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Berlin Truck Attacker Gunned Down


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Anis Amri has been shot and killed by police in Milan, Italy. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, and Jimmy Dore, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“BERLIN — On a drab, graffiti-sprayed square on the outskirts of Milan, two Italian police officers — one of them a trainee — spotted a suspicious young man with a backpack. It was 3:15 a.m. Friday. A thief? Possibly. They pulled him aside for an identity check.

The officers did not know that the man had already fled hundreds of miles across the heart of Europe, evading an international dragnet. They confronted the 24-year old, who — using street slang Italian picked up in Sicilian jails — insisted that he was a traveler from Italy’s deep south.

They told him to empty his backpack. Instead, Italian officials say, he pulled a gun.

Anis Amri, a self-proclaimed soldier of the Islamic State, rapidly shot one officer in the shoulder before ducking behind a car.

“Poliziotti bastardi!” — police bastards! — Amri shouted.”

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, Jimmy Dore

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, Jimmy Dore


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  1. Posted by Stride Tide, at Reply

    How dare the Italians kill him

    • Posted by Stride Tide, at Reply

      +chris toledo
      It was satire m8
      Leave it to the Italians to take care of Nu-German terrorists.
      Viva ITalia

    • Posted by samiamrg7, at Reply

      The only reason I would have preferred he lived was so we could hear more
      from his own mouth what his motivations were, but now he is a martyr that
      can be whatever someone wants him to be.

    • Posted by gatesbrown26, at Reply

      Stride Tide…….kinda makes up for the Italians being such shitty allies
      of the Germans in WW2, huh?

    • Posted by john smith, at Reply

      Nah, they’re still killing on behalf of Germany. :p

  2. Posted by Austen Stokes, at Reply

    And now TYT will apologize for the terrorizer and blame the US somehow.

    • Posted by lizzie green, at Reply

      Cpt. Planet exactly!

    • Posted by vik_psn, at Reply

      I wonder how long it takes for Cenk to mention American slavery in this
      video lol

    • Posted by Steven Anchundia, at Reply

      they never did that are sure ur watching Alex if not ur in wrong place

    • Posted by dcaseng, at Reply

      I bet your parents regret not getting an abortion.

    • Posted by njintau, at Reply

      And of course, like all the other trolls, you didn’t watch the video before

  3. Posted by El Jefe, at Reply

    4 islamic terror attacks in the last week. none of them had anything to do
    with islam.

    • Posted by EquableSubway27, at Reply

      Islam has nothing to do with Islam. Islam is a sexshop.

    • Posted by xXRockXLobsterXx, at Reply

      My alcoholism has nothing to do with alcohol either!

    • Posted by Martin Gagnon, at Reply

      xXRockXLobsterXx lmao

  4. Posted by José Guzman, at Reply

    first TYT video I’ve ever liked because I’m so glad he’s dead

    • Posted by samiamrg7, at Reply

      I would have preferred he lived just so we could hear from his own mouth
      why he did it, what motivated him to become radicalized. I feel like that
      would be valuable to hear from the horses’s mouth, so to speak.

    • Posted by Najee A'VE, at Reply

      you idiot, killing someone as opposed to locking them away is exactly what
      the killer would want. None of the people who are injured or lost their
      lives particularly care if he had a quick death instead of standing trial
      for his crime

    • Posted by Najee A'VE, at Reply

      +NOT Ilyass you are clearly stupid the person said he is happy with the
      person being dead, I was calling for an investigation. I was calling for
      him to serve time please learn to read and comprehend English so that I
      don’t have to correct you and so that you don’t have to waste time writing
      a paragraph for bulshit that I didn’t waste my time reading because I have
      no intent on entertaining ignorance

  5. Posted by quaxk, at Reply

    german people welcomed him arms wide opened, they paid to feed and shelter
    him, and that’s how he thanks them, no more rapefugees, no more muslims in

    • Posted by K.Z Prod, at Reply

      For people blaming Tunisia: This guy left Tunisia illegally as a small
      offender and got radicalised in Europe, the same thing happened to the Nice
      terrorist, which is why the leaders there should face the truth that these
      Terrorist groups/recruiters are very active in Europe.
      Tunisia, a small country, that doesn’t have Germany capacities, took more
      than 1 million Libyan refugees (1/10 of Tunisian population) in the middle
      of its revolution (things back then definitely were messier than what’s now
      in Europe). Struggling alone with its new democracy, Tunisia didn’t find
      the time to blame the NATO or Europe for their intervention in Libya ! and
      managed to do well. this was in 2011, the same year Amri got to Europe.
      I understand Europe concerns, but leaders should face the consequences of
      their decisions, or avoid taken them in the first place, blaming is easy,
      don’t you think ?

      Ps: Tunisia didn’t refuse to take him (it’s unconstitutional to drop the
      nationality or prevent anyone who is Tunisian to get back, get a free trial
      and face the consequences of his actions).
      According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tunisia, Germany sent the
      fingerprints and correct identity of this man only in December 17, Tunisia
      confirmed the identity and sent the passport to repatriate him in December
      The identities sent before by Germany were incorrect … because he was
      traveling with false identity papers.
      Also…Merry Christmas 🙂

    • Posted by Travis7060312, at Reply

      +Jeff Chang No, because reasonable people don’t kill each other and also
      don’t turn innocent people away.

  6. Posted by soccerguy325, at Reply

    The comments blaming all refugees are so disgusting. Don’t you morons know
    that this idiot was denied refugee status? Let alone the fact that refugees
    in the US are vetted WAAAY more strictly than those in Europe. No troll
    ever mentions the fact that no refugee has EVER committed ANY terrorist
    attack in the US. Morons.

    • Posted by KlllrJay, at Reply

      +soccerguy325 Thats why its important to separate cultures. Or else there
      will always be conflicts.

    • Posted by Mona Lisa, at Reply

      Well the majority of his “idiot minions” are people who lost someone during
      bombings by forces of the western world…which the USA is the leader
      of…sorry…but that is how i see it…sure my country plays a big part in
      it (Germany) but to me the USA started it…by invading afghanistan
      multiple times and iraq…ISIS was initially recruited out of Al Qaida and
      many other terrorist groups but the majority of the people in the IS are
      people who want revenge for their family killed as collateral damage in an
      attempt to get the “real terrorists”

    • Posted by Shrimp Zoo, at Reply

      soccerguy325 we should just blame Sunni Islam specifically Sunni
      salafi/wahabbi islam.
      Shia sects, Druze, Alevis, Kurds, Sufi, alawites don’t commit terror
      attacks and should be allowed.
      We can and should blame the only Islamic sect responsible for terrorism in
      America and ban immigration of salafist and wahabbi Muslims.

    • Posted by Shrimp Zoo, at Reply

      KlllrJay like segregation?

    • Posted by vick3d, at Reply

      KAWAII, if you’re going blame groups besides the people living in the
      region, why not blame the French and British for creating a map that has
      such absurdities as “Winston’s Hiccup” in Jordan, or the entirety of “Iraq”
      without a Kurdistan? The fact is the region is unstable because of the
      people there. Those people, plus tens of millions in Africa will be
      migrating to Europe in coming decades. Are you really going to just keep
      blaming the U.S. while you’re overrun?

  7. Posted by scotaloo7 7g7, at Reply

    Dishonest Cenk lying about the Orlando TERRORIST attack. He pledged
    allegiance to multiple terrorist groups and said that he did this because
    the US keeps droning the middle east. He would rather lie about than tell
    the truth. *FAKE NEWS*

    • Posted by vick3d, at Reply

      JOOGAL1111, the Jew even tried to correct Cenk but clearly no evidence
      would sway his pre-conceived idea.

    • Posted by JOOGAL1111, at Reply

      Ben was right but Cenk has his own narrative and facts interfere with that.

    • Posted by vick3d, at Reply

      gatesbrown26, it’s sad in a way because outside of politics, Cenk seems
      like a decent family man. Ana, John and the rest are degenerate scum, but I
      feel kind of bad for Cenk that his channel really does need to be destroyed.

    • Posted by blazeofglory2712, at Reply

      scotaloo7 7g7 he’s doing it intentionally because he is a Muslim apologist.
      It’s his families religion, he can’t be objective. That’s why he always has
      to mention Christianity to try and compare them as if they’re equal.
      They’re not. Islam is a cancer! Christians don’t compare to islams
      violence! He also does this to control the narrative. The gays he “slept”
      with were debunked! Cenk also refuses to acknowledge Islam does justify
      suicide bombings because it’s an act of martyrdom! And thus rewarded!
      Suicide is wrong but a suicide bombing is not suicide. It’s martyrdom. This
      distinction is huge because it’s the fundamental reward system in Islam!

  8. Posted by Cisco Blue, at Reply

    Justice for my Sister on New Years. These savages have no place in the

    • Posted by Fortress, at Reply

      Breivik did nothing wrong.

    • Posted by A Deplorable, at Reply

      Breivik did nothing wrong

    • Posted by Sigurd Mjelve, at Reply

      No not at all, he just KILLED 70 OF MY COUNTRYMEN!!

  9. Posted by Joe David, at Reply

    Berlin truck attacker? You mean terrorist. Why word twist

    • Posted by Chimichanga gaming, at Reply

      Cenk wouldn’t dare call it radical least the buffalo loses all his heard

    • Posted by Najee A'VE, at Reply

      you moron if you dont understand that terrorism is a grossly over used term
      that can be applied to anything you disagree with then go watch fox news

    • Posted by legionaryilluminati, at Reply

      +Nuada Silverhand You did not even watch the video, did you?

    • Posted by King is King, at Reply

      Attacker was a Muslim not white, christian or a cop. This doesn’t fulfill
      TYT’s regressive liberal agenda.

  10. Posted by ztoxtube, at Reply

    Hey trolls, mind if I join in your daily, endlessly looping circle jerk?

    • Posted by MrVeggie247, at Reply

      Please keep your shirts on.
      Were all westerners correct?
      Last i checked we generally hold the same values.
      Its time for the left to get over itself and speak from a place of respect
      back to you.
      And TYT needs to come clean on the fact that 15-25% of radical muslims may
      be a minority and when you say minority you don’t think of something strong
      and powerfull… but 25% out of 1.7 billion is a powerfull and dangerous
      amount. They need to admit that, and untill they do you have every right to

      I only just realized how infuriating it must be to be called a racist just
      because you don’t go along with their down playing of the situation.

    • Posted by ztoxtube, at Reply

      +Jordan Ricketts
      OK I’m on board with that. The loud and annoying ones are the set that are
      distracted by the divide and conquer hypnosis. Most likely awkwardly
      breaking out of a political eggshell. I don’t know you but it’s possible
      that we are on the same team and don’t know it.

    • Posted by Raven Heart, at Reply

      We like jerking on TYT fans while they hold the cookie

    • Posted by A Deplorable, at Reply

      Genk is a cuck cuck

  11. Posted by Liberal Merchant, at Reply

    the Orlando shooter swore allegiance to ISIS…

  12. Posted by Jimbob Day, at Reply

    Liberals are already upset that he was shot. Pathetic

    • Posted by Cory Lance, at Reply

      Go do one, Jimbob Day. You can’t speak for us. No liberal is upset.

    • Posted by Mirquella Santos, at Reply

      White southerner men were slave children’s worst nightmare. They had to
      harm the children because their southerner wives were hairy and husky.
      That’s why many of them resource to Asian and Latino women. Hey, many of
      them even get mail bride.

    • Posted by Dr. David Banner's Worst Day, at Reply

      sources or links to support that statement?

    • Posted by Mirquella Santos, at Reply

      Oh, that’s easy. Go and read yourself some slave narratives. They’re all
      over the net too and are 100% free.

    • Posted by Dr. David Banner's Worst Day, at Reply

      +Mirquella Santos Sorry, my comment was meant for Jimbob. Stating that
      liberals were upset that a terrorist was shot. He didn’t supply anything to
      really support that statement.

  13. Posted by Michael Ramsey, at Reply

    “He’s breaking the law by being there illegally” ~ Ana

    LOL, which is the whole issue in the US.

    • Posted by Spic Faggot, at Reply

      Michael Ramsey Illegal immigration it’s at is lowest.

    • Posted by Brian Mason, at Reply

      Michael Ramsey the problem is in Europe we can’t deport illegal immigrants
      because of the European Court of human rights won’t allow it. we had a guy
      here in UK trying to deport him for over 10 years. but his Lawyers just
      kept going to European courts would said deportation was against his
      European rights.

    • Posted by DEUS VULT, at Reply

      It needs to be at ZERO.

    • Posted by Aidan Sgarlato, at Reply

      He was in jail and had committed serious crimes. The problem in this
      country is people being brained washed to think that people that just want
      a better life and had only positive effect on society.

    • Posted by Neil Whitaker, at Reply

      NoDogmaMama You should probably look up the oldest skeletons found in the
      US. News flash they aren’t from the so called “native amaericans”

  14. Posted by troy mclure, at Reply

    I love it how Cenk pretends like he knows how to stop terrorism. Germany is
    following TYTs progressive policies to a T… and because of that, they are
    helpless in the face of Islamic terrorism. If you pump your country full of
    Muslims… and you are NOT allowed to pay any extra attention to them what
    so ever ( despite knowing that terrorism almost entirely comes from
    Muslims) , the government can’t monitor citizens and the cops have to act
    like pussies ( because they are afraid of being called racist ), and not
    only will no one call out Islam for motivating terrorism..but the
    progressives will try to muddy the waters and tell people they are
    committing terrorism for ” political ” reasons.
    That is a jihadists dream come true.

    • Posted by Doggnutt, at Reply

      Rodger Rabbit Sorry, I assumed you were a Fox fan from the fear you showed
      because that’s all they push. I never said you were for the war. I am not a
      Trudeau fan but agreed on his position with the Syrian refugee crisis. The
      best help you can get helping fight those Islamist Fundamentalists are the
      people in the Muslim community themselves. Showing disdain towards people
      who have done nothing wrong but fleeing hell, just plays right into the
      hands of ISIS. Even the authorities in NY admitted to that the Muslim
      communities provided them more help than monitoring them did, which gained
      zero intelligence. No one wants any attack to happen to their homeland but
      look at the stats and the odds are absurdly low. And that’s the US, let
      alone Canada. Being vigilant and aware should be the mindset. Live in fear
      and the terrorists have won. We should be more worried about getting hit by
      a shitty driver.

    • Posted by joboettiger l, at Reply

      Rodger Rabbit I just want to say, as a german, the countrys just fine, as
      it has been before. Sure we now had a (small) terrorist attack, but these
      happen all over the western world regardless of wether the countrys have
      accepted refugees or not. I dont know where you get your views and
      information from, i just dont want you to think that we’re being ‘overrun’
      by ‘the evil rapefugees’ . Given that the alternative to letting them come
      in would have been a humanitarian catastrophe, i think Merkel made the
      right decision.

    • Posted by bcubed72, at Reply

      *”Sorry, what Trudeau said was pure cuckholdry(I don’t use that term
      Well, the Trudeau family has experience with cuckoldry spanning
      generations, don’t they? Rock n Roll!

    • Posted by MrHispanicpride, at Reply

      well said, the way trump tards tell it, you’d think Germany was like
      Afganistan, Germany has a better health system, no inner city slums, and
      well educated people, they can speak English better than us and they have a
      transport system that actually functions, they are also very
      environmentally friendly, they recycle everything.

  15. Posted by Alexander de Montfort, at Reply

    TYT hammered Britains for wanting to control their border to prevent this
    sort of freemovement and then announces the solution to Europes problem
    ‘maybe is controlling the borders and stopping free movement’. TYT is
    literally to stupidest news commentary channel around.

    • Posted by DJ Morgan, at Reply

      +tobz d The majority of people who voted to leave did so because of the
      failed open boarder policy. It’s the benchmark policy of the EU, they want
      to create a low waged underclass ripe for exploitation. The same thing is
      happening in the USA. It’s packaged as inclusive liberalism and people who
      disagree are branded as complete racists.

    • Posted by Cpt. Planet, at Reply

      +DJ Morgan
      Nice conspiracy theory you got there, picked it up from watching Alex Jones
      I asume?

    • Posted by Brian Mason, at Reply

      +Cpt. Planet​ actually he’s spot on lol. I have seen wages plumet during
      mass EU migration. I’ve seen jobs that used to pay £10 an hour go to
      minimum wage once rich boses got millions of Eastern European workers
      through the door. Meanwhile the housing shortages, hospitals and schools
      get worse. And the working people suffer. It was great to see the looks on
      the rich elites faces when the working class of Britain stood up and voted
      OUT! lol of course tyt did a Brexit video claiming British economy was
      finished……since then UK economy has grown in all 3 Quarters faster than
      forecast lol funny tyt never did a follow up video to check their crap
      predictions same as when they got the Greek debt crisis wrong too lol

    • Posted by DJ Morgan, at Reply

      +Cpt. Planet It’s an undeniable reality. How easy would it be for Merkel
      and her cronies to allow some limited immigration control, but they won’t.
      People laughed at Farage, 20 years ago, when he said the real aim of the
      ‘trade deal’ was to create a European federation with its own army and
      police force. The plan for an EU army has been announced already, the
      ultimate aim is for Brussels to control all aspects of each countries
      government. That’s not even denied by any political parties now, you’re
      slightly behind the curve I think.

    • Posted by Nixie N, at Reply

      ¬.¬ house prices going up yes that is the explicit objective of our
      governments to inflate house prices for homeowners by intentionally not
      building more homes. makes it look like the economy is growing. When it is
      not this has been the case since 2008 and is not localized to the UK of
      even the EU and is a worldwide effect.

      If employers are underpaying the minimum wage then they should stopped
      regardless of who they are employing.

      I would point out that the economy was growing prior to the brexit vote too
      yet your complaining about the economic situation. Do you not consider that
      the economic reality for most people is detached from the actual GDP
      figures your begin told and is instead linked to a more personal experience
      of what your wages can actually get you and how this is dropping an effect
      severely exacerbated by massively devaluing our currency thanks brexit. You
      just want to blame foreigner for issues that your attitude towards the
      world has caused. and wishing for isolationism and xenophobia won’t improve
      the situation any. No doubt anyone who disagrees with you will be your next
      target. Afterall I’m not really British “deep down” or whatever.

      How would getting rid of freedom of movement stopped him in this he would
      have come over as a visitor and done the same damn thing and the same
      stories happen in britian anyway.

      Random idiot commits crime gets sent to prison converts to islam and
      becomes a raging lunatic because it inflates his ego, Gets let out but you
      can’t deport him because there home countries reject them. What is your
      answer to this problem? and screaming “brexit” is not an answer.

  16. Posted by Gouky, at Reply

    99% of worlds Terrorist acts are Commited by Muslims

    • Posted by Naskinlahtaaja, at Reply

      +Mirquella Santos May I see your source?

      I find it hilarious by the way that now that we know that whites actually
      molest children at a lower rate than others, you are making the effort of
      looking at a specific sub-sect of child molestation in order to say
      something negative about white people. Even if it turns out that whites are
      over represented in “people prosecuted in america for molesting children
      abroad”, that still wont change the fact that white americans are well
      under represented in child molestation stats overall, no matter how much
      your racist mind wants that to not be the case.

    • Posted by Mirquella Santos, at Reply

      Naskinlahtaaja: You didn’t find a single name,right. I know you would not
      because there aren’t any. 100% of all the Americans prosecuted in America
      for molesting children abroad were whites and zero Muslims and zero blacks.
      Prove me wrong and give me a single name. I’M STILL WAITING! AND NO

    • Posted by Mirquella Santos, at Reply

      Naskinlahtaaja: Excuses, excuses and more excuses. I’m still waiting for
      the name of a single black American or Muslim American prosecuted in
      America for molesting children abroad.

  17. Posted by Rodger Rabbit, at Reply

    Islam has nothing to do with Islam right libturds?

    • Posted by KAWAII OBAMA, at Reply

      Marko Kostic and how do you wish to “eradicate ” this ideology?

    • Posted by Lukasz Marzec, at Reply

      Well, Christianity has a higher body count than any religion, especially in
      the last decade, sooooo…

    • Posted by Rodger Rabbit, at Reply

      +Lukasz Marzec would love to see some numbers for that claim

    • Posted by MrHispanicpride, at Reply

      who framed you?

  18. Posted by Andrew Bone, at Reply

    I am def. left wing but these almost monthly catastrophes in Europe are
    going to lead to right wing governments that make Trump look like Bernie
    (and you can’t blame them). If your reading this you at probably in North
    America. Imagine if you were in Germany or France today. Would you go to
    sporting events, Christmas markets or anywhere with large groups of
    people? I not the cautious type but I think at this point I would watch
    the football games on TV. Wouldn’t you?

    • Posted by Karad 98, at Reply

      what do you suggest? im ok with reforming how immigration works but its not
      so easy and as you said far right movement get a lot of support

    • Posted by Federico Sbetta, at Reply

      Andrew Bone, I’m italian and just went to a christmas market yesterday I
      fear more being victim of a car accident going there with winter roads than
      of a terrorist attack when I’m there and if you don’t want ot be involved
      in violence our football games are not the right place for you even without
      terrorists around.
      In Italy we had a long history of internal terrorism in the 70’s and 80’s
      in the north and the costant treath of mafia in the south we manage it
      without bombs and our police force has the ability and the instruments to
      do their job, like our equivalent of rico act or the surveliance system
      that has much more costitutional protections than the patriot act but
      allows a lot of arrests. I have the idea France and Germany don’t.
      I guess ultimately the schengen trety will fall but to be at least here in
      italy I don’t see that right wingers to make donald trump look like bernie
      snders can get that big share of votes to get in power, maube in france but
      it’s a long way.

    • Posted by Walter, at Reply

      +theAmdisen391 gotta love americans trying to force their xenophobic
      bullshit on europeans even though most of them can’t find Europe on the
      world’s map.

    • Posted by Cory Lance, at Reply

      Why should we be afraid?? It sounds worse than it is. In the US you only
      hear about the bad things happening. Americans don’t have a clue what’s
      really happening in Germany, France, England, Spain, Portugal, Italy,
      Switzerland etc.

  19. Posted by Sourrags, at Reply

    muslims should be banned from driving trucks

    • Posted by My Dixie Normous Atheist, at Reply

      Sourrags What about Cars?

    • Posted by Sourrags, at Reply

      No car attacks yet so that is fine

    • Posted by My Dixie Normous Atheist, at Reply

      +Sourrags hopefully.

  20. Posted by United States of Embarrassment, at Reply

    The goal of ISIS isn’t simply to kill, it’s to start a “holy war” between
    christians and muslims and bring about the end of the world that way.
    The morons immediately jumping to calls for the “extermination” of muslims
    don’t realize that they’re giving the terrorists exactly what they want.

    • Posted by usmc Assasin, at Reply

      Thank you

    • Posted by Manuel, at Reply

      but muh anger and hate!

    • Posted by chriskoederSr, at Reply

      United States of Embarrassment If they want to meet Allah so bad I say we
      send them to him.