Richard A., at Reply

      But no leg show!
      Where are all the stripper heels?

    • Posted by Golgotha_Mythos69, at Reply

      @El Guapo – <<<

    • Posted by bobby, at Reply

      At least FOX has opposing viewpoints, something never seen on TYT. Never.

    • Posted by Richard A., at Reply

      TYT is not a news company.
      Fox isn’t either, but claims it anyway.
      TYT never says “fair and balanced” does it?

  14. Posted by David .Caley, at Reply

    Peter Strzok is what a FBI agent should be..a cynic and someone who distrusts disbelieves and dislikes everyone equally.

  15. Posted by Mike Samra, at Reply

    Cenk. Stroyk’s wife was running for office as a Dem and got 700k from HRC Dems. I don’t know where your sources come from but I doubt they have much validity. The FBI spied on the Trump campaign thru a fake dossier and this is why they don’t want the memo released. The investigation was about Russian collusion. There is none and Kyle Kulinski, Jimmy Dore, and several Bernie Sanders supporting sites all say this investigation is nonsense and makes the FBI and the DNC look bad because you ignore the real problems with the Democratic party. I get why you do these pointless stories because you want to give your liberal audience some hope but most of them have come to the conclusion that this investigation does nothing but make Democrats look like they have nothing to offer which they don’t.

    • Posted by petiyakanda, at Reply

      Mike Samra Seems you have confused Strzok’s wife with McCabe’s wife who received $700,000 for her campaign. This disregard for facts invalidates whatever other points you are trying to make in your comment.

    • Posted by Shie H., at Reply

      Ya. McCabe, not Strzock. And, anyway, shock, gasp, the FBI agents are Americans and they vote? The fact that Comey, Meuller and even McCabe have been lifelong Republicans probably has passed by you also. And, “nothing” in the Russia investigation that is still ongoing? You mean, besides Manafort, Gates, Papadopolous and Flynn? That nothing burger? 🙄

    • Posted by Stranger Happened, at Reply

      Cenk’s report is *FAKE NEWS. The writing of the letter to reopen the investigation on Clinton was not Strzok’s initiative, he was asked to help with that, but did not want to do it* as the very article this propaganda “news” report is based on. Unlike when the case when Strzok was the initiator of changes to Comey’s earlier statement on Hillary mails that has made it to impossible to legally prosecute her.

  16. Posted by machete joe, at Reply

    Cenk is an idiot that paraphases so he dosnt have to be exactly right. You mislead on the content and seriousness of the texts.. You left out the parts about having a “plan B” that they discussed in “Andy’s office” ((Andrew McCabe))… Cant wait for those memos tho…

  17. Posted by sheepnoisebah, at Reply

    you know who else had no love for Hillary? TYT. imagine the FBI agent being Cenk, anti-trump bias still stands.

    • Posted by Eironeia JSPS, at Reply

      If there’s no love for Hillary it’s purely because there isn’t much there to love. Shocker, but people have a hard time loving someone’s public positions if they know that person has contradictory private positions. She got my vote, but she never had my love… when you’re forced to pick the lesser of two evils, you shouldn’t also be expected to love the lesser evil.

  18. Posted by WoWFiend2005, at Reply

    Meh, means nothing. Guess who’s NOT president? Hillary.

    But it’s fine. Make sure you continue ignoring the current “president” while he tears your country apart, piece by piece, and works the country into a war(s) it can’t finish.

    • Posted by CREvothegreater, at Reply


    • Posted by zOgOs, at Reply

      Whats the point to your commemt? You started one way then went another.

  19. Posted by tutenkharnage, at Reply

    Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. So you’re telling me the Republicans made up a bizarre fantasy about a political opponent and watched in horror as reality unraveled it? I mean, color ME surprised, amirite?

    • Posted by Kim Jong-un, at Reply

      Lol its ironic alex jones became more main stream because of this

  20. Posted by AZOffRoadster, at Reply

    The society was so secret that even it’s members were unaware of it’s existence. That’s pretty effective.

    • Posted by MrDeedsly, at Reply

      Right that’s secret society 101.