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Barack Obama: We Tortured Some Folks


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On the latest episode of Aggressive Progressives Jimmy Dore and Steve Oh discuss President Barack Obama's decision to keep the Senate torture report secret for another twelve years. Watch the full Aggressive Progressives episode here:

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Jimmy Dore and Steve Oh discuss McDonald’s protestors, fake news, government spying, and Obama’s hidden torture tactics.

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  1. Posted by Kareem, at Reply

    Jimmy!! One of the few sane tyt members.

    • Posted by A Rogue Chihuahua, at Reply

      Spittin’ Jimmy?

    • Posted by ShadowBro, at Reply

      s l i p p i n’ j i m m y

  2. Posted by Timefliesbye, at Reply

    Obama hides his torture. Trump is proud of it.

    That is the difference between the two.

    • Posted by Timefliesbye, at Reply

      You mean avert WW3 by not declaring war on Russia but instead antagonising
      China, a nation state that is so busy repressing it’s own population it
      cannot go to war with the country that is the guarantor for most of it’s
      creditor capital, on valid reasons namely that China is engaging in slave
      labour currency manipulation thus harming first world economies and making
      it dependent upon Chinese labour for production?

      Nah. Obama just ramped up civilian deaths by drone strikes 4 fold. Such a
      peaceful religion of Obamaism.

    • Posted by Wyatt Farmer, at Reply

      +Timefliesbye you think China has to go to war with us to ruin us. Embargo
      would kill us at this point. I never said Obama was peaceful. It’s kinda
      hard to say that as he wages 3 wars but he does have restraint in places
      like carpet bombing and nuclear weapons. Both things Trump either suggested
      we do (carpet bombing) or won’t rule out as an option (nuclear). on another
      note. Another difference between Obama and Trump is that Obama got elected
      by both the people and the collage whereas Trump will likely get elected by
      the collage while he lost popular by 3 million votes

    • Posted by Wyatt Farmer, at Reply

      +Timefliesbye not a blockade, an embargo, and they make just about
      everything for us and can still export to Russia, central Asia,
      iran,pakistan and several African nations.

  3. Posted by Xavier Robinson, at Reply

    But Obama hasn’t tortured anyone. Stfu for a second

    • Posted by Malik Walker, at Reply

      stop blindly supporting people.

    • Posted by SirMuttonChops, at Reply

      +dah500 No, but he encouraged it and openly called for it. Obama has done

    • Posted by finitekosmos, at Reply

      +Xavier Robinson I definitely agree with you there. He has got a point to
      make but he really could do with making it in a better way.^_^

    • Posted by Xavier Robinson, at Reply

      finitekosmos Exactly

  4. Posted by Jaden Desveaux, at Reply

    WTF is wrong with the US how does it get away with these war crimes without
    any consequences. Americans fight for freedom and American values but they
    don’t stick to them, they are hypocrites. The world community won’t do
    anything because America is all powerful. America doesn’t even receive any
    consequences for the Iraq war or the Vietnam war where more war crimes were

    • Posted by Niklas Kniesche, at Reply

      Yeah, it’s sad. But remember its the American Government, not the vast
      majority of intelligent people inside the US who don’t have power.

    • Posted by AbusivePersian, at Reply

      Niklas Kniesche Same bullshit excuse Nazis used. It’s not the Nazis, they
      didn’t, kill people, it was all Hitlers fault. As Americans continue to
      kill people and commit atrocities around the world, ‘guys it’s okay, it’s
      not Americans, it’s the president’s fault’ all the while you watch your
      family and friends get killed off one by one and their heads spiked on a
      wall… until eventually it’s your turn.

  5. Posted by Event Horizon, at Reply

    Obama and Hillary tortured the Bernie Voters by defrauding and robbing

    • Posted by Norbert Nizzy, at Reply

      Okay leave then, bye bye. I rather we become more centrist as a party than
      capitulate to the far left elements of the progressive movement like jimmy
      dore and jordan, i take corporate demcorats everyday who would never go out
      of their way to make it harder for blacks to vote, than right-wing
      republicans. Dont like dems? Please i encourage you to go, maybe in 20
      years or 15 years the green party would have just one, one, member in

    • Posted by Event Horizon, at Reply

      Norbert Nizzy
      We’re going to kick the corrupt establishment out and take over. That
      little thing called being “primaried”.

  6. Posted by Kingg Eddie, at Reply

    Woah , The Young Turks said something negative of Obama? The sky must be

    • Posted by ChaingunCassidy, at Reply

      You clearly don’t watch TYT…

    • Posted by ChaingunCassidy, at Reply

      +jo23bulls If Bernie did the same TYT would criticize him too.

    • Posted by jo23bulls, at Reply

      Name one criticism they had on Bernie’s policy.

    • Posted by ChaingunCassidy, at Reply

      +jo23bulls Cenk told Bernie man to man that he doesn’t agree with all his

  7. Posted by Phaedrus G, at Reply

    “We Tortured Some Folks.” Anytime any politician or business person says
    “folks” I check to see if my wallet is still in my pocket.

    • Posted by Marks Leftfield, at Reply

      Phaedrus G True!
      I’m WHITE, and its RIGHT.
      Yo BLACK, give me my MONEY BACK.

    • Posted by Phaedrus G, at Reply

      @ Marks Leftfield. ?? What does race have to do with deep-sixing the
      torture report? Don’t understand your post.

    • Posted by Marks Leftfield, at Reply

      +Phaedrus G *YOU ARE A RACIST*

    • Posted by Phaedrus G, at Reply

      @ Marks “Leftfield”. Oh, ok I get it now. You’re a troll. Bye bye.

  8. Posted by ndyt, at Reply

    We executed the Japanese that waterboarded our troops.

    • Posted by Nizzle FoShizzle, at Reply

      Yeah…if all the Jap troops were doing is waterboarding our boys, we would
      have had tens of thousands more American soldiers survive that war. They
      systematically starved, shot, burned, beat, and generally executed our
      POW’s just to see what it looked like.

    • Posted by Signature Thapa, at Reply

      Obama will say execution is ‘humane’ than a torture.

  9. Posted by B Marti, at Reply

    The only time torture works is in the movies.

    • Posted by B Marti, at Reply

      +Jared Fogle woah first reply was from a torture fetishist that figures.
      Torture just flat out doesn’t work in the real world. Wanna know how we
      beat the Nazis? It wasn’t through torture. We took their captured officers
      and we put them up in nice rooms, fed them 5 star cuisine, made deals with
      them concerning future treatment and asked them to cooperate. And you know
      what? They did.

    • Posted by D M, at Reply

      B Marti By ‘we’ I hope you don’t mean the Americans. So many Americans love
      to shout about how they apparently ‘beat the Nazis’ when the Nazis lost
      primarily because of the RUSSIANS. History 101.

    • Posted by B Marti, at Reply

      +D M well no i dont mean just the Americans. it was a global effort. of
      course i know that.

  10. Posted by Julia Crawford, at Reply

    I love how people agree with TYT when they say something negative about
    Obama, yet scream about fake news when they say something negative about
    Trump. Double standard much?

    • Posted by Bullet Craft, at Reply

      +Anthony Fisher
      Anything that doesn’t fit your worldview is a lie

    • Posted by John Charles, at Reply

      This is based on fact and with Trump *most* of the time its nothing but
      baseless speculation.

  11. Posted by Markus Rubach, at Reply

    Enhanced interrogation techniques.. i can’t help but laugh whenever i hear
    american politicians use that name for torture

    • Posted by Mariam H., at Reply

      Same here. I wish they’d at least have the decency to call it what it
      really is “torture.”

    • Posted by JP455, at Reply

      It’s a legal term. Law makes distinctions. It’s not some sleight of hand.

    • Posted by Bullet Craft, at Reply

      But politicians use it to disguise the word torture

    • Posted by sdkeller72, at Reply

      Torture is torture no matter how many lawyers you get to write laws and
      twist the English language to make it “legal” – it’s still torture.

    • Posted by JP455, at Reply

      That’s like saying I don’t care how they define sexual assault because I
      it’s still sexual assault. That’s not really a coherent argument. As with
      any law, there’s going to be conduct that nears but does not reach the
      threshold of what is prohibited and conduct that is well-within a statute’s
      sanctions. Enhanced interrogation techniques, as the term originally was
      used, described the former. The only caveat here is that John Yoo–the
      author of the torture memos–wrote a poor legal memorandum regarding the
      distinction that led to use of techniques most lawyers thought was firmly
      within existing prohibitions against torture at the time.

  12. Posted by Puff Ball, at Reply

    “We sodomized some folks.”
    “We droned some folks.”
    “We murdered some folks.”
    “We raped some folks.”
    Anyway the folks don’t like us anymore.

    • Posted by Albita Jofili, at Reply

      adding “some folks” everything sounds more mellow…

    • Posted by JP455, at Reply

      Droning is neither torture nor murder. Rather, it involves liquidating an
      asset with extreme prejudice.

    • Posted by Puff Ball, at Reply

      JP455 please blow me.

    • Posted by Yo Brynner, at Reply

      It’s ok, all those things were done by Lib lefties.

  13. Posted by yak55x, at Reply

    Well, by “we” he means the Bush administration.

    • Posted by Bullet Craft, at Reply

      And he also means how he continued the bush era practices

  14. Posted by sanch Sanchayan, at Reply

    Why is american establishment so inhumane ?

    • Posted by Jullius Correia, at Reply

      sanch Sanchayan one word. Profit

    • Posted by sanch Sanchayan, at Reply

      With so much money, one could have reformed humanity . US is wasting it’s

  15. Posted by Fiddler On The Roof, at Reply

    Arguably the biggest problem with American foreign policy, aside from the
    influence of money interests, is that it so often fails to recognize the
    humanity of people who live other countries, especially those in the Middle

    Tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis were killed as a result of the War in
    Iraq, and the mainstream media all too often either downplay it, or don’t
    even acknowledge it. The American military TORTURES people, and all Obama
    has to say about it, “We tortured some folks”. Perhaps thousands of Middle
    Eastern civilians are killed each year because of our drone strikes, and
    the government writes it off as “collateral damage”.

    No, it’s not “collateral damage”. It’s *murder*! As an American, I know
    most Americans don’t like it when our civilians are killed, so, what, on
    the other hand, is taking the lives of civilians in foreign countries
    acceptable simply because they live in foreign nations? No, it’s not!

    The innocent must *never* be forced to suffer because of the actions of
    radicals living in their countries. And torture is inhumane regardless of
    what we *think* the person being tortured has done (again, many of the
    people tortured were not even guilty of any wrong doing!).

    Killing innocent human beings is absolutely never acceptable, and the color
    or religion of those people *never* justifies murdering them. Unless that
    truth is recognized by more Americans, both in and out of government, then
    our problems abroad will only continue to worsen, and more Middle Eastern
    men, women, and children, as well as our own troops, will die thanks in
    large part to the massive lack of humanity on the part of America’s
    government and voters. And what makes it sad, too, is that our country has
    the ability to do so much better. It really does.

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      Fiddler On The Roof – I remember reading something, number of years ago,
      regarding the number of civilian deaths as a result of the 2nd Iraq war. It
      was reckoned to be 10s of thousands of casualties within the first few
      hours and no ‘final’ tally has been made public but estimates easily put it
      in the 100s of thousands, if not more.

    • Posted by Fiddler On The Roof, at Reply

      +Ste H Absolutely, and the count is still going up. I didnt specify, but I
      meant tens of thousands at first*, but as of nos, it’s much higher. How
      horrible. Imagine living in a country where hundreds of thousands of your
      own people have died, and continue to die, because some other, more
      powerful country decided to arbitrarily invade you? How could that *ever*
      be justified? It can’t. Ever.

    • Posted by sdkeller72, at Reply

      Yep the numbers are close to a million dead civilians just in Iraq alone.

  16. Posted by A99 007, at Reply

    Oh so if obama prosecuted people trump would be too scared from torturing
    what nonsense, jimmy is a nut who has some weird obsession and hatred for
    obama, HIS TIME IS UP, hes a lame duck president, theres no use crying over
    things that happened in the past

    • Posted by KDE, at Reply

      A99 007 I have noticed an increase in all things obama bashing.

    • Posted by Beelze Bunge, at Reply

      KDE Compare this Obama bashing to how hated Bush was. Obama expanded what
      Bush started. Obama was a lot worse than Bush, but he’s not getting nearly
      the same hate.

  17. Posted by tomaalimosh, at Reply

    “We tortured some folks” Is the greatest Obama sound bite ever! It will
    remain in history alongside “I am not a crook”, “Speak softly and carry a
    big stick” and “My opponents misunderestimate me”

    • Posted by Edward Proxy, at Reply

      We have some growing up to do before we can coexist with fish..

  18. Posted by Hanah Magloire, at Reply

    Barack Obama was not president during 9/11 he had nothing to do with the
    tortures, I don’t know what you wanted him to do.

    • Posted by tyrongkojy, at Reply

      He wanted him to charge those who did it. To Dore, that makes him just as

    • Posted by mharris1270, at Reply

      People that know how the military and war works know that torture is a
      necessary part of war, it gets information and deters others from joining
      the opposition (if done properly and highly publicized). When we go to war
      against ISIS we should make sure to torture all military prisoners taken
      and then kill them, making them eat nothing but pork while incarcerated and
      when dead stuffing a raw pork chop down their throats, grinding their
      bodies up and feeding them to pigs. This should all be videotaped and shown
      publicly, making sure the enemy can see them time and time again. For the
      record it is against the Muslim cult to touch, prepare or eat pork
      products, evidently if they do they get 72 pitchforks up their (expletive
      deleted) in Hell rather than 72 virgins in whatever the Muslim equivalent
      to Heaven supposedly is.

    • Posted by Luke R, at Reply

      mharris you are fucked in the head.