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Babies and Balls! | Funny Baby Compilation


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If 2017 showed me anything it's that … INFANTS LIKE BALLS! Take a look at these hilarious babies from AFV


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  1. Posted by PurpleBanana3178, at Reply


  2. Posted by suscriptores chidos yo, at Reply

    Primer comentario

  3. Posted by Chantal Fuhrimann, at Reply

    Cool Video

  4. Posted by NahItsPopTart _, at Reply

    1st kinda

  5. Posted by Tomek Surowiec, at Reply

    Super 🙂

  6. Posted by beni x532, at Reply


  7. Posted by · Kÿłĕĕ Rãmøń·, at Reply

    Awww so cute I wish I was a baby again

    • Posted by Crazy Unicorn Lover, at Reply

      · Kÿłĕĕ Rãmøń· if you were a baby again then you wouldn’t remember

    • Posted by · Kÿłĕĕ Rãmøń·, at Reply

      Crazy Unicorn Lover IDRC

    • Posted by Crazy Unicorn Lover, at Reply

      OK don’t get mad calm down, I was just telling you.

  8. Posted by James Persinger, at Reply

    Babies and *B A L L S*

    • Posted by · Kÿłĕĕ Rãmøń·, at Reply

      James Persinger seriously?