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Arkansas Is Literally On A Killing Spree


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Arkansas just carried out it's 4th execution in 8 days, the state hurried to carry out these implementations before the medications they had ended. Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, as well as Mark Thompson, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Tell us just what you assume in the remark area listed below.

" Arkansas has actually nailed to a cross founded guilty murderer Kenneth Williams. His was the last of a series of executions sped up since the state's lethal-injection medicines will end.

Williams was noticable dead at 11:05 p.m. Central time after the implementation started at 10:52 p.m., Arkansas Public Media reports.

State authorities originally scheduled 8 condemned prisoners to pass away over 11 days– the fastest rate of executions in decades. Some executions were obstructed by the courts.

The state accelerated the schedule because its supply of midazolam runs out at the end of April and also has been tough to obtain for capital punishment purposes." *.

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Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, Mark Thompson.

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, Mark Thompson.


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  1. Posted by Cisco Blue, at Reply

    Damn im early better make a joke

    President Donald Trump

    • Posted by David Warschauer, at Reply

      we will be over it when he and his cabinet are out.

    • Posted by David Warschauer, at Reply

      @dadadruma : ooooooooo snap. hellz ya.

    • Posted by MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, at Reply

      Republicans won the war

    • Posted by dadadruma, at Reply

      Republicans back then werent Facist
      limped cocked Inbred motherfuckers like yourself

  2. Posted by Doug DaBest, at Reply

    Bring back the guillotine! No suffering and it doesn’t fail..

    • Posted by quaxk, at Reply
    • Posted by Braden Wilson, at Reply

      Don’t you life for a little while as a severed head if the cut was clean? I’m fairly sure that if the cut is too clean you life for a few moments as a head without a body.

    • Posted by Robert Allen, at Reply

      +Braden Wilson  Before you post again, get your head around the difference between “life” and “live.”

    • Posted by Doug DaBest, at Reply

      +Braden Wilson , ah, when your head drops into the basket, you can see your body fall.

  3. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    even if they’re on death row using a drug that causes excruciating pain is torture and its cruel and unusual punishment which is unconstitutional. and for the record 1 in 25 people sentence to death are innocent.

    • Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

      how? if the drug you are given that is suppose to put you to simply sleep and stop your heart causes immense pain and agony not cruel and unusual punishment?

  4. Posted by Victor Coleiro, at Reply

    I’ve never understood the death penalty.
    It’s like saying , hey , killing people is really bad, don’t ever kill people – because if you kill someone , we will kill you.

    • Posted by Axhiro Madlander, at Reply

      Victor Coleiro you shouldnt imprison people either but you understand jail

    • Posted by quaxk, at Reply

      some people really, really need to die, can’t you understand that at least?

    • Posted by Vishank Jain-Sharma, at Reply

      Axhiro Madlander Exactly like Axhiro said. The argument against the death penalty isn’t that retaliation is bad, otherwise you could never punish kidnapping by jail time. The best argument is that it is very dangerous to allow the state to take the life of one of its citizens, due to potential dangerous consequences spiraling out of that, eg Erdogan or Assad. Plus many are innocent. But the eye for an eye argument that Victor uses is complete false equivalency, one is punishment one isn’t.

    • Posted by etherraichu, at Reply

      quaxk: Lets assume your premise is correct. Some people need to die. The question is, how many innocents are you willing to kill to get to them?

  5. Posted by Flower Child and Science Advocate, at Reply

    I don’t know how I feel about capital punishment since I can’t seem to empathize with a killer.

    • Posted by Flower Child and Science Advocate, at Reply

      How about the Inability to exsist and be aware or conscious. it’s a miracle that we are here and aware and able to have thoughts and feel the environment.
      Look if someone killed me or my husband I’d want them dead. Existence is a privilege, we only got one shot to make the best of it. Look I’m pretty liberal when it comes to taxing the rich, having universal health care, free education, and a criminal justice system meant to reform and rehabilitate. I even have a tattoo of Bernie Sanders, Gandhi, Buddha, and the quote “Nevertheless, she persisted” & “Love and Liberty” on me. I just take life more seriously, mainly because I study it everyday. I just have an immense respect for life, so that’s why I’m so indifferent about it. I see life as the ultimate gift from the universe.

    • Posted by Flower Child and Science Advocate, at Reply

      Look if I got a hold of someone like Kim Jong Un I’d want him killed not put in a jail cell.

    • Posted by Flower Child and Science Advocate, at Reply

      Look I just think we need to be more resourceful with our tax money by limiting the amount of people in jail, I want taxes to be allocated to treat a drug addict, counseling a child abuser or wife beater, or educating a drug dealer, rather
      than a feeding and housing a murderer.
      I want convicts to be rehabilitated to become normal, law abiding, contributing citizens of society. I want less people in jail. I don’t want to pay for a murderer to exist on this planet, that is the ultimate crime against humanity.

  6. Posted by Florida 123, at Reply

    I wonder how many of them were innocent

    • Posted by A visitor, at Reply

      Every single one, oh wait, I thought we were talking about all the babies aborted with tax payer money.

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply


    • Posted by etherraichu, at Reply

      Statistically, its highly likely they were all guilty. That’s almost always the case. But we can’t ever really be sure, and I wouldn’t risk killing an innocent person. Best to just not kill people.

  7. Posted by Tamara Figge, at Reply

    It’s so hypocritical to me that people who want to save fetuses support the death penalty when a proportion of those saved fetuses will grow up to commit crimes because there was no one to care for them as children and then they may be executed. Such hypocrisy is revolting!

    • Posted by Francine L, at Reply

      +Hitchhiking Vagabond Then it will be like in the old days, women would stop their pregnancy anyway but in dangerous conditions. Even native indigenous women from south had a kind of plant to do it, men were not involved. Men had their secret things and women too.

    • Posted by Francine L, at Reply

      +A visitor. In Canada taxpayer do not pay to stop pregnancy, they work with donations and they can’t do it past 5 wks pregnancy. It cost more than less instead of putting those unwanted children in foster care.

  8. Posted by VermonterKen, at Reply

    Ironic how Turkey doesn’t have the death penalty and yet America does.

    • Posted by mistymorning195, at Reply

      VermonterKen – actually, Erdogan is talking about possibly having a referendum soon to decide whether to reinstate capital punishment… So we’ll see.

    • Posted by VermonterKen, at Reply

      But, the question would be (if) they brought it back would it even be used. A lot of countries have the death penalty but don’t use it.

  9. Posted by jimster1111, at Reply

    so your telling me a man can break into my home, rape my wife, abduct my daughter, steal my truck, shoot my dog and only get life in prison? tell me if you are a criminal on the run that is sure to get life in prison once you are caught (the maximum sentence) if getting away from the police requires you to kill a few more people and steal a few more cars whats stopping you from doing what needs to be done? you already are going to get a maximum sentence. i mean there have been times where serial killers give up the locations of their victims bodies in order for execution to be taken off the table. without the threat of execution these killers would not have a single reason to tell the police or families any information on his victims.

    • Posted by Daya Lys, at Reply

      Why give the monster a quick death? Let them work to death in a cage

    • Posted by NickTheGreatAndPowerful, at Reply

      So, we need to regress 150-2500 years?

    • Posted by jimster1111, at Reply

      absolutely. look at todays world. everyones screaming that theyre not equal even though this is the most equal every race, culture, and “gender” have ever been. half the country believes that not even the sickest most depraved person in humanity doesnt deserve to have his “life” cut short. leaders who have nothing to worry about geopolitically so they spend their entire time in office fattening their wallets and those of their sponsors. maybe we need to go back 150 years. everything except for the racist lynchings and roving gangs of outlaws was acceptable. atleast they would hang those outlaws, atleast they had a sense of family and community and put that above the opinions of criminals and their familys.

  10. Posted by CNVideos, at Reply

    Bloodthirsty Republicans.

    • Posted by A visitor, at Reply

      Dont you liberals have some babies to abort and sell to the pharmaceutical companies?

  11. Posted by Justin Candler, at Reply

    A bunch of rapists/murderers may have felt pain as their death sentence was carried out….yeah I don’t care

    • Posted by Optimus Fine, at Reply

      Justin Candler You’re no better than the rapist/murderer. You are a sadist with the same mindset as a killer who loves to torture

    • Posted by JB252, at Reply

      And that is because you’re no better than them. Empathy is a critical skill

    • Posted by AR Rains, at Reply

      +Optimus Fine False equivalence. OP didn’t murder any innocent people. He advocated for justice. You can disagree with that justice, but it doesn’t change the false equivalence are making.

    • Posted by Optimus Fine, at Reply

      AR Rains Didnt murder anyone but relishes the fact that a human being was tortured to death. That is fucked my friend.

      Im not arguing that the murderer isnt a monster. What Im arguing is the OP has the same sick twisted sense regarding human life as the murderer.

  12. Posted by enigmaPL, at Reply

    Strongly disagree with Ben. If it’s 100% provable that the person is guilty of a terrible crime… I am 100% for executing them, and if they suffer, I literally couldn’t care any less. We should be extremely cautious with who we do it to, but again, if the case is solved and they are guilty of serious crimes; slaughter them.

    To say, a murderer, who ended innocent peoples lives abruptly, should be allowed to continue to live his life out, in a sheltered, clothed, and fed environment, paid by tax payers is almost as sickening as the crime itself.

    • Posted by Jaxson Fanta, at Reply

      It’s not an eye for an eye, it’s justice.  Innocent people’s families and lives are ruined by these cowards, hell yeah blow their brains out.

    • Posted by Non Sense, at Reply

      If you could care less why would you be cautious.  Your contradicting yourself.

    • Posted by kiki balfour, at Reply

      enigmaPL Not only does it cost taxpayers money, but the criminals are a danger to prison guards. I bet it isn’t easy to have to deal with extremely violent killers.

    • Posted by Jarron Williams, at Reply

      +Kim Jong-un yea confession doesn’t prove guilt. There are death row inmates who never confessed to anything. And we have already proven that we have killed numerous innocent death row inmates

    • Posted by Kim Jong-un, at Reply

      name one person since 2006 on death that has been executed and found innocent?

      u cant

  13. Posted by Trev S, at Reply

    Your man is right – The death penalty is a sign that a country has not arrive yet – state violence insights public violence

    • Posted by Trev S, at Reply

      how come the Brits have far less violent crime then?

    • Posted by Trev S, at Reply

      Get help bro

    • Posted by Generic Scout, at Reply

      Brits have more violent crime, it’s just the level of brutality is lower. If you’re not American I guess you don’t know anything about our history which I laid out.

    • Posted by Trev S, at Reply

      You seem to have a knowledge of statistics that is underwhelming.

  14. Posted by Captain Planet, at Reply

    The death penalty is for developing, mentally unevolved, savage society’s . I’m glad i live in the UK not America

    • Posted by BartJ583, at Reply

      Captain Planet
      Keep in mind that the majority of UK citizens were in favour of the death penalty up until very recently (I think it was in 2012 when for the first time more people were opposed than in favour). It is not the Americans who are barbarians – it is their 200+ years old system. They need a revolution so bad.

    • Posted by BartJ583, at Reply

      Your countrymen just voted for a party that will invade Iran in 2018. Do those lives not matter?

  15. Posted by Mat Broomfield, at Reply

    The greatest country in the world Ben? By what metric? Shitty democracy. Shitty education. Shitty infrastructure. Shitty healthcare. Appalling income inequality. Massive corruption. Shitty police. Appallingly militaristic. Even your space program is falling behind. Science denial at a massive high. Science being defunded. Majority of your population still believes in sky daddy. I’m struggling to see what possible way anyone could think that America was the greatest at ANYTHING anymore.

    • Posted by NelC, at Reply

      The metric of only being born in one country and never living anywhere else.

    • Posted by i am not a weeb I swear, at Reply

      I agree with everything your said. And I am american.

    • Posted by Mat Broomfield, at Reply

      I agree Neil, but I expect MUCH better from Ben.

  16. Posted by That Fig, at Reply

    first of all i want to point out that these are the first cases of capital punishment our state has seen since 2005, second of all, most of us actually are angry over this, we aren’t just a bunch of inbred confederate flag wearing red necks tyt tards.

    • Posted by Gustav The Mad, at Reply

      +That Fig they’re beyond redemption and rehabilitation.

    • Posted by That Fig, at Reply

      Gustav The Mad sorry but from my personal experience and the several other stories show that even they are not beyond redemption. I was raped as a child and i watched him turn over a new leaf as time went on, i wont name names because of legal reasons but noneless nobody is beyond help.

    • Posted by Gustav The Mad, at Reply

      +That Fig I’d do the logical and butcher him with a pair of scissors.

    • Posted by Gustav The Mad, at Reply

      +That Fig lock up a rapist or murderer he’ll get out and do it again. Kill him and he’ll stay down and harm no one.

  17. Posted by Heil Donald Trump, at Reply

    America is a white nation, build the wall and ban ALL minorities, starting with the blacks and the Jews

    • Posted by Heil Donald Trump, at Reply

      Mo Killem Wall

    • Posted by Heil Donald Trump, at Reply

      Trump is the single greatest president in US history, anyone that says otherwise is fake news! Sad!

    • Posted by Heil Donald Trump, at Reply

      Dillon Jackson you won’t be laughing when he starts abolishing these so called “democratic” institutions that dare defy him and ascends to a level of ultimate authority in this country.

  18. Posted by SirBullet754, at Reply

    so what? all those people are killers

    • Posted by Deviant Affinity, at Reply

      SirBullet75 If an innocent person is convicted and sentenced to a life of solitary confinement (and they fulfill that sentence), is that better than killing them?

    • Posted by SirBullet754, at Reply

      Deviant Affinity- Umm no that’s terrible, an innocent person shouldn’t be in prison, much less something like solitary confinement.

    • Posted by etherraichu, at Reply

      You’re right, that is terrible. But at least then they have their entire natural life to prove their innocence. Its better than being dead. Because being dead is literally the worst thing that can happen to you.

    • Posted by SirBullet754, at Reply

      etherraichu- Umm being dead is NOT the worst thing that can happen to you, I can think of many worse things. To be honest I would actually rather be executed than spend the rest of my life in solitary confinement.

    • Posted by Celina k, at Reply

      SirBullet754 1 out of 25 isn’t. they can’t hurt innocent people in prison anyway, so now what makes you so different from them, or is it just because it makes you feel better?

  19. Posted by Derrick Wade, at Reply

    there should be executioner duty where citizens can be called on by the state to execute those on death row. Let’s see how many people are willing to do the deed themselves.

    • Posted by 18Darkside, at Reply

      Jane Lin That’s why you only kill ones with evidence that proofs with a shadow of a doubt that they did a crime.

    • Posted by E vilo, at Reply

      Best way to normalize killing: get people used to taking the life from others. The US isn’t bloodlust enough as it is, we need to get the citizens comfortable with murder.

    • Posted by Tarman, at Reply

      Killing a convicted murderer isn’t “murder” you ignorant fool.

    • Posted by Jane Lin, at Reply

      +Tarman Of course it’s murder. If someone kills your family and you track them down and kill them, it’s murder.
      If the state does the same thing, it’s still murder.
      If you’re going to kill people, at least own up to what it is, and don’t play with words as if vocabulary sanctifies ending a human life.
      Just say you’re fine with murdering killers.

    • Posted by Tarman, at Reply

      “If the state does the same thing, it’s still murder.”

      How? The person is given an attorney, a trial by jury, the ability to face his/her accuser, the ability to appeal, etc. etc.

      How is that the same as a guy who rapes and murders 20 women?

      “If you’re going to kill people, at least own up to what it is, and don’t
      play with words as if vocabulary sanctifies ending a human life.”

      If you’re being raped Jane and he pulls a knife on you, and you killed him, would that make you a murderer?

  20. Posted by David Myers, at Reply

    Statistics prove that 1 person out 25 executed were innocent. So that makes the state responsible of committing homicide. And whoever was responsible for convicting that innocent person should be subject to the death sentence. Including judges and prosecutors and jury members.

    • Posted by Celina k, at Reply

      David Myers +