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Are Alternate History Shows Harmful To Society?


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Black Twitter is quite mad concerning a new alternating background show "The Confederate," do they have a point? Are alternating background reveals unsafe? Enjoy the complete episode here:

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  1. Posted by uncensoredClassics VEVO, at Reply

    TYT rules!

    • Posted by elyce Hockey, at Reply

      uncensoredClassics VEVO i second that

    • Posted by The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, at Reply

      Rules in hell.

  2. Posted by Sleepingangel0134, at Reply

    Slavery still does exist, the USA prison system is the root of it.

    • Posted by robert ramirez, at Reply

      Sleepingangel0134 lol no.

    • Posted by Sleepingangel0134, at Reply

      Yes, all this so called war on drugs is a joke. and is only used to imprison minorities. when cocaine was in the sodas and sold in the catalogs. for whites to by, it was legal and acceptable in society. And in that same logic, drugs was used to conquer China and black neighborhoods. (because the CIA was the drug dealers and still are to this day. and it’s the big bad black people who are the cause of the drug craze in this country so let’s put them in prison. But until now recently, it’s being told on the news , how whites are suffering from the drug craze as well but it’s being spun that, they need mercy and help!
      This country’s hypocrisy knows no bounds!.

  3. Posted by The Fruitcake, at Reply

    TYT advocating for another cold war with Russia is more dangerous.

    • Posted by The Fruitcake, at Reply

      +Kevin Montrond Unnecessary sanctions being justified with flimsy claims of Russian collusion will start a cold war.

    • Posted by Sergio Abreu, at Reply

      But the sanctions are being justified by the confirmed election tampering not collusion. I understand your point but thats not the problem

    • Posted by The Fruitcake, at Reply

      +Sergio Abreu What tampering? Every study shows no amount of tampering could’ve changed the outcome. Our elections are too decentralized. Even the hacking claim got debunked since the leakers were American.

    • Posted by Sergio Abreu, at Reply

      The Fruitcake You surely know that 4 federal agencies have confirmed Russian meddling, even the more recent Kushner emails confirm this. The meddling doesn’t need to change election results completely in order to be an issue. Any skewing of the election of the most powerful person on earth, in what is thought to be a free election is troublesome. Hillary lost because of herself but we shouldn’t wait until they can change the result to do something. Are you referring to the French Hack? If so there is no evidence the group is related, if not I’d appreciate a link to the story

  4. Posted by hofifut, at Reply

    Cenk doesn’t watch alternate history shows. He simply participates in actively denying the Armenian holocaust

    • Posted by imnotmike, at Reply

      Oh, it’s a holocaust now? Idiot. Trump literally denies the Armenian _genocide._

    • Posted by The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, at Reply

      +imnotmike No one cares if Trump denies the Armenian Genocide.

    • Posted by imnotmike, at Reply

      +The Phantom Thieves of Hearts – No one cares if Cenk denies the Armenian Genocide either. This is just a silly trolling point – a mud slinging strawman attack used by loser conservatives who know they’re on the wrong side of history but can’t bring themselves to admit it, so they turn to such pathetic attacks instead.

  5. Posted by Dehibernation, at Reply

    We have to learn from history. We have to remember the horrible things we’ve done to others. We have to get upset and disgusted so we don’t do it all over again.

    Avoiding sensitive topics, that aim to educate (i.e. which have no malicious intent) just because someone will get offended is beyond idiotic.

    • Posted by Max, at Reply

      No, having laws that prohibit such behaviors should be enough. Allowing people to try to make a profit over getting one side upset over the others is what we should learn from.

    • Posted by G Man, at Reply

      Max if people dont know their history they are doomed to repeat it. this is why they keep our true history hidden and distorted

    • Posted by G Man, at Reply

      hofifut well the youtube, google algorithms are not conspiracy theory this is admitted information that they are manipulating search results, have been for a while…and now they have just come forward and STATE that they will now start to “hide” videos that fill a certain criteria (basically at their discretion) in a “limbo” like state. so now it will become waaaay harder for us to do our own research without being indoctrinated by bs like how facebook is doing right now. there are 5 companies that run the entire media network, and they are on the left. the left invested in media and the right invested in oil. in that sense the left had the foresight to realize the power they would gain through the media (propaganda machine) but they are using it for incredible evil….to hide the truth from people to purposely keep them from having the ability to effectively pursue a better, happier life and it is quite despicable to say the least. i know i sound like a nut but unfortunately truth is stranger than fiction….ive been onto these issues for 15 years or more but since ohbummer gave china control over the net, now its really becoming apparent. everything that man did weakened our country and our people….and i know he did it on purpose because be is a globalist puppet, sent to usher in the nwo

    • Posted by G Man, at Reply

      hofifut there are a lot of sjw’s out there with click bait titles, they do not get anywhere near the views. they (the entities that put up the money for tyt to exist in the first place) pay certain companies to get their search results at the top of the suggested boxes. the “trending” feature doesn’t just show us what everyone else is watching and thats why its trending….companies pay to have videos “trend” and then they get put to the front and more people see them then click on them, simple as that. it is very naive to think that this would not be happening with the millions of dollars to be made alone….(not to mention the influence) these are kindergarten tactics to these corporations that are using platforms like youtube to change the fabric of our society to turn us even more into the ultimate mindless consumer/workers and VOTERS! just check out this new generation we have, they have grown up never knowing any different and its taken a MAJOR tole on their grasps of reality in many cases.

  6. Posted by spoder man hates TYT, at Reply

    How bout (((hollywood))) stop making slave movies/shows every 2 months? We know it happened, move on!!

    • Posted by spoder man hates TYT, at Reply

      rencrow whatever, racist.

    • Posted by rencrow, at Reply

      You must be confused. I’m not white.

    • Posted by Edward Bernayse666, at Reply

      did you know that serfdom was actually slavery and the serfs were white people?

    • Posted by Savage-American Imperialist, at Reply

      +J Briggs *VIRTUE!?*

  7. Posted by FaceWhatsAhead, at Reply

    We all still have slavery. Stop ignoring the prisons!

    • Posted by FaceWhatsAhead, at Reply

      Not really that common a reason in the jails I’ve been in. It takes far less than that to enslave you. Rape and murder are quite rare, even in prisons. Also those reasons are getting rarer while incarcerating people is not.

    • Posted by The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, at Reply

      Actually slavery. In places like Qatar and Mauritania.

    • Posted by Ancar Willis, at Reply

      Donaldthustra the majority of people in prison aren’t there for violent crime, most are in for drug related reasons, but honestly that’s not the problem. The biggest issue we have is that we have to many for profit prisons. No individual should make money off someone else’s incarceration unless they are the victims of said crime. If you want to put criminals to work for the state cleaning roads or whatever that’s fine but the state should get those profits not some random guy who just so happens to own a prison.

    • Posted by worldgate989, at Reply

      @ancar – I agree 100%.

  8. Posted by FaceWhatsAhead, at Reply

    goddamnit I hate when ppl talk about slavery like it was an era and it is over. It is not over at all

    • Posted by blistified, at Reply

      rencrow is a known troll and jackass

    • Posted by FaceWhatsAhead, at Reply

      People in prison for whatever reason have to work when told. They have to do what they are told. Not all are guilty. Most shouldn’t be there. There are no resources to advance yourself. It tears families apart.

  9. Posted by Jameel Archer, at Reply

    Everyone making money off slavery but we can’t get our reporarations

    • Posted by flashpeter625, at Reply

      +Jameel Archer Wave of silence? Have you ever heard of a thing called “sleep”? Oh yes, there are different timezones than yours, you fantastically educated genius.
      No, my country was not part of the Marshall plan, because allied leaders shat their pants when confronted by the Soviet ones. Also, Marshall plan was not a reparation by any means. It was a tool to establish political influence, and a tool to prevent overheating and collapse of the US economy. There was obviously absolutely no benevolence in it, but you can only understand that if you are not “educated” in an American elementary school.
      Also, if you were not educated “so well”, you would understand an argument by simile. I am not arguing anything by myself, I am just showing that your point is crap by using your logic on an analogous situation. I don’t want reparations, because I am sane. But if I use your stupid logic, I would have to ask for reparations, and you would have to pay them. The simile holds, and you are inconsistent.

    • Posted by Jameel Archer, at Reply

      1. the marshall plan was money to rebuild nations. that’s the main point, who cares who got what and what it’s “officially” called. 2. there were reparations paid after ww2 so your point that it can’t/shouldn’t happen is not relevant 3 like i said before if you aren’t saying what country you are from…shut up! and more on.

    • Posted by Jameel Archer, at Reply

      This is my last comment on this topic. My point for all those who missed it is about being pimped. When everyone is making money off your pain but you you’re being pimped.

  10. Posted by Robert M, at Reply

    It would have been better if they tackled a scenario where America lost the war for independence. George Washington and his generals tried and hung for treason. Plantation fields seized by the British government while plantation owners who funded the war are imprisoned or left destitute. The effects that would have had on slavery considering some black people fought for the British with the promise of freedom should they win. Imagine if that was honored and slavery ended much earlier than the historical account. Imagine instead of civil war reenactments, there are people staging the war of independence.

    • Posted by Robert M, at Reply

      kerlygurl that’s quite the homework

    • Posted by kerlygurl, at Reply

      Robert M Yeah, I guess sošŸ˜¬

    • Posted by B4TT3RY, at Reply

      Some black people fought for the colonies as well. Free black people who made the free choice to fight for the colonies. By your proposal, you’d have blacks hung on television alongside Washington, effectively pissing off both sides of the snowflake spectrum lol

    • Posted by Robert M, at Reply

      B4TT3RY I said generals not foot soldiers so there’s a bit of wiggle room there otherwise I’m an equal opportunity offender

    • Posted by B4TT3RY, at Reply

      I understand the distinction and appreciate your open candor, true there were no black generals but to imply that blacks were just footsoldiers is downplaying their role in the revolutionary war. There were blacks who garnered great respect and companionship from the white men that everybody in 2017 believes were all nothing but racists who wanted land to open up slave plantations. Peter Salem and Prince Whipple were more than footsoldiers, and likewise there weren’t any black generals fighting for the redcoats either. It’s just an aspect of history that gets oversimplified and forgotten. Even my description is oversimplified and excludes details, like how some actively did resist blacks being given freedom to fight as patriots, and some blacks were promised freedom for fighting and never received it.

  11. Posted by John Patton, at Reply

    If the idea of this show offends you, then you are either super privileged and narcissistic and don’t care about people who actually need help (aka people in poverty etc), or you’re just outright stupid and don’t understand how to better focus your time/energy helping people who really need it.

    • Posted by Derp Phil, at Reply

      +mostliberal I honestly hope you change your name in the future because starting give liberals a bad name. I hope the person who like your comment was your self.

    • Posted by John Patton, at Reply

      Derp Phil pretty sure he’s a troll

    • Posted by mostliberal, at Reply

      John Patton NO IM NOT, MOTHERFUCKER!

  12. Posted by TheSonOfAGunFrom410, at Reply

    There is NOTHING wrong with confederate.

    • Posted by rencrow, at Reply

      Confederacy were traitors and so are their white supporters.

    • Posted by Chilly, at Reply

      Yes, I too delete comments when I’m a dumbass

    • Posted by Sterling, at Reply

      Now look who was the better person but dropped down their level. That was unneeded

  13. Posted by Janno_O, at Reply

    I mean your version about the Armenian genocide is also alternate history

    • Posted by Mephistahpheles, at Reply

      You don’t think it happened?

    • Posted by Steve G, at Reply

      Really? What is Cenk’s view of the Armenian Genocide? Not the view he had in 1993, but the one he has now?

    • Posted by hofifut, at Reply

      +Steve G
      Cenk still hasn’t acknowledged it happened. And you guys still trust this guy to be honest with others news?

  14. Posted by lolfeg, at Reply

    Whites were first to end slavery.
    Blacks owned more slaves than whites.
    Muslim slave trade was far worse.
    Alternate history ? Teach it !

    • Posted by Expert Opinion, at Reply

      lolfeg, small correction: Muslim slave trade _is_ far worse. TheyĀ maintainĀ the practice to this very day. I don’t think they teach kids _that_ in school!

    • Posted by Max, at Reply

      Who went to smaller and weaker villages and put who in chains to get them on ships? Did 10 men in a rowboat just rowed up and took who ever they wanted?

  15. Posted by ralphinator2, at Reply

    Even if the South did win the war, slavery still would have been over no later than WW1. If they still had slavery, the rest of the world would sanction the holy hell out of them.

    • Posted by JD Strife, at Reply

      That’s why it’s fiction. All alternate history is bullshit for the fact it didn’t happen. Doesn’t mean it can’t work. Furthermore, if the universe is different, maybe several different factors are different to allow for that change.

    • Posted by StylesisTNA, at Reply

      JD Strife Well yeah, but the original poster was arguing realistically if they had won they would have had to end slavery. Then I just gave a counter argument to what you said about their post.

    • Posted by manband20, at Reply

      I take it you watched the Alternate History Hub’s video as well?
      And to answer the above question, it’s because the rest of the world had gotten rid of slavery and made it illegal. Why would a country trade with a pro-slavery nation when it can do it with a free one? And no, the US wasn’t isolationist. Manifest Destiny, the Monroe Doctrine, the Spanish/Mexican Wars, and Teddy Roosevelt saw to that.

  16. Posted by StylesisTNA, at Reply

    Personally I think alternate history is great, but I do wish there was more variety. Too much of it focuses on Nazi’s and the South, and I’m still waiting on a alternate history of Alexander’s empire not falling apart.

    • Posted by StylesisTNA, at Reply

      Chilly Sounds great too. The possibilities are endless, but sadly the genre loves Nazi’s and the south so to speak.

    • Posted by Simon Winn, at Reply

      I’m would be interested in ‘If the British won the Revolutionary War’, one thing I know is that slavery would have ended about 3 decade before they did in this timeline.

    • Posted by Edward Bernayse666, at Reply

      what if the bolsheviks had failed in russia 100 years ago?

    • Posted by Chilly, at Reply

      Or what if the Russian revolution had gone as planned, and Stalin had not purged the party?

  17. Posted by ropisfun, at Reply

    Slavery still exists. Look at places like the middle east and Africa and Asia. People always talk about open slavery as if it’s all in the past.

    • Posted by John Nolan, at Reply

      Not just the Middle East. Slavery is still extremely common in much of India, East Asia, Indonesia, Africa, Northern South America, Eastern Europe, and Russia. More than 1 million people living in Russia are currently slaves, and numbers are way higher in India and China. Just about every poor country except Cuba has a serious problem with slavery and human trafficking. And there are hundreds of thousands of both forced labor and sex slaves in Europe and North America, with at least 60,000 in the US alone. Slavery is still a thing, it’s just been driven underground.

    • Posted by Scooters Videos, at Reply

      We have wage slavery here. Most people don’t earn enough to ever get ahead so they have to work forever.

    • Posted by ropisfun, at Reply

      Scooters Videos Are you honestly comparing that to actual slavery…?

    • Posted by Scooters Videos, at Reply

      In the way you might compare a flu to cancer, yes.

  18. Posted by Iznaga1420, at Reply

    Is an organization called ‘The Young Turks’ whose founder refuses to admit the Armenian genocide alternate history?

    • Posted by WorldPrez, at Reply

      Because nobody has asked him about it because nobody knows about/cares about the Armenian genocide in the US plus Ana is Armenian, there doesn’t seem to be some major Cenk vs Armenians crisis going on

    • Posted by madd ace, at Reply

      Iznaga1420 He did, multiple times

    • Posted by Iznaga1420, at Reply

      “Because nobody has asked him about it”
      Lol. Then what was the whole point of addressing that exact question last year?

    • Posted by Chilly, at Reply

      He did admit that the Armenian Genocide happened, it’s just some people are too slow in the head to realize it yet. Dead meme move on.

    • Posted by Iznaga1420, at Reply

      Source? Or is this how he talks about how he’s against Saudi Arabia all the time?

  19. Posted by CREvothegreater, at Reply

    wow cenk is really fat…..

    • Posted by types10000, at Reply

      Cenk’s weight is harmful to society.

    • Posted by Chilly, at Reply

      He’s a thicc daddy

    • Posted by madd ace, at Reply

      CREvothegreater I hope he loses the weight, its actually really harmful, on top of the stress, for his age.

  20. Posted by marshall williams, at Reply

    How about do a alternative history show on if white people were in slavery and black people were in control. How slavery would affect white people for generations. Oh probably will never see that one.

    • Posted by LabTech, at Reply

      Well, there’s periods in history where that was the case, and there’s moments in history wherein a zig instead of a zag COULD’VE led to the reverse of history being true as far as slaves are concerned.
      The question is whether or not the average American would even be aware that those moments happened.Ā  I mean, how many BLM/Black supremacist types actually know about African history?Ā  I’m sure a number do, but for every one of them, there’s probably a dozen who think the ‘we wuz kangs’ bullshit is true.

    • Posted by Mark Broadhurst, at Reply

      They are its called Black America and its being made by Amazon.
      The same SJW’s and racists who complained about Confederate love Black America.

    • Posted by Paya So, at Reply

      black america is about them getting reparations, not enslaving white people.

    • Posted by marshall williams, at Reply

      Thecuriousincident1 The original Planet of the Apes was not about Black people in control. I’m not speaking about some little segment integrated into an episode of Star Trek. I mean make a movie or tv series and keep history exactly like It happened, except for switch color. Show how slavery and all the atrocities after slavery would still affect a race of people even today. In this case it would be white people in the movie. Maybe it would open some eyes.

    • Posted by Thecuriousincident1, at Reply

      marshall williams I’m sorry you misunderstood what I meant by the symbolism behind Planet of the Apes ” The originalĀ Planet of the Apes, starring screen legend Charlton Heston, released in 1968, served as sort of a cinematic version of John Howard Griffinā€™s 1961 bookĀ Black Like Me, where Griffin experienced life as a black man by darkening his skin and reported back on his findings. Itā€™s a ā€œwhat if the shoe was on the other foot?ā€ type scenario where white men experience the type of discrimination usually reserved for black people.

      ApesĀ imagined a fictional world 2,000 years in the future where monkeys, gorillas, and other primates take on human features including the sort of racism that the Civil Rights Movement was addressing at the time, only directed at human beings. Itā€™s about how power corrupts and can be used unjustly but one isnā€™t always aware of the injustice until they experience it for themselves.Ā Though it was intended to be show support for black peopleā€™s fight for human rights, it relies on the racist notion of black people being not being fully human, choosing monkeys of all animals as stand ins for black people. It also played into theĀ issues of skin-color hierarchy, making lighter apes more intelligent than their darker, more uncivilized counterparts.”