//Are We Showering Too Much? This Guy’s Answer Is A Definite Yes

Are We Showering Too Much? This Guy’s Answer Is A Definite Yes

To me, there isn’t much better than that clean, amazing feeling you get after a hot shower.

I love it so much, in fact, that I shower every single day. I’ve had friends and family members tell me it’s not good for my skin, and I’ve always disregarded their opinions — but there is some evidence that frequent showering can be bad for your microbiome, which is your body’s natural collection of microbes, bacteria, archaea, and viruses. Interference with your microbiome can lead to skin issues like irritation and sensitivity.

One man has actually given up showering altogether, and says that what he invented is much better for us. Thanks to the products made by his company, Mother Dirt, he hasn’t showered in 12 years — and the people around him say that he doesn’t smell bad.

Dan Whitlock, MIT graduate and founding scientist of Mother Dirt’s research partner, AOBiome, says he stopped showering as a sort of experiment. “I wasn’t sure what would happen. But I knew it would be good,” he said.

He now uses the spray AO+ Mist, which is said to contain good bacteria based on what’s found in the human armpit. The spray supposedly eats the ammonia in our sweat and keeps us from getting stinky while restoring beneficial bacteria.

According to Mother Dirt’s website, AO+ Mist “improves the appearance of skin issues including sensitivity, blotchiness, roughness, oiliness, dryness, and odor by replacing essential bacteria lost by modern hygiene & lifestyles.” However, the site doesn’t recommend not showering at all and says we should still wash our hands with soap.