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Assaulted Nurse Wins Police Brutality Case


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A Utah nurse who was wrongfully apprehended by a police officer just cleared up the case. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, tell you exactly what she is finishing with the cash. Tell us exactly what you assume in the comment section below. Sign up with TYT:

" SALT LAKE CITY (AP)– A Utah nurse that was apprehended for refusing to let a police officer injure from an unconscious client settled Tuesday with Salt Lake City as well as the university that runs the hospital for $500,000.

Registered Nurse Alex Wubbels as well as her lawyer, Karra Porter, announced the relocation almost 2 months after they launched police body-camera video revealing Investigator Jeff Payne handcuffing Wubbels. The footage attracted extensive focus online amid the nationwide argument regarding police use of force.

The negotiation covers all feasible defendants in a lawsuit, consisting of individual law enforcement agent, university authorities and medical facility guard. The payment will be split amongst the city as well as the University of Utah.

Wubbels plans to utilize component of the money to money lawful help for others aiming to obtain comparable body-camera video. She said that in instances like hers, video clip is essential to being listened to and also believed."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by Razar Campbell, at Reply

    Cops are the Righteous Sword of the Dear Leader!!
    How dare you peons question his Ultimate Authority??

  2. Posted by nathan mckenzie, at Reply

    Why on earth do you have to fight for what should be a public record

  3. Posted by Ronald Scott, at Reply

    She’s a hero. She literally took the beating from a dirty filthy corrupt cop for the community.

  4. Posted by Jason Hendren, at Reply

    yep, we are finally making police accountable by making the tax payers pay $500,000. Where is our public beating of this officer or making him and his police union have to pay this $500,000.

  5. Posted by Juwoki, at Reply

    Justice in the US?
    What a novelty.

  6. Posted by Miss O.P., at Reply

    swift case. I wish everyone could get a fast result.

  7. Posted by waynzwhirled, at Reply

    Thanks for the great follow up. These guys should have been fired outright. The fact that they were not fired just speaks to the corruption of the system that enables them in the first place. Stop the planet and let me off.

  8. Posted by Sean O, at Reply

    Police should have private insurance to cover these lawsuits. Police brutality cases would plummet.

  9. Posted by Herve B, at Reply

    “Entitlement” That’s exactly what it is. Cops in America are entitled. Not millennials. Not hipsters. Cops.

  10. Posted by Joel Shinoda, at Reply

    How was the cop held accountable? He was only fired and the other was only demoted. The first one should be brought to court for assault and the other one fired and sued for helping

  11. Posted by Fat T, at Reply

    This is why the cops go home and beat there wife.The nurse is lucky she was white or they would have called I.C.E on her.

  12. Posted by minombre esnada, at Reply

    Must be nice. Others don’t even get to live to file brutality cases.

    • Posted by Tiffany J, at Reply

      minombre esnada my thoughts exactly

    • Posted by Gidget Hrobowski, at Reply

      minombre esnada
      Exceptionally stated, love you for your comment. And although I generally like the Turks, they need to get a life into some reality. This was a white woman, and even if her money goes towards body cams that doesn’t mean jack because there has been numerous video or body cams of Black’s & Brown’s and the cops still got away with the murder, injury, or harassment. Then they casually drop Walter Scott’s name into their narrative as if it’s a foot note. They need their butt’s kicked for this messy commentary. So, this isn’t a triumph, you know they’re going to take care of their own. But, there is still no justice for Black’s and other minorities.

  13. Posted by Ver Coda, at Reply

    That story and footage went around the world, as yet another example of America’s terrible policing. She was dead right to say no, and I’m glad she’s been vindicated. The cop who arrested her deserves punishment.

  14. Posted by John Brown, at Reply

    I want to see somebody in cases like this to not settle and have these officers and officials face real punishment

  15. Posted by Jesus Christ, at Reply

    It’s funny how cops don’t know the law.

    • Posted by Mbc ‍, at Reply

      Jesus Christ And that there’s very little you can do about it because they have guns and any self defense or attempt to reason will be seen as resisting arrest.

    • Posted by BunnySlippers, at Reply

      Mbc, “any self defense or attempt to reason will be seen as resisting arrest.”

      Even when you’re not actually under arrest.

  16. Posted by Colleen M, at Reply

    Although I am happy for her, if she were a black man she would surely have been shot in the back and the crusader cop would still have his job.

  17. Posted by Katamari Queen, at Reply

    Also love her name!

  18. Posted by Freptboy, at Reply

    I hope other police departments around the country learn from this case.