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Antonietta Ledezma On The Political Arrest Of Her Father


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Antonietta Ledezma's papa is a democratically chosen mayor that has been arbitrarily detained. John Iadarola (Host of ThinkTank), discusses the political imprisonment of Caracas mayor Antonio Ledezma at Oslo Flexibility Online forum.

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  1. Posted by Derek Gordon, at Reply

    Venezuela another tragic example of the failure of socialism.

  2. Posted by Pound_Cake1, at Reply

    why don’t tyt send someone to cover the bilderberg meetings. it’s going on now. and the media isn’t talking about it. isn’t that something tyt likes to do??

    • Posted by Indigo Blue, at Reply

      Pound_Cake1 💰

    • Posted by Pound_Cake1, at Reply

      Indigo Blue they can afford it is in virginal this year. it’s even worse they didn’t cover it. tyt will eventually sell out the bigger they get.

    • Posted by Indigo Blue, at Reply

      Pound_Cake1 eventually?

  3. Posted by Edward Moran, at Reply

    Nice work Communism.

    • Posted by Daniel Redeffer, at Reply

      This is not Communism, his government is a Bolivarian form of Socialism. For you to deduce this complex situation to a simple jab at an Economic System shows how uneducated on this topic you are and how the US education system has poorly explained to you what Communism and Socialism is.

  4. Posted by Vans, at Reply

    “It’s not anymore about a political ideology, we’re fighting for our human rights”.

    Take notes america.

  5. Posted by gian2412, at Reply

    as a Venezuelan who follows TYT from year now; I really thanks you for this, the situation here is worse than never; TYT showing what happens here is more important than ever.

    • Posted by Simon Westman, at Reply

      Yet more proof that socialism leads to horrors.

    • Posted by The Lilium, at Reply

      So sorry to hear about what’s happening in Venezuela. This is horrifying. Keep strong!

    • Posted by alejandrotopo, at Reply


    • Posted by james smith, at Reply

      Venezuela use to be the 4th richest country in the world. The leftist governments failed so? An wven further leftist government came to save the day!!!

    • Posted by Nestor Makhno, at Reply

      Viva la revolución! Long live Castro and long live Chávez!

  6. Posted by Inactive 33, at Reply

    Trump is better than Obama

    Like if you disagree

    • Posted by IdarkphoenixI, at Reply

      My toenail clippings are better than Obama

    • Posted by Spoder Man, at Reply

      President Trump is best president!!

    • Posted by IdarkphoenixI, at Reply

      Spoder Man
      One of the only Presidents to actually keep their campaign promises.

  7. Posted by IrishKitty1024, at Reply

    With Trump in office, the United States is on the feet of Venezuela.

  8. Posted by Chris Draper, at Reply

    Trump should run for Pres of Venezuela. Sounds like he would fit right in.

    • Posted by Spoder Man, at Reply

      Actually, that would be Bernie

  9. Posted by Karl Liebknecht, at Reply

    Of course! A conference sponsored by Soros and organised by Thor Halvorssen would have to feature the plight of a persecuted white Venezuelan “dissident”.
    It never ceases to amaze me how the vast majority of these people are of European descent.
    Go figure.
    The viewers should be reminded that Maduro was also democratically elected, not only her rich daddy.
    She’s playing the Ukrainian card by implying that the man is a dictator. The playbook is always the same.

    • Posted by Jose Correia, at Reply

      Karl Liebknecht you should go live in Venezuela so at least you get some idea of what you are talking about

    • Posted by Andres Canache, at Reply

      Come to Venezuela… I would say come live here but i’m 100% sure you won’t last 24hours in the country.

    • Posted by Andrew Hodges, at Reply

      maybe that’s because most people in this country are of European descent

  10. Posted by Frankish Empire, at Reply

    Praise socialism….

  11. Posted by Christian Paredes, at Reply

    Thank you for keeping everyone informed about what is happening in my country

  12. Posted by Johnny Blazem, at Reply

    Lol socialism at its finest

  13. Posted by Spoder Man, at Reply

    TYT: We’re TOO STRONG we don’t need corporate money!!!

    TYT: This message was brought to you by Square space

    • Posted by Jax Teller, at Reply

      Spoder Man Yeah, that giant multinational corporation Squarespace LOL

    • Posted by Dehibernation, at Reply

      I’ve heard you need to wear a suit to make an account.

  14. Posted by Hate Refined, at Reply

    Man this is fucked up!!!

  15. Posted by Gibran Rojas, at Reply

    Young Turks… I am a Venezuelan and I want to thank you with every single cell of my body for giving my people a voice and spreading truth around the world… keep doing the amazing job you guys ve been doing! I’ve been a fan for over 4 years and with each day I can see that you are truly committed to humanity and truth

  16. Posted by 5% dick ball ratio, at Reply

    Disliking TYT vids is one of the simple joys of my life….

  17. Posted by Jax Teller, at Reply

    People who blame this on “socialism” have *ZERO* historical/political/regional knowledge.
    Please read books people.

    • Posted by Justin F, at Reply

      Jax Teller I mean it’s not like the U.S has ever done anything to do with Latin America.. /s

  18. Posted by Daniel Redeffer, at Reply

    The United States has done enough to “help” Venezuela. This current situation is exactly what the US Government and US Corporations have been trying to do since 1999. Everyone loves to pick and choose what is real and fake when Wikileaks publishes leaked Diplomatic cables. Stop choosing what fits your narrative. Read The Wikileaks Files Chapter 19 and see for yourself. This started because the US lost dominance in the oil market down there. Look up how the CIA uses USAID as a front to send funding to the International Republican Institute, the National Democratic Institute, and a social society group DAI global. These companies have been using money and subversion tactics to rally opposition forces against the Bulivarian movement since Chavez took democratically held elections, and Maduro who also won democratically. These organizations also infiltrate the voting process. MUD the coalition party that Maduro would not allow on the ballot and should not (because it is not a specific party) was formed through these US backed organizations. The US has also funded parties within MUD, promoted politicians who have ties to US interests, and pro US policies. I’m not here to support what Maduro is doing, however the US has a policy for creating a situation that Leaders will become more authoritarian as the US further cuts off all ability to lead democratically.

  19. Posted by james smith, at Reply

    TYT supported this government

  20. Posted by The Purity of Chaos, at Reply

    Skipperino TYTerino: 0:16