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Babies And Doggies | Music Montage Week


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For today's original songs collection we have doggies and babies, children and doggies. Have a look at our appealing tunes for Songs Montage Week! Keep in mind to submit your video clip to AFV!


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  1. Posted by CyanideUnderCover, at Reply

    Lol, i like the song! i watch this show every sunday! me and my family love this show! thanks for all of the laughs! 😀

  2. Posted by Andy viejo, at Reply


  3. Posted by Pierre Pichon, at Reply


  4. Posted by Pierre Pichon, at Reply

    Cette vidéo est tellement drôle xd

    • Posted by Benjamin Nagy, at Reply


  5. Posted by Iamasillyboy Yesiam, at Reply

    I wanted to enjoy this but that stupid song killed it for me

  6. Posted by trinity343, at Reply

    That’s not a muffin! it’s a cupcake!

  7. Posted by Boog 'n Shoog, at Reply

    What a great combination! Best friends for life and lots of laughs!

  8. Posted by Kap pa, at Reply

    My mom said when I was young I would sit at the dog’s bowl, give him a piece then I would eat a piece.