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Aziz Ansari Article Writer Strikes Back


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Writer Katie Method went after HLN's Ashleigh Banfield to defend her post about Aziz Ansari. Cenk Uygur and also Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, review. Inform us just what you think in the comment area listed below.

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" Ashleigh Banfield advised a writer that lashed out after Banfield slammed the website's recent story detailing a challenging sex-related encounter between actor and also comic Aziz Ansari and also a confidential New york city professional photographer.

Throughout her show on Tuesday, the Headline Information anchor checked out an e-mail she said she received from Babe press reporter Katie Means– who broke the Ansari story– after Banfield delivered a monologue on Monday critiquing the short article, stating it threatened the #MeToo movement on sexual harassment as well as sexism.

" Ashleigh, somebody who I am specific nobody under the age of 45 has heard of, I wish the 500 retweets on the solitary news write up made that burgundy lipstick, poor highlights, secondwave feminist has-been truly pertinent momentarily," Banfield reviewed from Means's e-mail.

She included, "The reason I want to share that is because if you really believe in the #MeToo movement, if you absolutely rely on ladies's civil liberties, if you truly believe in feminism, the last thing you must do is assault somebody in an advertisement hominem means for her age– I'm 50– as well as for my highlights."

In an e-mail to Service Expert, Infant editor Amanda Ross pointed out that the comments Banfield continued reading air were "a portion" of what Way sent to the anchor after an HLN manufacturer asked her to find on the show to go over the story."

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  1. Posted by Sporadik Styles, at Reply

    Sounded like an angry 15 yr old. *smh. Her article now has 0 credibility.

    • Posted by The Humanity, at Reply

      Her article had zero credibility to begin with. She puts in the title “Sexual Assault”, but then if you actually read the article, any sane person would agree that mumbling under your breath and giving non-verbal cues is not a form of communication, and sitting with them naked on a couch afterwards hoping they will give you a back rub is not the behavior of someone who is being sexually assaulted, molested, or even harassed in any way. Her anonymous account hurts the MeToo movement in every way.

  2. Posted by Hatchett Harley, at Reply

    Katie Way isn’t known very well by anyone of any age soooooo…..she sounds pretty immature.

    • Posted by Truthy Fruity, at Reply

      The point is – this self-anointed “Babe” blatantly weaponized age to attack Ashleigh. Like Trump attacking poorer political opponent, I richer, you loser, I win. With zero irony. That is the sick part.

    • Posted by meeg_2005, at Reply

      +Truthy Fruity

      this whole popular culture is sick

  3. Posted by Stephen Morrell, at Reply

    ‘…Afghanistan, Iraq, Gaza, West Bank — google those places’. Fantastic put down!

    • Posted by outseeker, at Reply

      perfect time to add the sunglasses and airhorns lol

  4. Posted by YTfancol, at Reply

    *Ashleigh is right. I agree with what she said.*

    • Posted by meeg_2005, at Reply

      lol. idiocracy

  5. Posted by anthony cheesman, at Reply

    I have no sympathy for the girl who accused aziz for assault

  6. Posted by MpowerdAPE, at Reply

    She’s changing the story to an actual rape allegation as you watch this. Breaking news in 3 – 2 – 1

  7. Posted by MsCkelle, at Reply

    That letter is the equivalent of drunk texting.

    • Posted by The Judgemental Cat, at Reply

      She sounds like a person from Jimmy Dore’s audience

    • Posted by Enuff Is Enuff, at Reply

      Drunk in her privileged cocktail, Missed-her-Way self-glorified, via her source Grace. “…she struck out into this alone, because she’s the bravest person I’ve ever met.”

    • Posted by Max The SNL Trump Loving Dog, at Reply

      Which am sure you read plenty of them on a Friday night= AFTER the bars close.

    • Posted by meeg_2005, at Reply

      +The Judgemental Cat

      you must be a ConservaDem

    • Posted by meeg_2005, at Reply

      +Enuff Is Enuff

      LMAO. that’s funnier than half baked when the police Horse dies. “Best cop I ever knew…”

  8. Posted by Calvin Hobbes, at Reply

    Katie Way wrote herself into unemployment. Congrats to her.

    • Posted by Jaguar Warrior, at Reply

      +Calvin Hobbes   I Thought The Same Thing. No Major Network, Newspaper, or Magazine, Will Carry Her Pieces Now. Not For Several Years At Least. Katie Way Will Only Get The Unreputable Ones To Sell Her Articles To Now.

    • Posted by decembrist, at Reply

      If this “babe” website sinks, she’ll probably get hired by Jezebel.

    • Posted by H A, at Reply

      Unfortunately, people like her always seem to find employment.

  9. Posted by Street Gato, at Reply

    “Google those places…” Damn, that’s savage!

  10. Posted by Oonagh72, at Reply

    How much you wanna bet Katie Way is Grace.

    • Posted by morelenmir, at Reply

      That is exactly what I was thinking.

    • Posted by Enuff Is Enuff, at Reply

      Also explains why Katie enshrined needy coward Grace as ‘the bravest person I’ve ever met’. INSANE.

    • Posted by Jake McCoy is right but I am going to add this, at Reply

      The real accuser is Abby Nierman. Google it.

  11. Posted by King Kodjo, at Reply

    TYT nailed this one.

  12. Posted by pisse3000, at Reply

    So Katie calls herself a feminist, but starts out by making Ashleigh’s looks. Yeah okay.

    • Posted by Street Gato, at Reply

      Ok so Aziz acted like a persistent selfish prick until he finally stopped. Then he called her an Uber so she can go home. What was the crime again?

    • Posted by Aziz Mujawar, at Reply

      Street Gato His crime was that he hurt her fee fees by not reading her mind.

  13. Posted by No name ok, at Reply

    The girl from the article is why we can’t have nice things.

  14. Posted by Jason Belle, at Reply

    15 minutes of fame are up, Katie!

    • Posted by Rachel Schmied, at Reply

      How much do you want to bet she only got a job writing at Babe magazine because her daddy knows somebody important?

  15. Posted by Bomb Cherry, at Reply

    These younger women jump on the scene acting like they are the first to do the job. They will put down the females whom made it possible for them to have their position they currently have. These younger women love attacking another woman for her age and looks. It’s sad. Younger woman should hope to one day become a older woman who is still working. Women use to have expiration dates in media.

    • Posted by Manu Leach, at Reply

      Bomb Cherry *who made it

    • Posted by Dest74, at Reply

      Banfield looks a hell of a lot better than Way anyhow.

  16. Posted by Taisha Reynolds, at Reply

    Second-wave feminism vs. Third-wave feminist that’s a fight I will pay to see

    • Posted by C.F. Gauss, at Reply

      Brandon Sams THIS. Finally someone who has a clue what they’re talking about and not just throwing around buzzwords.

    • Posted by P1ranh4, at Reply

      Brandon Sams Based on this definition it makes no sense to call Ashleigh a second-wave feminist. She just has a more consistent view point that is not ridiculous or hypocritical.

    • Posted by ToBe Fair, at Reply

      brandon sams – thank you. youtube comments need more people like you and less alt right 4chan trumputin hatemongers. i’m iffy abt these 2nd 3rd wave demarcation, to me they’re artificial. i’ll stick to feminism, even if that conjures up some omg scary monolith. just so relieved, feminist is no longer a banned/evil word on social media.

    • Posted by Taisha Reynolds, at Reply

      Rachel Schmied 👌

    • Posted by Taisha Reynolds, at Reply

      Brandon Sams lol they really think black ppl are just unintelligent and uneducated most of the time I don’t respond to comments cuz if I can do the research and the history then maybe you should do the same but thank you for breaking it down for these ppl because I sure wasn’t

  17. Posted by Dr0pkidd, at Reply

    So both the writer and the accuser are garbage people. Not very surprising.

    • Posted by Alessio Arzola, at Reply

      Yes Abby Nierman aka “Grace” has done much harm to the me too movement by equating an awkward date to “rape”, Abby is an idiot.

  18. Posted by Niamh-Creates, at Reply

    Wow. I didn’t have many opinions on the writer of the article itself… but after this… what a brat.

    • Posted by Alessio Arzola, at Reply

      Yes she’s almost as bad as Abby Nierman aka “Grace”.

  19. Posted by D Mc, at Reply

    I would have no issue believing the girl, but what she talks about is not assault. Women need to say “no”, not expect people to pick up on non-verbal cues.

  20. Posted by paul stillman, at Reply

    The difference between 22 and 50 is that when you’re 22 you think you know everything and when you’re 50 you know you don’t.