Baby’s Stealing Out Here: Fails of the Week: (April 2017) || FailArmy | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Baby’s Stealing Out Here: Fails of the Week: (April 2017) || FailArmy


Enjoyed the video ladies check these swimsuits out

Falls short of the Week are here. We have actually obtained infant's stealing, girl fails, as well as some stubborn belly flops! Want to be showcased? Send us your amusing fails at !! And also leave us some love in the remarks, we intend to hear from you. Cheers!

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Baby Takes Pocketbook Out of Lady's Handbag
Man Tumbles out of Kart
Pet cat Disappears Behind Sofa Aiming to Get hold of Balloon
Health club Man Falls after Damaging Weight Sled
Golf Ball Recovers to Starting Factor
Pair Flies off Inner Tube
Baby Falls into Lawn sprinkler
Person Falls out the Door Trying to Lift Weights
Pole Breaks while Professional dancer Climbs It
Bicyclist Faceplants Into Grass
Girl Falls after Jumping over Fence
Girl Falls off Hammock Chair
Guy Gets up Little Sis With Horns
Person Falls Attempting Exercise
Waterskier Crashes in Water
Individual Attempts to Jump Over High Item as well as Autumns
Individual Displays Abilities on a Skateboard n/a
Watermelon Explodes while Kids Eat It
Woman Falls off Post and also Into Water
Person Falls off ATV and also into Mud
Weightlifter Faceplants
Individual Flies off High Bar
Individual Can't Play Small Golf
Guys Effort to do Companion Flip and also Result in Nut Shot
Lady on Unicycle Tries to Dive of Actions
Mama Falls Off Ledge While Videotaping Kid
Youngster Has actually a Delayed Reaction after Obtaining Struck by Sphere
Individual Crashes During Bike Event
Individual Decline Weights Onto Neck
Quick-tempered Motorcyclist
Girl Falls Off Post
Basketball Stand Landed on Man n/a
Man Bellyflops right into Diving Spot

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      Hazard Gaming

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    • Posted by Mr. Pillowey, at Reply

      Our Protaganist tea

    • Posted by Sazzoo, at Reply

      Stop spreading propaganda lies.

  2. Posted by Daryl HX, at Reply

    way too early

    • Posted by El Paco Chingon, at Reply

      7:23 utah

    • Posted by Michelle Dai, at Reply

      10 AM in North Carolina.

    • Posted by Electroimpex, at Reply

      Der Dudenverteiler 16:14 in Germany

    • Posted by Der Dudenverteiler, at Reply

      +Electroimpex 16:19 in Österreich. :^)

    • Posted by Nikiyah819 Nikiyah819, at Reply

      I know right

  3. Posted by KillaaFlame, at Reply

    0:20 – Whenever I play Mario kart and I get hit with a blue shell.

    • Posted by Vincent Grumez, at Reply

      lol xD

    • Posted by Hej Hej, at Reply

      KillaaFlame lololololololol

    • Posted by lerry929, at Reply

      KillaaFlame 1:30 me haha

    • Posted by be nice 496, at Reply

      *DID YOU KNOW* the private Federal Reserve Bank, largest US media corporations, hollywood, and the music industry are all almost entirely ran by ethnic Jews?

      *-lol random comment but try swallowing that pill*

  4. Posted by Sauce Factory, at Reply

    I exposed Ricegum! he is not a good guy and he hits woman

    • Posted by 420Zach, at Reply


    • Posted by Naulaaja, at Reply

      everyone hates those feminists

    • Posted by WtfGymVideos, at Reply

      Wtf did I just watch 😂😂😂

    • Posted by Jernnyy, at Reply

      Jesus christ dude your bots are so obvious…

  5. Posted by Rick, at Reply

    Why do girls film themselves dancing on the pole. Is it like their wish? To become strippers when they grow up? What a whoremongering society.

    • Posted by Larry Bird, at Reply

      +hnreich I dont know. Why is chess called a sport when you dont sweat profusely?

    • Posted by Larry Bird, at Reply

      +hnreich Want exercise, go for a walk, gym etc. Dont make yourself look like a dumb hoe videotaping.

    • Posted by hnreich, at Reply

      Larry Bird you need to chill tf out and quit worrying what other people are doing. Yes it is exercise, and it burns more calories and tones more muscles than walking. Have you ever seen any of the women that compete in it? Not any different than Gymnastics. Also, people generally film exercise so they can check form.

    • Posted by Larry Bird, at Reply

      +hnreich Pole dancing is not an exercise-_-
      Fine, go. Make yourself look like a slut. What do I care? Girls these days have no modesty.

  6. Posted by Eromite, at Reply

    *Anyone else check the “– minutes ago” time on other people’s comments to see how early you are?*

    • Posted by Pootis Spencer, at Reply

      Eromite saem

    • Posted by Verrückter Wissenschaftler, at Reply

      *No, not really. But I wonder why you are writing like this. Oh wait, I know. To get **_attention._*

    • Posted by Eromite, at Reply

      No, just to make people laugh, because most of us do it xD

    • Posted by Eromite, at Reply

      Because that would be impossible

  7. Posted by Blackdeathteal, at Reply

    why add all the terrible music to some clips i liked this channel because you didnt do that

    • Posted by Harry Underhill, at Reply

      I think they dub over the original music to avoid copyright infringement and having their video automatically taken down by a Youtube bot. Unfortunately the non-copyright music they replace it with is terrible because that’s why no one wants to copyright it!

  8. Posted by Дмитрий Гуров, at Reply

    Russian first video the best🤣

    • Posted by Fang, at Reply

      Зе бест оф зе бест

    • Posted by Numstar, at Reply

      меня сразу пробрала ностальгия.

      Прекрасное далёко, не будь ко мне жестоко,
      Не будь ко мне жестоко, жестоко не будь.

    • Posted by NRoseShow, at Reply

      Дмитрий Гуров вот это поворот😂

    • Posted by Роман -_-, at Reply


  9. Posted by jomany mayao, at Reply


    • Posted by jomany mayao, at Reply

      did you see that??? gosh

    • Posted by Martinus, at Reply

      jomany mayao That’s Makulay Culcin.

    • Posted by Scott W, at Reply

      There is testing yourself…and then there is just too much weight. I think he missed leg….arm, chest, and back day.

    • Posted by Tom K, at Reply

      and there also lack of appropriate footwear

    • Posted by jody024, at Reply

      What did you expect from a dude lifting wearing a fucking beanie….

  10. Posted by Ezekiel Elliott, at Reply

    Number one fail of the week: US attacks Syria

    • Posted by BangDroid, at Reply

      Daniel G yeah thats why ISIS is praising it

    • Posted by Hej Hej, at Reply

      hej hej på dig med

    • Posted by Slaking :], at Reply

      Ever heard of ‘internalised racism?’

    • Posted by MyJakeDaivds, at Reply

      We clearly did not fail by doing so. While the rest of the world, including the ridiculously useless UN, watched as these civilians we’re blasted with chemical weaponry, we took action. The first action taken by anyone in 6 six years of raging war.

  11. Posted by Jack Simonson, at Reply

    What’s with absurd number of pole dancers in these videos

    • Posted by Larry Bird, at Reply

      Jack Simonson Sluts

  12. Posted by FailUnited, at Reply

    When I see lovers’ names carved in a tree, I don’t think it’s sweet. I just think it’s surprising how many people bring a knife on a date.

    • Posted by MegaDargar, at Reply

      Allyson Abrom I would carry a knife in a big city not just countryside. never know when someone can attack you in a big city where there is thousands of people.

    • Posted by David Hill, at Reply

      It would be even more worrying if they turned up with a chainsaw .

  13. Posted by mrgogmagog1, at Reply

    I didn’t realise so many girls wanted to be strippers

    • Posted by Vicious Body Kick, at Reply

      “Pole dancing is a legitimate exercise that builds core strength” yeah, keep telling yourself that, and your girl friends

    • Posted by scarecrow 12, at Reply

      mrgogmagog1 and so many boys want to be bodybuilders

    • Posted by J Johnson, at Reply

      I just love how they watch a thousand women pull them loose and never have the presence of mind to fasten the pole to anything…Evolve women, evolve.

    • Posted by Larry Bird, at Reply

      Bluebelle9289 Calling bullshit as well. Never in my NBA career have I called bullshit so fast. But this grntlemen with his “core strength” got me cracking like a pigeon.

  14. Posted by Peter Crockett, at Reply

    *That guy at the end – He gave it His all~*

  15. Posted by All I can say is, at Reply

    Hahahahahahaha dumb bikers at the end

  16. Posted by Rogue [GD], at Reply

    I’m surprised about how many people want to be exotic dancers when they grow up, jeeze

  17. Posted by FateShark Exposure, at Reply

    1:13 that was hilarious