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Back To School Fails | AFV Funniest Videos 2018


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Believe it or not, I believe this funny collection will certainly obtain you delighted for institution! We are approaching completion of Summertime which implies, we will start publishing the CRAZIEST back to college success, falls short and other amusing video clips! Enter the college spirit now however continue to delight in the summer! This is the very first collection of humorous video clips that includes but IS NOT restricted to back 2 institution tricks, uncomfortable gym stops working, and amusing minutes as youngsters board the bus for the very first time this school year.

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  1. Posted by LordGamer091, at Reply


    • Posted by Jacob The MusicMaker2.0 JTMM, at Reply

      LordGamer091 Lol

  2. Posted by Its May May, at Reply

    Love this channel

  3. Posted by Lezard Potato, at Reply

    I go to school but is for exams. ;(

  4. Posted by Nicholas Oplinger, at Reply

    that Womans a horrible driver

  5. Posted by Lamisa BSP /MSP, at Reply

    0:10 when someone wants to hug you

  6. Posted by NerdGirl, at Reply

    Love this 😂

  7. Posted by NerdGirl, at Reply

    Love this 😂

  8. Posted by عزام الشمري, at Reply

    حلو استمر

  9. Posted by Chevronical Chevron, at Reply

    I ♡AFV!

  10. Posted by Bri likes art YT, at Reply

    2:02 that wasn’t a fail. That was awesome!

  11. Posted by ReAcT Quadz, at Reply

    528 viewers

  12. Posted by zulfiqar shah, at Reply

    I love your videos and i am the one who like and your likes gone 100 hope your channel will famous more

  13. Posted by Lexi Baldwin-Money, at Reply

    I liked 2:11. it didn’t seem like a fail to me😂

  14. Posted by Reiiny deiiZ, at Reply

    One of the only reasons I’m excited for school year are these types of videos.

    • Posted by Andrea Ramirez, at Reply

      Reiiny deiiZ lmao fr

    • Posted by Ocelot345, at Reply

      Same XDD

  15. Posted by KB Flash, at Reply

    Who starts school on August 27 because I do

  16. Posted by JACOB MEJIAS, at Reply

    these kids taught me what to say for my first day of school.

  17. Posted by Conrail Gp-40 Guy, at Reply

    This is the time of year that puts me in a bad mood

    • Posted by Subrina Ally, at Reply

      Conrail Gp-40 Guy ugh I do not wanna go back to high school. I’d rather stay home and sleep lmao

    • Posted by Conrail Gp-40 Guy, at Reply

      Subrina Ally I’d rather play video games rather than do that annoying junk there

  18. Posted by Get no scope 420, at Reply

    hi AFV pin my comment

  19. Posted by 011, at Reply

    Love you AFV! ❤️

  20. Posted by Helga Ingimarsdótir, at Reply

    HAHAHAHA dont kill my i hate skool 😂😂😖😖