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Ben Carson Gets Schooled By 6th Graders


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Ben Carson, the head of the Division of Housing and Urban Growth, can't appear to capture a break. It seems that even intermediate school trainees recognize that this guy is not certified to hold a setting in the federal government, as well as they are starting to send him letters requiring that he really do his work. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins reviews this. Subscribe to the Ring of Fire for more:

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  1. Posted by serfincolorado, at Reply

    The far-right does not believe in Science or Logic!

  2. Posted by mccarraa, at Reply

    I wish the Token Black in Trump staff was smarter.

    • Posted by SumSum, at Reply

      If he was he wouldn’t be appointed to this position, the corruption is out of control

  3. Posted by ziah Reid, at Reply

    I’m beginning to think that doc Carson learned how to operate on people’s brains by practicing on himself.

    • Posted by 9TheMajor, at Reply

      And accidentally removing a lobe.

  4. Posted by david hunter, at Reply

    ben carson is trumps #2 black friend out of 2 black friends of trump !!!

    • Posted by Noiseless Sounds, at Reply

      he’s trump token black man.

    • Posted by NARKISDUDE, at Reply

      look at his african americans right there

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      We won’t interject race into the discourse. We simply won’t do that.

  5. Posted by CJ Hobbes, at Reply

    A true example of todays “Christian Values”. They have no understanding of humanity.

    • Posted by Sam, at Reply

      that inbred maggot carson is no christian. he is as christian as isis rats are muslim.

  6. Posted by Aidan Homer, at Reply

    Can anyone out there come out & admit they survived a Ben Carson surgery?….anyone?!

    • Posted by tacopizza2003, at Reply

      He was sued eight times for malpractice and the Medical Boards for all 50 States revoked Ben Carson’s medical license. He is no longer allowed to operate as a brain surgeon any where in the U.S.

    • Posted by I'm right you're wrong, at Reply

      +No Ital whats up with the hard on for Ben Carson as a surgeon? Look at his medical record before claiming BS.

    • Posted by Matthew Bell, at Reply

      Unfortunately for your comment, I have family friends whose daughter had several surgeries with him. She’s alive and well.

    • Posted by No Ital, at Reply

      NO, not one state revoked his license to be a doctor or neurosurgeon. The false claim you are making is because people, even media, refused to do any research or critical thinking and quickly spread what was stated in a satirical article about Ben Carson, as fact. The HuffPo article was just satire and was posted in their comedy section. Get it right.

      Is he a horrible person and frighteningly incompetent as the head of HUD? Yes! He, like all of the trump administration, needs to go. Now.

  7. Posted by DarthCipient, at Reply

    I don’t believe he was ever really a surgeon. He’s simply demonstrated too much stupidity. I don’t even care if he releases his medical degrees. I am certain they are faked.

    • Posted by foofan312, at Reply

      I’m right you’re wrong Only one of those 8 lawsuits actually had legitimacy. From that link: Despite the MRI malpractice case, though, most
      experts agree that Carson had a very small amount of blemishes for a job
      that is as hard as it gets.
      “It doesn’t seem outrageous to me, to be
      honest with you,” Karten (personal injury attorney) said. “This is a very risky area that you’re
      operating in, the brain. There’s a lot of questions on what a patient is
      told. But that doesn’t mean it’s malpractice. You have to do something
      or deviate from the standard of care. I don’t think this is a tremendous
      amount of malpractice over the years he’s been practicing.” In other words, the small amount of malpractice is inevitable in a field as risky as brain surgery and really has no bearing on his greatness as a brain surgeon

  8. Posted by Antonio De La Cruz, at Reply

    I bet he got his surgeon degree from trump university

    • Posted by Richard Chambers, at Reply

      Antonio De La Cruz believe me! It’s a tremendous degree! If you go to another uni, sad!

    • Posted by Antonio De La Cruz, at Reply

      lol well he does know the best most brightest minds anyone has ever seen

  9. Posted by gap949, at Reply

    Can anybody tell me that beside sitting on his butt,what has Ben Carson done during the first 100 dayd ?

    • Posted by gap949, at Reply

      Stanky FishGutz His brain is fucked from Candy’s singing !

    • Posted by Peggy Hill, at Reply

      gap949….. I’d like to know the answer to that question myself!

    • Posted by gap949, at Reply

      +Peggy Hill Trump can at least say that he improved his golf handicap !

    • Posted by Peggy Hill, at Reply

      gap949…..Lol! Thank you.

  10. Posted by downphoenix, at Reply

    he supposedly was a brain surgeon, but I wonder if he was maybe doing surgery on his own brain for practice…

  11. Posted by Nate Mikho, at Reply

    Malcolm X calls this type of clown ” house negro”

    • Posted by roger lee meyzindi, at Reply

      Nate Mikho-Agree100%

  12. Posted by Dark Dan, at Reply

    ben carson is a coon…he needs to stop smoking crack. wealthy globalist don’t care about the working class. ECONOMIC REVOLUTION!

  13. Posted by tapolna, at Reply

    The fact that Ben Carson was a surgeon is an insult to the medical sciences. He may have memorized all the information and techniques necessary to be a successful surgeon and to work with a team of surgeons, but he has absolutely no ability to rationally solve new problems. It wouldn’t be surprising if he asked students to look for biblical solutions.

    • Posted by freedombase, at Reply

      you do know Slander is a Crime?
      you are a failure

    • Posted by elgie swift, at Reply

      freedombase? didn’t you just say ” Nazi Terrorist obama bin laden” ?
      What tapolna said is true. You are just repeating RW stupid sayings that have no basis in truth whatsoever.

  14. Posted by goldcoin1996, at Reply

    Ben Carson is just like Trump that’s why he has that position.

    • Posted by freedombase, at Reply

      Ben Carson is smarter then you a socialist blm terrorist
      the rapist nazi blm will be crushed

  15. Posted by shutdafup, at Reply

    Putting a conservative in charge of poor people is like putting a weasel in charge of the chicken coop

    • Posted by 神風Terrorist, at Reply

      or putting the wolf in charge of the herd of sheep, then next thing you know a couple of the sheeps are missing.

  16. Posted by Adam Christopher, at Reply

    Ben Carson is a disgrace to his race and a pitiful clown to the rest of Americans.

    • Posted by MrMalcolm900, at Reply

      @Brion Foulke basically the answer is yes, he believes that a black person being a disgrace is a negative reflection on all black people. This is what I have to deal with daily in my life with ignorant misinformed black people who continue to remain on the democratic plantation. Such a shame, when will blacks understand white liberals don’t care for them? And just because you are black Adam Christopher doesn’t mean you have some type of monopoly over other black people. Group thinking is what is keeping most blacks down sadly.

    • Posted by Ethiopia Mel, at Reply

      Brett Freeman “his culture doesn’t teach love” , Wow Here’s clue for you, practice what you preach or change your speech.You claim love Is the answer, but your insult deny love. Your probably one of those people who THINK they live by the words of bible, but you are not.

    • Posted by Brion Foulke, at Reply

      +Adam Christopher I’m not “questioning you on your own race.” I don’t think what race you are matters. I’m asking you a general question. Let me try a different one.

      Do you believe people should be judged differently based on the color of their skin?

  17. Posted by Thomas Dove, at Reply

    Worst Trump appointee? That’s a bold statement! Don’t get me wrong, Carson is worse than useless. But have you seen our Secretary of Education and the head of the EPA? The competition for worst of the worst is a heated one, my friend!

    • Posted by Stevens Racine, at Reply

      Thomas Dove Agree, we should make a competition on who is the worst of them all, my vote goes to Vetsy de bos

    • Posted by David Farris, at Reply

      Thomas Dove It’s a race to the bottom really…

    • Posted by Thomas Dove, at Reply

      And it’s a race we all lose.

  18. Posted by Beaver Ones, at Reply

    Ben Carson believes the earth is 6000 years old and that evolution Isnt true. 8 year old me could school Ben Carson.

    • Posted by Brett Freeman, at Reply

      Evolution is a hoax. AND it is RACIST… Do you know the full title of Darwin’s most famous book?

    • Posted by Happyfreik Nerd Herd Inc., at Reply

      no condoms and no work ethic? that’s awfully close minded and ignorant of you.

    • Posted by Julia Crawford, at Reply

      Brett Freeman Saying evolution is a hoax is essentially ignoring facts. You trust science every time you go to the doctors. Every time you turn on a light, you are trusting science. You being on YouTube wouldn’t be possible without science. It is utterly stupid to ignore science on one issue out of thousands.

    • Posted by Happyfreik Nerd Herd Inc., at Reply

      This has nothing to do with ignoring science. Even so, I don’t ignore science I’m a computer engineer who’s going to school at Penn State.